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Found 25 results

  1. made this track to celebrate my first ever radio show (and show in general) on WXCU, Capital University's student radio station. Gonna be doing an interview and DJ set alongside Mitomoro from 9 to 11 PM EST on May 1 (may or may not have put a couple pony songs in my mix shhhhhhhh). Music and cover art by JesusKidz (MCRideVEVO)
  2. Announcing the Two Sisters EP. This is my first public work - including three songs. I'm super excited to finally begin sharing my music publicly, and I hope you enjoy what is to come.
  3. Hey guys! This is my remix of "Frailty" by PrinceWhateverer! I hope you enjoy~! ^~^ --- --- --- Bandcamp (Download) : --- Original mix, master, composition by PrinceWhateverer Additional vocals by Dreamchan Art by Dreamchan PrinceWhateverer on Youtube : PrinceWhateverer on Facebook : PrinceWhateverer on Google+ : Pronc on Soundcloud : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : ---
  4. Hey, guys! Welcome to my blog, and today I'll be discussing my top ten favourite Electronic albums, from the year 2000, to the present year 2015. Keep in mind, these are all great albums that have influenced my own music, and I believe that they have a place on the podium of unforgettable Electronic hits! Be sure to check them all out, and tell me what you think in the comments! owo 10 Calamari Tuesday (Feed Me) A first for Feed Me, Gooch's album continues to remind us why we all love Feed Me! A great album showcasing Gooch's musical talent, this album definitely hasn't disappointed any fans of the little green monster. With huge basslines and catchy melodies, this album can get anyone dancing! 9 Smash (Martin Solveig) Martin Solveig displays his dance genius with this Pop-friendly album! With many of its singles moving on to become huge radio hits, Solveig once again shows us his talent as a producer and vocalist. The French never disappoint! 8 Random Album Title (Deadmau5) More memorable than his Twitter beefs, this breakthrough album from the mau5 reminds us all why he has become an icon in the Dance music world. This is the album that has defined the Progressive House talent. 7 Cross (Justice) With this debut album as their Genesis, the duo has taken the world by storm. With the most distorted synths and hypnotizing basslines, this is one massive album that combines nostalgic sounds with the most sophisticated sound design. This is one album you can't miss! 6 Eric Prydz Presents Pryda(Eric Prydz) A veteran of the Electronic Dance scene, the genius behind Cirez D and Pryda releases a compilation of brand new Dance material, as well as classics that define the Pryda alias. No stranger to the club life, Prydz proves this with Pryda. This album comes jam-packed with songs that prove the top-notch quality of Prydz's production. 5 Syro (Aphex Twin) After a massive hiatus, Richard David James, better known as Aphex Twin, returns to the Electronic music scene with Syro. Aphex Twin fails to disappoint, releasing more music that proves that he is one of a kind. This new album is the perfect way for new fans of Aphex Twin to get a taste of what he's all about. 4 Clarity (Zedd) After listening to this album, it is clear that Anton Zaslavski, better known as Zedd, is a force to be reckoned with. Adopting a more Pop-friendly style and infusing it with his old Electro House production, Zedd creates a powerhouse album that anyone can enjoy. From Pop hits such as Clarity, to heavy Electronic beats with Stache, Zedd reminds us why he is an outstanding name in the future generation of Electronic music. 3 Worlds (Porter Robinson) A massive name in the Electro House scene, Porter surprises us with his debut album. Far from his Electro roots, Porter expresses himself in a brand new way. Porter shows us his world with this album. Although nowhere near his old Electro style, he has still proven his talent with such a shift. The Worlds tour is also a performance you cannot miss! 2 Adventure (Madeon) After a long hiatus, Hugo Leclercq (Madeon) returns with a monster of an album. With such high expectations brought upon him with hit singles such as Icarus, and his remix of Raise Your Weapon, Madeon succeeds on bringing us on an Adventure with this album. Madeon continues to release incredible music, his new album showing a more refined style. Madeon's debut does not disappoint. 1 Discovery (Daft Punk) Daft Punk's first album of the 2000's fails to disappoint! Often considered two of the leading pioneers of House music, they defend this title with one of the most influential Electronic albums in history. Breeding hits such as One More Time, Daft Punk first reached the mainstream with this album. Danceable and full of emotion, this album is a great Discovery for any music fan! ~~~ So, yeah. The albums found above are ten Electronic albums that have landed on my top ten list. What albums have impressed you? Comment below with your suggestions. owo
  5. N_e_v_e_r_m_i_n_d ok dont read lmao
  6. Hey guys! I just released a new remix of "Fall Apart" by FritzyBeat & Exiark! I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a sound that I truly enjoyed for this remix, and I hope you enjoy it too! owo ~~~ ~~~ --- Download (Bandcamp) : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : --- Music by Exiark: Vocals and Lyrics by FritzyBeat Buy the Album: (Exiark's Bandcamp!) Buy the song: (Exiark's Bandcamp) Art by GSphere:
  7. Hello everypony! A long while back I made a post here about a new song I was starting ( 1.5 years later, it's finally finished!!! I'm so glad I was able to make it a pony song to give back to the community! I would love if y'all would give it a listen! Any feedback is welcomed. Version with Audio Clips - Music Only Version - Thank you for listening! I hope you enjoy!
  8. Hey guys! This is my new remix of Die In A Fire by TheLivingTombstone and EileMonty! I really hope you enjoy! ^^ ~~~ --- Download : --- Follow The Living Tombstone: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Follow EileMonty: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Website: --- Otarine on SoundCloud : Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : ~~~
  9. I'm a Moonbaby myself ... She's an Estonian singer. Look her up if you don't know who she is
  10. Thank you xOkamii for the cover ^^ (you da best you da you da best <3) Hello everypony ^^, this is my latest track I made which I had a lot of fun making. It was sitting on my FL Studio and I forgot about it (whoops) but I was reminded of it and finished it after I got me a Twilight Sparkle backpack (<3) it was my inspiration to finish it. Hope you all enjoy it! A song for Twilight that I made after I'd heard a few Radio Edits of electronic music. I like how they had no build up and instead had transitions that kept the beat going so I tried it and I really enjoyed how it came out. I also finished it because I got a Twilight Sparkle backpack I wanted for a long time XD I had a lot of fun making this and I hope you have a lot of fun listening to it! Enjoy! Remember, you can download it and do whatever you want with it just give me credit ^^ And if you feel you need to, any criticism is ok with me.
  11. So i decided to make a song about Nightmare Moon since she is super awesome! id love to hear some feed back from you guys
  12. Hey guys! Just wanted you all to know I released a new song today! This song means a lot to me, and I feel it best represents my feelings throughout this past year. It's like a beautiful sadness. ^-^ --- ~Falling Snow~ --- Youtube Stream --- Soundcloud Stream --- Bandcamp Download: --- Otarine's Soundcloud'>Otarine's Bandcamp'>Otarine's Youtube'>Otarine's Twitter'>Otarine's Facebook ---
  13. Hey, guys! My new song "Pinnipedia is out now on Soundcloud and Bandcamp! Check it out if you can! Electro House is a very new genre for me so all the critique I can get is very much appreciated! Enjoy! - Otty~ --- Download here : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : @officialotarine Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : ---
  14. Thank you Onion Sing for the lovely image ^^ (whelp, I change it up and post it again but the image reverts back to Silver Spoon everytime LOL) This is my newest track that I hope to be many and I hope that you all enjoy it! It's an Electro track using samples of Maud Pie that I put together using FL Studio 11. I had a lot of fun mixing this one XD Remember, if you download it you can do whatever you want with it just give me credit if you use it in something and link it to others so they can download it. Just want to share my talent ^^ (I had a Rarity song I was gonna upload but this one was freshest so I'll wait til some other time) Hope you enjoy!
  15. Hey y'all so I had to replace my hard drive and I lost almost all my pony related music. Can I get some suggestions on some music to rebuild my library. I like all types of fan music, but I especially like remixes of songs from the show and EG. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks .
  16. I made a album called "Brony" on Datpiff, on the profile "Mixtapekingman". Could you guys check it out, and possibly download it? It's free! I also upload a friend of mine's music (Stallion's music, who currently has NIMDA and Through The Lawless Wasteland released, and me and him are working on a collaboration album called "Post-Revolution", under the name Iwantstallion.) I also upload another group called JexPsp's music, who has "XtraHype:Early Edition" released! (JexPsp is me and my friend Jexto.) It's got 5 songs, counting the bonus track "Gaming". 1.Discord 2.Wonderbolts Academy 3.Once You Get Started 4.Cloudsdale 5.BONUS TRACK:Gaming. I do have to admit, my music making skills have highly improved since that album's release. If you want to hear my most RECENT work, listen to the songs on XtraHype:Early Edition called... "The Monk Who Ate The Cthulu" "Don't Wake The Zombies".
  17. Porter Robinson's debut album, "Worlds", is dropping August 12. This album is a landmark in Porter Robinson's career because it is a big shift in his style of music. Instead of his signature Electro House style, he has departed Electronic Dance Music in general to create something he believes is his true style. To quote; "'I found that the scene had got kind of homogenized,” he ssaid. “So I just wanted to cast off the whole EDM thing and make stuff that was super sincere and try to basically write my favorite music…that is meant to be the most ‘me’ thing possible.'" Now, what does this album have to do with me? Worlds has changed my view and belief of what "success" truly is. When I first started producing, I was given the impression that success was being the highest earning music producer (at the date this blog has been written, Calvin Harris is the Highest Grossing Music Producer), or to be the most famous music producer. With that, I knew that I'd have a big chance at becoming the richest or the most well-known because my genre of choice is Progressive House (to some, my main genre is called Commercial House). With this, I worked hard to try to replicate the quality and methods of the most popular Electronic artists, including Alesso, Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, etc. However, things weren't really picking up for me, even when I made songs that sounded very similar in style to the "Commercial House" artists. I was rejected from Equestria Daily more than once (possibly even 50+ times), leaving me upset and ashamed of my music. I got angry and just decided to give up on EqD entirely, aiming to get a record deal instead. For the past two years, I've been making very "commercial" music, and a lot of people were honest and tried to convince me that it all sounded the same. Overtime, I met more people (including Muffoxx and Tuner Symphon, Nikki Layne, etc.), and these people really helped me improve my music. As my music impnroved, so did my view on music in general. I started to truly see music as a beautiful creation of passion and a vessel to share creativity. I stopped caring about being the richest, or most well-known, and just wanted to share my music with everyone. I started to experiment and try new genres (even found another genre I enjoy producing, Drum N' Bass). This led people to really start supporting me and my music. When I first heard of Porter Robinson's departure from EDM, I was shocked. I thought, "Wow, this is going to be interesting.". When I first listened to "Sea of Voices", the first single from Worlds, I was amazed. It was beautiful in its ambiance and was filled with emotion. As Porter released more singles from Worlds, it helped teach me the most important lesson I've learned yet, "success" in music isn't being rich, or being super popular, it's being able to make the music you love to make for life. This concept helped me add new elements to my music, that are truly starting to give my own twist to it. To some, Porter Robinson's Worlds is just another album, but to me it's a masterpiece that changed the way I viewed music and art in general. It truly taught me that it's not about the money or glory of fame, after all. You can listen to Porter Robinson's Worlds in full, here : (US Version): (International Version): I recommend this album for everyone to listen to. It's not your typical Electronic album, but truly an album of beautiful emotion. Worlds is definitely worthy of its name, as it opens up a door to a new world of Electronica that's ready to be explored. Tracklist (For Those Listening to Worlds): Divinity Sad Machine Years of War Flicker Fresh Static Snow Polygun Dust Hear the Bells Natural Light Lionhearted Sea of Voices Fellow Feeling Goodbye to a World PS. My favourite song is Fresh Static Snow. 【=◈v◈=】
  18. --- Hey guys! I've just released a new remix of Panic's "Been Dreamin'"! I hope you enjoy! I wanted to go for an "80s Pop Ballad" kind of style with this remix! Critique is appreciated! --- Original : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : @officialotarine Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : --- OtarineTrax x Panic
  19. Hello, friends! I have returned with a Valentine's Day release. My new album, Wanderers, is out now on my bandcamp! This is one of the latest songs from the album. Enjoy. :3
  20. Hi all! At the end of last week I brought you Whimsie Pie, a happy, upbeat techno electronica song for Pinkie Pie! This week, I've done another one for you all to enjoy called Eternal Night, a tribute to Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon. Here's the link! Lemme know what you think, thanks!
  21. Hey people! The other day I made a cheerful little electronic tune on Fruity Loops! After playing around with it some more, I felt it captured the happy 'essence' of Pinkie Pie, so I dug up some samples and plopped them into the sequence (much to the glee of my Meesey brony friend), turning it into a tribute to Pinkie! Here are the results! I'm kinda new at the whole music development thing, so I welcome any constructive criticism!
  22. I almost gave up on music for a while. I had no inspiration, and no motivation. Then I watched the season 2 finale again and it all came back. It's amazing what this show can do sometimes This is my first attempt at a trance style. Not my best, especially with the mixing and mastering, i'll admit that. I'm just glad to be making music again
  23. Hiya, I'm always interested in new music but I'm always so picky. There must be a dozen music sharing threads out there but I'd like to make one a little bit more personal to me. I'm not saying give me your music rather expose me to your music. Let me start off with something I like:
  24. (Thanks Legendary Emerald for the song title idea!!) I'm still a total n00b with music, but other than the bad EQing, I think this one turned out pretty good. I have never made Hardstyle Electronica before though, so i'll let you guys be the judge of that. This song was obviously inspired by the episode "Party of One". Crazy Pinkie is best Pinkie This will probably be my last song for a while. I'm taking a break from music so I can focus on other parts of the fandom. However, my goal is to get good enough to get featured on EQD, so I won't give up on music completely. Anyways, enjoy! (Reuploaded with improvements suggested by fans )
  25. It seems that a lot of bronies are fans of electronic music (trance, dubstep, techno, ect.) So I was wondering if anypony else is a fan of a band called VNV Nation? A lot of their music tends to be very uplifting. Just something great to listen to when you're having a horrible day to help pick you back up [media=]