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Found 9 results

  1. It occurred to me that each of the season premiere/finale villains (not counting "Princess Twilight Sparkle or "The Crystalling", which don't have active villains in the same way) can be defined more or less as an opponent to one of the Elements of Harmony: Nightmare Moon: Selfishness, opposing Generosity Discord: Divisiveness, opposing Loyalty Chrysalis: Deception, opposing Honesty Sombra: Cruelty, opposing Kindness Tirek: Powerlessness, opposing Magic Starlight Glimmer: Insincerity, opposing Laughter. Obviously, some of these are stretches (e.g. what are the opposites of magic and laughter?), but is there any validity to this view of the world? Could having to deal with each of the antagonists be connected to a different aspect of their friendship?
  2. Hello Everypony ! Some of you who've see my new signature or some of my recent RPs might have seen or heard me mention a tram of ponies I put together consisting of chaotic characters from the show . Known as the EOD or the elements of disharmony . For those that don't know my version of this group consists of 13 characters . Here is the full list Discord ( who is obviously their leader .) The cmc Diamond Tiara Silver Spoon Sunset Shimmer Dash Pinkie ( co leader ) Trixie Spike. Lightening Dust Gilda .( Gilda isn't in my sig due to space but she's in the group ) So you may ask why is there 13 well 13 is thought to be a unlucky number and that makes it chaotic . Plus its a odd number . Anyway now I have a few questions for you 1. What should their ekenents be ? 2. Should the younger member be honorary or full fledged ? Who will replace Dash and Pinkie ? Finally should everyone of them have an opposite element of harmony ? I'd appreciate your answers . Also if I posted this on the wrong section I apologuze I honestly had no idea where to put thus ? And yes I now the title of thus topic sucjs before anyone says anything ! Anyway that's to all of you in advance
  3. OK deep-thinking/philosophical bronies. This thread is for you. This thread is for non-deep-thinking and philosophical types as well, as I need all the help I can get, but this is the kind of stuff that overanalyzers can eat up. But my introduction is going to be a little lengthy, though, so please be patient. I recently read a blog from a Catholic website the other day that introduces something called, "The Seven Deadly Neuroses." It may be of help to read the post - just for background. The point of the blog is to look at the Seven Deadly Sins and their opposing virtues a little bit differently. The subtitle to this blog post is, "The dirty little secret of religious people - a whole list of sins they commit without even realizing it." While most of the world looks at virtue and sees a stark opposite of that virtue, the author of this blog says that there is a way to see things a little differently. He says, "I adopted something I found in St. Thomas Aquinas’ treatment of these evils. Yes, he laid out the sin, and the “opposing virtue.” But as a good Aristotelian, he knew that moral reasoning is not a one dimensional line that runs from right to left, with the sin at one extreme and the virtue at the other. Instead, he saw a triangle, with one kind of vice at one extreme, an opposing vice at the opposite pole (of the sort we’d nowadays call a “neurosis”), and above them, at the top of a pyramid, the virtue that looms as the “golden mean.” So one of the Seven Deadly Sins is Greed, right? Well, here is one of the examples of this pyramid that he uses in his blog. For those of you who don't know, "prodigal" doesn't mean "runaway" or "long-lost." It means that you waste your money in exchange for frivolous, unimportant things. It isn't exactly greed, but it certainly isn't generosity either. And it made me think, "What would that pyramid look like for all of the other elements?" And that is my question to you, folks. If the Element of Harmony is on the top of the pyramid, what would be the two Elements of Disharmony at the bottom of the pyramid? The Discordian one being on the bottom-left, and the not-so-obvious one being on the bottom-right. I do not need immediate or straight-up answers. I just want other brains tackling the subject with me. Discuss away~
  4. What if Discord had won and the elements of harmony didn't work. Well, here's a piece I composed to represent just that. WARNING: There's a ton of dissonance in this piece, so if you can't handle it, don't listen, otherwise take it like a man.
  5. I've seen plenty of "Which pony are you most like?" or "Which element of harmony do you most represent?" topics but i haven't seen anybody relating to the Elements of Disharmony before. It's quite obvious as humans we aren't perfect and so unavoidably we show these attributes as did the mane 6 did when they were under Discords influence. (Although to a lesser extent) So which Element of Disharmony do you most represent or experience? Just for reference ------------------------ Applejack = Dishonesty Pinkie Pie = Cynicism Rarity = Greed Fluttershy = Cruelty Rainbow Dash = Betrayal Twilight Sparkle = Isolation (Yeah that's suppose to be her actual opposite) Personally for me i tend to have a very isolation personality . Even from friends because i just don't like being around people in general.
  6. Heeelllo everypony! I'm writing this kewl fanfic about the Elements of Disharmony. Check it out! That is, um, if you want to, I mean, if that's okay with you. http://www.fimfictio...sary-Corruption Summary: So yeah! Questions, comments, criticisms?
  7. Hiya everypony! This is my second composition in a series of orchestrated compositions I'm creating for the Elements of Disharmony in a fanfic I'm working on, The Elements of Disharmony: Necessary Corruption. The first one you can find here. This is the theme for the Element of Power, the foil to Twilight's Element of Magic. The weilder keeps her identity a secret, but she is a canon character from the show, in disguise. http-~~-// The Element of Power.
  8. Heya everypony! I'm back with another cool orchestrated piece! This one is...well...hard to describe, i guess. It's a tribute to Night Mare Moon, and kind of a theme for fighting her, but also theme music for her as the Element of Betrayal in a fanfic I'm writing--"The Elements of Disharmony: Necessary Corruption". I'm going to be composing pieces for all of the villains of that fic, who will represent the different Elements of Disharmony: Betrayal, Deception, Cruelty, Greed, Fear, and Power. I can tell you that Discord, Chrysalis, and The Shadow from The Shadowed Nightmare are Elements of Disharmony, but the last two are a secret Or you could just listen and enjoy the piece for another Night Mare Moon tribute. Whatever you want, I guess. EDIT: Switched out the link because I reuploaded the Youtube vid so it would include some custom cover art I'm making for the fic and its related music.
  9. Hello everypony! So I am writing a fanfiction which is my take on the idea of the Elements of Disharmony, elements which are the exact opposite of the Elements of Harmony and wielded by a group of six villains. I was going to create a cool cover for my story, buuuut unfortunately I suck badly at art. So I was wondering if any artists here were willing to draw my version of the individual 'Elements of Disharmony' for me (that is, if you have nothing better or more important to do) according to these specifications: -All of them are like the actual Elements of Harmony in the general shape and design of the 'body' of the element, except the gold would be replaced by a shiny, almost polished black--that means the patterns and such would be the same, unless you think it would look better if they weren't -Just draw each individual element, preferable against a solid/white background -The biggest difference would be the symbols on each element: The Element of Greed (necklace, opposite of Generosity) would have a diamond just like the one on the Element of Generosity except sickly yellow-green instead of purple. The Element of Betrayal (necklace, opposite of Loyalty) would have a thinner but similarly shape bolt of lightning colored a pale green or white. The Element of Cruelty (crown, opposite of Kindness) would have some kind of animal or symbol that symbolizes cruelty (i guess you can interpret that one however you want, Discord will be wielding it in the fic) The Element of Power (necklace, opposite of Magic) would have the symbol from the Element of Magic dangling off of the necklace, except instead of purple, it is bright yellow The Element of Deception (necklace, opposite of Honesty) would have a dark teal/green-blue snake The Element of Fear (necklace, opposite of Laughter) would have a white skull shape with pupilless red eyes This is just my concept, anyway...given that I know nothing about art feel free to change this if you'd think you could draw it better/it would look better. So yeah, if you could draw that and make it look similar enough and yet different enough from the Elements of Harmony so one could really believe they are opposites, that would be awesome, if, you know, those descriptions are okay with you.