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Found 7 results

  1. I simply wanted to know if anyone here is in fact not currently a fan of MLP:FiM, but has been in the past, and is here because of the community or whatever.
  2. Seeing as there is a thread about foods you dislike that everyone else likes - lets make one about drinks. So as the title asks, what drinks do you dislike that everyone else likes? ______________ - Dr. Pepper I don't know how you Americans can like this stuff. Blegh. - Orange Fanta - Sunkist - Flavoured Water really popular in my school and I have no clue why - Aloe Vera also really popular in my school - Pepsi Max - Mountain Dew - White Wine I'll drink red wine anyday but white? NO. And that's it. From what I can think of. You guys?
  3. NOTE: I looked up the title of this thread, no results What flicks do you feel are extremely underrated? Personally, I feel that Star Trek: The Motion Picture is severely underrated This is one of my all-time favourite movies, yet most people hate it. My biggest question is, why all the hate? Its an awesome movie and my favourite Trek film. Just as the poster says, there is no comparison! The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was also really good, but underrated This is my personal favourite from 2013. I thought it was amazing! Again, why all the hate?
  4. After going through the forums tonight, bored as buck, a question suddenly popped into my head. Who else could turn into Nightmare Moon? Therefore, I decided to come here and ask you good people. Who else, do you think, could become the Nightmare? By the way, be sure to include any possible characteristics about the pony you choose, that could be exploited. Fire away chaps!
  5. Does anybody else on here LOVE Skelanimals? I sure do. :3 I'm fact I'm FINALLY getting one! And not just any ild Skelanimal. The Skelanimals WOLF. Jae. The one my best freind and I designed!!! :DDDDDD
  6. Does anyone else out there have a problem with heading to sleep when you know that a big day is ahead of you? For myself, my big day is that it is the first day of Junior year. It is not that I am nervous about going to school, but that I KNOW it is important. I've been laying awake for a few hours, and sleep is seeming like a distant memory. The reason for this is that: I have had a bad virus all weekend, and have been sleeping throughout the days. Now that I have school the next morning, I worry about how it will go. Lord knows I will not be able to rest tonight, so I am in big trouble. So, question time guys! Answer these in the comment section below: Do you have trouble sleeping (In general)? Do you have trouble sleeping when you know a big day is ahead? Thanks for reading you guys! Don't forget to follow my blog, comment, and brohoof c: Crona, out~
  7. Here's a new mix that took like FOREVER to put together. And neither is it the best mix by me... but anyways, here it is... finally... ENJOY ! Tracklist: TNT & Audiofreq - 3 Empty Heads Slim Shore & Code Black - Time of Your Life (WiSH Outdoor Festival Anthem 2012) Ran-D - #MyWay The R3belz - The City Isaac - Go Insane (Coone Remix) Atmozfears - Living For The Future Coone - Chapter 20.12 Headhunterz ft. Psyko Punkz - Disrespect Wild Motherfuckers - Wildest Noisecontrollers - Pillars of Creation Noisecontrollers - Gimme Love Audiofreq - Audioslave Coone & Technoboy - Nustyle Crap (Tby Goes Crazy Mix)