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Found 10 results

  1. I usually hear from non-watchers that they believe Bronies are non-working cellar dwelling loners. I'm keen to bust this myth as I know Bronies who have quite successful careers. I'm quite curious to hear what the community does for a living. I for one am a graphic design in a small firm. It's pretty awesome, I even sneak in some cheeky pony fan art on the quite hours.
  2. Well first off i did 3 searches and didnt find it so I'm sorry if posted Most of us have a form of employment, just wondering were do you work, what shift do you work (optional) how much you make, you know stuff lile that about your job As for me I'm an overnight baker and maintainance man for a Canadian coffee chain. The job sucks but it pays the bills
  3. The title is self-explanatory. Who else here is unemployed and how are you enjoying/loathing it? Feel free to rant about your previous job or about our economy in general. :3
  4. What jobs are there in Equestria
  5. Anypony have a job or career? Share if you want, I'm curious. Right now I am a temp in the HR department of my county, but I have been commissioned to write music, and been paid for some costume jewelery I have made. Hope this topic isn't taken already
  6. (Did a quick search, didn't find a thread like this, if so, sowwy) Fun story happened to me today at work.... (I work at a sports bar/restaurant) So here I am just cleaning up a table with a bunch of plates and cups in my arms, and this lady asks me "Excuse me, can you get our waitress?" and I say "Sure, can you remember her name?" (They say "Hi my name is ____ I'll be taking care of you" and repeat it again at the end of greeting) and then she gives me this death look like I insulted her and her family and she said "*Huff* Uhh excuse me....? No, why the hell would I (heavily emphasized) need to know something like that, thats your job, now go find her, *whispered* I swear kids dont know any respect these days" I told her "My apologies, I'll go find her..." Turns out she asks everyone that walks past her table including my manager within like 30 seconds where I had to put all these dishes away. She complained to my manager about being rude and lazy too (which he knew she was over exaggerating) So do you have any odd/funny work related stories? I have a ton I could post, and I'll post a few here and there when I remember them/am not awake at 1:15AM.
  7. Source: Evolv and The Wharton School use ‘big data’ to predict when you will quit your job (VentureBeat) Take a read through that article. From a technological perspective, what Evolv has come up with in their algorithm is pretty impressive - apparently, it can predict with stunning accuracy how loyal a prospective employee will be to a company. It raises some far-reaching implications, however: corporations and large companies are already perceived as soulless conglomerates that run after only one thing - getting as much money as possible for as little risk as possible (how true that is is another topic for another time, but that is what most people seem to think of big companies). Will widespread adoption of algorithm-based employment revolutionize business by matching people to their dream jobs at companies they'll work really well with, or will it only make the unemployed feel even more faceless and uncared-for?
  8. Sweden and possibly Australia are to experiment with this for a year. Source article here: Aside from this being much less straining for all of us as workers, there may be benefits to employers as well and even the economy at large as this could mean more job openings to get money circulating more. Here are some points for employers to consider. And those would be the basic points this source is trying to get across. More jobs for the economy in an increasingly automated economy, more productivity and efficiency from workers and less sick days resulting from greater employee health. Definitely something to keep an eye on because the success or failure of this experiment will have some profound implications that could change the lives of billions of people both in this generation and beyond.
  9. How did your first experience go when you wore your My Little Pony T-Shirt outside anywhere public? What happened? looks, events, conversations, etc. I just now, today, got back from wearing my "Derpy is Best Pony" T-Shirt from school, and it was pretty awesome the whole time. I can recall that I heard some girl say "Why is he wearing a Unicorn shirt...?" while I was walking to the bus. I wanted to say "It isn't a Unicorn it's a pegasis, see the wings? " but I wouldn't say anything like that, and I just kept onto the bus. I met another Brony today, he's pretty cool! and I showed another Brony friend my Derpy shirt and we just Brohoofed and watched Sweety Belle troll on youtube during lunch. T'was a fine day indeed. Didn't get teased or Bullied, but if I did i'd just Love and Tolerate the Buck out of em'. I'll defintely be wearing Derpy again later in the year, when I don't look like Snow Flake with my unwanted Buzz Cut.
  10. For a while now we've all known about the instability of our real-world economy. I don't quite remember how I got to thinking about it, but going off of this, there's something that stands out to me is Friendship is Magic: There are always jobs for ponies. Celestia must have gotten the system right, because unemploment is at an all-time low in Ponyville (if only the same could be said for reality... Celestia for President, anypony? With Luna as VP, perhaps?) In fact... Now this would be cool... What if there's never been a pony unable to find a job? The only exception being, ponies that don't want to work (as Granny Smith says, "lazy daisies"). Maybe, if one were to get into larger cities like Manehattan, poverty might be a little more prevalent. But I doubt anypony would be turned away if they were eagerly and readily seeking employment. Unless they proved extremely bad at the job, of course: This leads me to believe that most ponies either get jobs or start up businesses based on their cutie mark, i.e. their special talent/life's calling, and the skills that come with such a talent. Surely I can't be the only one who noticed how smoothly the job market operates in Equestria? Let me know how you think ponies get jobs, or how Princess Celestia runs things so smoothly, or how the Cakes EVER let as hyperactive a pony as Pinkie work in their shop?! (Lol just kidding Who doesn't love Pinkie Pie enough to say "No job for you!")