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Found 23 results

  1. Well, since Skyrim, the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls game came out today, it's only appropriate to make a thread on such. Feel free to talk about all things Elder Scrolls, not just Skyrim, but Oblivion and Morrowind as well!
  2. I myself am excited for it, graphics upgrades, all DLC, and mod support. Having ran many hours over many playthroughs on the 360 i'm happy it's coming to Xbone. So, everyone else's thoughts?
  3. I played alot of elder scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition alot recently on my PS4 and this is a song i came across quite often in the game. I even managed to do the thuum tounge part, which took a bit to master. Hope you enjoy.
  4. I created my first machinima this christmas. And I also started making other stuff.
  5. Hello every pony and citizens of Tamriel, I would like to ask if there is any European MLP guild. If not, its reason to start one. I actualy already started one. It's called Equestrian Watch, in Ebonheart Pact. Let's keep and watch friendship of all together, no matter faction. (there isnt much hostility as far as I saw according to I was at Covernant territory ) IF anyone wants to join me, my userID is @jakubik25 and name of character Stormy Cloud.
  6. More rumors are spreading about a new Elder Scrolls, like a direct sequel to Skyrim and Valenwood scenario. What do you like to see? New enemies, places or dungeons, etc...?
  7. Umm, yeah, what the title says! Submit soundtracks that you like and stuff! I decided to do Top 20 because Top 10 is too FREAKING LITTLE. Anywheh, submit your stuff below!
  8. Hello everybody I have started an Elder Scrolls Online Guild for Bronies and pegasisters on the Xbox One. So if you want to join please message me on Xbox at RoyalLunarGuard.
  9. This is the Not-Skyrim Elder Scrolls Thread. Why? Because we already have a thread for that. So, discuss the games, or something. My thoughts below: Arena - fun game, kind of repetitve and shallow though Daggerfall - it's... so....HUGE! Morrowind - *gushes for ten hours straight* Oblivion - wish the open-world-ness was funner. Had great quests tho What do you think EH?
  10. DAGGERFALL REVIEW This. Game. Is. Awesome. I really just want to sit here and gush about it all day, but that wouldn't make a very good review. So, let's see how good this game is. Unlike later games in the series, Daggerfall was released only 2 years after the previous game and, given how much it improved, that's REALLY impressive. So, what did improve? -The graphics. This should seem sort of obvious, but I must congratulate them for having the long render distances they do, and the towns look nice and stuff. The 2d sprites didn't go as well with the 3d world as in Arena, though. -The quests. Arena had you doing random things for random people. In Daggerfall, however, there are many guilds to join with wildly varying quests. And, due to the structure of this game, doing quests just makes more things to do outside the next quest. In my treks deep in a dungeon to slay a werecreature, I found maps to 2 different dungeons, which I will be exploring later in my travels. -The dungeon crawling. Arena has a simplistic and addictive quality, but Daggerfall's is much more fun and feels just a bit more rewarding. I couldn't tell you how glad I was to find that Elven cuirass, and the dwarven battle axe in a messy store in Daggerfall City. Those are some positives. Now, for the complaints. RNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. With quests at least, it can kill you in this game. Needed to kill an enemy in this dungeon? Let's put a cage right behind the door you need to open to get into the damn place. Genius. This can be extremely frustrating. My first Fighters Guild quest saw me going into a house and killing some rats. Got the wrong house, and got arrested for breaking in. Managed to live, but the entire universe hates me now, and only my Fighters Guild work can keep me afloat. Also, the game's free on Bethesda's website. You have no excuses. Score: 84/100
  11. THE ELDER SCROLLS ARENA... a fun game. I'm going to show my overall opinion at the front of the review. There's no reason to hide it because the lot of you are just going to scroll down to see it anyway. TES Arena was released in 1994, and originally started as a gladitorial combat game. RPG elements were worked into game and slowly took over, producing... this. The other major 3D RPG at the time, Ultmia Underworld, confined you to a single (large) dungeon. Arena players could explore an ENIRE CONTINENT. And when they said explore, they meant explore EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY. There are 2 main areas in the game: Towns and Overworld. Each town has its own individual overworld that contains inns, temples, dungeons, and the like. Towns can be initially very confuing to navigate through, but you get used to it. The overworld also feels a bit lacking at times. Unlike later games in the series, the world was designed randomly, which reminds me... RNG. I usually hate RNG. I prefer everything to be predictable, and having it in excess can be a turn off. Though this game's random-ness can be frustrating, it's overall not the worst. Other than the main quest, shop inventories, and the maps (excluding dungeons), everything is random. Again, this should be a turn-off, but AJ brought up a very good point that RNG makes more unique experiences. She's right, and some of the things I've found would feel a bit less special if it was the exact same. The RNG can feel really awful if it isn't coded well enough, and in terms of loot, this was handled very well. Monsters, however, can be unpredictable and prone to extreme annoyance, especially human enemies. As for the dungeon crawling and side questing itself, as that is the bulk of my experience (don't care about the main quest... it's just linear dungeon crawling.), it's fun and addictive. As I've said before, the loot balance is good, the monsters not as much, but I will put in a complaint that the size of these dungeons is either WAAY too big or WAAY too small. I wouldn't leave the review without mentioning this, but the music in this game is amazing. I'd say that Eric Heberling did just as good a job as Soule in making really good compositions. . In closing, this game is good, but really flawed, mainly in its monster placement and repetitve nature which can make it occasionally annoying. I'm going to give it a 73 (keep in mind that 50 is an average game).
  12. Title says it all, I thought we needed one of these and I can't find one (though I haven't looked very hard.) Share your Elder Scrolls OC's, I'd love to see them, share backstory, a picture if you want, maybe how you play them in game, there race personallity etc. Don't be shy now, we're all friends here. I'll srart. Name: Formerly Siltal, now Raven Sex: Female Age: 19 Race: Altmer (High Elf) Birthday: Tirdas, 1st of Suns Dusk, 4th era 182 (Birthsign: The Atronach) Residence: formerly Summerset Isles, and Cyrodil, now Skyrim Backstory: She was born as Siltal (Altmer don't have surnames) to Anrine (mother), and Tragri (father), in the port town of Skywatch in the Sumerset Isles. She had two siblings, an older sister named Taarum, and a younger brother named Athell, Her father was a soldier for the imperial legion, and her mother tended the small house they owned, life was good until one day, when Siltal was 12 a clan of Redgaurd bandits stormed the city killing the too young and the too old to work, and raping many of the town's women, her father died trying to protect the town, and her mother put up a fight but her throat was ultimately slit, they killed her brother on sight, and on her sister's orders Siltal hid the house's cellar safe from the bandits, until she heard her sister scream, she peaked out from the basement to find her sister tied up and gagged, she ran from the basement armed with only her fathers elven dagger in hand, she slashed wildley at the bandits, eventually cutting into the retina of one of them, blinding him in his left eye, the elf immediately killed her sister, pinned her to the ground and cut a large gash into her cheek with his dagger, he then tied her up and loaded her onto the boat they arived on. They took her to Cyrodil, where she was sold as a slave to the Dark Brotherhood, the Brotherhood trained her as to be an assasin, using her as free labor whenever they recieved a new contract. Eventually the Brotherhood grew to like her, even offering her a full payed position, which she gladly accepted. Do to her tendancy to hide in high up dark areas and snipe her enemies with a poison tipped arrow, the Brotherhood eventually decided on her new name Raven. With the gold she was earning from her work for Dark Brotherhood Raven dedicated her life to finding the one-eyed bandit who killed her family, operating out of the Dark Brotherhood HQ in Cyrodil, A lead eventually brought her to Skyrim, but on attempting to cross the boarder she stumbled into an ambush on some Stormcloak rebels carried out by the empire, they loaded her, along with a few of the rebels into the prison cart, mistaking for one of them. She was about to be executed in Helgen when the first dragon attacked and the rest, well you know the plot of Skyrim. She joins the companions and the Thieves Guild, and falls in love, and eventually marries Aelea the Huntress of Whiterun, and though she never formally joins she supports the empire in the civil war strongly. She currently resides with her Wife Aelea in her home in Falkreath. Personalitly: She is sarcastic and ruthless, but cunning and isn't afraid to call people on their bullshit, she is somewhat cynical and is immature. She devotes an uhealthy amount of time to tracking down the Redgaurd, and tends to get angry and make rash decisions. She is gifted in the art of speechcraft ad bartering, and can easily presuade or intimidate her foes with her silver tounge. Though she doesn't activley presue them, she is interested in and has dabbled in both illusion magic and alchemy. Though she will always say she does things based on her own values, really she would trade them in for a septim in a flash. That's basically my character, she is a cold, trained assasin with a soft-side, kinda steriotypical, I level her 1/2/1 and her weapons are a crossbow, and her Elven Dagger as a combo, and her gear is the Nightingale aromor. I'd love to hear you guys's, please share.
  13. I am relaunching this thread as the NOT-SKYRIM Elder Scrolls Thread, as there's already another Skyrim thread. We don't need another. This thread is for the discussion of Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, and Oblivion, and just general stuff about these games. This is NOT a "let's hate Skyrim" thread, even though I do. Making threads to hate things is not a good idea. So anyway, DISCUSS!!! Arena - Got out of the dungeon, walked around for a bit, meh. Daggerfall - Keep dying in the tutorial :/ Morrowind - OH MY GOD this game. Favorite game ever, uncontested, unbeatable*, unputdownable. Started an Xbox playthrough, and the insane broken-ness of this game is arguably its most enjoyable aspect. I started out by making spells to enchant items to do ridiculous things. I decided to not enchant anything myself until I get Azura's Star, as I think it doesn't break if your enchant fails, but until then, I'm making craptons of money with my Soultrap Silver Sword (try saying that three times fast) and Creeper, and using that to get the following: 1. Mark and Recall (already have recall) 2. Divine + Almsivi Intervention 3. Levitation 4. Silence It's going to take some hard work, but it'll be worth it in the end. *continues to barf love of this game* Oblivion: Also an extremely badass game. Playing on the 360 with three characters: an RP-heavy Khajit, a dungeon-dwelling Orc (he's really shiny!) and Morada, my old asshole grandpa mage. Mages in this game are really fun, but WOW does the 360 D-pad make it hard to do hotkeys.
  14. Hello! So as I'm sure many of you know, The elder scrolls online is quite a bit of money for a supposedly semi-decent video game and on top of that there is the subscription fee, I love the elder scrolls and have wanted to play this game since I first heard of it a year or so ago, and currently it is only 20.00 bucks on steam so I'm seriously considering buying it. But before I do something I might regret, what do you guys(or girls) think? is it a decent game? am I gonna regret buying it? I'm not tooooo concerned about it fitting perfectly into the series or have stellar graphics, I just want a game that will be fun for a while. Before I buy is there anything I should know? or should I buy it at all? Thanks for any and all help!
  15. Good day or night to you sir or madam, as i was lounging around my *ahem* abode, i was wondering what the publics thoughts were on this new fangled game of the video variety. I myself have been having fun with it though it is filled with problems and what the young ones call "trolls". leave your thoughts and musings here so that i may read them and have a jolly time.
  16. So, we're finally allowed to discuss what we have done in the BETA testing for those who don't know! I had a wonder of a time playing the beta and would love to know who else will be getting this game and what type of character they'll be playing~ I'm thinking of preordering the Imperial Collector Edition for my birthday and making an Imperial tank since their racial bonuses are health, sword and board, etc. Also, who's excited to find out what the new class is?! Anyone got any leaks on it? ; V;
  17. The title says it best: which Daedra are you? Click here to find out, then share your results.
  18. So, did anyone get a beta invite for this weekend's Elder Scrolls Online and for those who did, are you planning on playing this weekend? I'm planning on playing some and I'm looking for someone to play with. Let me know if you if any one of you is interested!
  19.'s my first ever MLP sketch and speak of the devil, I decided to vector it in inkscape. It's a dremora-esque pony. If you don't know what a dremora is, they're from the elder scrolls series: I plan on adding accessories and improving the cutie mark later but first, let me know what I should touch up before I mark it as final. This is my first ever sketch so tell me how I can improve! It helps me learn from my mistakes and get better. It's not that great as I'm a scientist by nature, not an artist. Expect crap Never been good at art before and this is a real challenge for me but eh, you gotta fight for what you want.
  20. Here's a demo of a song i've been working on lately. Don't take it too seriously. I realize a dubstep version of Elder Scrolls music is a bit ridiculous I'm not very experienced with dubstep, so i'm willing to listen to advice if you have it. I'm also in need of some more voice samples from the game before I can finish this song. I can't seem to find any though Anyway, let me know what you think. Software used: FL Studio Nexus 2 Massive Edirol Orchestral Sytrus
  21. -Quickly made banner A beautiful game, and an awesome series. Has it been ponified before? eeyup. Is Fluttershy dragonborn? Of course. Has this been done before before? eeyup, but to the extent of my knowledge, it hasn't been animated yet, and that's where I come in. Reversalx here, and just throwing my WIP out there (thought this might have been animated before), so that i can let the world know what i will be working on for the next while. This will also be a chance for me to learn new skills, and animate better. I ain't the best, but taking on a project like this will help me get off my lazy flank and do something productive. This will basically be a full Trailer of the Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim, ponified and animated, although some features of the original trailer may be modified. Will be posting various completions of it, of my choice, until (you know) COMPLETION. Do i need help animation-wise? not really, but it is appreciated (will complete it even with no help anyways). From animators to artists, anybody thinking they might be able to contribute, please present yourselves.. Though i DO need a couple voice actors, manely for Fluttershy (gotta have that FUS ROH YAY, or something along those lines), and an epic voice to do the voice-over, originally done by (pretty sure)Max Von Sydow(originally Esbern) for the trailer. The voice does not have to be sage-like or male, just an awesome, fitting, story-telling voice. If interested, Give in a comment or email me at- Thanks for Reading, leave comments, questions, ideas, or suggestions below. Criticism is appreciated. *UPDATE 1* Alduin's wall, finished(not really). Will probably a lot add more to it later(like making the carvings stand out more, add fire, etc ), i just wanted to move onto something else, this took me longer than it should have XD (NOTE- the quality was reduced, fore filesize reasons.)
  22. For those of you who play Skyrim on xbox360... did you get the kinect and do you like the kinect commands for it? We got the kinect in my house, specifically when the Skyrim commands came out for it. We love Skyrim and thought what better reason to finally break down and get the Kinect. I tried them, was really excited about them, but now I preffer not to use the commands. I'm pretty sure it's set up right. I've tested and calibrated it many times and it says its set up perfectly, and it works fine with other games, but for some reasons it doesn't work well with Skyrim. So many times in the game when I go to use a shout or switch weapons/spells it doesn't hear me correctly or it loads the wrong things. It's not worth it. My boyfriend on the other hand loves his Kinect and has no issues with it (that he tells me about atleast lol). Idk, I have a great time in Skyrim without Kinect... Personally, I love Fruit Ninja. I think it genius! I think we downloaded it in the arcade or something, anyways, it's a little game where you are a ninja chopping fruit with your hands and they are thrown up on the screen. Sounds silly, but I tell you it's a total blast and extremely addicting. Most fun when you switch on and off with a friend in the house so you can watch each other and laugh at silly ninja moves. Any Kinect games you would recommend?
  23. What's up? A friend requested that I make a piano cover of this song, so I did! Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Theme Piano Cover http-~~-// Played on my Casio CTK-496 MIDI Keyboard, recorded in Cubase LE, and uses CVPiano Modeled VST. READ! The reason that sometimes the notes cut off is that apparently my recording software and sustain pedal don't agree, so whenever I would let off the pedal, the notes would cut off. Also I'm lazy and didn't feel like going back and re-recording the whole song, so sorry... Anyways, enjoy, and let me know what you think or what you would like to see a cover of in the future. ~Derpy Dash My other piano covers: