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Found 6 results

  1. So, I built a virtual clubhouse using 3D graphics software.
  2. As many of you know I love cars and the incredible engines that power them. Engines are among some of the most complicated and extraordinary things invented and forged by humanity. So I wondered, how would Twilight Sparkle and her friends react if they found an engine (complete with electric wiring, ecu, and transmission) in the EverFree Forest? Share your thoughts! For the sake of ease, I'm making the engine a B18C.
  3. Who else is in the FRC?(First Robotics Competition) I was wondering so I could find people at competitions and chat with them. If you are, what's your team number and stuff. I'm from 5041, System Overlord Robotics.
  4. This is something I've been wanting to learn for years because when the zombie apocalypse happens it would be good to have a skill of practical importance. I'm purchasing some books on basic repair work and expect to start servicing now own vehicle more, but what do I do to become more of a professional?
  5. I was wondering, seeing as engineering works to make improvements towards a product for maximum convenience and price and such, is there a perfect design that just can't be improved anymore? Say an airplane that somehow has no drag, maximum fuel efficiency from is fuel, etc. what do you think?
  6. i need help! i have a finished autoCAD drawing in aCAD '11, but when i put the drawing in a template some parts are missing! it's just a really simple drawing of a clamp (is that the english word?), but i do need to finish it before monday. i already tried searching youtube and stuff, but i couldn't find anything D: so yeah, this is how they look in the model tab, just fine and dandy, then i put them in a template, and put the parts together, but that's where some lines go missing! does anybody know how this happens?