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Found 32 results

  1. Even if it's strange to see a character transform from an episode to an other i liked Twilicorn,then i saw this: i'm the only one who knows exactly how this is going to end ? (hypothetically) I still like the character,it's just that now,uhm,let's say that i didn't realize that the whole "princess" thing could lead to the end of the show,because seriusly,if they want to finish it with "the boom" they are gonna use the classic cliché "the main character has developed and evolved,now is "da boss"",twily will become a "full princess" (like Celestia)and the show will end with the mane 6 become older and Twilight became the ruler of Equestria (and maybe even the rest of the mane6 will become princess),geez,i just hope that i'm wrong... (and maybe the fourth season could be the last one,with 3 seasons and a film the whole "project" (let's call it in that way for the lack of a better word) could end with the end that i described here and in this way they would do a "real end",with no ways to continue the series) (Yes,i know,the whole topic is messy and chaotic (and maybe i have made some grammar errors) but in the beginning this was going to be just a status update) What do you guys think about this whole strange thing(for the lack of a better term,again) that came into my mind like,two minutes ago ? Is this a possible end ? And if it will be like that,what would you guys think about it,would you like it ? Would you hate it ? (personally,i would be ok with it,i would cry a little,cause you know,the best show ever is over,with a good ending,(if they do it well)but still over,and now life will be boring again (yes,the fandom will be here(i hope) but it wouldn't be the same thing) but maybe someone (bronies) could do an other season,trying to carry forward the show,but it wouldn't be the same,i mean,having the fans to do it would lead to a "let's do what we like and want to see" thing,and maybe the whole thing could "explode")) (I just hope that what i wrote is understandable)
  2. So imagine MLP has reached its final episode. What will happen afterwards? Will the forums stick around? Will the fandom keep producing new material? Will people even join the fandom after that? You can choose I personally hope that the fandom will keep being awesome and that the Forums will still be here even after the show ends. Not sure if that will happen though But we can dream
  3. I've been wondering what will happen after the series ends ... I mean, as far as I know, hasbro has more sales in MLP products ... which makes me think ... - Is it possible that they publish another series with thematic of ponies? or at least in the same universe as is the case of '' Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them '' which is located in the same magical world of harry potter but with other protagonists. - What will happen with forums like this? Will there be those who leave or will continue to work? - What do you think about it? What do you think will happen? Greetings and I await your comments!
  4. Lets assume right now as you're reading this, you suddenly have one hour left before you die of some random agonizing death. You can't prevent your death and you can't do anything to delay it, you have exactly one hour left to do whatever you want. I'd probably kick up the music and write separate letters to people I care about, I'd just talk about how great they are and not even mention my demise. Then after that which would probably only take ten minutes I'd go out and just listen to music on a midnight stroll outside. What about you guys?
  5. Not to beat a dead horse (pun intended), but every recent generation seems to have felt that it was the last (WWII, Vietnam, etc.). Seeing how we came dangerously close to nuclear holocaust during the Cold War, does anyone else feel that things could reheat? Are we really on the brink of World War III or a nuclear holocaust? Obviously I'm not saying that I want such things to happen but I do worry. I'm not yet 30 years old and I'd like to live to at least 90 but I can't help but feel that something is looming. Not to go on a rant, but as Christian, I was frequently taught about the book of Revelation and Judgement Day and I pretty much have a morose feeling all the time and wonder about how things will really turn out.
  6. I know I complain about this alot, and after all, Spike's crush on Rarity isn't used very often anymore. You think he's finally going to get tired of her ever? I know alot of you really want them together, but this is show about friendship, not a show about relationships. This isn't EG! I mean alot of other people say that this is just a child-crush and that they'll never be together. Some of the staff say so too. Soooo... how about the next best thing? Have Spike move on? He's older and wiser now, and I think he knows she's not interested, and pretty much only uses his crush to get him to do stuff for her, which I don't like. This crush was cute at first in seasons 1-4, but after Castle Sweet Castle, I think it's time to end it. Don't get me wrong, I'd like them to be friends still! But Spike's too good for her anyway, and Rarity is only interested in the fanciest, wealthiest ponies, and even though Spike is wealthy since he lives with a princess, it's still not enough it seems. On the other hand, if DHX decides to actually have them together, then by all means do it! I just don't wanna see this one-sided crush anymore. I'm sure we can all agree there! Now bring on the butthurt comments! >
  7. So do you like the way MLP ends each season, or would you rather see the season finish with a cliffhanger, that concludes in the first show of the next season? I would prefer a cliffhanger as it gives us all something to look forward to and discuss when the next season begins!
  8. I'm not saying would you want EQG to end. NO ONE wants that. But if for some reason EQG was not going to have another movie, would you accept it? Would you have proper closure for Sunny, or human Twilight, or the human world in general? Or do you feel like it didn't end properly, and needs another movie if it's going to end?
  9. As a relatively new Brony, I am ashamed to have just discovered this amazing show. Needless to say I've already watched all of the original series too many times to count and its only been 3 months. I've got to say that I don't see MLP ever being something that I will stop being a part of, but what happens to the universe when the show stops running. There seems to be some consensus that the fandom will shrink, but continue to exist. Personally, I feel that the diehard fans will end up creating a ridiculously complex headcannon. And I honestly hope that it becomes an integrated part of the larger related fandoms (personally, as a furry, I would love to see the two groups end their discrepancies and realize how incredibly close they are, but I'm gonna throw up the hater heater on that one.) What do you think will happen when the show ends? Will the fandom survive, be absorbed, fade into obscurity???
  10. Saw this on reddit. Really hope like hell it isn't true. If it is, there are spoilers in it for season 3 so keep that in mind if you intend to read further:
  11. So Eqd just posted that Zap2it has set a date for episode 14 of season 5, 12th of September. The article is here: Are any of you skeptical about this? Do you trust Hasbro? But more importantly are you all HYPED? Because I know I am.
  12. There will be so many possibilties! No fear of getting put into "not possible canon", because there will be no more to contradict you. The fanfictions will go so many routes and YOU can choose any one of them to be the one you follow. Its like a piece of grass. Right now if you put something on the grass, the grass will grow through it. But when the show ends, it will be like the grass starts branching out, like the multiple possible canons, instead of the one singular one. Its a fountain of water spouting out so many possible canons, however dark, happy, or possible you want it to be! I'm watering at the mouth just thinking about it. Something to look forward to when the show ends instead of just "ERMEGERD NO MUR EPISEDES. ARMEGGEDIN!"
  13. I have started a new channel just to see how everything works and test things out. It's here: Apparently, though, even after I closed the tab and cleared my cache, the stream is still going and people are still able to access it as long as the have the actual url (They can't get to it from the channel list on the homepage) So does that mean there's another way to actually end a stream? I don't want to be constantly streaming in the background.
  14. I put this in debate...feel free to move it to Sugarcube Corner or wherever the overlords want. What do you think the MLP fandom will do after the show ends? Will it fade off or keep going? What will happen to all of the cons? There was a lull in pony activity from the fandom between S4 and S5...will that be the case between the last season and the last day of MLPForums? Summary: Will the MLP fandom slow down and stop after the feature film (or whenever MLP:FiM ends)?
  15. Everyone knows this. Sooner or later, maybe after season 5, 6 or even 11, the show will end. No more episodes, not even Equestria Girls. It will be a sad moment for all of us, but let's ask: what will happen to the fandom? Over nearly 4 years as a community we managed to do quite a lot. Art, music, fanfiction, card and video games, conventions and charity events. There's a lot out there. And a lot we went through. Both happy times and hardships, copyright strikes and suicides. Yet we are still here, enjoying our favorite pony show. The connections we made are not going to disappear, and our friendships will hopefully last forever. So my question is: given a good, long run of the show, what will we do after it ends? Will we just go away, or perhaps try to at least try to keep it alive for a little longer? Or maybe try building the fandom on it's own?
  16. I don't know what to make of this.
  17. The longest one I can remember playing is this one: It was pretty good company for an all-nighter I carried out recently- the feels helped keep me awake... What about for you ponies?
  18. There is this one ending that I nearly cry to every time (and I'm being serious too). It's the ending to The Nightmare Before Christmas ending where Jack and Sally sing and then finally get together. I love it so much :3
  19. Earth will be become uninhabitable in 3 days and you are the only person who knows how and when, you have a chance to stop it but, if you try WILL die no matter if you succeed or fail. What will you do?
  20. It was so sad, truly a tearjerker. Goodbye Futurama.
  21. I read an interesting, and yet sad comic on Deviant Art, which gave me the idea to make this topic. Not only was the comic surrounded by Celestia's time of passing, but with her being the eldest alicorn of the group, it makes me wonder. I know you are thinking "Shota, are you stoopid? If you're immortal you can never die!" Just think about it for a moment. Would you say it could be possible that those with immortality could meet an end, too?
  22. Not related to Twilicorn at all Are you still as actively involved in the fandom (posting in topics, creating fan content, searching for content online etc.) now as you were when season 3 was actually airing or have you become less involved in viewing/making MLP related content? I've lost interest in the series a little. I'm less motivated to create fan-art as much as i used to be or look for cool MLP media. Don't get me wrong I still like the franchise, i'm just less interested in it right now. I've been told that fan-fics and other MLP related content will keep me occupied while i wait for season 4 but i honestly have no interest in fanfics or just about any written fan material. It's just not my thing. I'm definitely a lot less active in the forums now than I previously was as well. It seems pretty natural to me though, that when something ends it slowly becomes less important than it once was. So what about you guys. I know a lot of you breathe pony but is anyone else having the same thing happen to them?
  23. So my question is this. In the final episode of the final series, in which the mane 6 has to go up against the most powerful and unforgiving villain in the series which is threatening the fate of the entire universe (or something over the top like that), what music would you have playing in the backdrop? This is basically asking for the most epic, mood setting music you can think of, while still sounding like it could belong in Friendship is Magic. This would be mine: The final boss music for Mario and Luigi: Bowser's inside story. I can't really describe why, it just feels right.
  24. Teh Boi

    The end

    It was an honor, gentlemen. I shall go down with the ship. I bid you farewell. We all knew this was coming, yet we did nothing. There's no going back now. MLP FiM is near it's death. It was a fun ride, but everything comes to an end.