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Found 20 results

  1. After watching this from Think Tank, I couldn't agree more (which means I fully I agree with their thoughts). However, I would like to know what you guys think about this. I'm talking to both genders (male and female). Do you think it's ok for guys to cry? Please be thoughtful and don't make your answers too shallow (if possible). Because this question can be answered in many ways.
  2. I came across a thread about what made you smile today, and here's my twist. Lets share what turned our day upside down. For me it was when somepony insulted me and called my art really ugly. It made me sad and totally pissed off. It also made me jealous of artists who don't seem to get any negative feedback.
  3. The volcano of your mind Dormant until stirred as you may find Ready at any second if something goes wrong But not to play a glorious song The bubbling lava waiting to be set free By an exasperating chaotic spree But a strange force hovers around Keeping the energy bound Suddenly a disturbance is sensed That leaves the volcano convinced That something has indeed failed Now, the lava prepares to set sail The whole world trembles as the volcano is about to blow With that bright and red glow With a scream, the lava is set free To begin the terror and chaotic spree As the lava flows destruction ensues From those nasty lava brews Nothing can seem to tame this beast But there is a hope to say the least The volcano suddenly loses steam That ray of hope indeed shines with a gleam Then amidst all the wreckage, there is an accord That can only come from the one above, our dear Lord The volcano of your mind can be tamed You are in control, but if lost, are at blame But as long as things aren’t going wrong You can be sure that the volcano is singing a happy song. Wrote this poem a while back.
  4. Just curious as to what sorts of music evoke strong emotions for you. (Yes, I'm aware we already have a thread on "music that makes you cry", but this is a more general topic - I want to touch on music that makes you happy, sad, afraid, angry, etc.). For me, I nearly always have my strongest emotional reactions to instrumental music. I rarely have strong reactions to songs with lyrics, mainly because I tend to listen to all music for the music itself, not the words. (Most of the time, I kinda tune out the words and often don't remember what they were when the song is over.) But well-orchestrated instrumental music can sometimes evoke really strong emotions for me. I have two very interesting examples that I'm sure very few of you have ever heard of. They're both from Mannheim Steamroller's album "Fresh Aire VI", released way back in the 80s and usually classified as "New Age". The song "Nepenthe" is a quiet piano piece that makes me think of comfort and security. Whenever I listen to it, I like to imagine an old, retired sailor sitting in a cabin near the ocean, next to a warm fire, looking at a picture of his daughter and flashing back to watching her grow up from a young child, and just generally being happy. He's petting a cat in his lap and falls asleep toward the end of the song. The last song on the album, "Sirens - The Crash and the Call", is a wandering piece that seems to move from place to place. I can't really form any specific visual images while listening to this one, so the emotions take on a raw form that I think hits more at my core than most other songs - like I'm feeling them as a small, vulnerable child. The song has a pattern that's repeated several times, where a new theme is either introduced rather suddenly or eased into gradually, seeming uncertain, even a little scary at first. But after a moment, I start to feel reassured by a small development in the theme, long enough that I feel comfortable where I am, only to then be whisked off to another place where everything is new and uncertain again. The song ends with a very comforting theme that I can only describe as making me feel like I'm back in my mother's arms - one of the most primal comforts of all. For a while, I would play this second song in times when I really needed a stress break - especially after a bad family incident that had left me emotionally scarred. My then-girlfriend (now wife) would listen to it with me and encourage me to cry during the parts that affected me the most - at the time, I was suffering from years of repressed emotions and found it very difficult to express them, so music like this, combined with such a supportive partner, gave me the kick I needed to start working through that. This song still has a very deep meaning for me, and it still does make me cry out of a need for comfort now and then. So, now that I've blabbed on at length about what works for me, what does it for you?
  5. I feel so good. After a nice lecture from my mom, I've gone from an emotional train wreck to a lot more optimistic. Let me explain more since you might be a bit confused with what I just said. It's not as obvious due to the fact that I can easily cover it up when I'm online and heck, even at school but I I felt very emotionally drained when I got home from school today. It's not really a thing that just happened either it's been gradual throughout the past year or so. You probably have seen hints of it though. Just look through a few of my blogs within the past year and you will see me rambling about life or talking about my faults or discussing how I have an inferiority complex. This is caused by a few factors. One being the fact that I don't really have a lot of friends irl. I'm mostly just that one loner kid you see sitting by himself on the bus. I feel I want to make a goal for this year to actually go out and and get to know people. I feel the other factor is I've taken stuff I've let stuff I've read on the internet get to my head too much, both on this forum and on other websites. I try not to, but it still does get to my head a little and cause me to just act kind of angry and cynical irl. I was actually a lot more happy-go lucky before all this. Don't take this as me leaving any site because I won't. I'll still be on the site regularly posting, this is just more of an internal thing. It's just when I'm browsing pretty much anywhere, I'll try not to let negative posts get to me and either just ignore it or not let it effect the way I act in real life. This is Chikorita throwing a happy smoke bomb *throws one*
  6. I figure, there should be different threads for different emotional responses. But I figure its easier and possibly would be more active if i just focused on all works which caused strong emotional responses.
  7. I’ve never really been touched or wowed by the Lion King. Is it because of the animation? No, that can’t be right. The animation was gorgeous. Was it because of the story? No, while it may have felt like Hamlet for children, it was a good story. Then maybe it was because of the characters? Not at all, the characters were portrayed really well. Music, colour schemes, storyboard, pacing, dialogue? Nope, they were all done brilliantly. So then why? Why didn’t I experience that “wow” at the end? Why was I not touched when I saw Mufasa fall to his death before Simba’s very own eyes? Why was all I could say when the credits rolled a mere ‘eh, it was okay’? I have a theory, and I’d like to know your thoughts. And if others feel the same way. I did not connect to any of it, because the characters were not human. The reason I wasn’t moved or touched by anything was because I couldn’t connect with the characters. Solely because they weren’t human. Despite the characters being human in every single way possible except for their bodies. Because of that, all I could see was “oh no, papa lion got thrown off a cliff by uncle lion and baby lion saw it”. Narrow-minded? Perhaps. Or does it just have to do with preference? Many people tend to feel worse when the infamous scenario “the dog dies” takes place. I personally think it’s sad that the dog dies, but I feel 10 times worse when the human dies, because I understand what it means to be human. To feel emotions, to be able to think, to have a future, to always be aware of life and death. To me, humans both fictional and real work like a mirror. Seeing a human allows me to instantly connect with them. It provides a feeling of unity and understanding. And to see all of that in a (somewhat realistically) drawn animal is downright impossible for me, no matter how good the story may be. Maybe it sounds weird or stupid. Especially coming from a brony whose entire fandom is about enjoying a show with ponies. Why am I capable of adoring FiM despite the characters being ponies? That’s because the way they’re drawn is too far away from realistic ponies. They’ve been altered through a cutesy-cartoonizer and resemble more human aspects more than those of realistic ponies. The big size of their heads, the big eyes, the small snout, etc. That allows me to completely forget that they’re based on real life horses and see them as a whole different kind of creature. Not a pony, but a My Little Pony - a creature on its own. Did that all make sense? Does anyone understand this way of thinking? What are your thoughts on it? I’d love to hear what you guys have to say. And even if you don’t, I’m just glad you took the time to listen. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you all have a nice day! /)
  8. Pretty simple. Are there any songs out there that have made you cry, or at least made you come close to it or shed a tear?
  9. I have officially finished writing my new, original short story. I put a lot of work and editing into writing this. I know that there are tons of ways that I could have made this better, but it is what it is. One thing that I must admit though, Rarrian (one of the characters in the story) is heavily inspired from Rarity's personality, so this is, I guess, somewhat MLP related, but completely original. Enjoy. The Rarr Event of a Life Time I sat down on the large, red couch in the school lounge with Rarrian. Her eyelids were covering half of her beautiful, cyan eyes. I could empathize with her; I got six hours of sleep the previous night due to an overload of homework from my science class. But she seemed like she got no more than four hours. Obviously in much worse condition than I am. “Tired?” I asked, trying to start a conversation. “Just a little bit,” she rolled her eyes at me. She laid her head on the back of the couch, and closed her eyes, probably trying to get a little more sleep before class started. “Why do classes start so early?” I checked my Timex watch; it was 6:30. Class started in fourty-five minutes. We were only there because they take attendance one hour early. “I know it sucks, but complaining about it won’t make it any better.” “Easy for you to say. Some of us have a little more to do in their lives. I haven’t gotten a decent sleep for two months! I have to wake up at 5:00 just to brush my hair.” I held back a laugh, but the temptation subsided when I took a look at her head. I didn’t even notice how messy her hair was before, but now that she pointed it out, there were blond strands curling upward. But other than that, it really wasn’t that bad. But to her, every strand counts. I dared not try to convince her, though, in the fear that she would go on a rant on how wrong I was. I respect her opinion, but I think she’s beautiful no matter what condition she’s in. “But that seems to be the least of your issues at the moment. You look like you haven’t gotten a minute more than four hours of sleep. What’s going on?” “Oh, nothing,” she began as she opened her eyes. “It’s just… oh, you don’t need to know. It’s a lady’s problem. “What is it, tell me?” I kind of just said it instinctively. For a moment, I got the feeling I was going down a dark road, and every wrong action from this point on could lead to terrible consequences. “Belachrome, please, this doesn’t concern you.” Despite Rarrian’s reluctance to tell me, I felt that this actually did concern me. But I knew that it wouldn’t be easy. “Okay, well, what else has been going on with you?” Rarrian turned towards me. “I spent my time yesterday hanging out with friends after school.” “Did you hang out with Clenauria again?” “Clen? No, she’s been hanging out with Squiphler again. I don’t understand why she would enjoy hanging out with such a fool after school hours.” I grew a subtle look of insult on my face. Squiphler is a nice guy… despite his silly ways. “What about Syneria?” “With Drakenor yesterday. That boy needs to get his life out of his head and be social.” I was so confused. These were Rarrian’s friends that she was complaining about. Has she been having boy issues lately? “Rarrian, I couldn’t help but notice that you are complaining about other guys at the moment. Is something bothering you?” “Belachrome, I told you, I don’t wish to talk about this.” “Why don’t you… wait a minute, is this what you didn’t want to tell me?” Rarrian jumped a little bit. “Belachrome, I’m done talking.” “Come on, Rarrian. I’m your friend.” Rarrian gave me an intimidating look. I was a little scared. “Can you not trust me?” I said weakly. “I can’t trust boys at all these days.” I think I hit the gold mine. I began my questioning in a calm voice. “Rarrian, why can’t you trust other guys?” “Belachrome, give a girl some personal privacy!” Her voice was cold, and it seemed unwise to press further. I feel bad getting Rarrian this mad just to get some information out of her, but as a friend, I feel like it’s my duty to take the initiative. “Please, Rarrian. Tell me.” She gave me a menacing frown. “Belachrome, stay out of my business!” she raised her voice at me. I was starting to feel like this wasn’t such a great idea, but for the sake of helping my friend, I wasn’t going to give up. “Rarrian, why don’t you want to tell me?” “Why?! Isn’t the answer obvious?” “Actually, no Rarrian. I haven’t a clue why you don’t want to tell me. “You know the reason!” she started breathing harshly in my direction. Her teeth were clenched with a strong grip. “No, Rarrian, I don’t know, and it clearly isn’t as obvious as you think. How about you tell me?” I couldn’t help myself. I was starting to speak in a harsher tone. I know it’s not helping my case, but my patience was wearing thin. Rarrian’s breathing calmed down minimally, but enough to start speaking. “Well, obviously, it’s because… because…” She started to grow a nervous look on her face. I was starting to feel that she was just talking without thinking, so I just had to wait this out. “Yes, Rarrian? You have my undivided attention.” “Because… I… I can’t… I don’t… I just can’t trust other guys! A-and…” “…Is there another reason?” “Y-yes! It’s… i-it’s… uh…” “Are you sure there’s another reason?” I wasn’t even talking with a sharp tone anymore, I knew I was breaking through, and all I had to do at this point was remain calm and collective. “…No, I-I just… can’t trust other guys! Not even you! She went back to shouting at me. “Why can’t you trust me?” Her anger went down again. But instead, she seemed like she was on the verge of tears. “Because… because I… you… I can’t…” I lowered the volume of my voice; “Why can’t you trust me?” It seemed to be helping. Hers lowered as well. “Because I… I… just can’t!” Now tears were officially sparkling in her eyes. Now was the moment to act. “Yes you can.” “No, I can’t trust you!” Rarrian said in a slightly quieter voice. The first tear escaped her left eye. “Yes you can.” I lowered my voice to almost a whisper. “No, Belachrome, I can’t trust… I just can’t.” “Yes you can,” my voice was nothing more than a whisper. “Belachrome, you don’t…” She sniffled, as a couple more tears escaped from her eyes. “You don’t understand! Please stop!” She wiped the tears from her face, probably hoping I somehow still haven’t noticed her crying. “You can trust me.” “Belachrome, please, I…” she closed her eyes as a last, desperate attempt to prevent her tears. “Trust me, I’m your friend.” I still spoke in a whisper. “B-Belachrome…” “I’m your friend.” “But…” Rarrian’s eyes started flowing freely with tears. Her voice had no power left for anger. “I can’t trust you.” She was speaking no louder than an average conversational voice. “Yes, you can. Yes you can. You can trust me,” I stated without ever leaving a whisper. “I…” Rarrian lost all courage to keep herself contained, and started openly crying. She buried her face into her hands, and cried without preventing any aspect. That was the final straw. I couldn’t stand seeing her so upset for any longer; I moved towards her, and wrapped my arms around her. My embrace firmly encased her body, and I could feel every bodily shake that came from her crying. I started patting her backside, and she continued to let out her tears. “It’s okay. I’ve got you, don’t worry.” Rarrian continued to cry for the next minute, and I kept my embrace around her. “Everything’s going to be alright, Rarrian,” I stated in just over a whisper. “Do you think you can uncover your eyes?” Rarrian breathed in through her nose with a big sniffle, and weakly shook her head. “Come on, Rarr, we’re friends, I don’t think of you any differently just because you’re in tears. Just show me your beautiful eyes.” Rarrian started to uncover her eyes. It was a painful sight; they were red, and very puffy. It was such a mess, and yet, so beautiful at the same time. She looked shy to uncover them any further than half way, probably feeling ashamed to look into my purely natural eyes, but I didn’t think any differently of her. She covered them up again, and the bittersweet sight of her eyes was gone. “I’ve got you.” I patted her back softly. “I know you’re a strong, young lady, Rarrian. Just please uncover your eyes for me.” Rarrian didn’t move. She almost started shaking up, and would probably start shedding tears again. “Come on, Rarr. I know you can look me in the eyes.” I took my right hand, and placed it on her left wrist. “I gave the minimalist force of a tug that could be managed. She pulled back, but I didn’t increase the force of my pull. It was only an incentive. In the end, she will have to be the one to reveal her face. “Rarrian, I can’t do this for you. Take all the time you need, but this isn’t the Rarrian I know. The Rarrian I know is very outspoken, and is never afraid to share her thoughts. But please at least uncover your beautiful eyes. I’m not going to pull any harder than this, so no pressure.” Her body started shaking less heavily and her silent tears and sniffles cleared up for a moment. She seemed to be in a moment of thought, possibly debating on exposing her face. Her arm was shaking in my hand, and she seemed ready to start crying again, but when I expected the return of her tears, she sighed, and slowly started uncovering her eyes. I could start to see the white, or in this case, red of her eyes. Eventually, her face was completely exposed. Her eyes were puffed up, her face soaked, and her blond hair was, I’ll admit, a complete and utter mess. But she was somehow so beautiful. The redness was starting to clear. But I could tell that she was very unstable at the moment, and could start crying again at any moment. I looked directly into her eyes. “What’s up, Rarrian? How’s your day going?” Rarrian grew the weakest smile that one could manage. Of course, I wasn’t expecting a laugh from her, but that one smile was enough for me at the moment. She couldn’t hold the smile for long, which was completely understandable. I just couldn’t bear to see her wallow in pain for another second, but just as she looked like she was going to burst into a flood of tears again, she swiftly returned the embrace that I had around her for the past ten minutes. She made no attempt to prevent her tears, and instead buried her face into my chest. I tightened my grip on her body, and made sure that she was as secure as a mother bird protecting her young. “I’ve got you.” I patted her backside once again. I let her cry into my shirt for however long she needed. My priorities were without a doubt on comforting her, but to be frank, I just can’t express how great it felt to be in her arms mutually with her head nestled on my chest. I used to help Rarrian in the past, but never did we come anywhere close to this magnitude of emotion. It felt good to know that I was helping her. It felt good to give her comfort. It felt good to be a friend for her to go to for her problems. It felt good to know that she now trusts me despite a problem in her life. But, I’m not going to lie, it felt good for her to be embraced with me while letting her tears out into my chest. I was somehow able to count the tears that dampened my shirt. I guess when you are focused on an individual, every bit of the situation matters to you, and you remember things that you normally can’t remember, or just don’t pay attention to. After about five minutes of letting out her tears, at a grand total of 257 tears released into my shirt, (no doubt completely soaked from her crying) she lifted her head to look into my eyes. She smiled for a moment and said her first words after fifteen minutes of not talking; “T-thank you Belachrome.” Those three words touched a very soft part of me. As I said, it felt good to know that I was helping, but I had no confirmation from her, verbally. But I didn’t show it in my expression, because not only would it be overwhelming for her, but I needed to focus on her at the moment. “No problem, Rarrian. It was nothing, really.” She inhaled through her nose again. “Nothing? How could you possibly say such a thing? You put up with me, and my anger, and my stubbornness, and showed nothing more than compassion!” After the completion of her statement, she tightened her grip around me. I was quite surprised by this statement; Rarrian has never admitted her arrogance in the past, but at the same time, I wasn’t completely surprised. Either she was growing as a person, or this was just the right moment for her to reflect on her actions. “Alright, I’m glad you think so, but if that’s the case, I ask for a favour in return. What’s going on in your life right now?” Now was the time to get to the bottom of her problem. Rarrian’s smile faded. “Oh… right. I guess it’s only right that I tell you…” “Yes… go on.” She was very hesitant to say a word about it, clearly thinking about every detail and every possibility of what I would think of her and the issue, and probably even some girl things that I don’t even know about. But eventually, she sighed and began. “…For the past month, a group of guys in the school next door were inviting me to hangouts during lunch time and after school. They gave me lots of beautiful jewelry, and treated me like a true lady… or so I thought… they would also demand things from me, such as getting me to do things I didn’t want to do… I don’t want to talk about what I did…” “What did you do, Rarrian?” Everything I’ve said up to this point was calm and as friendly as humanly possible, but this question came out a little sharply. “Tell me what you did.” She grew a desperate look on her face, and almost looked like she wanted to cry again. “Please, Belachrome. Don’t make me. It’s completely unlike me.” “That’s why I want to know.” Rarrian started tearing up again, and that’s when I realized I was being a little bit harsh. I took a deep breath before making my next statement. “Listen, Rarrian, I’m not trying to force information from you that you don’t feel comfortable telling me about, but I need to know this if I want to help you. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to tell anyone. I swear to you that I will not say a word about this to anyone else.” Rarrian seemed to heed my words, and also seemed to gain the courage to tell me her shameful acts. “Alright, they asked me to be an accomplice in horrible schemes against younger kids, and stealing food from the cafeteria. I never directly got involved in the main scheme, of course, but they asked me to pick the locks of gates with my hairpins so they can get inside the playground and steal the little kids’ toys, or pick the locks of the cafeteria so they can take the food. They promised me rewards, but they never did. Their excuse was that the jewelry was the reward, and that it was enough of a reward for all schemes.” She closed her eyes with a sigh. “But it wasn’t at all. I figured out the hard way that it was stolen from one of the kids at their school. I happened to pass by the girl whom it belonged to. She saw my bracelet, and screamed at me that it was hers. I told her that a group of boys had given it to me as a gift, and that I could prove it. But when she asked them, they said that I stole it from her. They made up so many details about how I snuck into her locker. I wanted to argue with them, but I was just too shocked to say anything. The little girl ripped it off my wrist violently, not caring how much it hurt, and threatened that if she ever saw me again she would kill me. I didn’t mind since it was a little girl, but I was madder at the group of boys. I screamed at them and demanded answers as to why the hell they had done such a thing, but they just laughed at me, and commented that I sounded just like the little girl. They admitted proudly that they were never my friends, and that I was so dumb to have actually fallen for their feeble trick. They laughed, pushed me into the grass, and walked away.” “I felt so horrible afterwards. Despite my hatred for those guys… they had a point. It’s very difficult for me to admit such a thing, but… they did have a point. I was foolish to listen to them. And ever since then, I’ve been extremely cautious around other guys.” My mouth started gaping near the end of the story. Not only was I starting to understand what Rarrian has been going through, but I’ve also started to realize just how Rarrian was feeling when I asked her profusely what was going on in her life; insecure; her dark secret was getting chipped away at, attacked, slowly escaping the secure barrier of her mind. If I were in her position, I wouldn’t have dreamed of telling this to anyone, ever. I am absolutely amazed at how much information she volunteered, and with no struggle in between. Now I feel like an invader. I feel terrible. But I have to convince myself that this is the right thing… but it’s hard. But now it all makes sense. It’s no wonder she holds a grudge against guys. But now I’m ready to talk; “M-my God, Rarrian, I never knew… now it’s my turn to admit my faults; I can’t believe you co-operated with me at all in telling me all these things after pestering you about such a serious issue. I was only trying to help. I’d understand if you never wanted to speak to me again, but…” Rarrian looked up at me with utter shock and bewilderment. “Never want to speak to you again? Never want to speak to you again?!! Are you kidding? You’ve done nothing but try to help me, you’ve focused solely on me, my feelings, stayed calm, stayed friendly, no matter what crap I’ve given you, you hugged me through all of my nonstop tears, you let me use your chest to cry into, you said nothing but comforting words, you helped me find my courage, sworn to keep everything confidential… HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY THINK I WOULD NEVER WANT TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN???!!!” “You’re so silly, Belichrome!” she said as she lightly wacked me on the head. I was so disoriented. My mind was racing with hundreds of thoughts. All of them were revolving around the inside of my head, all shouting at once. There were so many things that were happening at the moment that just… couldn’t be happening. I’ve never had such a headache in my life. But despite the overload of thoughts, everything Rarrian had just said was jammed right in the center of them, never fading vividly, or emotionally. Rarrian kept repeating it in my head at perfect intervals between words, over the loud thoughts attempting to drown it out. It kept getting louder and louder, and I felt like I was going to pass out. But all of a sudden, my mind went completely blank of all of the thoughts twisting and turning. The first new thought entered my head with a realization; did Rarrian just make a joke about me? I felt inside that I was completely in the wrong throughout this entire half an hour, but that joke that she made… when she wacked me on the head… somehow gave me a feeling of authenticity… a lack of ability to argue with her. Well, if she thinks it’s okay… then she’s right! “Well I think you’re wrong!” Rarrian looked up at me. Wait, did that just come out of me right? “Yes, you heard me right, I think you’re wrong. I’m not silly at all; in fact, I think I’m an arrogant person who doesn’t listen when one’s trying to help them.” I thought she was going to get really mad when… I said that. But to my surprise, she took it in very good humor. “Oh, are you talking about me? At least I’m not one who tries to invade someone’s personal privacy!” We giggled over the jokes together. “Thank you so much Belachrome for taking this moment to help me get through this problem. You have no idea how much this means to me,” she said as she wrapped her arms around me again. “Oh, lay off of me, you little shit, you’ve gotten enough hugs from me today. I even gave you my own stomach as a tear pillow!” “It’s your fault I needed a tear pillow, you invading bastard! Learn to stay out of a girl’s life!” We glared into each other’s eyes intently, and profusely, until we finally shouted out in unison, “Fuck you!” We fell on the floor laughing… Rarrian and I continued to jokingly insult each other for the next ten minutes, and we were having so much fun! But to be honest… I wasn’t really coming up with the insults; in fact it almost felt like an instinct; my mind just selected different insults to say, and I just said it without thinking. If I were thinking in my real head, I wouldn’t have even thought to take this kind of approach towards Rarrian. I never had an insult relationship with her. In fact, whenever I did this kind of behavior with her, she would get offended… horribly. I tried to gain control of myself a few times, but I was just having so much fun, that my will power was failing me. I have never had so much fun with Rarrian in my life. But unfortunately, it didn’t last. As soon as the last minute had gone by, my Timex started beeping, and I knew exactly what that meant… “Uh… Rarrian, it’s 7:10. Class starts in five minutes. I think it’s best that we head over to first period right now.” Knowing Rarrian as well as I did, I thought she would be reluctant to leave, but like she had the entire rest of the morning, she surprised me yet again; “You’re right, let’s go.” I lifted myself up to my legs, and then helped Rarrian get up. There were no signs of tears in her eyes now, or on her face. In fact, she seemed happier than I felt at the moment. I usually try to get to class as fast as I can, despite the “no running in the halls” rule, but I didn’t do that today, because this time, I had a friend with me. We walked to class together, holding each other’s hand, I, standing to her left, and she, to my right. In the most emotional moment of my life so far, I have reached an entirely new level of connection with one of my friends. I was very unsure of myself as to whether I was being helpful or detrimental throughout those fourty-five minutes, but now, I’ve never been surer of anything. I helped someone get through a very hard time in their life, and I helped her regain her trust of the opposite sex, after losing it in a horrible incident. It feels good to be that kind of person. I said that nothing that Rarrian did would change any of my thoughts about her, but at an ultimate irony… I will never think of Rarrian, even minimally, the same way again…
  10. So, as I was looking at an emotion wheel for ideas for a paper I'm writing, I saw some things that really reminded me of MLP and the fandom. The first that I'll start off with is submissiveness. The word, which is defined as "willingness to obey others", is shown as being derived from fear and splitting off into "insignificant" and "worthless". Now, I know for a fact that many Bronies feel insignificant or worthless just due to social stigma, combined with raging hormones (for some). That's not what I want to look into. Fear is also a big topic, so you don't have to respond directly to that idea. My question for you is this: have you ever felt, or seen submissiveness within the fandom? If so, how, and to what extent. Now this can be a broad range of things, from creating obsessive fan art or fanfics based on the show, or perhaps a sort of peer pressure that arises from being in such a connected environment. It doesn't seem very unlikely that Bronies have been pressured into "going public", or even buying a piece or merchandise. There was a great picture that I saw, showing how Faust controlled the ponies, who controlled the fans, connected by puppet's strings, resulting in fan art being made. Now, I don't want to say that submissiveness is really evil and denotes a poor personality, but it can reveal weaknesses. What do you think? Has it gone too far? Can it really be that powerful?
  11. A simple concept: you are faceless. The advent of the Internet has allowed for communication over distances once deemed impossible to surpass. And yet here we are, a string of text and code that consistently hides true human nature and emotion. My goal is to dig deeper into that theme. My Little Pony is a world in which we are surrounded by polychromatic horses, innocent clichés and the occasional rainbow. What do all of those have in common? They all connote happiness and joy. Maybe that that’s what lured you here in the first place; maybe that’s why you stayed. But the majority of the gifts to society are just façades for deeper, darker tones underneath. So my question for you is: have you felt fear within the MLP fandom, or do you feel it now? If so, what kind? A sort of “what am I turning into” fear? Or perhaps a “what would I do if somebody knew” fear? I know each one of you has felt at least something of the sort. Fear is a powerful emotion; I know the fandom is not devoid of it. I intend for this information to be used as a sort of...personal study. Why people do what they do and what they hope to conceal. And the best part? You are obscured by a screen. You have nothing to lose.
  12. Music has a big impact on people's feelings, do they not? I always say music makes me happy. And while that's true, music also makes me feel. I don't mean sad or depressed, just emotional. This song definitely makes me feel: Ooooh, this too: How 'bout you?
  13. I ask this because I recently had a personal realization that I was feeding my god of anger (Mars) more often than my other gods/goddesses. We're so quick to feed our "Mars" instead of "Venus" that it almost seems natural. Are you feeding your jealous, hyper-masculine god, like Jehova? Or your goddess of rage, Lyssa? Maybe it's time to step back and just evoke your goddess of loonacy and sillyness, Eris? Sometimes, we just have to question what gods we're truly feeding.
  14. I know it's a little late, but I've wanted to do this for a while. A lot of what this is WAY outside my comfort zone. I make the head larger then the body to show a larger emotion. It have no legs, because I couldn't fit them on the thing correctly.
  15. So out of all of the stuff you have seen on the tube, weather it be anime, ponies, movies, etc. Which of them as the saddest thing you ever saw. The thing that made you cry the most, you wont ever forget, etc. What was it and why? If you feel like going into detail. If it contains massive spoilers please be mindful of others. For me one of the saddest things I have seen was Clannad. all the tears that were shed... . I also cried a lot during Elfen Lied. It is jsut a story of horrible abuse of every kind, and it doesn't let up. And a few episodes of MLP even bring me to crying when they remind me of my past (I am a very emotional person when it coems to music, video, T.V, etc). A example of this would be When fluttershy was crying with ehr animal friends because she felt like a failure only good for being made fun of. YOUR TURN! ^.~
  16. First thing’s first: Dom’s totem is NOT the top. As he explains to Ariadne, the top is Mal’s totem. So what is Dom’s totem? His wedding ring. In his dreams he is still together with Mal, and thusly is wearing his ring. Final scene? Not wearing his ring. REALITY. Hope I could bring some closure for anyone who was unsure, but that brings me to another point: stories with ambiguous endings. Are they good or bad? Well, a lot of people say happy endings are lame. But how about vague endings? There are two reactions you can get out of a vague ending. First: “That sucks!” This reaction comes because the reader/viewer will never know what happens next. Second: He or she could instantly start imagining what happens next. While I think everyone does this on some level, it’s never that easy. There is one big problem with imagining what happens next: you are not the author. Anything you make up is exactly that: made up. You know that depressive feeling you get when you finish a good/compelling/emotional story? That’s because the story is done. It’s over, and there’s nothing else to learn about that world/character. You can wish anything you want, but it will always feel inadequate because you know that you can’t change the author’s universe. It takes a special talent to be able to cause emotion in others with words. The best type of the story is the one that makes the reader feel like he or she is in the story. You know those stories where when something bad happens to the main character you feel like it happened to you? That’s a good story. (If you never felt that, you should start reading more!) To end a story vaguely can cause much more emotion/heartache than a full ending, and a good author knows when to use one. That said, it doesn’t apply to Inception, because we know it was real.
  17. DELETE THIS THREAD odioykiryjidrjyihrsiyjhiseiyhjirs
  18. So I want to know, what, in your opinion, are great lyrics from songs of any kind and age? What kind of lyrics do you look for in a song? And what kind of meaning does the song have?
  19. Just curious. What is, in your obviously correct and inarguable opinion, the best and worst emotion that a human may experience? For me, the worst would be dread, there is no better psychological inhibitor and dread erodes confidence like its nothing. The best would be gratitude, since it adds to your self-worth, and is indicative that you are going in the right direction. You make it as short or as long as you want, but I would advise a post cap at 4000 words, it's just an opinion, not a thesis for a psychology major.
  20. What do you think? these are my first attempts at human emotions