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Found 11 results

  1. Is this not already a thing? Somehow I would've expected a Brony variant of the "What's your sign?" question that is common in metaphysical circles. So... what's your element? If you were a keeper of one of the Elements of Harmony, which one would it be? Which one defines you the most at the core? Much to my surprise, it seems to have turned out that Loyalty was mine. I always would've expected Laughter but that ended up coming in second place. Loyalty explains way too much about how my life has gone. (I'm a bit surprised to not have already found a thread like this. If my search-fu is just failing me, mods in the know feel free to merge.)
  2. Oh, Sunset. Even if you're not technically canon on the main series, you're a part of my heart. The image is not Sunset focused, nor Twilight. It's about the feeling and the spectrum of emotions that means to have someone to care about. The decisions we make are all we are, and the way we express our love and care is what defines the relations we make on this terrifying world. Don't let your love fade. Feed it. Make it grow. Maybe you'll save someone else's life. Twitter! deviantArt!
  3. Got this idea chatting to a friend, seems like a bit of fun! Thought I'd give it a whirl! Rules are pretty simple. You've got some choices of basic elements: - Fire - Water - Wind - Earth - Dark - Light And of course, these are just our most generic suggestions, so you can pick your own ideas if you want! (Eg. Chaos, Order, Etc.) So feel free to be creative! Without further adieu.. Begin!
  4. Multiple moments throughout the show, the mane 6 do something that's completely against their own element. I'm not talking about when they were discorded, but in everyday life, which pony do you think least lives up to here element? Personally I'm going to have to go with Rarity on this one. She does SO many things that are the entire opposite of Generous. The entire Sisterhooves social episode is an example of one, also...
  5. I have always felt that while Pinkie is really valuable to her friends, for the purpose of the show, she's only ever served as a comic relief for the main cast. Her element is laughter, but that seems just so ambiguous- it's not like "happiness"/"joy", and most of the time she expresses her element through parties and her personal energy. But in the context of Equestria and its actual problems, it seems like the Element of Laughter isn't one that really helps the team all that much. I have always felt that the elements are rather mis-weighted (kindness vs. generosity? Loyalty vs. honesty? and then LAUGHTER??), and I just find it hard to say that laughter/joy is technically virtuous. The other 4 (minus TS) have character traits, but Pinkie has more of a "talent" or a mood. How often has Pinkie's element actually helped the team? :okiedokielokie: What do you guys think about this? P.S. I don't mean to bash on Pinkie- I still love her!
  6. Hi! I'm starlia elemental, you can ask me anything you want! if you want I mean....and at times I will even add some art to go along with your question.
  7. I'll just cut right to the chase here - this topic, made in 2012, shows Rarity holding a staggering amount of votes claiming she lives up to her Element of Harmony, that being Generosity, less than the other 5 element bearers. However, yesterday a duplicate topic was made, posing the same question - however, there was a much different outcome. It was Rainbow Dash, the Element of Loyalty, running away with the claims of living up to her element the least. Unfortunately, the topic was merged with the other, more outdated, topic, nullifying the opportunity to allow a new perspective to appear. In 2012, a staggering number of members believe that Rarity lived up to her element the least. 2014, or, what information we've gathered from it, shows that's no longer the case. What's your thoughts on this development? Edit: If you want to see a list of all of the generous deeds Rarity has performed throughout the series, click here.
  8. Am I the only one who noticed that Applejack was going against her element by trying the pretend to Pinkie that her and her family don't argue. She was being dishonest. It really annoys me how Rarity (my favourite pony) is ALWAYS singled out for not following her element when all the other ponies go against theirs a lot of the time as well, but NO ONE bats an eye lid. Seriously, when Twilight, Rainbow, Pinkie, Fluttershy or AppleJack go against their element, no one notices, but people always seem to find even the tiniest moments when Rarity supposedly goes against her element. I thinks that's highly unfair.
  9. Twilight is coming back to the castle after the mane six fixed it. She went to the place where the elements were kept after 1000 years ago. As soon as she stepped into the room, her hoof started glowing black, then a cyan mark representing an alicorn popped where she stepped. She could'nt move. The place where the elements were kept a 1000 years ago started to move away from twilight. Blow the spot, There was a dark blue triangle shaped element. Twilight didnt have an idea on why all that happened. She picked the element. The next day, white clouds started to form around the Crystal Empire, The clouds started to get black, as soon as they did, the clouds started to go down and a black cylinder started forming around the empire, through the cylinder, Crystal Sombra appeared. But for some reason, nopony knew about the attack, not even Celestia. The other next day, when twilight woke up, the 7th element was floating in front of her, then going towards the empire. Twilight followed it. The closer she came to the empire, she started to become transparent, though, she was able to see herself. She started to see the black cylinder. She wasent able to see through it. She wasent even able to go through it. She 7th element started to go into her. She became dark, and she became like sombra, but with inverted colors, also she was still on the good side. But sombra already took the Crystal Heart so she it still too powerful. The empires castle started to break and fall. Dark twilight summoned her friends. Her friends went into her. Forming a new character, a hero called Twashytypieboom (what...)... The mane six together had the same amount of power of Sombra and the Crystal Heart together. Not only that but the same alicorn marks appeared below Twashytypieboom (still a wierd name...). But there was 2 of them! One was yellow, and one was blue, from the marks, Celestia and Luna appeared. All the alicorns made a power beam and pointed at one point so the beams align to one powerful beam. Strucking sombra. But they had to sacrifice the Crystal Heart. So twashytypieboom got an idea on making a better one. A pink one. She made it so that taking off some parts disables functions. The crystal empire was saved once again.
  10. Frozen Mass and Molten Mass with a fancy background! It turned out pretty nice! As you can see, Frozen Mass is a nice calm pony. While Molten Mass is the opposite! Feel free to use it! Just don't steal the credit plox! D; It's in 1920x1080. So most monitors are supported What do you think? Should i change anything?
  11. Twilight done, all I need to do now is rarity, thanks for viewing, faves/brohoofs are always appreciated Enjoy, will be working on rarity soon