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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to my new blog series, A Vine Whipping rant. In this series, I will go on a rant about stuff that bother me. So lets start with the first rant, 90s kids. Now let me get this out of the way first, I'm OK if you are a 90s kid or get nostalgic over your childhood, it's human nature to want to go back and relive your childhood due to how stressful life is when you're older. Heck, even me at 16 sometimes wish I was younger again so I wouldn't have much homework and life felt more innocent. However, what I don't like about some 90s kids is how elitist and arrogant some of them act. They will constantly talk about how the 90s was like "TEH BEST DECADE EVER MAN!" and everyone respected their parents, nothing bad happened (uh LA Riots and Columbine shooting anyone?), and how everything in existence was much better. And when they talk about the 2000s, the usually talk about like it's some post apocalyptic wasteland with constant war going on, and every kid is just some spoiled brat raised by Justin Bieber. See what I mean? Now let me just say that I was born in 1998, so I qualify as what they cal a 2000s kid, you know the spoiled brat they would think I am. If you know me on the forums, do I act like that? No. They're just generalizing everyone my age as if they're screwed for life. They will sometimes even tell them this on the internet in the most elitist way possible. Yeah, they say this to people who are much younger than them. What if they did this in real life? That sure would make you look mature *sarcasm* It doesn't help that people around my age (aka people born in the late 90s) try to say how much 90s kids they are, without even remembering a second of the decade. At least I don't deny I'm a 2000s kid. Also, 90s kids usually wonder why they do that. Do you wanna know why? It's because you guys preach that the 90s was like heaven on earth and that their childhood was like hell on earth, so then the younger ones will think that and start wanting to be 90s kids. So in reality, it's your fault they do that. Even I fell for this at one point. Then I realized how stupid that is, and valued what I did have in my childhood, especially since I grew up in the early to mid 2000s, when people really feared terrorism. Also no, networks can't bring back the old shows, especially with new episodes. The way networks make money is making new shows, not being stuck in 1994. I will admit that the networks aren't as good as they used to be, but do I think bringing back the old shows is the solution to improve them? No. Making new and creative shows is the way to go. Also, they say that people like Justin Bieber and One Direction are bad (OK I agree with that) and that their music was better. Uh, they still had pop artists that sang virtually the same things as they did like Arron Carter and the Backstreet Boys. Also, isn't music taste largely subjective? So don't act like just because someone likes those stuff, they're stupid. I don't like those people, but I don't say that to fans of them who don't act stupid. I know some people who like them, and hey, they're not like that. Finally, they say that kids are just hooked on electronics. Uh. you guys had stuff like Game Boys, Tamagachis, and video games in general. Also they say how much modern tech sucks, on Facebook with their iphones. Hypocrites much? Overall, I'm OK with someone reminiscing about anything in their childhood. It's just if they act like an elitist prick to people who didn't grow up with their stuff, then I have a problem. Here's a funny 90s kid story. I was reading a 90s kid Facebook page out of boredom and they posted a picture of an older My Little Pony. The comments were saying about how this is so much better than the new one and how it's mlp before it got so annoying. Did you even watch G4?