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Found 4 results

  1. Treble Bolt

    How To Con

    Ok, I am going to my first Con ever in my life (MLP-MSP), and have been digging around the internet and this forum to try to find a concise or at least clearer topic as to how to prepare for a convention of really any kind. I am fairly eccentric, but my social skills have been quite dulled over the past few years because I went from fairly large high school (over 2000 students) to a teeny tiny town of about 130 whom I rarely converse with at all. I am not very in tune with the hustle and bustle of cities and people and really feel like my adulthood is still something I am growing into (I'm 23 and married, but yet I ordered my first pizza delivery last year as a small but IMO a significant example. Registering for the hotel for MLP-MSP is actually the first time I've ever booked a hotel room too). So as far as MLP-MSP goes, I am super excited, yet quite terrified at the same time. I won't back down because I've been waiting 6 months (I registered and got everything set up back in January), but I worry my fears and stress may get to me. So, if anything, I want this to be like "How to Pony Con; for Noobs" Post anything you think would be valuable for those who are planning to go to their first Con (I am sure I'm not the only one with such fears). Anything you wish you had brought, how much money would be wise to start off with that isn't part of the registration and hotel booking, how to find like-minded fans, what to be prepared for, and really anything else you have learned and wish to have others know so that they can all enjoy themselves and have fun to the utmost! To me, this Con will be a stepping stone in my life to whole different world. I've never met another brony IRL, and I've always wanted to go an anime Con but never did because anime is such a vast medium with diverse genres that it's too overwhelming. But a Brony Convention....MLP is a huge part of my life now, and due the miniscule amounts of media I consume, MLP is pretty much everything that isn't anime. MLP is the first thing I've ever been a fan of, and I just want to make the most of it without my anxiety and ill-feelings get in the way.
  2. C. Thunder Dash

    Music "Better Ways" Lyrics

    For Verse 1 They can make you soar They can drag you down They can make you feel like your the best Or make you feel like the worst Verse 2 If you feel like trash 'Cause someone said something And the anger is risin' You wanna yell back at them Prelude To Chorus But just stop and think Words are very powerful They can bring back to life Or kill with a shot Chorus There are better ways Better ways to say what you need to say Better ways Better ways to say what you need to say Just stop and think For there are better ways Verse 3 Sittin' in my bedroom Feeling like I'm worthless 'Cause somebody said something That broke me down Verse 4 They could've said "You did great out there" But they said "You worthless punk" Which broke me down to the core Feel like I wanna end it all Prelude to Chorus Could've just stop and think Words are very powerful They can bring back to life Or kill with a shot Chorus There are better ways Better ways to say what you need to say Better ways Better ways to say what you need to say Just stop and think For there are better ways Bridge 'Cause you're worth more than gold No one can compare They don't have the right To say that trash they say For there are... Final Chorus Better ways Better ways to say what you need to say Better ways Better ways to say what you need to say Just stop and think For there are better ways Written on the spot ~Thunder-Dash
  3. You will never see the world through my eyes. Or I through yours. What right is there to call anyone strange, stupid, or misguided? Every action and decision is individually justified, but you would never know that by looking at everyone as though looking at a mirror. I have somewhat of a motto, which I have posted and shared around frequently; some of you may have seen it before: “With patience comes understanding, with understanding comes peace.” I would now like to alter and add to it to be a bit more specific “With comprehensive patience in observation and learning comes comprehensive understanding, and with understanding comes peaceful relations.” Sometimes it takes more than the submissive “Let’s agree to disagree” approach to be truly at peace with the world. Why not agree to seek understanding, and agree not only to be of a differing opinion but to take the opposing completely into account, allowing it to influence and move your own approach, therefore settling upon a harmonious medium with our fellow people? “With understanding comes peace,” I have found this to be true time and time again. If peace can ever truly be realised, it cannot be through closing doors.
  4. Surounded by darkness A blanket like sleep Day ends and night begins The mortal soul weeps The terror of longing And nightmares awake The fear creeping over The heart quickens pace However a sight shows It's beautiful name The light of a new day Rises from the grave With brightness arisen It's seen through the black the night ends it's tale Fear is driven back Sun rises from slumber The faintest of smiles Now grows into joy for a day without trial No fear lasts a lifetime All horror's will end A light for a new day Will show you amend (Authors comments) Life can be a real difficult thing to handle some times. Lost loved ones, mistreatment, even simple depression. However the one thing that always helped me pull through these times of trouble was remembering that no bad thing lasts forever. I always imagined it like night and day. You dread the night for it's darkness or it's lack of time to yourself, but you always remember it ends eventually. The sun always rises, and like that, you can rely on the good things in life rising as well.