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Found 23 results

  1. Let's see about it here. Keep in mind that I'm a 15 year old girl, so that's a bit important: For liking MLP, Sonic, and Pokemon. My looks, which drove my self-esteem into hell. For making mistakes every now and then; a bit of clumsiness. For being quiet... Maybe some other things as well.
  2. For males... Are you embarrassed about watching MLP? Answer in the poll, and post comments as replies. Personally, I'm a proud Brony.
  3. Stories that are embarrassing Share all your embarrassing school stories here^ Just remember that was like ALOT of years ago You can also see if you relate to other ponies RULES!!! No laughing at stories No spamming Stay with the subject _______________________________________________________________________________________ Hope you enjoy!
  4. Tonight I went to the grocery store with my mom. Usually, I don't think too much of it, but tonight, something totally embarrassing happened. Mom and I split up in the store so we could gather what we needed faster. I go to the frozen foods section, and as I arrive, I see this girl I know from my college. "Hi Derek!" she says in a semi-flirty way. "Hey Katie." I reply. "So what's up?" "Nothing much, just getting groceries." "Oh, well that's cool to see you being so independent. I mean, not that you're NOT independent most of the time, I'm just saying that, and no offense to the other guys at our school, but I get the feeling that a lot of them like, live in their parent's basements or something. Like they don't know anything about real life." "Hehe...yeah.:." "Well, it was cool to see you Derek! Maybe we sometime we could--" That's when mom walks up. "Derek! Is this your friend?" "Uhh...yeah, this is Katie." "Ooh!" Katie cries. "So this is like, your mom?" "Yeah...:" I say as I start to blush really badly. Katie laughs in a way that suggests that she knows the irony of the situation. "I guess I'll, uh..let you two keep shopping! Have fun with your Mom, Derek." "Ok, um..see you around school." As she's walking away, I see her get a small glance at this look on her face that was like "Oh my God, did that JUST happen?" I honestly couldn't tell if she was more embarrassed that she brought up the parent's basement thing, or if she was embarrassed at me for shopping with my mom. All I know is that I'm completely mortified. I do live with my parents, and usually, I don't think anything of it, but now I wonder: What if I'm unintentionally (for lack of a better word) cock-blocking myself by going to public places with my mom? I feel that this is a legitimate concern. I don't know, maybe some girls think that's sweet. But then if they think it's sweet...that's a friend zone indicator. So I really have no idea what to do. What about you guys? Do you feel that going out in public with your parents makes you "lose your cred" in any way? Or do you not think anything of it and happily join your parents for impromptu shopping sessions?
  5. I did and still do a lot of weird stuff, and I'm here to make you feel better about the embarrassing stuff you did or do. I for instance had to look up how to spell the word "embarrassing" before posting this topic, no joke. I'm not a super active or super well known user, so I'am curious if I get any questions at all, but I'm sure it'll be really funny. For more serious questions, I'm a huge chemistry nerd who does experiment on his own, but I also had some drug problems in the past, so if you wanna know what this is like, feel free to ask.
  6. Yep, pretty simple topic. How easy/hard is it for you to get all embarrassed/blushy over something that's happened to you? May as well share some stories here as well. I personally get embarrassed very easily. My face is always eager to turn red over any kind of mention of my name, or really, just anything. I made a, "How's my posting?" thread on here, and I got some pretty good feedback. Really good feedback, actually. It was. Embarrassing. A lot. I got that weird warm rush throughout my body, you know? I was probably a little pink in the cheeks, but there was no mirror around, so I couldn't tell. I assume that I was. Also in another thread I made, I posted a short little writing of mine, and I also got nice feedback on that, too. I mean, I know people aren't going to be like, "omg u suk gtfo" but still, reading those posts really just makes my heart flutter a little bit. Posting this topic is actually pretty embarrassing, too. Now, though, when it comes to real life situations where people tend to tease me a good bit, I really don't give a buck. Or if I get put into an embarrassing situation, nnnope. I could have someone scream out the colour undies I'm wearing that day, and I wouldn't really even bat an eye. I'm usually just pretty numb in real life, though. Probably because my heart is truly here, on the computer, and not out there in the real world. #Hermit
  7. I had one only last night about some little friendly mouse (no clue why ) that liked to climb around on my body. I don't remember too much about it, but at one point, he fell and landed on his back with the cutest shocked look on his face... but he got so happy when I started tickling him then~ ...this is kinda embarrassing to talk about... Have you had any cute moments in your dreams?
  8. So here’s where we all share the awkwardness of work with a laugh. (Obviously don’t share sensitive information about the company/ whateveritis you work for. But you should already know that.) anyways here it goes. I work at DollarTree as a part-time cashier. My job consists of checking people out, stocking when I have free time, blowing up our helium balloons when needed, and generally keeping the store looking decent. I cant tell you how many times I’ve completely embarrassed myself. I think I’ve knocked myself in the head with the damn baskets at least 10 times during the summer. I literally knocked myself in the head today with one. I was like oh my lord seriously lmao. not only that but the awkward flirting of customers with me and THE DREADED AGE CONVERSATION. I can’t tell you how many times someone has commented on my appearance. They’ll be like “so when do you graduate high school?” And I’ll be like “uh. I’m a year from graduating college ma’am/sir” and they’ll just look at me and laugh. I’m like HAHAHAHAHA yes very funny. anyways, that’s literally the highlights of my working life, aside from the obvious rude customers. I’d love to hear any work stories y’all have. just be sure you comply with the policy that your place of business has when it comes to the things you share!
  9. Have you ever had a moment where you accidentally posted something pony-related where you didn't want to? I recently had one; I linked a thread from this forum to what I thought was a friend's DM on Discord to discuss it, but was actually my friend server. Most of the people in that server aren't aware of the FiM fandom or that I'm involved in it, and the thread was of a slightly weird nature from an outsider perspective. The only thing I could do was promptly delete the message and hope no one noticed.
  10. As with most media, MLP has had some cringe-worthy moments sprinkled through out the show. These embarrassing, awkward moments can make us cringe on the characters' behalf, yet also make us laugh at the same time. What do you think are the most cringe inducing moments in the show? Currently, most memorable to me is the scene from Season 4's 24th episode, Equestria Games:
  11. We all have funny moments that have happened to us in life. Whether it be a moment that was unusual, random, embarrassing, or otherwise hilarious -- I know you must have something humorous to share with us. Now is the time. Here is the place. Tell us a funny, true story!
  12. How do you feel when you're buying MLP stuff in a shop? I just walk in, take the things, pay for it and get out from there. No big deal. But... first time... blouse with a hood, big sunglasses, and... that heat xD but 'How can I help you?' was the worst thing to hear... but now... over 15 figurines, lots of magazines... no problem now
  13. Scootaloo: Scootchie Coochie Coo Spike: Spikey WikeyTM Rainbow Dash: Rainboo Don't ever call me Rainboo again
  14. Making Christmas Merrier Was a huge success. You are all amazing! Since a few people have commented that they cannot locate the songs, I will collect them all here. As they are released I will post them as a new post and link here. Song 1 - Staff Solo 1 - Art of the Dress - @Jeric Song 2 - Group Song - True True Friend - Recording and Editing In Progress Destiny - Twilight Sparkle Wingnut - Fluttershy Dawn Rider - Rainbow Dash Simon - Rarity Jeric - Applejack Ashley - Pinkie Pie Song 3 - Solo - Fandom Song - Jeric sings Button's Mom. Song 4 - Smile Song - Forum Members & Staff - Specifics Soon Song 5 - Share the Wealth - Winter Wrap Up Song 6 - Admins sing This Day Aria - Aquila and Spoon- In Progress Song 7 - Noobs Sing - Hearts as Strong as Horses - Recording Song 8 - Soon the Night shall reign supreme over thy Sun Song 9 - Bonus - Not Telling Song 10 - Bonus - BBBFF - Jeric FAQ *Final note, MLP Forums make no guarantee on singing quality of the winner. Also, we are not held liable, either civilly or criminally for any damage to your musical taste centers of your brain. Results may vary.
  15. Well? Here are some of mine; which are quite embarrassing, I'm only 15, so give me a break. I still sleep near all of my stuffed animals, so that they don't feel left out....don't judge. I still sleep with stuffed animals. I think being under a blanket will actually protect me from monsters...that's a lie. I still don't trust my closet. >.> I overreact over silly things. I still play with toys.... I sleep with a Pinkie Pie nightlight...forgot about that. >.> That's all I can think of as of right now; how about you all?
  16. Soooo I drew this a while ago and a certain @@Comrade Courage thought was pretty okay and mentioned that I should put it up on the art thread ... some four or five days ago oops. But here it is, I drew it after I-- uh, got really embarrassed. Let's not get into it, but here is the picture none-the-less. So tell me where what you guys think? It took forever just to draw a profile. I intended to have a full body portrait, but the body is where I undoubtable fail >.> Here are his colors too:
  17. Hello My Brony Fellows! i wanna make a compilation of phrases of that awkward moment when... and see those awkward moments we feel sometimes, ill start That awkward moment when you see a nude scene in a movie you are watching with your parents That awkward moment when you see your ex talking with your girlfriend that awkward moment when you eat in your friends home and wanna seconds lets brohoof the most funny awkward moment!
  18. NOTE: This is meant to be tongue in cheek, it really wasn't all that bad. Okay, I could have added this to the Rainbow Rocks thread, but this story is a bit more personal. I made the mistake of seeing Rainbow Rocks in theatres instead of just waiting until it was leaked on Youtube. I saw the first Equestria Girls last year on Youtube, and thought it was okay (for a ripoff of Monster High designed to sell dolls of inferior quality to Monster High ). Anyway, so the only theatre nearby that's actually playing RR is in this unfamiliar and really sketchy looking part of town I've never been to before (it actually turned out to be a renovated district next to a college). Apparently, I obviously look lost when I'm walking through because a lady asks me if I need help and I say I'm looking for the movie theatre. She asks me what movie I'm going to see and not wanting to admit my crippling pony addiction, I say "I'm not really sure." (I did feel bad about lying). So I end up at this little hole in the wall theatre that turns out to be one of those fancy independent/art house deals. The ticket only turned out to be $7 whereas many places its $10. Yet another awkward moment occurs when the manager asks which movie I'm going to see. The register at this theatre is a digital display panel, and not wanting to say "Rainbow Rocks" I just say "this one" and touch the title screen. "My Little Pony, then?" the manager says. I sheepishly nod. I was secretly hoping there'd be at least a few other bronies in the theatre, but I had no such luck as it is mostly parents and small children. (Although there was one girl on the same row as me by herself who was a brony (pegasister?). So I'm the token lone adult male in a theatre full of parents and children, feeling very awkward and sketchy. I'm hoping that the movie itself will make me forget my embarrassment, it doesn't.... TO BE CONTINUED...
  19. Your OC has been petrified by a cockatrice! But that's not the worst of it. The worst of it was that they were doing something extremely embarrassing at the time, now immortalized in stone forever! What was it?
  20. Do you have any embarrasing moments? I have one, i was chillin on deviant art (kitsunefireball) and my brother (my parent technically) asked me what a brony was, i froze and said "uh...a fan of a show?" luckily he bought it and i didnt have to explain any further, thank god because he would think we all did bad crap, you know what im talking about
  21. I used to be embarrassing that I watched mlp and I would make a excuse if somepony saw me watching the show and even though I don't any more and i'm proud to be a brony. If you made excuses what was your worst and very hard to believe excuse.
  22. It's one thing to carry around a song you don't like much because it's on an album that's mostly good, but there are some that you'll listen to and just ask yourself "Why is this even here?" So, what are the most weird, unusual, or embarrassing songs that can be found on your favorite MP3 player? I'm not saying that you yourself have to hate the song, but this should be a song that would make people borrowing your device reconsider your mental state. Without very much searching, this is the weirdest I have: And the most embarrassing would probably be this: The main reason I still have the latter is because it's so cheesy, it's fun to laugh at.
  23. so yesterday i was watching Clerks 2 when the scene where Jay was dancing like Buffalo Bill. I paused the movie and searched for the song. I then proceeded to mimic Jay's/Buffalo Bill's dance. Halfway through the dance or whatever you wanna call this thing i was doing my mom walked in my room. this happened: Mom: What the f*** are you doing?! Me: GET OUTTA HERE! I WILL END YOU! Mom: I failed you somewhere down the road. I proceeded to slam the door in her face. it felt like the scene from family guy. except im not fat, nor do i have blond hair.