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Found 9 results

  1. Prolog: It’s has been 2 ½ months since it all really started. At first it was reported as a new kind of disease like swine flu or rabies that was making humans and animal’s go crazy and attack. They told people to stay away from sick animals and to get there flu shots. I worked at a supermarket and I have seen way too many zombies movies to believe something like that was really happing, but I got prepared incase my idea of zombies was correct. I also as you can see started keeping a journal. October 6-10 There are now lots of stories on the news of people attacking other people and animal attacks. There was also a report of a cop that was attacked and the cop kept shooting this person but they did not go down until a head shot was used. Most people did not take it for what it is and like sheep believed the world governments when they called it a mass outbreak of panic and not worry about it. I started buying cart full of non-perishable from work. I saw there was a storm coming and I wanted to be ready. November 2 Everything has gone NUTS today!! An air force lieutenant colonel and a marine major general (we found out who they were later because they called it a hoax) sent a tape to CNN and posted it on YouTube. They were in south west Asia and it showed a base being overrun with attackers. As the cameraman pans around you see soldiers and other personal making a run to anything that is flying. There is also a guy shooting a M2 HB mounted on a HMMWV laying down cover before making a run to a Chinook and then the tape cuts to inside to a helicopter. The cameraman then points out a window when someone yells about something on the ground and then zooms in on a school and you see it being attacked by a large group of adults and kids are being attacked. The tape ends with a child getting pulled apart and being eaten alive. November 6-10 Everyone now after seeing that is buying guns, food, gas and anything they think they need. The store is empty of everything and there is talk of martial law being used oversea and that some places in the US it’s already in place. Forced evacuations are already happening. November 23 The cops have are going home to home now and making people leave there homes. The disease is now here. I saw an old woman running down a cop and eat his face off today! For anyone that does not have a car or a way to get out of town, they are being picking up and taken to the gray hound bus terminal and it a mad house there. As I was standing in line for a bus, the cops pulled someone that is sick out of line. A few mins later I hear a scream and I turn around and see an infected running into the line of people attacking anyone it can get. A cop was lining up a shot with a 12ga but before he could take the shot an infected jump on him out of nowhere. Not really caring about if the cops shoot me or take my gun, I draw my S&W 6906 and drop it with a head shot. After the shot the cops are yelling to people to get on a bus and leave because more are coming and the army is pulling out of the area. I got on broad but there is a not seat for a woman holding a baby. I give up my seat and the driver tells me this is the last ride out and if I get off I will be left here. The woman was worriedly looking at me too. I tell them “Nehemiah 4:14, beside I got my gun and the strong should always help the weak”. I got off with my gun ready and the bus leaves with its police escort. I am left there and I hear more of them coming this way and I start to run back to my Apt. December 01 My mom called me on the cell and she made it to the safe zone. She had got on one of the bus before mine bus. I tell her in her luggage there is a loaded folding kel tec 2000 with 5 loaded 33 round mags and I asked her does she remember how to use it and she says yeah. I asked about the safe zone. “It somewhere in the mid-west and the camp is a super max prison that was being build when all this happen” she says. “Why did you not get on the bus? Are you safe were you are at? Have you been eating? What are you going do” she asks me. I tell her it was a woman with a baby or me. I have been hiding in our upstairs Apt. and just watch T.V, playing left for dead (LOL) and checking the internet. I had before all this happen got a lot of food and stuff from work. I have 25 case of water , 1 pallet of cans goods, all kinds of other goods, my marlin 783 with 2-12xscope and 5,000 22mag rounds, my CCW Smith & Wesson 6906 and a 500 9mm rounds and the power and water are still is on. “What about the infected? “She asked me. I tell her “they stay in the city mostly and near were the people were. I saw about 20 today and I got one from the roof with my rifle. I can stay here for some time”. My mom keeps going on about me not being there and I get mad and tell her it was like the fall of Saigon. I gave up my seat so that woman could make it. I got a lots of both ammo and food and as long as the power is on it all good. Hanging up and check that everything is still locked up and I start crying (yes men cry). I miss her; I miss everything like it was. I did not tell her that I have been sick and I am waiting to see what happens. December 9 I scope out the city of Tampa from atop the Gandy Bridge going to Tampa. I can see the see the way is clear of them and I checked my gear one more time before moving on. I am on my moped and So far the infected are not around but, I want to get over there before they show up. I had got up today to do a predawn raid of MacDill Air Force Base because of what’s been happing. Two days ago I had saw jets flying over the city and they bombed the stadium which had been a hot spot for them( when people first started to get sick it was used as a mass hospital ) and that made up my mind to make a run for the safe zone. Also the power, cell, and water are off now. I had heard in the past that the base had a large store of weapons and I am going to stock up before I go. When I got within range of the base I can see cars block the front road in and also the infected have hear the moped and are coming my way. Look like I going to have to use the wade in the water backway in, I hope I would not have to do this (I hate the cold). The living infected as I call them doesn’t like the water but slow infected are like zombies. They will walk along the bottom and pull you under. I really don’t want to do this because it’s still dark out but I ride down to the docks and park my ride. I leave the keys right there if someone after me wants it and jump into the waist deep water holding my rifle over my head to keep it dry. I moves as fast as I can and I look back to see about 70 of them on the dock looking around for where I was and there is also a few dead ones in the water right on my tail. I made it to the rear of the base and there is a new higher fence there now. Cussing a lot, I started climbing the 12 foot high fence. After I made it over, I look back and see the zombies are at the fence but they can’t push it over or climb it. Smiling a little, I go first to the armory and find nothing in there. Angry I walk the base and finds some BDU’s in the air forces exchange and nothing else. I pick out some BDU in my size and added an E-5 Staff Sergeant Insignia so it will be easier to move around if I see any Armed forces. Its 2:30pm now and with my new gear on I walk to the runway too see something to take. The front of the base was a mess with shell casings and holes were claymores had gone off. Bodies are everywhere and I slowly clear my way his to a M109A3 Shop Van that is parked next to a little bird helicopter. I get to it and the keys right in the three (What’re ya stealing stranger). When I started it up, some very loud hard rock stats playing from an IPod someone had hooked up in the truck. I tried to turn it off but a zombie tries pulling me out of the truck and I pulled out my 9mm and shot the grabber in the head. I then jump back in and floors it. I plowed down anything that got in my way looking for a way off the base. I saw some of the fences are down in one place near the main road and make a run for it. I drove over the downed fence and go back to the bridge and head back to my base. December 12 I have spent these last two days getting the truck ready, making sure I have all the fuel I need and just making sure everything is good to go. As I was sitting in this mansion I took over (We are the 99%) eating breakfast I had the radio on and a broad casts comes on about the outbreak. “The apocalyptic pandemic has hit everywhere. Europe, Mexico, and Australia have gotten the worst of it. The US, what is left of Africa, China and about 25 different countries have banned together to fight this sickness. All those that die from the sickness should be burned as soon as possible because they will rise again and attack. For some reason the living sick will die just like a human and stay dead but things that were already dead or die within the 1st month of the outbreak get back up as a slow moving zombie. Aim for the head to put the zombie down because it the only way to killed them.” Next a scientist that said he was from fort detricks said “it both air born and blood born. Both humans and most animals can get sick and that sick human or animals should be killed on sigh. The dead zombies for lack of a better name attack both the living and the infected but will not attack the walking dead. The infected are very fast and can run down a human, when the infected is an animal it the same thing. They mostly don’t move in groups unless there is food around. The zombies are very slow only moving at 2mph but move in very large groups. They are easy to get around but don’t rest and can walk on the bottom of bodies of water to get to their targets” I turned it off when a debate started about if this is god cleaning the world of evil and I finish he food. I got my rifle ready and headed up to the roof to clear out my hood. I saw this girl running down the street being chased by 3 infected. I started cussing again and started dropping these infected. When I started shooting the girl looked up and saw me on the roof and headed for my home. I laid down some cover fire down until I hear her kicking on the door and I slide down the ladder and unlock the door to let her in. As soon as I lock the door , I pull my 9mm and tell her to turn around so I can take a good look at this girl to make sure she is not sick or anything odd. I yelled at her “are you sick or got any bites! Cause if you can do , you can go right back outside if you are” She started crying and I felted a little bad about that and I gave her a hug and told her “it’s ok now “and “how sorry I was for kind of yelling at her”. After she stops crying, I started talking to her because I had a lot of questions and I have not seen anyone in 2 weeks (also I get nervous around girls). 1st I ask “why are you dress as a school girl, what is your name and how are still alive?’’ she tells me “well my name is Alex, I am 18 years old and I was at my school hiding cause there was lots of food there”. I kept looking at Alex because she is very pale, her eyes look very odd and also there is a nice smell of vanilla around her. I told her about my plan to make a run for the safe zone and I ask if she can drive. I guess I was looking are her too hard cause, she smiles at me and said “you’re wondering why I am so pale right? Well it because I have a skin problem, I don’t like the sun so much and I can dive. My dad use to let me drive his dump truck, I can drive that thing out there”. Happy about what I had hear I told Alex I was going to take a nap and not to mess with my gear or gun and do not open the door. Alex looked at me with her doe eyes and told me she going to make me a meal. Before I got into bed I thought maybe I am too trusting, she could rob or kill me in my sleep and really I keep wondering about her eyes. But, you know she hot and dress as a school girl, how big of a danger could she be? I was asleep and was having a dream about how the world used to be when I started smelling that vanilla and see Alex in my dream. Alex looked at me and said “don’t freak out and don’t fight to hard and hurt yourself. We have some things you need to know and must hear.” I then felted weight on my body and woke up real fast only to see Alex is on top of me holding me down. (The 12th 3:50pm and VERY mad and going to kill her) I have no idea why she is so strong, but I know there is no way a girl of 18 that is 5’2 could hold down a 22 year out old man. We are face to face and I can see she has fangs like an animal in her mouth and I tried kicking her off but was like trying to move a car off of me. “You lying pebble , I going to kill you” I started yelling and looking for my 6906 but I can see someone has removed in from its holster and put way across the room. All Alex keep saying is “be still, we need to talk” but I kept trying to fight but, after 5 mins of kicking, yelling, and everything I could to get her off , I sees it pointless and gives up and stays still. “do what you want but, if you’re going to eat me, kill me first and do it fast and painless” I said to Alex and she smiles at me and said “if I let you go, you won’t try to go for that gun and you will listen to what I got to say” I nodded and she get off of me (your dead girl). I was going to go for it anyways but I can see the magazine was removed and she holds up the mag to prove a point (for anyone that does not know most smith and Wesson have a magazine disconnect which locks the gun unless there is a mag in it) “well what are you going to tell me? Because I need to know how you’re so strong and have fangs”. Alex tells me she comes from a world were monsters and magic is very real and her group is looking to make a deal with the human governments about fighting the infected. She is something called a changeling and her group were given the job of finding immune humans and getting them to the safe zone to find a cure for this. There is about 6-7,000 changelings and about the same number of dragon living in the US. This all started because about half of her kind started eating humans and this sickness came from her world and then she tells me she need to feed to. I was about to make a move when she grabs my wrist and said “don’t be no punk about this, I just need a little from you and I have not fed in days. We changings are psychic vampire and so we have no need to kill humans. In fact most of us never had killed anything”. I calmed down a little after she tells me that but I still am unsure about this. Alex then said with a flirting smile “after the mission is over you can ask ANYTHING you want of us and we will give you anything. We are seeking to end centuries of villains’ behaver and fear. Our leaders think it’s time to reveal to the world the existence of other worlds and we have a strong desire for both races to live together. We know there is going to be tensions and fearful humans and extremist in our factions might try to interfere with our wish for peace with the human world but this outbreak happen before in human history and this is the last time we think any of us will make it, if we don’t band together.” I ask “well how will the world governments react to this? “ She answers back” well Bernie Sanders or as he known in our world Star Swirl the Bearded is one of use and we have power in many places of the world. It won’t be easy but people will learn to live with it.’’ She stops and bears her fangs “well are we going to do this and get back to my base or do you want to ask more questions? I really need to feed; I have not had anything for over a week”. I look her in the eyes and then said “go ahead and do it”. She pushes me down hard with a kiss to the mouth and all the color goes from the world. The last thing I remember was feeling very sad and then nothing. (The 12 still and it 11:30pm with rain outside) I woke up after dark and I realized that I had passed out(I also have a bloody noise) I looked around the room and my gun is back on me and there is a smell some food cooking. I go looking for it and there is Alex sitting there with some grilled beef and corn on a plate and smoking. “I am sorry, I took too much but I needed it” Alex said. I just sit down and started eating because I was very hungry anyways. “Were you get this beef, it taste funny?’ I asked. Alex said “when you were passed out I looked for something for you to eat and found some clean beef; that is the left over’s. I also got some corn to.” I just ate and did not think about what else she did when he was out(I am also wearing clean cloths, my hair been wash and cut, and my gun been cleaned) . After I got done eating I asked “what is the plan?” Alex put out her smoke said “well you’re going to get a good night sleep and then we are going to my place. Get rearmed, stocked and pick up some friends and head for the safe zone. There is a lot of supplies at my place and I have some human helpers that can fix up your ride and make sure it’s good to go” likening what I heard and I go back to bed and sleep again. (December 13 10am) I woke up first and I started looking were Alex is at. I found her in a sleeping bag inside the bathroom and I unzip it and looked at her sleeping. Other than being a little pale she was looked like a super model. I felt her skin and it’s completely smooth in both directions, flawless and cold but I could get used to dating a woman like that. She woke up and asked “what were you doing?’” I answered back without sounding like a creeper “That was my first time kissing a girl and you’re very hot and also I wanted to see what a changing feels like”. Alex smiles at me and with a playful look said “Well after we get to the safe zone we can go out. You’re little crush on me make you taste better.” I just walked away and told her to get ready to move and I check the outside. It took her a half an hour to get ready and I had to help her put lotion on parts of her she could not get to (she said changeling have very dry skin). This was very hard because she kept making innuendos and messing with me but, I got it done. After making sure I did not leave anything behind I locked up. There were a few infected but I took care of them and they got into the truck and rolled out. When I was blacked out Alex had loaded the truck and also took out a lot of the infected in the area. She told me her place is in rural part of Port Richey and I turned on the iPod in the truck (I am still mad about all of this) Skillet – Monster starts playing (most of its rock) and I just look at her. She just told me were to drive and after about 30 miles we pull up to a gate guarded by a man with black water international patches on his gear holding a FNH M249 saw and after Alex got out and talked to him he opens the gate. Once we drive inside I see more private security contractors and this home was more of a fort. There is an 8 foot stone wall around the place and it’s topped with razor wire. There are hundreds of private security contractors everywhere and there is a 50cal mini gun on the roof of the building she pointed to pull up to. I asked Alex “this is your home and you need me?” She says nothing as she jumps down and a group of people come to the truck to meet her. Alex turns to me and tells me to follow her to get rearmed and her people well make sure everything is ready to go on the m35. She was walking fast and I had to run to keep up and I see this place is very nice and well stocked. Paintings are on most of the walls and this place was better than I had ever seen. I asked her “who are all these people in this place and why is this place so huge?” Alex just says very off handed “well I am 100 years old, so I had lots of time to make money. Everyone that is human here are our human helpers and I had to make my home a fort in case of attack. I own a private military company, a few class 3 guns stores , stock in BP and all kinds of stuff” she stop in front of a metal door and puts in a code and show me what is inside . This room is full of guns of all kinds of from AKs to hunting rifles and gear. She turns to me and said “pick out what you want and it yours. There is ammo in the back. Just make it quick cause you need to meet the other people who are coming with us”. I was like a kid in a candy store as I look around and pick up a LWRC International PSD Select Fire in 6.8mm SPC for my new rifle and add a Trigicon acos sights to it , a Para-Ordnance P14•4 Limited with a Blackhawk omega VI leg holster, replace my old pack with a new summit mini rhino and loaded a micro Uzi into it along with NVEC AN/PVS -7B Night Vision Goggles in the pack for night fighting and driving , I put on a ranger green Rifleman Chest Rig that holds 12 magazines and a 8 pistol magazine holder , I see some Peltor Maxim 2x2 Tactical Goggles and some peltor comtac iv head phones and I put them on too, and last put my Smith and Wesson 6906 into a pocket above my plate in my armor. I loaded up on the right ammo and magazines for my new gear and left to meet my new “friends” leaving my old stuff with a maid that was walking by. I told her I will be back for those (it’s my stuff after all) When I got back to the living room, Alex introduces me to the team. Everyone was dress in BDU’s or private security contractor’s civilian khakis 5.11 Covert Cargo Pants and boots. Alex said “well this person next to me with the FN SCAR Sniper Support Rifle is Lord Tirek. He is the master gunsmith, medical, and sniper for the team. These two healthy looking people are my Bodyguards, the big guy is Rolf and this is his wife Olava. They will be your bodyguards now and will make sure you don’t die”. I checked out there gear and see they all are very well armed. Lord Tirek is wearing a tan Phalanx Chest Rig with glock 18c in a leg holster with a Gladius on his back. Rolf and olava are both carry MK 48 MOD 1 with black hawk tactical LRAK M240/SAW Gunner Kit and have a battle axes on their backs. Alex is also carrying a LWRCI PSD and wearing a Tactical Assault Gears Rifleman Chest Rig but her is coyote tan and she carrying her para ordnance Super Hawg in a thigh rig with a Tactical Wakizashi on here back “What about Rolf and olava there human right? Why are they coming?” I ask. They all laughs like its joke and Rolf turns to me and says “were dragons, we can take on anything that you could think of. We were Vikings before we worked for her and now we protect this child” I looked them both over and I can see there reptile eyes behind there goggles and I saw a hint of fang when olava smiles at me. Before I can asking anything else Lord Tirek tells me he is going to take me to the range to teach me about these tools of death. I just nodded (he has horns on is head) and follow him to the range out back. Lord Tirek Said once I am loaded and ready to sight in “the 6.8mm SPC round can take out threats out to 300 meters and is capable of penetrating soft armor and hard barriers, such as cinder block walls. The incredible 6.8mm round give you the power of a battle rifle in a SMG size gun. The gun you are using is Select Fire so no need for fall auto shooting unless the enemy comes in real close. The Rate of Fire is 600 rpm so let’s get some rounds in human”. (December 17) We were cleaning our weapons today and Olava told me about why they’re here on earth. They come from a place called equestria a fantasy world we would call it. The earth is used as place of banishment for the worst villains of their world because there is very little magic here. Queen Chrysalis, Alex and the other changelings are a race of grotesque shape-shifting ponies that gain power by feeding off one love for another. They invaded the capitol city by impersonating a princess and tried to feed on all those there and were set here by the combined magic of two powerful ponies. Rolf and olava were to great and powerful dragons that were terrorizing the land and eating ponies. They were only stopped by Star Swirl the Bearded tricking them into following him into a portal. Lord Tirek is the worst in her words because he is just a tyrant that just wants to see the world burn. But she said they all want to change their evil past and they all see why what they did was so wrong. I asked when they all got here and she said “time is different on earth then equestria. Some of us have thousands of years between when we did our crimes but on earth that only few years.” I understand now, they seek redemption. I know why when I video chatted one of their leader Queen Chrysalis, she seem so sad. (December 20) After a week of training together, we are ready to move out on the mission at hand (they’re calling me the gunslinger because I never miss with my 6906). Before we were about to move out to the truck, Alex asked to talk to me about something. As the rest of the team got into the truck Alex said “don’t be alone with Lord Tirek unless you have to. Lord Tirek tried to steal all the magic in our home land and he loves killing humans. Stay away from him as much as you can, he is vicious and used to be a black legion solider. He was there at the Masada and he killed 150 people just because he hates humans so much. It’s the reason why my Bodyguards will watch your back” I asked “why is he coming then if he could kill me at any time? “ She looks at him and turns her head away “he is very powerful and I was order that he comes on this mission. Just take this and be careful”. She hands me lightsaber and said “it something from my world and it runs on magic. The spell on it means the energy blade won’ t cut its owner ” I nerd out as a put it on my gear and Alex starts telling me about how to use the GPS and that army will be look for us. After I see how it works she gives me a hug and tells me “be careful out there and don’t be a hero. I don’t want your death on my shoulders”. All I can say is ok (girl’s smells really good) and then we go to the truck. The M109A3 Shop Van has some things add to it and looks cool. There is a Remotely-operated Weapon Stations mounted on vehicle with a General Dynamics GAU-19/B .50 Cal Gatling Gun, armor was add, it been restock with things for all members of the party and there is a large plow on the front of it. I got into the driver seat and olava get in on the passers side and we start out the gate of the super mansion and head north. Olava see the iPod and puts on Åge Aleksandersen - Min dag and starts sing alone with it. I don’t know what the future holds or how the world is going to be after people find out about all of this but, with time and maybe a little hope, this out break will be a thing of the past and it will be normal to see other worldly beings. (January 20 at the Canadian defense line air temp -30 Celsius) I have not had time to write because everything has been so crazy. We made it to lab and they use other immune and myself to make a cure for this but, Tirek turned on us. He used some kind of evil magic not only to call all the infected to our base but also he did something to the earth's atmosphere. It now getting very cold and dark these days and what is let of the humans in North America has been moved passed the Canadian border. Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra have a plan to open a worldwide portal back to their world and take what let of the human race with them. It’s going to take a month to get the spell ready and all we have to do is hold out. I will kill Tirek for what he has done before I leave this earth (I have a bullet with his name on it). As I am writing this I am sitting in my truck manning the GAU-19 Gatling Gun and I have killed about hundreds of thousands of zombies in the last three hours. There is a band called the Dazzlings (I am told they’re sirens) this has been singing and there enchanting singing has been keeping lots of people from losing it. One of the singers Sonata Dusk has been flirting with me and that is something I can’t deal with. The end of the world, zombies, and evil bad guys no problem. Women, I have no idea. Anyways, there are only about 150 million total living humans left in all the Americas. Anyone below the Canadian defense line is dead or a zombie. Australia, the Asian continent, most of Europe and Africa are all dark and we don’t think anyone is left (before the Middle East fell someone set off some tactical nukes). Anywhere were it did not get really cold in the winter already is lost now. I hear the call to arms, there getting ready to hit our lines again. If I make it, I have earned at least a date with an A list star. (February 18 outside of Washington, DC) Everything is ready for what is left of the human race to leave earth. The other teams worldwide have got their portals ready and everything is set but there is one last thing to do, kill Tirek. It is a suicide mission and I was going to go anyways but, I am going to have some help. Rolf, Olava, a few of the black water guys and me were planning our attacked in the war room and a USSOCOM commander overheard us and said he wanted it. He used what left of the reconnaissance satellites to find him (he was in the white house just like a super villain) and we made the plan to use helicopter gunships and B-52s to bomb our way in (there is millions of infected or zombies around DC) and then do an amphibious/ air attack to fight our away to the target. All soldiers that were coming on this mission volunteer for it (most of us are not coming back) but we have no problems finding volunteers. We have a mix group of US and Canadian Special Forces from all branches, Swat teams from around North America, armed civilian and Private Military Contractors and all those supporting us. When we were loading up on the Whidbey Island-class dock landing ship my mom stopped me crying and asked “why do you have to go! They are all pros and could do this, Why do you have to always have to make the sacrifice and be the hero? Why are you going to die? Why, Why, why??” I looked at my mother crying and holding on to me and I did not know what to say. What I did say was this “I always I wanted to be a hero and I think of myself as one now. I always wanted to join the fight for what's right and I let my heart be my guide. I am not dying without going on a date and beside you know I am a Jedi because I got a light saber and the force is strong in this one. But do you know what kept me going when everything was chaos and I had nothing but the way I feel, a plan and a gun? I was thinking about the life I will have after all this! I know deep down you think I am not built for fighting and maybe you’re right but that doesn't mean I am not prepared to try. I need to do this and pray for me and I will be back.” And I walked away to the ship. (February 24 outside of Washington, DC) I have to write this down because it was crazy!! Ok, we took the ships as close as we could to DC and we had two teams, an air team and amphibious. The weather has gone very cold but it’s clear with no snow(it’s 15 degrees below zero Fahrenheit but there no wind at least)I was on one of air teams and our team of mostly Private Military Contractors with Rolf and Olava as my bodyguards. Just about everyone was wearing extreme cold weather gear (it was nice not be carrying body armor for once) with as much ammo and other gear we could carry (everyone was carrying at least 1500 rounds on them) but not Rolf and Olava. All they had on were chest rig with ammo, Metallica t-shirts, shorts, MK 48 MOD and their battle axes on their backs. When I asked are they cold they said “were dragons, we run very hot” and when I touch Olava bare skin it was as hot as a scalding water. We started to load up and get ready as the bombers from Andrews Air Force Base got into our area. As we took off from the ship (my team was riding in a CH-53E Super Stallion) someone started playing Ride of the Valkyries over the radios and as we came in low over the city bombs started to fall and tanks of the ground forces started opening up. Now this is my first time riding in a helicopter so I was both scared and excited (it did not help I was sitting on the tail ramp and the helicopter keeps jumping and making weird noises) but when we got near the white house, we head somehow Tirek got the air defense system on (the b-52 took a hit) and we had to land and walk in. I was carrying my LWRC International PSD 6.8mm SPC and my lightsaber is my on belt and my micro Uzi hanging off of me by a one point sling(I am going to kill something with that) and my Smith and wesson 6906 in a chest rig pocket( I am very well armed). Now if you ever played any zombie video game you have idea just how it was. They were coming out of everywhere and at one point a AH-1W super cobra came down only feet above us and open fire(thank you peltor comtac iv. I can still hear because of you.) But about 3 teams made it to the white house gates and the rest were covered in zombie action. We had to wait for an tank to take the fence out and after he did that he wait to cover our exit and we ran in shooting every zombie on the white house lawn (most of these are wearing heavy body armor, good thing I have a 6.8 SPC) but when got inside and start looking for him but he found us. He came running out tossing people like toys and I went flying into a water fountain and hit my head hard. My version went all black & white and I saw Tirek knock out most of the team and then both Rolf and Olava came into this melee. I don’t know how long it took me to recover but when I did I yell clear and tried to give Tirek some full auto 6.8 but he was so fast he grab my gun and broke it on the ground and back handed me. I was down again and tirek was about punch me again but Rolf jumped on his back and they began fighting. I got up and my face felt like it had been hit with a truck (one of my teeth fell out) but I found my working uzi and started shooting at him. I hit Tirek I don’t know how many time but I was shooting FMJ, so all that did was make him madder. He punch Rolf in the face so hard I thought he kill him and his body hit the ground hard and then looked at me in the eye and said “I am going to make your death slow and very painful” and just change at me and ripped the uzi from me and bit off one of my fingers. He was just standing over me laughing when Olava came at him with her axe. I was in pain, bleeding, and out of weapons but I was the only one still up and fighting and I started to look for my lightsaber and then Olava went down. He was looking at me again and saw my lightsaber laying on the ground between us. He slowly pick it up and turn it on and started walking back over to the now unconscious Olava and said “this is what happens to all who foolish try to opposed the great Tirek !”. Olava was looking at me and crying and mouth the words “I am sorry” and I could do nothing to stop it but then I remember my CCW. His back was turn and I pulled out my 6906 and saw the laser on the grips find his back and when I took off the safe he turn but I was already shooting. Now most ammo like the cop use is made for shooting people on drugs and they know they have back up if it goes wrong but, what people with a concealed weapon permit use we need to stop the threat now because it’s just us. I was shooting a mix of extreme shock ammo, corbon 9mm+p , Jihawg Ammo and zombie max ammo(Jihawg and zombie were on sale ) and when it hit him each round was like a 12ga shotgun blast. When my gun locked back (it only has a 12 round mag) we both were frozen standing there looking at each other. Tirek had nine football size holes in his chest and as I watched him put one of his fingers in one of the holes and gave me this confused look like why and then fire consumed him. I looked around for the flame thrower but I see both Rolf and Olava breathing fire like well, dragons (they really are dragons) and it was the coolest, beautifies, and scariest thing I have seen so far. As we watched Tirek burn it was mission accomplished but, we still had things to do. We got our wounded (I still can’t believe no one is dead but it’s as they say “helmets save lives”), the USSOCOM forces cleared out the white house of I don’t know what, and last they took down the flag over the white house. When I was looking around and I found ground force one and other secret service vehicles in the garage and so no one had to walk back. After we got everything we came for (we pack up what was left of Tirek body) we made a convoy of vehicles with an abrams tank with mine plow clearing the way for us. We found many survivors in the Smithsonian museum and many of the buildings we passed on our why back to the boat(Some of them were scared thinking we were the bad guy, others were told to stay behind and they would sent help and other thought looters would burn of parts of the American history) and it took longer leaving then it did coming in. the nightmare is over but I am a scary about where we are going and what is going to happen to us humans in equestria I think it called. I don’t want to get there and something else is trying to kill me. (Day I don’t know, place the “magical land of equestrian”) After we left DC we sailed back up to Canada and went thought the portal but what they did not tell us is that humans and other things don’t exist there. When I came out in equestrian I was a giant gorilla like Newfoundland dog (they said I am something called a diamond dog. I am a dog now??) And all my combat gear change into a suit of armor and my weapons beside my Smith and wesson 6906 and lightsaber are gone. My lightsaber is still a lightsaber but my beloved 6906 is a medieval short sword with cat and hearts designs on the handle (really). My mother change into a zebra and most of the humans that came over are some kind of hoofed animal but all of us fighters are diamond dogs or griffins. They think it’s because we have a very strong fighting instinct and that is why we are predatory animals like diamond dogs or griffins (I wish I was a griffin. I want to fly) but really they don’t know. Anyways we are refugees here and I have heard some people are trying to starts some problems in our new world but me, I am done fighting. Alex and a pony named princess twilight sparkle are helping most of us fighters get used to our new bodies and adjusting to civilian life. We will see what happens (Day 18 in the “magical land of equestrian” ponyville refugee camp) Bill and Hillary Clinton have been some of the few people from the US government that have been helping out in the refugee camp. Bill is a earth pony and Hillary is a donkey which all us humans think is very funny(bill Clinton seem to have found his calling) but they are really helping cause A LOT of us humans are having a very difficult transition to living here. I have been working at sweet apple acres and also work for rarity getting gems (diamond dogs so, she told me are very good at this) and I am really likening here. On earth there was poverty, racism, hate, discrimination, and lots of others things but here, there really none of that. You can build the life you want with your own hands, I mean hoofs, and you feel like your life has value here. The ponies are helping me build a home for my mother and she says she is spending her golden years in ponyville but after I make some more bits, I am going to explore this new world. I really love this new body!! My fur is very soft and water/fire poof, having a tail means I have a very good sense of balance; I am so fast and insanely strong. Also because I look like a Newfoundland most everyone thinks I am very friendly and non-threating. (Day 95, at my mom’s home in human neighborhood of ponyville) Well I have been learning how to be a metalsmith (I really love this) and my business has been a huge success. Filthy rich asked me to make a new Tiara for his daughter and now all the ponies in canterlot have been asking for my work. Some people wanted to back to earth and a small team did(there are satellite up there in space and some humans choose to stay on earth) and they found that because of all the dark magic the earth is going to be in an ice age for a unknown amount of time. It was -89 c at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs and most places that were not in the southern part of the world it’s too cold for a human to survive. There are still humans left on earth in places like South Africa, South America and there is an underwater city build by some rich people but, most people after staying on earth for months want to come to equestrian. There is less than 10,000 people left on earth and most that had stayed before now want to come to equestrian so, I guess it not so bad here. Princess celestia asked me to make some stuff for the Day of forgiveness/ memorial for the fallen and it’s a sad day for every human. In equestrian there all about forgiving, friendship and all that so this day is for everyone that was banished for things they did. I saw for the first time everyone I had met for what they really were. Rolf and Olava are these dragons the size of skyscraper and look very scary, the Dazzlings look like snake like dragons, King Sombra well looks like a king and has purple smoke coming out of the side of his eye, and the changelings well have change from what I was told they look like, before they looked like grotesque shape-shifting ponies but now they look very beautiful with all there colors. All the former villains were forgiven by the Princesses (there are 4) and it seem every pony seem to want to be there friends now. The next part of this most of the humans cried as bill and Hillary Clinton gave a speech about what happen and the hope of the new word were in and how we have changed. Bill Clinton is the only US president that made and it’s sad that he lost family and friends after he saved so many people in DC. The last thing that was done was that everyone that had fought back on earth got paid, I got 20,000 bits, and most of us human now have lots of funds so, I am rich now. Oh, pinky pie had a huge party after all the sadness and EVERYONE really needed that (Rihanna, Beyoncé and katy perry were singing there hits and some new stuff) Everyone has lost so much but we humans go on. (Day 120 at my business Diamond dog forges) I am making a list of the pros and cons of being here: PROS I am rich now and run a very successful business There is very little racism, discrimination, and all the bad stuff like that It’s a very safe and clean world (I don’t feel the need to carry a weapon everyday like back on earth) Great heath care and leadership Everyone has home here and really I don’t think there are poor people here. Also everyone has a job!! We humans seem to be happy here besides the things we miss back on earth. No one really has a good reason to hate this place (there are always haters) Magic is real here I can go on…. CONs There is no anime, tv, internet, most of my favorite singers and bands are dead I can’t hunt, there are no guns, and we can’t eat most kinds of meat cause there talking There are more females than males here. Discord do I need to say more. Also monsters but I can hunt them. Princess luna in my dreams and knowing what I dreamed about. She gives me side eye every time I see her (she like the shame nun from game of thrones) Really other than all the death, destruction, pain and everything else that has happen back on earth, the earth was great. (Day 300) Well miss rarity is my business partner and together we opened a new store in canterlot that sells high end fashion merchandise and now I don’t have to work as hard. The ponyville refugee camp is gone and all of us humans have found a home/place in this wonderful land of equestrian and everyone has got used to their new bodies. It winter here and it’s almost hearth's warming so every pony is getting and giving gifts. I didn’t have any friends back on earth so, the winter holidays were a sad time but here, I have so many I can every name. I think this is the first time in my life I have everything I wanted. I have friends, family, love, money, weapons, world peace, I am a real life furry, and I can do what I want. Fluttershy give me a new cat because she heard what happen to my old cat (she attacked a zombie and got ate) and cry all over this new cat. Because I am miss rarity’s clothing model, I asked miss rarity to make me a slumberjack death squad jacket (I saw it in a video and I really wanted it) and she wanted to know what a death squad is and I said it’s like what you and your friends are LOL. So far I have got everything I wanted for hearth's warming. I am from the south and this is my first time seeing snow and I should be cold and wet but I guess a Newfoundland is a dog of winter. This the last time I am going be writing in this journal because really there no point anymore, equestrian is our new home. I have spent a lot of time thinking about what to write to end this journal and really I don’t know what to say. I don’t really know why I am alive and so many good people are dead. I worked in a store, had a pet cat( I saved her from the shelter and she repaid me by giving her life for me), I carried a gun cause it’s my right and it was needed, I shot both ipsc and uspsa, hunted and rode a pink Vespa scooter, and did normal guys stuff. I am no soldier, UFC fighter, or anything like that but I am still alive, why? I think it was because unlike most people I try to do what was right and I wanted/choose to fight back and I am a gun otaku. You know it funny humans always act like we humans were going to die out and people spent all this money on doom day stuff thinking they would be king of some new civilization but you know what? All those people are dead. They could not work well with others or sharing with others and they die in their bunkers. It’s those that resistance the fall of man that lived. Anyways, I have two months of free time so I am going to explore this new world with Alex and find some adventures(were going to be like kirito and asuna from sword art online). No one is an island and we are no lone wolfs. Any adventure you can have alone isn’t an adventure worth having.
  2. So, I'm creating a game. It's about the aftermath of WWIII in the near future. The Geneva Convention was violated and POW cruelty, as well as chemical and biological weapons were used. But Russia (I mean no offence to any Russians) genetically altered (insert disease) America isn't innocent either, they used mustard gas to kill off all of China. (Sorry China) Anyway Id like to know any diseases that could be a zombie virus. I'm thinking rabies.
  3. Note: Conversion Bureaure related thread. I can't really talk.... (just think I'm someone else) Why such hate for something so silly? (Conversion Bureau stories are hated a great deal.) We are talking about small, pastel, alien horses invading Earth to save Earth and turn all humans into teletubbies (in the mind at least) ponies that worship Celestia as a god. Why such hate for something that sounds so ridiculous? It's alien horse people coming to Earth in order to save destroy humanity by turning them all into ponies. Does it upset people, that the ponies we know and love have been turned into basically evil alien conquerors? How out of character the ponies are? How happily they commit xenocide on humanity?
  4. Confirmed for C&D, hasbro has killed button mash, arguably one of the best fan made animations, who is next? Snowdrop? Digibroni? Episode reviews in general? After doublerainboom being C&D'd, along with ask molesta, a large number of overseas plushie manufacturers, it seems hasbro may finally be cracking down on those who use its trade mark. The link to Jan's youtube page shows that all pony videos are gone. Update from Shadyvox, the voice of button himself, it is a confirmed C&D, and they will not be continuing any pone related works in the future.
  5. Over the weeks, I've been either too busy or too lazy to catch up on the MLP episodes I missed. Does anyone know where I can watch the episodes I've missed that isn't a blind commentary on Youtube? The last episode I saw was "Maud Pie" btw.
  6. For a fandom that started out in the deep, dark, almost unspoken off recesses of the internet. We sure do get trolled easily. Yes, the nazi jokes were deliberate shitposting, and rather juvenile. But the mass loosing of the minds that has happened here since, is also rather juvenile. Yes, calling a cartoon pony a nazi is rather childish, but so is loosing your collective shit over someone making fun of a cartoon pony. I mean, if one troll, one simple ass posting copypasta pictures can really ruin your fun/day that much, how can you really expect to change anything in society when the opposition will do leagues worse than simple shitposting and trolling. Tl;Dr the only way to win the trolling game is not to play.
  7. Would the world die over time along with all life, or does the world go on forever without end in the canon universe of this show? If it does indeed end, how would it end? And who be the last Pony be alive before the expanding shell of their sun (or something else end their world), which now a red giant swallows the planet whole, melting to do nothing as if Equestra wasn't there in the first place? Hopefully some can get off the planet to safety somewhere else before that happens. But anyway, how do you think their world end?
  8. Well, since the world is kind of ending, have all my pictures. Ok, not EXACTLY 50 here. It just sounded cooler as Fifty. Have all my pictures. Give me all your brohoofs. I'm just kidding. Give me all your brains instead.
  9. Lately, I’ve been seeing talk on the forums, about how select members leaving is going to be the end of the place. Well, to an extent, I can see how feeling this way is justified. Heck, it sucks seeing members leave. However, the end of the forums? Nope. We have 6.7k members. Sure, like all forums, a lot of those are one-time posters, banned accounts, etc. but still, a large chunk of that are actively posting members. This point of mine can be confirmed further by simply scrolling down to the bottom of the main page of the forums, and seeing that the amount of users currently online is actually pretty high. And a good chunk of those members are posting as well. I don’t know if I can get exact numbers, but this place moves so fast that it’s difficult to keep up on new threads. On a dying forum, you could use the “new content search” every couple hours or so and would be able to keep up the forums easy. But on these forums, if a person really wanted to keep up with every single thread, they’d probably have to spend all day hitting “F5“. Along with these things, you’ve got the blogs, the status updates (which are used a bit much, and more like a shoutbox than status updates, which is a bad thing, but that’s just my opinion), and the Extranet stuff; The forum Skype group, the Minecraft server (I don’t know how active that is, since I don’t play the game), the TF2 server, which gets played on (mostly on Saturdays) as well as Synchtube Fridays. Things change, members leave. It’s just a thing that happens to forum. But the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanbase is strong, and grows stronger every day, so of course the best MLP:FIM fan-forum on the internet is going to be thriving. There are always things to discuss, conversations to have, friendships to make, so on and so forth. A couple members leaving the forum is not gonna be the end of the place. Sure, it sucks to see them go, but well, it happens. Some members are more liked by the community than others, and it’s going to have an impact on the place, sure. But, corny as it sounds, wounds heal. New members fill in the places of old members who left, more things happen that make the forums better. What I’m saying is, don’t let the fact some members are leaving drag your forum experience down. MLPforums will always be MLPforums.