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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there, I'm a British filmmaker who is making a documentary about MLP culture. I don't know much about it yet, so please excuse me if I seem ignorant. I want a lot of my exploration to feature in the documentary. I hope to go to MLP conventions, such as the one in Leeds in October. I'd love it if I could have someone involved in the culture to lead me through the MLP world. If you're in the UK and you're interested in being in a documentary where you can show the world why you think MLP is so great, please respond below or send me a private message. The film will probably begin being shot in October and will likely finish in September.
  2. This has to be the most hilarious troll job I have seen in a long time.
  3. I am aware that England don't get as much pony merch as the United States, but I am sick and tired of heading to a place like Sainsburys or Entertainer and finding some EG, a few plushies who look like they got punched in the face with a frying pan (no lie), and some blind bags with crystal ponies in them. True, sometimes there is good stuff, but that is very rare. I occasionally go to Toys R Us, and I'm sure there's lots of stuff at Smyths but I wish there was more because I simply cannot find what I want (which is an Applejack with a hat, I can't find even one toy with a hat) and I'm sure other bronies in the UK have the same problem. Sure, I could just buy some off Amazon, but twice I have ordered Applejack and Rainbow Dash and got Pinkie Pie instead. First time I wasn't too bothered because I hadn't got a Pinkie but twice I was more than a little angry. So where can I get some decent stuff?? Because....
  4. David "Davey" Boy Smith (November 27, 1962 – May 18, 2002) was a British professional wrestler, also known as (The) British Bulldog, who was born in Golborne in North West England, United Kingdom. Smith is known for his appearances with Stampede Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Described by WWE (previously the WWF) as "one of the most physically impressive individuals in WWE history", Smith found success as both a singles and tag competitor, holding every major title in the organization except the WWF Championship. Smith competed in multiple pay-per-view main events in the WWF and WCW, and challenged for the top titles of both promotions. Smith was trained by Ted Betley in Winwick, England before relocating to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to further his training under Stu Hart. While training with Hart, Smith met Stu and Helen Hart's youngest daughter Diana, whom he married in 1984. They had two children, Harry (born on August 2, 1985) and Georgia (born on September 26, 1987). He and Diana were divorced in 2000. Smith's demons would eventually take their toll as years of painkiller and steroid abuse were responsible for his death by heart failure on the 18th May 2002. Despite that, Smith is largely remembered fondly for his role in the ring and extensive career.
  5. This thread is dedicated to the cute and intelligent Shetland Pony, a hardy little race of stubborn horses from the island of Shetland, north of Scotland. These stocky little horses may have also contributed to the creation of the MLP franchise, starting from its original, "My Pretty Ponies". Do you notice any similarities between this doll, and the real horses from Shetland? What are your thoughts, and comments, on this breed of horse?
  6. If MLP:FiM was not produced in America (or by Lauren Faust), but from someone else from any one of these places: * 1950's America * England (with BBC or ITV's help) * Japan (not as a foreign dub, but from a Japanese producer) ... how will their versions' content be any different from the actual show's content?
  7. I can't find a thread about Misfits (The British television show not the band) so I decided to make one. Anyone else a fan? If so who's your favourite character or your favourite power? Rudy's gotta be the best in my book, when he appears on screen hilarity ensues.
  8. Okay, so living in England is pretty weird. I guess the whole of England is anti-brony territory, because I can never find any mlp FiM clothing in female small size. Anyone got any ideas where to shop, or where to look online? I've found a cool Tee online.. I dont know what you think of it, but i'll need a response soon! I dont want it to look like i'm a brony to other people ~ but only the bronys will notice it. You knowwww, not really 'pony related' unlike this one: I mean, this ones not too bed :3 What do you think? Thanks! I need more clothes anyway.
  9. Hi peeps. So I've made a few great friends on this forum and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world, but I can't meet them (without copious amounts of cash for air fare) and that makes me a sad pony ; ; So, are there any bronies in the South of England who would like to meet for a coffee or something? I live just outside Winchester in Hampshire and would like to meet some bronies, you're all such wonderful people I just know you'll be 20% cooler in person.
  10. I don't actually know many bronies in real life. This is mainly due to fact I live in a small village in the UK, so the chances of running into another fan is pretty slim. Meeting two in one day as I did on Sunday is very rare. The only bronies I know include my friend who introduced me to the fandom and his girlfriend. So imagine my surprise when I get on a train to London to go meetup with another friend when this guy around my age sits down next to me and asks about the cover of my Nexus 7 case. The case says "This Tablet Just Got 20% Cooler" and he immediately asks if I'm a fan of the show. I told him that I was and we ended up discussing various different things. I recommended that he come over to forums which he showed some interest in and then we speculated about season 4 for a while. Overall it was a good conversation, if the guy was a little bit too enthusiastic and nerdy about it. So by this time the train is getting really full and I was pretty tired anyway so I politely asked if we could carry the conversation on a later date and that if he ever used the forums he could contact me there. However the guy would just not shut up about it. Now normally I don't get embarrassed but considering he was talking pretty loud to me and the trains now getting full, he's attracting a lot of attention to us. It was quite uncomfortable because he was just spouting random fandom stuff at me, to point where it was getting really irritating and I was tempted just to get off the train. It was a shame as well because it started off really well but he turned out to be one of those people who just can't leave things alone. So yeah that was a shame. Fortunately on the journey home I had a much better experience. This was much later in the day as well so there were less people on the train. So again I pull out my tablet to keep myself entertained on the tube and this girl sits next to me and asks about the case. Immediately I thought "again?!" but the conversation was a much better one and a lot less geeky so we had a chance to talk about other stuff. Again I referred her to the forum and she seemed legitimately interested in it. She was pretty cool and a lot less obnoxious about the fandom, something which I feel is a quality lacking on some bronies. So overall my first RBE (yes that is what I'm calling them!) was interesting and it turns out that there are other fans where I live, seeing as the girl got off at my home station. I'm not alone!
  11. This is possibly a treat for us UK bronies! Source If you're from another country, The British Board of Film Classification is a UK company that approves age ratings for films, TV programmes and games. Ponies have been given a U which means everypony can watch it. You know those brushables with a DVD of one episode on it that's either Ticket Master or Applebuck Season that are sold in the US? Well the source above may indicate that Hasbro are possibly going to make region 2 discs for the toys in a few months time! It may not sound like much but it's better than nothing for a country that doesn't have it on at all!!! That means the main audience in the UK will have easy reach of it! The source dates back to the 22nd January, but it's better late than never! Sorry if this has already been posted before.
  12. Since the English brony convention: B.U.C.K is coming just round the corner, I just wanted to know if any one on this here forum is coming to it. If so, what are your thoughts on it. (eg: means of getting there, price, looking forward for it or not...) If you don't know what B.U.C.K is then get your plots over to this link and educate yourself!!
  13. Im in england, I have £11.50 to spend (from the remenece of my xmas moneys) Where do i go and what do i get? It'll be the first time i get any merch mlp related ever!!