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Found 12 results

  1. Since season 9 is the final season, from what I've seen in the leaked concept art and vectors, it looks like things are not looking good for..
  2. What would be good names for a dystopian empire.
  3. plain and simple there is a civil war in Skyrim between the Imperial Army and Stormcloak Rebellion we all have different reasons for fighting for the Empire or Stormcloaks who do you support?... and why do you support them? as for me I support the Stormcloaks because Ulfric Stormcloak is the true High King of Skyrim... many say he murdered King Troygg in cold blood but he challenged the king in fair combat and won, only to be seen as a murderer and traitor to Skyrim.... not to mention the Empire finds it illegal to worship Talos, and the Thalmor punish those severely who do... there are many other reasons I support them as well but I will leave it to this I want to see your reasons
  4. I'm just including the big, main villains in the poll for now. Vote, and explain your reasoning in the comments below!
  5. The Crystal Empire parts 1 and 2 are my most watched episodes of MLP. It's not because they are some of my favorites but it was the most bizarre one I've seen and confused me the most. I had to watch it several times to understand what was going on. For example I didn't understand why some of the ponies were shining and turned transparent with gradient manes and jewelry. Anyway one of the things I've noticed was that when the Crystal Empire returned, there was no ruler present. We didn't even see one during Sombra's rule in the past. According to the Journal of the Two Sisters, there was a ruler called Princess Amore who used to be there who was a former Crystal Princess. And Princess Cadance has a cutie mark that resembles the Crystal Heart, and she has a gradient mane just like the crystal ponies. One of the crystal ponies referred to her as the Crystal Princess. Also Meghan McCarthy states she is a distant relative of Amore. And that means Cadance is part Crystal Pony. So here's my theory though it may sound a little silly. Princess Amore decided to take a break from the Crystal Empire and went on vacation and leave the Crystal Guards in charge of the empire. Sombra took over, Celestia and Luna banished him and he used the curse to transport the empire about 1,000 years into the future. And when Amore got back from her vacation, she noticed the empire was gone. On a side note Celestia also banished Luna shortly after they banished Sombra. Anyway Amore asked to stay with Princess Celestia. Celestia told her the next Crystal Princess will be whatever great granddaughter Amore has when the empire returns, in this case Cadance. Over the centuries Amore had children, grand children, great grandchildren, and so on until finally Cadance was born. And when the Empire was revived, Celestia sent a letter saying she is the new Crystal Princess. So that's my headcanon on the Crystal Empire and origins of Princess Cadance. It may sound weird or silly but that's what I can come up with.
  6. In my opinion, Equestria is too perfect. And that is a problem. I think Hasbro could show the rise of Equestria, against the evil forces that ponies had to combat to expand the empire. It could be more interesting. Showing the perfect economy and society of their actual world would soon lead to boredom. One could say: "But Equestria still has conflicts". I know. But those conflicts don't delevop the story as well as showing the formation of Empire. Let's be honest, 90% of the show are still mystery, and that actual conflicts don't solve less than 11%. Just think about it. I will understand any critics around that topic.
  7. Which star wars faction do you side with? Luke Skywalker and the rebels? Or Darth Vader and the Empire?
  8. Assuming the Alicorn Princess Skyla is Cadence and Shining Armor's child, I would think of this: what if she became Queen/Empress of Equestria in her later years? In this proposed fanfic, set in a time 2 to 3 millenia after the events of MLP:FiM, after the deaths of Celly, Luna, and Twily of either battle or old age, Equestria is now an empire, with an adult Skyla as its Empress. Her aging empire had to face enemies within and without, ranging from billions of dissidents to a resurgent Crystal Empire. Can you share me some tips and ideas for the fanfic? Otherwise, I shall rather abandon it.
  9. Behold! the Princess Twiligh Sparkle! We got Solar Empire, New Lunar Republic, Royal Hive, Candence Oligarchy and Discord Anarchy... so what shall Twilight Sparkle's faction be called? Reunited Equestrian Kingdom? Twilight Theocracy? --Tahirih
  10. So the trailer for SillyFillyStudios' (The creators of Snowdrop) newest project was re-released a few days ago. Apparently there were problems with the original upload, but nevertheless, you can find it here: I honestly think that this looks like it'll be fantastic. The animation looks great, the voice acting is spot on, and it seems dark and foreboding, something very few pony fan animations are. And sword fighting. I like sword fighting. But enough from me! What do you guys think of the trailer? Does it look good? Bad? Kill it with fire bad? I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
  11. Songbrony is a supporter for the New Lunar Republic. I, like a grateful subject of our goddess, support our mighty Solar Empire. We met one day to discuss some things, and found our dicussion turned to a heated arguement. Following is the transcript of said arguement (Two quick note. First off. The whole thing started with Songbrony and me arguing over which princess looked better in a bikini. The first couple of links we sent were those, and even though they were not very scandalous, I don't want the mods after me again so I omitted the links from this conversation. Second, I want to point out this was all just a fun little game we were playing. Don't tear each other up over this.) 4:06:11 PMAnonyPoni I shall say this 4:06:28 PMAnonyPoni that our goddess Celestia 4:06:37 PMAnonyPoni Looks hot in a bikini 4:06:37 PMAnonyPoni 4:06:47 PMAnonyPoni and thus should rule equestria 4:06:47 PMAnonyPoni 4:08:18 PMSongbrony Prepare to be proven wrong 4:08:21 PMSongbrony <link omitted> 4:08:35 PMAnonyPoni I stand uncorrected 4:09:07 PMAnonyPoni As it seems the great internets have not been able to give an answer! 4:09:18 PMSongbrony No. YOU HAVE BEEN PROVEN WRONG!! 4:09:28 PMSongbrony :3 4:09:53 PMAnonyPoni You ask them to prove to me that Luna looks better in a Bikini 4:09:54 PMAnonyPoni but 4:10:03 PMAnonyPoni all the internets can reply 4:10:03 PMAnonyPoni is 4:10:12 PMAnonyPoni "404 not found" 4:11:30 PMSongbrony <link omitted> 4:11:50 PMAnonyPoni The Great Internets have spoken again! 4:12:03 PMAnonyPoni Again we ask, in curiosity, that same question 4:12:15 PMAnonyPoni and again, it answers with the same answer. 4:12:40 PMSongbrony <link omitted> 4:12:47 PMSongbrony HERE! IT WORKS NOW 4:13:35 PMAnonyPoni <link omitted> 4:14:03 PMAnonyPoni The internets finally give an answer, to humor those who support her 4:14:28 PMAnonyPoni yet we strong sujects of our goddess, send a rebuttal! 4:14:49 PMSongbrony And thy rebuttal is pitiful! 4:16:04 PMAnonyPoni Thou hast the audacity to face us? 4:16:20 PMAnonyPoni Thou shalt feel the WRATH of our goddess! 4:16:22 PMAnonyPoni <link omitted> 4:17:21 PMSongbrony We have the strength to defeat all who oppose us! The Changelings are with us, the Griffons, and the NLR! Vampires, Lycans, and Walkers all fight the one true queen, PRINCESS LUNA! RULER OF THE NIGHT! 4:17:40 PMSongbrony THY INSULT US?! YOU SHALL DIE IN BATTLE!! 4:18:50 PMAnonyPoni AH! But Celestia 4:18:50 PMAnonyPoni <link omitted> 4:19:30 PMAnonyPoni Our goddess has multiple universes under her hoof 4:20:02 PMAnonyPoni From the Spartans to the Gears 4:20:22 PMAnonyPoni from the Assassins to the Whale Empire 4:20:23 PMSongbrony We have the Doctor. We have stealth and precision. 4:20:32 PMSongbrony From the Dragon Riders 4:20:47 PMSongbrony to the Wizards of Old. 4:21:09 PMAnonyPoni from powerful Military of Amareica 4:21:23 PMAnonyPoni to the powerful navy at Stalliongrad 4:21:42 PMAnonyPoni FROM THE Water tribes of Poles! 4:21:55 PMAnonyPoni to THE Shapers of Earth in land 4:22:09 PMSongbrony The Dialeks of Skaro, and the Cybermen. Amareica is split. Those who oppose us in our right, shall perish. The navy is useless. The Fire nation as sided with us 4:22:12 PMSongbrony you have no hope 4:22:27 PMAnonyPoni from the KID, the lone survivor of the Calamity 4:22:40 PMAnonyPoni to Link, the Hero of TIME 4:24:33 PMAnonyPoni From the Element of Harmony 4:24:36 PMAnonyPoni to Discord 4:24:43 PMAnonyPoni god of chaos 4:25:08 PMAnonyPoni the gods of Olympus rush to help their fellow goddess 4:25:14 PMAnonyPoni as does the Asgard 4:25:27 PMSongbrony What you don't know, is that twilight is already ours. Fluttershy is ours and discord has chosen us, to save her 4:25:50 PMSongbrony The Time Lords of Old, blood thirsty with war, The Santaurans who gladly die in battle. Snake, Richard the Seeker, The Moroi and the Strigoi, 4:25:59 PMSongbrony All have chosen wisely 4:26:41 PMSongbrony Unlike the ignorant Sun Empire, who choose little ponies to do their work, who chooses their subjects to complete dangerous tasks. 4:27:00 PMSongbrony The Wonderbolts, Equestria's greatest ariel ponies, have sided with us. 4:27:25 PMAnonyPoni Ah, but the Lunar Empire is a ruse 4:27:31 PMAnonyPoni For that is what it is 4:27:34 PMAnonyPoni an Empire 4:28:04 PMAnonyPoni no republic, for which it stands, would stand fast against the Solar Empire 4:28:15 PMAnonyPoni for the Citizens have chosen 4:28:23 PMAnonyPoni they have chosen to live in harmony 4:28:44 PMAnonyPoni for we have found the route to where the Greeks called "nowhere" 4:28:47 PMAnonyPoni Utopia 4:29:39 PMAnonyPoni Thy Lunar Republic is nothing more than a ruse! To snatch power from those who it promises it! 4:30:10 PMAnonyPoni Our Empire is strong. It has embraced popular rule 4:30:44 PMAnonyPoni not the fragmented confederacy that is the Lunar Republic 4:30:54 PMAnonyPoni for Our Empire is Great. 4:31:12 PMAnonyPoni we stand not as many, but as all part of one 4:31:41 PMAnonyPoni for the Lunar Confederacy shall fall onto it's own sword 4:31:50 PMAnonyPoni if it does not fall on Celestia's 4:32:47 PMAnonyPoni Even the Malumai, thy creatures of the night 4:32:51 PMSongbrony The New Lunar Republic will listen to voices of the people. Utopia? Does Utopia have ponies galloping around blassting their talents like they're better? Do the Changelings attack and harm innocent ponies in a Utopia? Does Discord wreak chaos in Utopia? NEIGH I SAY! The NLR wish to give power back to the ponies! No more of your pathetic hold on power, never wanting to give up. The NLR will unite all kingdoms of the world, in one big council, one big country, one that will protect all from the dangers that the Solar Empire has brought up. Our numbers grow every second. What was one princess on the moon, has turned to hundreds, then to thousands, and is now millions strong. We'll strike everywhere 4:32:56 PMSongbrony Have sided with us 4:33:22 PMAnonyPoni have sided with the confederacy for their own personal gain 4:33:39 PMAnonyPoni for if the stronghold that is the Empire fades 4:34:08 PMAnonyPoni Thy Creatures of the night shall come in, and rip thy throat from thy neck 4:34:13 PMAnonyPoni shall come as a cancer 4:34:33 PMAnonyPoni shall slit the throats of those they call brothers 4:34:38 PMAnonyPoni those they call sisters 4:34:47 PMAnonyPoni those they call countrymen 4:34:56 PMAnonyPoni those they call comrades 4:34:56 PMSongbrony The Malumai have always stayed loyal to the night. Never have they wished to be ruled under the Tyrant of Celestia. Always listening, always watching. Never forgetting what the tyrant has done to their leader. 4:35:44 PMAnonyPoni and shall, as histories cycle, retake the land they claim as theirs 4:35:45 PMSongbrony Our goal is not to harm innocent ponies. Thy civillians shall be safe, as they have no control over such a tyrant. Under us, they have a voice, a chance to say what has to be said 4:36:36 PMAnonyPoni Every tyrant claims to let the ponies speak, but the lust of power is far to great for those unqulaifies 4:36:56 PMAnonyPoni But our Goddess, wise and true, stands above all else 4:37:17 PMAnonyPoni Our commonwealth agrees 4:37:33 PMSongbrony Under us, the Griffons, the Changelings, the Diamond Dogs, the Dialeks, the poor, the rich, the disabled, all will have a voice in what happens. 4:37:54 PMAnonyPoni for no Dictatorship of the Proletariat can speak for themselves 4:38:48 PMAnonyPoni As is the propaganda that the Republic wishes to feel it's ponies 4:39:35 PMSongbrony All shall stand with us. And none who oppose shall live. We have eyes everywhere. Those who are closest to you, are the ones you should fear most. 4:43:06 PMAnonyPoni The Republic shall fall. It shall fall as the weak and tired knees of the poor ponies it rests its burden on crumble under the weight of those who promised them freedom. As it falls, its confederate states shall jump to save themselves, only to be locked in their petty war of retribution. All we must do.... is wait *End Transmission* (note to mods: I thought it would be more fun for everypony to put this in the lounge than a blog post. thank you)
  12. Here's the lyrics to an upcoming eurobeat I plan to create The Test Key: F minor/F# minor Time Signature: 8/4 Verse 1 An Empire is in grave danger Who’s gonna stand to stop the one The only Great King Sombra From shrouding the lightness into dark Verse 2 This is her chance, the only one To protect to lowly empire Give it all the joy that it really needs To fend off Great King Sombra Prelude to Chorus One chance, one choice To fight, to win To pass the test before us now! Chorus (modeled off Failure Success Song) How can I pass this test before me? Do I have what it takes to Face my fears, swallow my pride and Defeat the evil one? I must be strong I must be brave I must not let everypony down When I fall I’ll get back up For the word depends on me, Yeah! (Short Synth Solo) Verse 3 The legend says this empire Was full of cheerfulness and joy Until evil sprouted out the hole And covered it in sadness and fear Verse 4 The Crystal heart was what they used To keep the joy alive and clear And if it falls in evil hands The darkness reigns forevermore (Pinkie Pie: Forrreeeveeerrr) Prelude to Chorus One chance, one choice To fight, to win To pass the test before us now! (Twilight: THE WOLD DEPENDS ON IT!) Chorus (modeled off Failure Success Song) How can I pass this test before me? Do I have what it takes to Face my fears, swallow my pride and Defeat the evil one? I must be strong I must be brave I must not let everypony down When I fall I’ll get back up For the word depends on me, Yeah! (Dubstep for 8 bars) (Light repeated cadence) One chance! (echo) One choice! (echo) To fight! (echo) To pass the test before me now! (Hold “now” for four beats, cut on 5) (Twilight Sparkle: FOR EQUESTRIA!) (Key Change to F# minor) Last Chorus I gave it all I had and passed! The great test before me! Victory screams loud and clear! Shining bright and gloriously! The enemy is crushed and down! The Crystal Empire safe and sound My friends believe that I could do The test behind me now! (Hold now for 8 bars. Lower voice should harmonize with the cadence) (Final long synth solo) (Syncopated outro)