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Found 11 results

  1. Before I begin I want to clarify that this is not an attack against any particular users who use emoticons in Debate Symposium. In regards to the usage of emoticons in Debate Symposium, I suggest that it should be restricted at the least and outright banished at the most. Support for a restriction is as follows: 1) Emoticons are being overused and abused in Debate Symposium. 2) It normally comes across as condescending when emoticons are used in a post there. 3) Emoticons often infuriate your opponents and overemphasize your points. 4) Emoticons are not essential to a debate. Although they can be used to emphasize your point, other options are available to emphasize your point instead, such as putting your text in bold, italicizing it, or underlining it. Therefore to restrict it would not hurt anything. There are three ways I suggest to restrict emoticons: 1) You can create a Debate Symposium rule that prohibits the usage of emoticons in that forum. 2) You can change the code in the forums to where it is impossible to use emoticons (not sure if it's feasible though). 3) You can create a rule that prohibits a particular usage of emoticons, such as in a condescending or infuriating way, just like the "laugh" reaction. With that said, there is one other thing that I want to address. I highly suggest considering whether to ban certain emoticons or ban all of them. Some emoticons do not necessarily come across as condescending and can be used to emphasize a point. For example, let's say Joe Biden wins the election. I respond by saying, "I am greatly worried about what will happen to America now with Biden in office! " or by saying, "This is not what I want to happen! The election was rigged! ". In both cases, my usage of emoticons do not come across as condescending and they both emphasize my point. Therefore, perhaps outright restriction emoticons is not the answer, but rather restricting them being used in a particular way or particular context.
  2. My favourite emoticon is ' c: ' Mainly because it's just a cuter alternative to ' : ) ' My least favourite is ' - _ - ' (without the spaces) Depending on the topic and situation, using this emoticon makes you look like a pretentious douche sometimes. (Sorry if you use this emoticon often, I don't mean to offend you, don't take it personally). You guys?
  3. Hello everypony! I'm experiencing a small issue with emoticons. The Issue Take a look on this: This is the emoticon bar. -{ Thank you Princess Obvious! ) *shush* Perhaps they didn't know this! Everything works fine except one thing - I can't scroll these emoticons. I've marked the tiny blue arrow with the bigger red one. The tiny blue arrow is supposed to scroll the emoticon bar to the next page and basically show next emoticons. Now the thing is, it doesn't work at all. Clicking on this absolutely doesn't do anything. A Workaround? I was and I'm still always clicking 'Show All' button, which brings the full list of emoticons in a new window. Everything here works, but I'm tired of opening that window over and over again. Anyway, it's not very handy, because since it's in another window, it gets covered up when clicking on the main one to simply type in the text editor. Other Information > I'm using Google Chrome > I'm a member of other forums, that use exactly the same forum software (IP.Board) and they don't have that issue > I like ponies No wait, that's irrelevant Does anybody experience this as well? Is there something I can do? Thank you!
  4. Hey all! I'm sure by now you're aware of how many wonderful emoticons there are here on MLP Forums. Oh wow, I was going to list them, but apparently you can't do that. Anyways, emoticons are easy to make as casually typing in a smiley face. I'm sure we've all used 1 or 2 before (hopefully 3 to make the topic relevant), so let's hear your top 3 favorite emoticons! Your answer doesn't have to be based on your using unless you want it to be, some are just fun to look at. For bonus points, be sure to tell us why these 3 selected emotions are your favorites. My top 3 are: In that order! Rarity's face is my number one because it's just so fun to look at, I don't use it very often, but it definitely makes me think of the face you type to make it happen. I use Pinkie's face all the time, just because it's an ordinary smiley face. Applejack's face is another I use pretty often, there are a lot of times I feel the need to give the "huh?" look to someone, so this emoticon fits like a glove!
  5. I think I'm well over 1,000 by this point- they've become my full stops, pretty much See? Right there! Feel free to go into more detail, if you wish- what emoticons you use more of, where you use them, whatever I did it again!! >_<
  6. Hello MLP Forum. Let's play a game where whoever posted before you, you describe them with an emoticon. Example: User 1: :3 Describe me User 2: :S Describe me User 3: <( ' . ' )> Describe me! User 4: ._. And so on and so forth. ==--==--==--==--==--==--==--== ~~~~~~~~~~
  7. Ryzu

    Emoticon Bar

    So as we all know there is the bar for the emojis, which a lot of us use. Whenever I use it I tend to get annoyed going back in forth with the arrow now that there are so many of them. Is it possible to put them in larger groups on the bar? (If it's not too much trouble to do. I setting up websites and stuff can be pretty aggravating.)
  8. If you could change or make up more emoticons, what would they be? I would give all the current ones a mane! 'Clock is TICKING' Twilight. 'Crazy Twilight. More spike!! Celestia? Cherilee? More ponies! And sarcastic spike face! "An outhouse?"-Winter Wrap-up Squee!
  9. So, most of the time, when I'm on the forums I use my tablet (sometimes I use the computer when nobodies there), and I can't seem to find the emoticon bar. Can any of you help me? I'd like to see which emoticons there are and how to make them. I only know how to make five so far.
  10. Hi, so I noticed today when I went to use the Fluttershy "squee" face that it wasn't there. Upon clicking "view all," she was, but the standard bar does not show the squee face, yay face, and maybe others. What happened?
  11. Jokuc


    As most of you have seen, there's this new Apple Bloom emoticon. It's one of a couple of emoticons I have made. (Right now I can't find the ones I made before I reinstalled my pc, I think they're somewhere on my external hard drive) I'll put some words that describes them next to the emoticons cause I'm weird and stuff. carface [edit] catface* ..lmao yay B ) BD amazin gak All my emoticons will be posted here..