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Found 11 results

  1. Eternal Nature

    Ask Eternal Oc (w/ voice acting)

    *sighs* must I? fine... Hello, my name is Eternal Nature, prince of a pocket dimension in a place you call Everfree Forest, Guardian of nature, and I'm willing to take your questions, and answer them to the best of my knowledge. (thought to be fair, I don't forsee much response, unless I'm one of the main six, or some other main cast of canon)
  2. What are some episodes that at first you didn't like/care much about, but after re-watching them or after some time you started to enjoy a lot more? These are mine: - Suited For Success/Sweet And Elite. I wasn't the biggest fan of Rarity back then (I still liked her though, there wasn't really much to dislike), but after rewatching old episodes I started appreciating her character and her episodes a lot more, and now both episodes are among my favorites and Rarity is my favorite pony. - The Equestria Girls movie (yeah, not an episode but whatever). I despised this movie at first, but thanks to the other movies I started to enjoy it more, and now I like it, it's not even my least favorite movie of the franchise anymore (that would be LoE) and I like them all. - Tanks For The Memories.... well, I still dislike this episode, but Rainbow's solo is simply too awesome for me not to eventually start to love it, and I did. - Scare Master, at first I thought it was decent and not remarkable, but now I think that even though it has its flaws it's pretty great.
  3. So this is my first fanfic that's ever been posted, and it revolves around a universe with my oc and the Discorded Doctor. If you like it, you can find it on the WattPad app, found on Android and iPhone, and follow me on @KeithTheMultifan14. I hope y'all enjoy The Discorded Misadventures of The Discorded Doctor.txt
  4. Just Updating whats going on with my little vines, i am more than happy with the feedback i got on the first two parts, just wanted to let you know part 3 and 4 are now up on my channel, part 3 is twice as long as normal because of the feedback i was getting, thanks for watching these videos, there will be 2 more parts coming over time, part 5 and 6, part 6 will be 10 minutes long, and i will call that season 1. Im going to have quite a break after that as it is very difficult to keep thinking of different ideas for these videos, thanks regardless and i hope you enjoy it. Click Here
  5. Slice0Pie

    Mickey Horse

    I did a crossover because Mickey Horse is best crossover pony
  6. DarkLight

    My Little Brony Adventure

    Well... I've been saying that I would post a fanfic soon. This is my first fanfic so I don't expect much, also i will try to release chapters asap. I hope you enjoy it. please leave feedback, either here or on my FIMFiction page. (hope this link works...) Let me know if the story is able to be seen/read. Hope you all enjoy I done goofed...waiting for approval... I'll let you know when it is up and ready to read. I appologize again about the miss informanion...
  7. I'm hoping to get some attention here, see how this goes. I'll edit some stuff, make it better, all on what you guys like, or don't like. Then, we'll see how a second Chapter comes. But anyway, here you go, enjoy! Oh, and also, when I copy and pasted the story here, all the indents came out of the paragraphs, so it'll look better on the final project. Enjoy! [in development]
  8. Name all the genres you like, maybe toss in a song you really like, too. I like: House, Trance, Metal, Rap, (Not the mainstream shit on the radio/MTV) Rock, EDM, (As in the fused genres sense) Nu Disco, Jazz, Nu Jazz, Orchestral, Electro-Swing, Moombahcore, (Not alot of it, but still, a bit) Reggae, Ambient/Downtempo, Viking Metal, Pirate Metal, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Dark Neurofunk, Drum and Bass, Techstep, Glitch-hop, And Acid-fusion genres, like Acid-house, Acid-Trance, etc. Here is a song by SimGretina 'cuz I like da Sim.
  9. Okay lets begin shall we? Recently equestria daily released these pictures. Each of them are supposedly from season three. I have quite a few theories so bear with me on this... CAROUSEL BOUTIQUE THEORIES!! So if you saw these pictures You know what I mean. Carousel bouique has been run out of buisness and for good reason. I have a problem with this myself in one picture you see inside and the dresses are TERRIBLE! One of them is from a potato sack the other one is patched up and they all around look like they should be worn by a bum. Rarity prides herself on fashion and beauty witch are NOT being met by those dresses. I found a conclusion to this and it includes this douche. Im not sure if he is a confirmed villain or not but thats not important. I have a theory that he showed the mane6 a fake vision of their future. This cant be the real future because Rarity wouldnt make such ugly things. This douche (Yes I am permanaently reffereing to him as douche.) Most likely tricked the mane 6 kind of like Discord did. He used his douche powers to make a fake future to scare ponies. Another theory is that this douche is actually a tyrant of (guess who?) The crystal kingdom. Perhaps douche tricked the ponies into helping the crystal kingdom. While the element bearers prepared a huge fair for the crystal ponies DOUCHE snuck off and tryed to take over Equestria. In additon to this douche may be in some ways related to Cadence. If he is a crystal pony and princess Cadence is too maybe the two know eacother. Maybe douche kidnapped Cadence and used her to lure in the mane 6. However I am sticking close to my theory of it is just a fake vision of the future. DISHORMONY THEORIES!! Yes Trixie is returning and sporting a new necklace. Doesnt that necklaces face look somewhat familiar. Oh wait! A theory I have is that necklace is an element of disharmony or chaos or douchebaggery whatever. If you look closely douche is also wearing a necklace that is glowing purple. Trixie may not be the only element of disharmony I have a feeling there may be a few including gilda. (Okay so maybe I couldnt think of anyone other than Gilda!) Anyway if these three are the elements of douchebaggery then there has to be a way for these elements to come about? Oh I know! Perhaps while captain douche was distracting the mane 6 with his fair he snuck off and stole the elements of harmony. Using his douche magic he turned them evil and is going to plan to use them to ruin equestria... Kind of like this Maybe the crystal kingdom is JEALOUS of equestria and wants to take over. I have a theory on this too. Maybe Equestria and the crystal kingdom go to war and the war is cutting between Shining armor and Cadence kinda like a cross between disney and romeo and juliette?? Speaking of disney check this out!! Does this look familiar to you? It sure as hell should!! It has already been established that Chrysalis is like a classic disney character... You know shapeshifting stealing a man oh I remember!! This thread is about wrapped up its 7:00 am and I am tired. So yeah a few serous theories and some general silliness I hope you enjoyed leave me a brohoof below!! Oh and before I leave have another picture!!
  10. ParsoOfEquestria

    Cosplay SR3 Pinkie Pie Cosplay

    Like normal, I was mucking around Saints Row: The Third with a mate. until THIS hit me, i make a Cosplay of Pinkie wearing party clothes If you think there is anything that can be improved, don't hesitate to say so. I noticed her skin in the night looks more like sunburn rather than pink
  11. Recently I've had a bunch of ideas for Everfree Forest threads, but the problem with all of them if that they were too specific to warrant a thread of their own. So... here's a thread to discuss things like that! I have limited it to things you like, though, both to ensure an optimistic attitude and to keep the thread on some sort of consistent track. I suppose I could have made it a "Post 3 things you like" kind of thread, but that would have felt too much like a forum game. Anyway, here's a couple things to get the ball rolling: Sonic Ice Yes, of all fast food ice, Sonic's is by far the best. And if you've been there, you know that you've thought the same thing. It's soft, crunchy, and pellet-shaped! PELLETS!! Vat19 An amazing gift store. Their products are equal parts unique and awesome, and they make extremely entertaining videos about each one. "Eleanor Rigby" Best Beatles song ever. Nintendo 3DS Blog The best place to get 3DS news, and the forums from which I came here. Yeah, good times...