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Found 8 results

  1. For most video games, enemies are a necessity and everypony has enemies they just think are absolutely awesome, me included, well the question is, what are your Top 5 Game Enemies? 5. Necromorphs (Dead Space franchise) 4. Deathclaws (Fallout franchise) 3. Big Daddies/Big Sisters (Bioshock franchise) 2. Timesplitters (Timesplitters franchise) 1. Hyperion Robots/Psycho's (Borderlands franchise)
  2. The Mane 6 have taken on a number of different enemies of the past 5 years, both on the show and in the comics. But sometimes they each have to deal with certain enemies as individuals, and I like the idea of characters having individual arch enemies especially in fanfiction. So here are a couple of questions I had that I'd really appreciate you guys and gals answering. 1. Who would you consider to be the arch nemesis of the Mane 6 as a team? 2. Who would you consider to be Twilight Sparkle's arch nemesis? 3. Who would you consider to be Rainbow Dash's arch nemesis? 4. Who would you consider to be Applejack's arch nemesis? 5. Who would you consider to be Rarity's arch nemesis? 6. Who would you consider to be Fluttershy's arch nemesis? 7. Who would you consider to be Pinkie Pie's arch nemesis? 8. Who would you consider to be Sunset Shimmer's arch nemesis? 9. Who would you consider to be Spike's arch nemesis? Also, I would really appreciate it if you guys provide explanations for why you think a certain villains could be considered arch-enemies. I would really appreciate you're feedback. Thank you.
  3. So in Alot of games, merely touching an enemy will damage you. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, megaman and shovel knight to name a few. Is this a thing that people are sick of? I mean, I can see it working in some games, but sometimes, dying and having to redo an entire level or section due to simply making contact with the enemy kinda seems cheap to me. Why don't they get hurt when they make contact with me? Why is this only a punishment towards the player? If the game isn't based on or doesn't pride itself on dodging enemies and parkour-esc maneuvers, there should be some leeway on whether or not enemies do damage to you just by touching them, or make it so some enemies do damage by making contact and others don't. In my opinion, I'm sick of it, but that's more down to the fact that people are making insane levels on Mario maker, and I guess you could say I'm a little salty over it, but I am genuinely curious on this topic and what other people think about it, and are there any other games you think should / shouldn't have this as a game mechanic?
  4. Hello! So I do 3D modeling as a hobby and I usually like to have one big project that I am working on at a time, otherwise I just get bored or distracted. In the past I have made various models, such as dragons or demons, and at one point I made Discord, But now I am wondering what would be something interesting to model, I was thinking about making tirek but before I started I thought I would ask around and see if there was anything better or more interesting that I could make. It doesn't have to be mlp although I would probably prefer it. Some things I have made previously are below. I think this could be an interesting thread not only for me but for others who want to work on something as well or want to share something that they have made. So feel free to share models in a reply or something. Thanks!
  5. Have you ever played a game where you met an enemy that looks really threatening, but when you actually fight it it turns out to be a complete pushover? Can be common enemies, min-bosses and bosses. My list includes; Parasite Queen (Metroid Prime) Dark Alpha Splinter (Metroi Prime 2: Echoes) Berserker Lord (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) The Shamans (MadWorld) Tactical Ninjas (Ninja Gaiden) Akrid Queen (Lost Planet 2)
  6. Assuming the Alicorn Princess Skyla is Cadence and Shining Armor's child, I would think of this: what if she became Queen/Empress of Equestria in her later years? In this proposed fanfic, set in a time 2 to 3 millenia after the events of MLP:FiM, after the deaths of Celly, Luna, and Twily of either battle or old age, Equestria is now an empire, with an adult Skyla as its Empress. Her aging empire had to face enemies within and without, ranging from billions of dissidents to a resurgent Crystal Empire. Can you share me some tips and ideas for the fanfic? Otherwise, I shall rather abandon it.
  7. Previous Countdown List: So this time, I'm mixing it up, and we'll be doing something about a lighter topic than usual, we'll be talking about video games. Today we'll be talking about what are (In my opinion, of course) the most intimidating enemies and enemy factions in modern video games (Because if I included classic video games this would quickly turn into a list that just feels repetitive, there are many articles about classic video game enemies out there, and I may do a list like that some time). Be it for gameplay reasons, story reasons, or otherwise, I will talk about the different enemies I find most intimidating. ⚠Spoilers Beyond this point!⚠ _______________________________________ 5: HECU (Half-Life) Okay, where do I start? A thing that comes up immediately is the fact that they have the upper hand on you when first encountered, especially since you originally think they are in the facility to help you and the other members of the Black Mesa Staff escape from the facility. Not to mention, at the time of Half-Life's release, the HECU marines had some of (if not THE) most advanced AI that had been seen in the video game industry. They use group tactics, take cover, and even use grenades. This is brought up to eleven in Black Mesa wherein it only takes them a fraction of a second to target you and start firing due to their coding. Plus they have vehicle support, which is very bad news for you if you don't have a good strategy to deal Apache Helicopter that comes out of absolutely no where and starts handing out bullets like candy, and by handing out I mean pumping them directly into your face. Let's just say that the damn dam was damn hard. 4: Infected (Left 4 Dead) The infected are a simple variation of the common zombie often seen in folk lore. What makes the infected from Left 4 Dead special? It has quite a bit to do with the fact that they retain human motor functions, and thus can run. They can run so well, in fact, that they run faster than the survivors. Another thing about the infected is just how many of them there are. They are literally everywhere. The special infected are extremely powerful and it's quite easy to die by their hands (or whatever else they mutated to have). Jockeys, smokers, and chargers are by far the worst. Mostly since the first two are more annoying than harmful and the second way is way too common for an enemy that tough. Of course It's all okay in Left 4 Dead 2, because we have Coach, the one man cheeseburger apocalypse to accompany us through the apocalypse. 3: Deadites (Evil Dead) You may only remember Evil Dead for the movies, which is understandable, since in my opinion, Army of Darkness is the best movie ever. However, it wasn't so long ago that two Evil Dead video games were released (A fistful of Boomstick, and my personal favorite, Regeneration), which is why it's included on this list. Anyways, if you think there is any reason you should not be afraid of Demons that require the almighty one liners from Bruce Campbell to defeat, then you are very insane brave. The deadites are vicious and every time you see one they try to roll out the red carpet, except instead of carpet it's your blood. Combined with the varieties on this ancient evil, there is really no shortage of reasons that these bastards are terrifying. However, if you've ever played the Evil Dead games, you are probably chemically addicted to Bruce Campbell (As I am). It gets easier though, especially once you end up getting the rocket boomstick at the Junkyard. 2: The Covenant (Halo series) The Covenant are pretty much the definition of intimidating. They have far superior technology to humans, and just generally annihilate everything in their path. At the beginning of the Human-Covenant war, humans have several hundred colonies, by the end of it, they only have Earth left. The Covenant is comprised of intimidating creatures (Minus the grunts) led by completely insane indivisuals (The Prophets/San Shy'uum, depending on how you wish to spell or say it). If it was not for the Great Schism, then the humans probably would have lost the war. By the end of the war, they have wiped out billions of people and almost pushed humanity to extinction. Plus their religious beliefs give a very clear view of just how insane the Covenant art (Except Jackals, who are just mercenaries). 1: The Combine (Half-Life 2) And here we are, back at the Half-Life series. I somehow anticipated I'd end up back here. The Combine (Or Universal Union) as they refer to themselves, are just plain evil, yet ominious. Their true intentions are never fully revealed, except that they have enslaved humanity and are stealing resources away from Earth. The worst part is that there is absolutely nothing the humans can do about it. The Combine take humans into various chambers and bioengineer them into merciless killing machines, and since they're engineered from humans they are perfect for warefare on Earth, it's ingenius. Not to mention the Synths they have, which are devastating combinations of biological life and mechanical parts. Even if their strategy fails, they STILL have the upper hand, because according to all accounts, the Combine are INTERDIMENSIONAL. That is an absolutely huge deal and if anyone reading this would not be freaked out by being attacked by an army that can travel through dimensions, you are insane, and probably the same reader who said that demons would not intimidate them. One of the scariest things is that you never fully understand why they don't just destroy Earth, what with the rebellion and all that, and yet nothing is stopping them from doing just that.
  8. I think the worst enemy of bronies is bronies that hate change to the show. Character development is what makes it great!! If you are looking for my what I now think is not-love-and-tolerence about conservatives, it's gone.