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Found 31 results

  1. My theory on the seventh element is, there is already a seventh element of harmony in the show. It's called 'The Element of Reformed Villain'. Stygian mixed it in the tree of harmony, Sunset Shimmer has it in a necklace form in EQG. Sunset can read people's mind and past because exposing villain's backstory is the true pathway towards reformation. The Mane 6 didn't had a reformed villain, so it didn't appeared as a separate element, but it is in it when all six combined. Any being exposed on The Element of Reformed Villain either gets reformed, or if not ready to get reformed, gets defeated. Starlight Glimmer needs an episode on getting the Element of Reformed Villain. I can't wait when Twilight or Starlight lists all the seven elements. Villain : "But... I defeated you...!" Starlight : "No. You might think you have the strongest power of all Equestria, but there is the most powerful magic of all! The Elements of Harmony! Royalty! Generosity! Kindness! Laughter! Honesty! Magic! And The Element of Reformed Villain!" Villain : "What? Noooooooheyhowareyounowiamreformedwhatisyourhobbywanttoflykites?" Cranky : "...I can't believe how rediculousohhieveryponywhatawonderfulweatheritistoday!"
  2. Does anypony/body else think Twilight Sparkle is the embodiment of ALL the elements, after she became an alicorn? I have some evidence on it below. After Twilight's transformation Celestia tells her she's demonstrated each of the elements... The alicorn is an Earth Pony, Unicorn, and Pegasus all in one. The mane six has two of each race. Twilight's cutiemark also represents the same point (As explained in the chart, I made, below)
  3. NOTE: this was moved from my discussion topic to here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How many elements of harmony are there? This is my first discussion topic and first post so if you find errors please message me. And any gaps where you think and episode would fit please comment it down below and I will have a look and update this thread/discussion as needed. If you have any questions or would like to add on. I made a very big question for myself to answer and if you want to put pieces together with me just message me with the evidence and I will add it with your name.???? WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD! You have been warned… ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have a theory about the equestria universe (MLP: FIM & MLP: EQG) There are 9 elements of harmony... This may sound crazy but if you look at the picture shown in the beginning sequence for mlp season 1 episode 1 (mare in the moon part 1)(the one above), as it shows the elements of harmony in gem form, you will see 3 empty points on the picture. elements of harmony vector by spiritofthwwolf Link to external image (opens new tab) as shown in the picture on the above(very top left) theses are the elements in gem form shown in the first episode of season 1 during the intro where celestia talks about banishing her sister to the audience. The picture shows 3 points with missing elements, either this was an error in drawing by the artists of there are 3 hidden elements. In the centre is the element of magic and around the outside from top clockwise is; loyalty, honesty, kindness, generosity and laughter. They can be recognised by there distinct colours. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The currently known elements of harmony Igniter element- this element is needed to be able to use the rest Magic- twilight sparkle. This is the most powerful element of harmony, this element is the one to ignite the rest of the elements, without its spark none of the other elements of harmony would not work --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sub elements- these elements require the igniter element to be within range when ignited to activate, without the igniter element the sub elements don’t work. These also require the other sub elements to be there when the igniter element activates to be able activate themselves. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loyalty- rainbow dash. This is one of the elements of harmony, this element requires the spark of the element of magic to ignite it. Honesty- apple jack. This is one of the elements of harmony, this element requires the spark of the element of magic to ignite it. Generosity- rarity (belle). This is one of the elements of harmony, this element requires the spark of the element of magic to ignite it. Kindness- fluttershy. This is one of the elements of harmony, this element requires the spark of the element of magic to ignite it. Laughter-Pinkie pie. This is one of the elements of harmony, this element requires the spark of the element of magic to ignite it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unknown elements/unfound elements. Booster elements- like the sub elements as they require the other elements and the igniter elements to be in proximity to be activated, but these elements are not required to be their when the igniter element activates, but when they are there they boost the power of the other elements. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Possible names and bearers. (Characters who could have multiple elements have two or more names next tot them) Ambition/forgiveness- sunset shimmer Courage/equality- starlight glimmer Love- princess cadence (of course) Protection- (prince) shining armour NOTE: I said starlight glimmer as an element holder because of the way she was willing to stand up and be responsibly for what she had done when she made her mistakes and she admitted she was wrong, which does take alot of courage todo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How the element work, link to their bearers and what kind of magic do they possess. The elements of harmony link to their bears based on how strong the bearer shows the elements power, for example, the element of loyalty links to rainbow dash because of her undying loyalty to her friends, she would much rather have friends than pursue a dream of hers, to become a wonderbolt (shown in the first episodes of season 1). The elements are linked to the tree of harmony which is the object which controls the elements magic, this tree is what chooses the new bearers then links with them through an event, such as when the mane 6 all go their cutie marks the elements linked to them then, this is what caused them to be able to bear the elements. The combined power of the mane 6’s elements is known as friendship magic, though this is an extremely powerful magic it can be beaten by Terek, who absorbs the power of the elements right of the mane 6. But there is a more powerful magic, created when the mane 6 unlock the box in twilights kingdom, it was able to defeat Terek, who had literally all of the magic in equestria, including all alicorn magic, when it drained him and returned all the magic back to equestria. This powerful magic is known as harmony magic, it is produced by the tree of harmony when all of the elements (including the 3 booster elements) are in close proximity of the igniter element. The tree of harmony activates this magic when disharmony destroys equestria, it all travels into the bearers of the elements and also causes the cutie castle and cutie map to be created, this map is directly linked to the bearers and the tree, so when the tree senses disharmony in the land it directs the elements bearers to the problem to be solved. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Location of the 3 hidden elements I believe the location of the 3 hidden elements is inside of the tree of harmony. I believe this due to what I said before about the tree emitting harmony magic, created when all 9 elements are activated in close proximity to one another. The reason why I say inside the tree, is so they are not discovered until the new bearers come within proximity of the tree, then the new elements will be revealed and reform into the bearers cutie mark, also at that point the new bearer will be added to the cutie map and get their own throne in the cutie castle. The reason why celestia and Luna did not get these element is as the three hidden elements were already linked to a pony from that time, the rest where then linked to them as they showed each of the elements greatest strengths, but because there were only two of them, they stayed in gem form when the three hidden elements unknown bearers passed way further down the line a new bearer for each were chosen, so until the new bearer gets close to the tree they will be unable to find the last three elements. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Expansion of my theory When the mane 6 had to give up their respective elements, the tree of harmonies gained full control of them again, but without breaking the bond with the mane 6. This leads me to the harmony magic, this is the magic that was created on the first time the elements where created and first used. Harmony magic is the strongest magic in equestria and can only be produced by the elements of harmony. This magic was created when equestria was founded on the first hearths warming eve. This is shown in the hearths warming eve episode of mlp when the three tribes final come together, when the second in command for the unicorn tribe suddenly lights up and dispels the windigos and creates a magical love heart in the air above her. This magical explosion is similar to the way twilights happened after the sonic rain boom. I think this explosion of magic was the creation of the elements and the tree of harmony, along with its own powerful magic, the harmony magic. Also I think when twilight also had a sudden orb of raw magic around her, it was the trees way of bonding her with the element of magic. This just happens to be coincided with the sonic rain boom, speaking of that episode too. I think the elements all linked with their respective bearers when they got their cutie marks. Their cutie marks being the same shape as the jewels formed form the elements in the first episodes of S1. Each element links to their respective bearer’s cutie mark and personality. This connection is also shown in the finale of season 5 when starlight changes the future by stopping the rain boom, none of the mane 6 ever then linked with the elements of harmony, this then caused what happened in the alternate timelines, but only the original timeline twilight stayed linked with the element of harmony, causing the cutie map to still appear, this is because the tree recognizes the dis harmony, tries to fix it, but fails as the elements aren't linked to bearers, except for twilight, who still is linked, that’s what causes the cutie map to appear, the tree was only able to fix that much, and keep twilight and spikes memories, this is why they then remember each timeline and what happened to cause them. The missing booster elements currently either don’t have bearers or the bearers have not been close enough to the tree to be fully linked with their respective element. For example starlight glimmer may be a bearer of an element later on, she is linked with her element but has not been close enough to the tree to allow the element to reform and link fully with her, and the same goes for sunset shimmer, we see she linked with the human worlds version of the elements when she ponied up in rainbow rocks, but she has not come back to equestria of been near either dimensions tree of harmony to be fully linked with her element. The ninth and final element has no current bearer that we know of, either season 6 of mlp will show us this or the next equestria girl’s film will be the one to reveal all. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ If you have any ideas or questions about this theory or would like to help me build it up, please comment below. Any questions or theory ideas will be put in their own heading called questions and theories, I will try to answer the questions, and thank people who add on to the theory. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Questions and theories 11/01/16 Update 1 - Yamet, on 10 Jan 2016 - 9:17 PM, said: The elements only works if all of them are used at the same time. So how did they use the elements if there are actually 9? Thank you Yamet for the feedback. My answer to this is that the mane sixes element represent friendship magic, so they are activated with one another when in close proximity to each other. But, when used together with the other three elements I think it will boost the strength of the elements to create a magic more powerful than friendship magic, harmony magic (theory of name). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ please feel free to comment down below any thoughts of your own on this theory, it is much appreciated to see both negative and positive feedback. if you have any idea on how I can this theory better into the show, please do comment it. I will be updating this discussion regularly to improve detailing of the theory and to try an place that into the way the show is at the moment. hopefully season 6 will help bring more ideas and theories to the table. i will update this when I can, when i update a section i will put a date in front of it or as a title to show that from that point till the end of the paragraph is new or has be modified __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. I had a funny idea for an OC, it's a secret sister of the character Silver Spoon. Silver is element 47, for the OC, I just used element 48, cadmium, here is Cadmiumspoon! That's my first OC ever, I think it took me about one or two hours, the cutie mark is a spoon made out of cadmium (I know, very creative). I mostly used metallic tones, but the eyes and the ribbon are orange, because cadmium is used to make orange pigments. I only made the design, but not a personality or background story, should I make her the hidden, nice sister, or a bully like Silver spoon. By the way, cadmium is very toxic and was used in cheap jewelry for children, maybe she could be like, that others don't want to touch her because she is poisonous, and because of that, she is very lonly.
  5. Before you guys bring up Equestria Girls, keep in mind 90% of the Equestrian population are teens in the Canterlot high universe, even fillies like The CMC. Now to the point at hand, The mane 6's ages have yet to be revealed yet, but I can assume they're arround 20-25 years old. If this is the case, what do you guys think they were like when they were teenagers? I always though the mane 6 would be the oposite of their elements when they were teens, and unknowingly discovered them when they were becoming adults Twilight - I think she probably would've done something so terrible in her eyes that would've caused her to nearly give up learning magic. Pinkie - She would've probably be a depressed emo goth who became that way due to her best friend turning evil or something, only to learn that you always have to look on the bright side. Applejack - She would probably be a liar, struggling to accept the truth of her parents death. Only to finally suck up and tell Applebloom the truth. Rainbow - She'd be an insecure coward, always running away from her problems due to the fear of not living up her promise with Rainbow Blaze. Rarity - She'd be a pick-pocket pirate hoping to get enough treasure to get her family out of financial crisis. It would take her to give up a valuable treasure to learn that you get rewarded when you give. Fluttershy - In my headcanon, she and her dysfunctional family moved to Fillydelphia and the influence of the streets turned her to a rebellious juvenile delinquent with an nasty, cynical attitude to everypony and expressing her years of anger through graffiti, shoplifting, and other adolescent mischief. So what are your thoughts?
  6. I was watching Sense 8 last night and I got the sudden urge to draw fire and water elements doing stuff.
  7. I need someone to write a fanfic with. I think im better at the background stuff than the actual storyline and interactions between the characters. I intend to enter it into the Mascot Contest ending August 9th. I'm not doing it for the money so if we win, whoever helps me can take the prize money. The following is all of my notes regarding this proposed Fanfiction. Pixel Wavelength begins her existence in a void hearing voices talking about MLP fan fictions. Luna says to her, "Do you hear those voices? They are the dreams of another world shared through a network they call 'The Internet'. There are too many for me to handle, so I have created a new world for them, and you shall be their Princess." Pixel responds, "Did you create me as well?" "No," says Luna, "You are not my dream, but the dream of many." Then she explains Pixel's role as princess of the new world known to its residents as Equestria, but known only to the princesses not to be the original. The real Equestria is reachable through portals. This new version of Equestria is home to many OCs. This is a world of Fanfiction, with many timelines each with its own unique story, a world where anything can happen. Only one pony can see it all, the Princess Pixel Wavelength. The Elements of Victory belong to the mascots, who use them to fight off a great evil, possibly a "Horde of Discord" (clones) The "Poniverse" world is created along with all of the characters who already have memories while Pixel Wavelength is the only one who knows it has all just been created. She also has memories, Luna explains this as the world being created in one moment while time ripples forward as well as backward from that moment, therefore the events of the past actually did occur. The story of finding the "Elements of Victory" will be a prequel written later on. In this story she talks briefly about how she remembers how they collected the elements and she needs them to use them again (possibly to free her?) Each pony in this group not only represents an Element of Victory, but also part of the Poniverse community. Nova Blast would represent Courage, while Pixel knows he represents the gamers. Buffy would represent Patience and the conversationalists. Viola represents Preparation and the musicians. Viridian Meadows represents Optimism and the artists. A pair of twin Pegasi named Ink and Quill represent Cooperation and the critics and editors, providing constructive criticism. Lastly, my Ponysona Seamore Sandwich represents Motivation and the supportive friends. He was going to be in my original "Elements of Victory" story and he still seems to fit. Here is a link to my OC Seamore Sandwich: Update: I have created a profile for Ink and Quill, here's a link:
  8. Re-watching a few older episodes, I got to Princess Twilight Sparkle's two-parter, and there were a few things that hit me that kinda makes me worry about the future. 1: Are alicorns evil? Are Zebra's the true masterminds? I ask this because, quite frankly- Zecora. She came onto the scene with that potion that could only respond to alicorn magic. Not to mention, that potion bottle looked straight up evil, with the figures with the red eyes and all on the rim. WHY did she have such a thing in the first place? And did anyone notice that Twilight used DARK MAGIC to activate the potion? Zecora straight up said that what was needed is Alicorn magic. So if Twilight used Dark magic, then that has to mean that Alicorn magic IS evil. And Zecora knew exactly what the potion did because she explained it to Twilight. So that would mean that Zecora made the potion herself, to know exactly the effects it'd have, AND was using dark magic- alicorn magic- to temper with it, as well. As scary as the thought is that Zebras can have the means to have the “all powerful” alicorn race wrapped around their hooves and in actuality, be the ones secretly in control; or that the Zebra's have a questionably sketchy agenda, messing with alicorn (dark) magic in the first place, it's actually an interesting prospect. 2: Celestia acting in opposition with the Tree of Harmony? Gotta question this, because I don't think anyone else has. The Tree of Harmony has only 3 cutie mark symbols on it; sun moon, and Twilight's star. This means that she tree intended for there to be 3 alicorn princesses. But yet, there are 4. Cadance. (and likely 5, eventually, if Sunset Shimmer becomes one) It was Celestia who took Cadance in as her niece, and set her up to be a princess, knowing full well that Cadance's mark wasn't on the Tree of Harmony. Is sunbutt going against the Tree of Harmony's harmonic agenda? I mean, she has to, right? Why else wouldn't Cadance's butt mark be on the tree? 3: Sunset Shimmer's lack of cutie mark on the Tree implies that she won't (or shouldn't) become an alicorn princess? Not unless sunbutt decides she should, I guess. I can just see sunbutt justifying this and doing graffiti of Sunny & Cadance's marks on the Tree. Alicorns can get away with anything, because “goddess”! 4: Now that the physical elements are back in the tree, this means that somepony else can take hold of them. While most likely that somepony else will have to be 6 who embody said elements, just as the main 6 do, it's still a very real possibility that such a situation could happen, while the Mane 6 are on the scene. And seeing as how we've been witness to magic that just plain deactivates the elements entirely, I don't even think that 6 ponies who embody their powers would be required. Some bad guy with enough magic to use the EoH for evil can just waltz up, snatch them, and use them against the mane 6. (personally, I'd like to see this happen as well, with the M6 going up against the elements that drew them together) 5: Discord is in possession of Zecora's potion. Again....this scares me. Really. The last person seen with the 'alicorn magic' potion that we saw Zecora hand off to Twilight, was Discord, near the end of the 2 parter. And the bottle still containing leftover potion. Guys. GUYS. A not-so reformed draconequuis chaos spirit has a dangerous dark magic “alicorn” potion. We. Should. Be. Wetting. Ourselves.
  9. We've seen the spoiler images of Trixie wearing an ominous-looking necklace seemingly derivative of necklaces given to the Elements of Disharmony. Now, I am extremely excited to see Trixie come back (especially as an antagonist, because I personally love rooting for the antagonists), but now it's time for speculation. I assume she is part of the Elements of Disharmony - a group serving as the antagonistic counterpart for the Elements of Harmony. I'd assume Trixe would represent the Disharmony Element of Magic - serving as Twilight Sparkle's foil. Now comes the question: Who else represents an Elements of Disharmony? Trixie could also represent the Disharmony Element of Honesty (she is a liar, after all.) Do the Diamond Dogs represent the Disharmony Element of Generosity? Who would be Rainbow Dash's counterpart? Gilda perhaps? Pinkie Pie's counterpart? Applejack's counterpart? Fluttershy's counterpart can be a dragon? (perhaps from Spike's little journey?) So WHO ARE THE ELEMENTS OF DISHARMONY?
  10. There are many folks who feel that Dash should have been honesty & AJ should have been loyalty. AJ has never flat out lied, but has often bent the truth into a pretzel. S4 E20 "Leap of Faith", for instance, she doesn't denounce the Flim Flam Brothers because it would hurt Granny Smith. She puts Loyalty ahead of Honesty until it becomes impossible to do this without lying. Dash has often blurted out an inconvenient Truth, even if it hurts her friends. In Griffon the Brush Off, for instance, she is going to prank Fluttershy, but Pinkie stops her (How bad you gotta be, Pinkie is the voice of reason?). Then, she ditches Pinkie because Gilda doesn't like her. Then, she pranks Gilda & then ditches her. This is Loyal? Not in my book. A loyal friend would have tried to help Gilda fit in & make friends w her other friends. Fluttershy is kind? All the Elements have gone against their element at times, but she has done it the most. Ask the Dragon in "Dragonshy", the tourist in "Putting Your Hoof Down", the bees in "It Ain't Easy Being Breezy", the cockatrice in "Staremaster", the animals she terrorized at The Grand Galloping Gala in "Best Night Ever" They will all tell you that she is about as kind as Atilla The Hun having a bad hair day. IMO, she should be Generosity. Rarity, it is harder to point to specific examples but IMO she fits better as Kindness than Generosity. I just thought it would be helpful to know how many people thought which pony should have which Element. The damned Internet appears to have eaten the poll. ARGH!! Will try to fix this.
  11. Yeah, I'm going back to this, again. And I know everyone's sick of this thing but I thought of a good point so I don't give a crap. Let me start by saying that I'm neither a hater nor a number 1 fan of Rarity. I like her pretty well, but I'll admit, she's my least favorite of the mane 6. That doesn't mean I don't like her. It just means that somebody's gotta be last. So, I noticed that Rarity tends to get a lot of shit for not being "true to her element." Many people agree with this statement. Others feel that Rarity is unfairly singled out as all of the mane 6 have deviated from their element from time to time. This kinda bothered me for a while. I knew that other ponies deviated from their elements and I knew that it was probably in relatively equal amounts as Rarity. However, I still felt like Rarity was a worse offender, even though I didn't have any way to prove that. It was all just what I felt. I think the other day, I understood why I felt that way. I want to look at it this way. We're going to exclude magic because it's not a real worldly phenomenon and we can't easily ascertain the rules and parameters of it. So the remaining 5 are loyalty, laughter, kindness, honesty and generosity. For most of these, they're expected things in society, but we allow for the occasional deviation. For example, kindness. We expect people to be nice to each other. However, we understand that people have bad days sometimes, and we allow them a little leeway. Laughter: we expect people to be in a generally good mood most of the time, but understand that sometimes people get sad. Loyalty: we expect people to stick with us and while we might get annoyed if they ditch us, if it's occasional, we tend to forgive them. Honesty: we generally expect that people are telling the truth, but we allow for people to tell little white lies to spare someone's feelings. Generosity, however, basically works in the opposite way. Generosity isn't an expected thing. We don't have a social expectation that people be generous toward one another. We may think it's kind when someone is generous and be very happy for that. But we don't expect it. We do, on the other hand, expect people not to be greedy, and there's a rather strong stigma against that. We look very negatively at someone who's being greedy and tend to feel rather strongly about it. So the other 4 elements, we expect people display to fair amounts, and because we think of these as common, we also allow for people to deviate from these traits in real life as well. However, generosity isn't one of these expected things. Rather "not greed" is the expected trait in this situation. So when the other 4 deviate, it's normal. However, when Rarity deviates, it's more something that she shouldn't have been doing in the first place. And this is where I feel the unfairness comes in. Another problem about Rarity's element is that it's not as easily demonstrable. We have seen Rarity being generous in the past. Probably most notably, making a unique, personalized evening gown for each of her friends. Two, actually. However, like I said before, generosity isn't an expected thing. So when Rarity does something generous, it usually has to be a big to-do in order to demonstrate it. However, again, since generosity isn't an expected thing, when it's in smaller ways, like, Rarity giving her unique fabric to Suri Polomare, it can be glossed over and not appreciated because it's a bit of an off-handed thing. So when most people think of Rarity's generosity, they probably forget about the small things such as that. Additionally, speaking of demonstration and deviation, I think the other 4 do tend to get a pass on their deviance from their elements. I've basically exemplified this in a previous paragraph where I talked about, for example, people being usually in a good mood, but allowing for them to be sad. Also as I've said before, greediness is met with much more of a negative reaction than many of these other deviations are. (Sadness, dishonesty, etc.) Again, the negative emotion is a bit disproportionate to how we often gloss over generosity, but this is how things are. I do think that deviation from the elements is a good thing. As many people before me have said, it makes them more well-rounded characters, and I agree with that. However, when your element is generosity, the only way that you can really be portrayed as deviating from that is to be greedy. I suppose that she could also be portrayed as just not being generous. Like she could do something, but chooses not to. However, that's a lot less obvious and takes more time within the show to set up rather than being out-and-out greedy. It's a little unfortunate, but occasional greediness is probably something that Rarity's going to be stuck with. It's really more about how we view the assigned elements to each pony. From the start, Rarity is set up to be more harshly judged than the other 4 for the reasons listed above. Does she actually deviate more than the others? I don't know. We'd have to count each account of faithfulness and deviance from each pony's element and weigh that against their appearance in the show. However, I finally realized that I do agree with Rarity fans. Rarity is rather unfairly pegged for not being true to her element. I don't think this is her fault. And honestly, I don't even think it's the fault of people who don't like Rarity. Nor is it the creators' faults. It's just a culmination of incidental things that just happen to stack things against Rarity. Realizing this, I think I have a newfound respect for Rarity and like her more than I did previously. I hope when people read this post, they'll take these things into consideration when watching Rarity in the show and analyzing her actions. I believe that if more people realize consciously how we view generosity and greed within our society, it will put the character of Rarity much more into perspective and maybe people will even, like me, like her more. Those are just my thoughts on this issue. *edit, 1/31/14* I know this is a bit late to edit, but I just came up with another good point. It's not very in depth because I don't have time to sit and write an analysis on this point. However, one more thing I noticed is this. Honesty, laughter, kindness and loyalty, you can put very little effort into. In fact, you can do almost nothing and still be considered to fall under all those categories. Except maybe laughter, but out social structure and expectations make it so that most people smile during exchanges, so that's basically effortless. Generosity, however, you really have to go out of your way to exemplify. You're not just considered generous because you haven't been ungenerous, as opposed to many of the other elements. You might be considered kind or loyal just because you've never been blatantly unkind or unloyal. Generosity, however, is more of an active thing. I think it might be weird to make Rarity a character who gives all the time. It would, in fact, make her rather unrealistic. This is another reason I think Rarity's generosity isn't shown as much. I might write more on that later to tie it up in a neat little bow, but I don't have the time at the moment.
  12. If this story is meant to pander to Tumblr Feminists or MRA's respectively, how are the characters supposed to behave? How is the story supposed to be like, and how are the evemts supposed to run?
  13. What do you think happens when an element of harmony no longer has a bearer? If let's say one of the bearers had a tragic change of heart and would stop representing their respective element? What would happen years into the future (as the elements do nothing to advance the ponies' longevity, obviously). Would a potential bearer need to befriend the other bearers? On a side note... could a single element have MULTIPLE ponies capable of calling on it's power?
  14. I'm working on esoteric representations of the Elements of Harmony. Sigils! [edit: Decided to put some more sigl stuff on this blog] Not mlp related but a cool sigil I made a long time ago Comes with cipher, as well. This one isn't a sigil, but an experiment using sigilization process to make a hieroglyphic cipher for English. It's says, "The Cat climbed the Tree" Different parts of the blocks indicate noun plurality and verb tense. Similar concept in the blocks to the left of the sigil in the picture above this one.
  15. Ch.1 As the moon shines over Equestria's coast Twilight,Spike,Fluttershy,Rainbow Dash,Rarity,Pinkie Pie and Applejack walk alongside the beach awaiting a message from Celestia. "Do you think maybe Princess Celestia forgot to send the message?" Fluttershy asks. "Don't be ridiculous the princess wouldn't forget". Meanwhile at Canterlot Celestia is looking through her daily planner frustrated. "Whats wrong sister?" Luna asks. "I'm forgetting something that I didn't write down when I know I should of." Celestia said then proceeds to throw the planner into the fireplace. "Well that was an over-reaction" Luna calmly replied. "Don't tell me whats over-reacting and whats not" Celestia snaps back. "Well at least I didn't forget what I was supposed to do tonight." Luna replied still calm "And what was THAT may I ask?!" Celestia retorted "To raise the moon" Luna replied with a glazed look in the eye. Back at the shore. Spike burps out the burnt planner. "Told you Fluttershy" Twilight said. "Now lets see.....Find a new island in Equestria......Wow she really did need all of us". "I don't think she meant to send that...." Fluttershy replied. "Don't question Celestia of course she meant to sent it to us." Twilight remarked "There is the boat we supposed to use" Twilight points to a White and Golden ship with the sun on the sides "I don't think that is for...." Fluttershy tries to tell the rest of the group but they had all ran to the ship "" Fluttershy then Fallows onto the ship.
  16. I have noticed this in the past episodes, where the ponies gets what seems to be their keys. Fluttershy teaches that breezie to be kind. Applejack teaches that grey pony to be honest. Rarity teaches that assistant pony to be "generous". Pinkie teached Cheese Sandwhich to have fun. Do you think they are giving away their elements for good? Or they just received a key for teaching their qualities? /random thought
  17. What the title says. What member of the forums do you think would make a good element of harmony? Like person #1 is honesty, person #2 is generosity, ect. All you need to do is list off the element and the member you think represents it the best. There probably won't be very many for magic huh? The only rule is You can pick anyone but yourself! Go!
  18. So, after Rarity Takes Manehatten and the synopsises of Pinkie Pride and Rainbow Falls, the rumour going around (probably the truth) is that each of the Mane Six will have an episode challenging their element, and receive their key to the mystery box at the end of said episodes. Since we know how half of these episodes will be executed, my question is- How do you think the others (Kindness, Honesty and Magic) will be done? Kindness- This one could be tricky, since it could easily become dangerously close to Generosity. I can't see any way they could get around doing another Flutter-Doormat episode here, but I'd love to hear some more opinions on this one. Honesty- I'm excited for this one, since Applejack's element doesn't get touched on often. I'm guessing her Honesty will hurt some pony's feelings, or maybe she'll have to keep a secret, but feels the need to let it out on her ethics? Magic- Probably about friendship, because no morals are coming from using magic. The Mane Six could have a full-on fight, but the group splitting isn't exactly new. I hope to see them take a new approach on the issue, or maybe even just make Twilight fight with one of the ponies, instead of the whole Mane cast. Anyway, what are your thoughts and hopes on it?
  19. What if the Elements of Harmony represent the internal struggle of the Bearers, instead of their strongest quality? Honesty... AppleJack is bad at lying, but she's also called on to say something without revealing a harmful truth. It's almost as if she's been taught that ANY lie is evil. Generosity... Rarity seems to frequently be overwhelmed by her love of gems and beauty, and the only time being generous comes easy for her is when she can see a long-gain from a short sacrifice. (Beginning of Art of the Dress, she'll get exposure and her friends won't be embarrassing at the Gala.) Loyalty... Rainbow Dash doesn't seem to have room in her head for thinking about other ponies at the same time as her desires. She's fine when she can focus on others, but if she's distracted she has no regard. Laughter... Pinkie Pie has been established as an important pressure plug for the community. However, if she doesn't temper her impulses to hilarity, it would be equally disastrous. (Too Many Pinkie Pies.) Kindness... I think the "real" Fluttershy is actually pretty mean. She's shy and withdrawn around other ponies so that they don't pay as much attention to how she's not quite acting natural. The animals have a different threshold for her behavior, so it's easier for her to interact without fear of her seeming "off," and they are easily bribed. Magic... Twilight Sparkle is obsessed with one thing, to the point of her teacher ordering her to go out and get a social life.
  20. Now that the Elements have been returned to the Tree of Harmony, will they ever be used by the mane six or other characters again? I must say, I was getting a bit tired of the Elements always coming back and saving the day so I was glad when they were returned to the Tree. But honesty, loyalty, generosity, kindness, and laughter have all been such important themes in building the world of the show so far, that I am also a bit sad to see their physical manifestations go. I would like it if in the show's finale (something I hope we don't see for a long time) the mane six have to take up the Elements one last time and use them in conjunction with whatever powers the keys are going to give them to vanquish one final huge Evil and ensure peace in Equestria forever. I think that if we have a couple more seasons before the very end that don't involve the elements at all, when they come back into play they will feel legendary and they will make us feel like our beloved mane six have passed into legend too. What do you think? Would you like to see the Elements make a comeback or not? If so, when and how? If not, would you like to see them destroyed or just written into obscurity? Or something else?
  21. Zalgo


    Based off the flash game doodle god, in this forum game you will create elements by combining two. As the game goes on there will be more and more elements and categories. Example: User 1 Fire+earth Zalgo: You have created lava. User 2: Fire+lava Zalgo: Sorry that is not a valid combination. ------- Elements so far: Fire Water Earth air Humans Tools Sin Animals Plants Transportation Microbe Society Life Monsters Races Weapons Magic Food architecture Technology Science Space Time Darkness light Tv shows Books MLP Minecraft Video Games Pokemon
  22. There is a real witch of Everfree Forest. She has been there for as long as any pony can remember. Or at least that is what the legends say. If you beleive them the forest itself bears her name. So are you brave enough to reach out to a black magic pony said to rule the forest? Come enter the forest, leave behind a note with a question and she will respond. Do you seek to learn the dark arts? Then brave the forest to seek her instruction. Or are here looking for something else? Have you braved to the deepest part of the forest to find her cauldron on the Sabbat grounds and ask her to grant your wish to give you your hearts desire? Then speak up let's make a deal, hammer out the terms, remember everything has a price and you better be ready to pay. Link to OC database: The looks of the witch 'Everfree' and her enslaved forest spirit companions
  23. Now this thought came upon me when I watched "Return of Harmony Part 2". Twilight is the bearer of the Element of Magic, possessing an incredible amount of power and the spark required to activate the other Elements. However, I see something else in our little unicorn. Take a look at the others: Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, and Loyalty. They're all positive aspects of how to live a life. Be honest, have kindness, share laughter, be generous, stay loyal... and then we have magic. What? Magic? Magic of what? We can apply 5 of the elements into reality, but magic? In the scene where Twilight loses her color and the Mane 6 separates, I saw Twilight losing something very different: Hope. She goes home, throws the Element away and packs her things to leave Ponyville. She shows despair. And what's the opposite of despair? Hope. When the other bearers fall into Discord's grasp, Twilight seeks to find the other elements and restore balance. Of course she did it because she was the only one up to task, but I saw that she was the only one capable of having the will to do so after losing hope itself. The letters Celestia sent did the trick, but those were all of Twilight's letters from the past. Through her own words and the lessons she learned, Twilight regains hope and the will to save Equestria. She goes on to find her friends, and basically installs hope into them. Applejack even said that she couldn't face the "truth" of her friends feuding in her visions, so she ended up telling lies. She basically lost hope in honesty, and instead took the path of desperation. Now all of these are my own thoughts, but hasn't anybody thought that there was more to the Element of Magic than just... Magic? Heck, it could be very well intended to be the Magic of Friendship. The element that brings others together as friends in harmony... What do you guys think? What does the Element of Magic mean to you?
  24. The Elements are something of an old pony's tale - they can be both the guiding light to one land's dream of peace and harmony for all its inhabitants (Equestria), or an ancient weapon used to crush your enemies beneath a well-covered solid layer of love (Discord's statue). My question to you is, if pony technology advances to a certain level, can all the eventual research on these ancient items shed some light onto how its power be used without their actual presence - more specifically, the selected few who can wield them?
  25. So, if you were a Unicorn, what would your Magic aura colour be? It can be, ANY COLOUR. Why would it be that colour? Probably because it's your favourite colour? if you want to include that anyway Mine would probably be.... Purple, because Purple's an awesome colour, and it's the colour of Royalty