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Found 12 results

  1. Since former vice president Joe Biden became the Democratic nominee for this year's presidential election after Senator Bernie Sanders was the last one to be dropped out, I'll set up a poll here on my blog. I will vote for Joe Biden for this one. I wish Bernie Sanders should have been the nominee when he ran for president for the second time after 2016, which Biden ran for president for the third time and he really wants to lead the nation. I know what President Trump has done during his presidency, especially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. I want Biden to fix everything for what Trump has done, and sure President Biden will fix it to make everyone feel better and pleased. If Biden wins, then a two-term presidential streak since Bill Clinton's presidency will be broken. During this COVID-19 pandemic, I want the vaccines be developed as quickly as possible within this year or by the end of this year, and go into distribution to all COVID-infected people for free! Oxford in England are well at the second phase of developing a COVID-19 vaccine right now; the vaccine candidate will be AZD1222.
  2. With election day in America almost upon us, I'm curious as to how many people are actually going to be casting votes this year. Are you a registered voter? Are you too young to vote? Are you disillusioned about American politics in general and couldn't care less about who wins? Let us know in the comments below.
  3. I know that many of you are lamenting the results of the election last night. So I thought I would make a thread to try and assuage some of your fears. I know that this is a topic of debate, thus naturally belonging in the Debate Pit, but seeing as most on the forum don't go there, I figured that I would make it in the General Discussion forum. Debate is fine, but please keep it civil. There are a few things that you need to know. First of all, keep in mind that the strongest form of persuasion is fear. Clinton’s team of persuaders have convinced her followers that Trump is dangerous. Trump won because, in the end, his persuasion game was better, not because America is full of racists. I do have to give a lot of credit to Secretary Clinton here, as she did her persuasion very, VERY well. There are quite a few people who believe 100 percent that Trump is going to turn America into Nazi Germany or some dystopia ruled by robber barons. If you believe this, then you have been hypnotized. Now let's get into it. Temperament: Do you remember the time someone insulted Donald Trump and then Trump punched him in the nose? Neither do I. Because nothing like that has ever happened. Instead, people attack Donald Trump with words (often) and he attacks them back with words. See if the following pattern looks familiar: 1. Person A insults Trump with words. Trump insults back with words. 2. Person B mentions some sort of scandal about Trump. Trump mentions some sort of scandal about Person B. 3. Person C endorses Trump (even if they publicly feuded before) and Trump immediately says something nice about Person C. The feud is instantly over. See the pattern? Consider how many times you have seen the pattern repeat with Trump. It seems endless. And consistent. Trump replies to critics with proportional force. His reaction is as predictable as night following day. The exceptions are his jokey comments about roughing up protesters at his rallies. The rally-goers recognize it as entertainment. I won’t defend his jokes at rallies except to say that it isn’t a temperament problem when you say something as a joke and people recognize it as such. (We see his rally joke-comments out of context on news coverage so they look worse.) Trump is, as opposed to how he has been framed, in full control of his temper, and it will not be a problem in a Trump Administration. Trump might insult foreign leaders into a war: Trump and Putin seem to get along fine. Netanyahu said he could work with Trump. Mexico isn’t likely to start a war over trade, or the wall. Trump says North Korea is China’s problem, which is literally the safest thing you could say. And China’s leaders are adults who know Trump says offensive things now and then. China will pursue its own interests, and none of those interests involve going to war over some words. Likewise, other leaders are adults too. They won’t change their foreign policy over some insults. Trump might start a war: Trump owns buildings and property around the world. As a general rule, people who own a lot of real estate don’t start wars because their own assets are at risk. Trump talks mostly about having a strong military to avoid war. Speak softly and carry a big stick. He gains nothing by war. Pacing and Leading: When normal politicians change their minds we label it flip-flopping or – more kindly – “evolving” in their thinking. When a Master Persuader does it, you are seeing pacing and leading, which is a major tool of persuasion. Pacing involves matching people – in this case emotionally – and later using that bond to lead them. We see Trump doing this often. A. Trump paced his base by saying he would deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. Once he had his base on his side emotionally, he led to them to his current policy of deporting only the people who committed crimes while here. Have you heard any Trump supporters complain about it lately? B. Trump paced his base by saying he would ban all Muslim immigration to stop terrorist infiltration. Once he had them on his side emotionally, he led them first to a ban on specific problem countries, and then again to “extreme vetting,” which is a lot like Clinton’s plan. Trump supporters followed, and you don’t hear them complaining. C. Early in the primaries Trump paced the racists in the Republican party by not disavowing them as clearly and as loudly as even the racists thought he would. Since then he has led Republicans to think that some form of a “New Deal” for African-Americans might be worth a look. D. At the Republican National Convention, Trump used his emotional connection to his supporters to declare he was the strongest voice to protect the LGBTQ community. Republicans stood and cheered. And finally, the biggest one IMO... Populism: Donald Trump is a populist, meaning that rather than having a political agenda, like the one of the Republican Party, he wants to do the will of the American people(This is why many of the Republican elites hate him btw). Trump won the nomination and the presidency by appealing to the anger that many Americans have over the corruption in Washington, and by proposing solutions to fix it. And I believe that he will do everything in his power to see it through. Why? Because his legacy is at stake. Think about it like this. Rather than run for president, Trump could have retired and gone down in history as one of the greatest businessmen in American history. Instead, he opened himself up to mockery, attacks on himself and his family, and the potential destruction of his legacy if he does not do a good job. Because of this, Trump will not do a single thing that would be unpopular with the majority of Americans. This means that your civil rights are safe. As an example, take Roe v. Wade. The Republicans have enough power in Congress to put through a bill to ban gay marriage and make it a states issue. It would then go to Trump to either be signed or vetoed. So would Trump sign it and pass it off to the conservative Supreme Court, or would he veto it, where Congress Republicans do NOT have the power to overturn the veto? That depends on you. Trump, being a populist, will do what the American people demand of him. Write letters to him. Trump may not read them, but someone will. And if they get enough letters saying the same thing, Trump will know about it. Tweet at him your disdain for this bill. Because you know he isn't giving up that vice. Make it known that the American people want to keep gay marriage federally legal, AND HE WILL VETO THE BILL. This is the good of a populist leader. They hold no agenda other than the will of the people. Unlike Obama with TPP, or Bush with the Patriot Act, if enough people make their voice heard, TRUMP WILL LISTEN. His raging ego is on the line after all. I don't know if any of this will help make you feel less fearful for the future, but I hope it helps. Let's do as both President-Elect Trump and Secretary Clinton said. Unite and work together for a better America. I borrowed most of this from Scott Adams blog. It's a really interesting read, and I recommend that you all check it out.
  4. I am young and do not know many things. I do not how to fix political problems, but this I know: we must stop claiming that our political opponents want to destroy our country. Since the election (and probably for my entire life if I had been paying attention), I have read and heard countless times things such as, "liberal progressives will do anything to destroy our country," and "republicans will stop at nothing to destroy our country." It is the same on both sides. The fact is that neither side actually wants to destroy the country. Endlessly I hear claims that Obama actually wanted, desired to destroy America. This was his intention. His mission. I hear the same of Trump. Endlessly. This is pure insanity. Neither of them want to destroy America. Liberals/democrats don't want to destroy America. Conservatives/republicans don't want to destroy America. This insanity needs to end now. Each side has differing views on what's best for the country, but neither side intends on destroying it. The only people who intend on destroying the country are actual terrorists and jihadists, and perhaps a few anarchists and nihilists on the fringes. But I continue to hear endless claims from each side that the other side is actually hell-bent on the destruction of the country by any and all means. It is mind-boggling how ridiculous and unproductive such claims are. I am very liberal, but I have no loyalty to any political party. I am very anti-Trump, but I don't believe for a second that he actually intends on destroying America. I believe that his way of going about things is wrong, and I believe he's a narcissist and a pathological liar with a tenuous grasp on reality, but not for one second do I think he hates America and wants to destroy it. If we are to solve any problems, we need to talk, and before we can talk, we need to stop this insanity and admit that we all want what is best for the country. We just disagree about what that is.
  5. Okay. The time has finally come to conclude my political opinion on Hillary Rodham Clinton. It's no surprise to see me go against Hillary and have my vote to Donald Trump. I myself am a standard Republican. Though that doesn't mean I will vote for a Republican candidate for anything every time. We all have our personal views on our Nation and can vote for whoever we want. AND THATS HOW I ALWAYS WANT POLITICS TO BE! It should always be policies vs policies and for me I believe Donald Trump has better policies than Hillary Clinton. But I have NO PROBLEM with anybody voting for Hillary because she has better policies. I mean I can't control your opinion. But the outcome of the DNC and Hillary Clinton at this stage is just wrong. It's a complete disgrace to our country. And WikiLeaks was right saying she has one face in public and another face in private. She cannot be trusted. She's insulted the Catholics calling their religion Bastartdized, insulted Trump supporters calling them deplorable, calling Bernie Sanders supporters "Basement Dwellers". I am completely surprised that nobody has asked this women who has commited crimes, corrupted our FBI, corrupted our Justice department, why hasn't anybody tell her to step down. It is unbelivable that this is happening with our country and makes me cry that the mainstream media is so evil to cover this up and not think it's a big deal. I love seeing our nation safe but I truly think our nation is at full risk of danger and corruption if Hillary is elected in office. But again your vote matters. Whoever you vote for regarding policies is important to see that America has a political view. I don't care who you vote for. But let me be honest here......If you vote for Hillary Clinton just because she is a women, you're dead to me.
  6. Considering the infamous election America is suffering from this year, my brain hatched a pretty stupid idea for a thread. Who would you rather have as one to rule over you and all around you, Queen Chrysalis, or King Sombra? A changeling, or an Umbrum? A parasite, or a most likely possible nutcase?<--- (Sounds familiar, don't it?) Feel free to explain as to why you believe your choice is the best case scenario out of these two worse case scenarios. I see lots of people doing the same for Trump and Clinton, so go right ahead just for the heck of it right here.
  7. Ponyville is having an election for Mayor 2016. It is Mayor Mare vs Filthy Rich Mayor Mare was supposed to have plans to construct a playground, but the playground was ordered by Mayor Mare to be constructed on a hill, which is tectonically active. The citizens of Ponyville are certainly unpleased. Mayor Mare's response was that the hill would be a stable area free from earthquakes. She even implied that earthquakes can be prevented. Later Filthy Rich along with his wife and daughter arrive at town hall saying "Maybe it's time for a change in government" He also confirmed that he will be running for Mayor of Ponyville in the 2016 election. So, should Mayor Mare retire as Mayor of Ponyville and have Filthy Rich take over, or should she remain in charge of Ponyville?
  8. A youtube video rant by yours truly on the so called options in this farce of an election.
  9. My cousin suggested that I post this poll somewhere for fun, so here it is.
  10. Hi everypony! I've made this Obama-election-poster-style image in Photoshop, I hope you like it. This would be good as a T-shirt print, eh? : D
  11. So today (7th May 2015) the UK gets to vote on the next prime minister! In the UK a first past the post system is used: For a majority government to be held a party must win: 326 house of commons seats for a national majority, If not a "hung parliament" will occur and the Queen will invite the biggest party to form a government with other parties to reach the required number of seats. So! Your thoughts/discussion on what is going to happen today! Everything is open for discussion from the way the system works to whether you are voting to the parties themselves! I have already voted ! (UK bronys that can, make sure you vote! :3)
  12. So, today is the famous day when the voters of America band together and collectively decide which candidate we want in office for the next four years. Now, of course there's a lot of differing opinions on who should have the job as President of the United States, but I was thinking of something interesting: If the MLP cast (primarily Mane Six, but you can choose background ponies or side characters if you want) were to exist in our world, and run for president, who would you vote for, and why? I'm gonna think about this one before I decide who I would vote into office.