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Found 6 results

  1. I wanted to make this thread to not only talk about our flaws, but to find ways to fix them. ^^ I’m really big into self growth and I believe in being an active participant in life's journey than to passively float by and leave it up to chance. That being said, what are your flaws and in what way(s) can you work on improving yourself in this area? I’ll go first. I struggle with self confidence. Walking up and talking to new people makes me pretty nervous and this is something that I want to fix. What I can do is practice counterphobia -- doing what I fear. I doubt there is a way to get around it Challenging myself to strike up a conversation will not only increase my confidence but desensitize myself to this fear over time. Enough about me -- what are your flaws and what can you do to improve?
  2. I myself have severe generalized anxiety disorder(that in my opinion should have been diagnoses as panic disorder, but I was already on some medication when they officially diagnosed me, so they never saw it's true severity) and pretty bad depression. I was wondering if any of you guys have battled or are currently battling any mental illnesses. If you're not comfortable opening up about it in full detail, that's totally okay. But if you want to talk about it, how has it affected your life? What are some things you do to make yourself better? And do you have any tips or words of encouragement for the others here? Hugs to everyone who replies and everyone who doesn't reply but still deals with these things! You're all super strong and amazing people, and I'm proud of you!
  3. While there is a 'Give a Compliment to the person above you' Forum Games thread, I thought it'd be nice if there was also a place where you can freely compliment any member- including members that haven't posted on this thread- and even ask for compliments if you need a bit of encouragement Any kind of compliment is welcome, though of course the more thought-out they are, the better. Happy complimenting!
  4. I'm wondering if this topic can be a thread where we talk about things we would like to accomplish in the limited amount of free time we get in our 24-hour days. Some of those hours have to be spent sleeping, and some of those hours are spent on responsibilities such as work, school, or family/household responsibilities. Perhaps you can explain your situation of how much free time you tend to have, and what you do with whatever X amount of hours you get. Do you feel like what you do makes you happy? You don't have to detail your personal situation if you do not want to. Is there something that you keep saying you will do for a feeling of personal acheivement, such as drawing, reading, writing, learning about something... that you tend to end up not doing because you did some more idle or distracty activity, or were too afraid of not doing it so great? Sometimes I am afraid of drawing because they might turn out wimpy-looking and I will have to look at characters looking misshapen and not interesting. Today I solidly drew for two separate hours. I drew Minka Mark, the monkey from Littlest Pet Shop, on te same piece of paper as an earlier Blythe Baxter drawing, and made sure to draw her at a size properly proportioned with Blythe. And then I drew some of Sunil before retiring from drawing, for the day it appears now, at 3pm. I feel more alive than I did yesterday for doing that. I have a chime on my watch that beeps once every hour to remind me that an hour has passed. After that, I assess what I did that hour.
  5. Everyone has something that motivates them to achieve their goals. Whether it be encouragement from friends and family or dreaming of seeing yourself at the top. Either way, there is something that gets you going and gives you a reason to keep pushing on. So, I ask all of you, what is it? What is it that gives you that surge of energy to continue, no matter how grim the circumstances seem for you? The courage to face your greatest fears? The persistence to keep trying until you reach the top? Sounds a bit too dramatic, huh?
  6. We all know about the MASSIVE amount of hate we've been getting over the past few months. Insults, exclusion, and, in rare cases, beatings over the show we love. Yeah, there's been actual BEATINGS. I've seen bronies from other forums leave in a panic for their safety. Let's take a moment to remember our fallen comrades and fight against hate for those who didn't/couldn't.