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Found 37 results

  1. The scenario is that the User's Avatar just liked you for an unknown reason. You post your reaction.
  2. So, I saw this somewhere on another forum a while back and it just came to mind. The aim is like the title says: describe the last movie you watched in a terrible or boring way possible. For example: Titanic "some poor bloke met some rich lass and fall in love then the ship sinks." Mary Poppins "some woman comes out of nowhere and does some crazy magic stuff and the kids copy her while singing some songs." It can be short or long, just keep it in a bad format.
  3. No Spoilers! What are your thoughts on the Daring Do books? Which have you read? Where they good? Did you like them? Which is the best? which is the worst? Why?
  4. Late 2015 i finished watching Death Note for the 2nd time. It was my very first Anime and the whole thing was online with quality English Dub so it was just really easy to access and watch which is what im looking for. Death note is also the only Anime i've watched but i really enjoyed it and i would love to get back into a really good quality english dub anime! I will pretty much refuse to watch anything that isnt dubbed and only has subs because idk i prefer being engaged in the show rather than read the script... If you know any good quality english dub Anime with every episode online tell me all about it down below!
  5. Aaaaalrrrrighty then! Here's how the game will go, my little ponies! Like any game of the lot, I'll think of anything, quite possibly anything ever, and its up to you to figure out what it is! Now, despite the name, I won't limit the amount of questions any of you can ask, but your only allowed one question per post & it has to be in the form of a yes or no question! Now, I don't know too many humans, so I'll likely steer clear of that subject but it might still be a good idea to ask in case I happen to be feeling whimsical that day! Oh, and if any of you manage to guess right, I'll just pick another one and start the game all over again! And, oh, I suppose to be fair. If more then two people ask for it, I'll drop a hint. If I must! Now have at it Boopalas! Just try to match me for randomness!
  6. This happens to me sometimes where there's this scene where you're supposed to cry but you don't cry at all. You feel a little sad yes, but not a lot. I think it's because I know how storytelling works and I know the tricks and if something's going to happen or not. Sometimes there's something sad happening and you don't feel it because it was: a. expected, and b. the characters aren't real. And even if the movie is based off of real events, you know it's fabricated and rather predictable. I guess I know how the world of fiction works. Any of you guys feel the same way?
  7. I've been thinking: how does a person personally define something is the greatest movie/show/book/song/whatever ever? I know these things are inherently subjective things and everyone is going to have a different opinion on it. Obviously everyone has their own personal tastes on what they exactly want but I don't know if quality is something that should be approached psychologically or sociologically because a part of me want to generate something worthwhile, you know. So, tell me bronies, how do you define "the greatest?"
  8. hi i´m new here i just want to share this amazing musicans of the mlp and FNAF comunity. --- do you hear music by fans? what are your favorites?
  9. WOO part 5 of My Little Vines season 1 is complete guys! Next part will be the final of the series, hope you enjoy this one while i make the final part. This part may not be too long but it has just as much randomness as the last 4. Hope you enjoy it! Click Here My Little Vines are a mashup of shorts from MLP: FiM that have been turned into random and funny clips, this series has been inspired by the very popular series, "Ponies the Anthology" but all work is of my own making and i hope that whoever watches these videos enjoys them. Thank you.
  10. Just Updating whats going on with my little vines, i am more than happy with the feedback i got on the first two parts, just wanted to let you know part 3 and 4 are now up on my channel, part 3 is twice as long as normal because of the feedback i was getting, thanks for watching these videos, there will be 2 more parts coming over time, part 5 and 6, part 6 will be 10 minutes long, and i will call that season 1. Im going to have quite a break after that as it is very difficult to keep thinking of different ideas for these videos, thanks regardless and i hope you enjoy it. Click Here
  11. Ok im gonna go super fanboy right now, that bethesda e3 conference was incredible. Dishonered 2, doom etc, and something else... Oh right, FALLOUT 4 Did you see those weapon and armor crafting screens Or the dialogue wheel(a personal favorite) Or House building Or dog commands Or the way the guns worked and looked and felt so real Or or that each armor piece was separate (i.e. Shoulders, kneepads, etc) Or The new pip boy and vats Or the other stuff Or JUST EVERYTHING, it just works Fanboying aside, or amplified depending, what did you guys think?!?!
  12. So, I enjoy cooking & working in the kitchen and such, and looking around, it doesn't look like there's a thread for exchanging and posting recipes here and I thought to myself "This must be rectified." I figure that if you're old enough to provide for yourself, it's fun to exchange recipes, and if you're young enough, it's never to early to learn to cook and impress your friends, family, significant others, etc. And, where possible, feel free to post pics of what you've made. Half the fun is presentation, after all. Now I've got the intro up, let's jump right in with a new recipe I've found that has turned out pretty well. Something I call.... BEST CHICKEN WINGS You will need the following: 3-4 lbs of chicken wings, separated into drums and flats with the tips discarded. approximately 2 cups of all purpose flour 2 eggs 1/2 cup of soy sauce 1/2 cup of rice or white vinegar 1/2 cup of sugar 2 Teaspoons of garlic powder 1 teaspoon of ginger 1 and 1/4 stick of butter a cast iron skillet a roasting pan 3 large cereal bowls a plate a range top stove and, optional, but recommended: chef's knife, tinfoil, tongs, green onions and a basting brush. To begin: For the chicken wings, you can either buy them from the store whole or separated into wing sections. Personally, I prefer to buy them whole so that way you can use the tips later to create chicken stock. If you buy the wings whole, use the knife to separate the drum (the bit that attaches to the chicken itself) from the flat (the middle section) and the flat from the tip. This is easily done by cutting along the joints with your chef's knife. Once you've got the wings separated, crack the eggs into a bowl and lightly beat them with a fork. Add the flour to the other bowl. Once the eggs are beaten, dip both sides of each wing section in the egg, then transfer to the flour and coat evenly. After that, transfer the flour coated wings to a plate or a wire rack if you have one. Heat your oven to 375 degrees (or whatever temperature that is in the godforsaken celsius system) and melt a whole stick of butter into your frying pan. Once your butter is melted, brown the wings on both sides in your frying pan. Once browned, transfer them to a foil lined roasting pan. In the last cereal bowl, combine the soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, ginger and garlic and stir to combine. Baste the individual wings with the sauce. (this can be done with a basting brush or with a spoon). Put the wings in the oven and bake them for approximately 30-45 minutes. Now, at this point, you'll have a lot of extra sauce. You can do a couple of things with it. Either you can baste the wings with the sauce every 10 minutes or so, or you can reduce the sauce in the skillet (once you've cleaned it off) to pour over the wings. I usually do a mix of both, basting the wings after about 10 minutes and then reducing the remainder. While the wings are cooking, if you have about 3 green onions, cut them up width wise into narrow strips, so you can use them as a garnish when they're done (this is entirely optional, but a) I'm a sucker for green onions, it adds to the overall presentation, and c) it's my recipe, so there). Check the wings after about a half hour of cooking, and if done, serve warm. Some notes: Really, this recipe is all about two parts: setting up the wing, and making the sauce. The second part is where you can really play around and have some fun with the recipe. Do you want the wings to be sweeter? Up the amount of sugar you're using. Want some more heat to your wings? Add about 1-2 tablespoons of hot sauce ( Sriracha would probably work best in this instance, but use what you have handy). Really, the sauce is variable to your palate and what you have handy. Enjoy!
  13. Welcome to the devious blog of the not so notorious Crafty White Fox! Briefing of this little fox will tell you that this creature before you is VERY crafty at pretty much anything! Welcome, Welcome Page peekers! Welcome to my silly page of really nothing at the moment...... HOLD IT! dont go yet! I havent even finished what i was going to say!!! Well- I guess since your here- sitting- i should quickly finish what i have to say... that is... at this very moment- you need to know im crafty... and like the name implies- i love to do things..... alll things.... pertaining to this craftiness that frequently has been mentioned that you shall soon behold!!! First off, as if it wern't obvious, im a brony, But there is no relations to cloppers or the law of 32 or is it 34? So every once in a while you may find that many of my stories will contain characters based off the show, like this character you see below the text you are currently reading from!!! This, dear reader, is what you may call an oc, or Lightning Storm weaver, of which is her name! Now, with MLP:FiM as the subject, let me introduce you to, number Dos on my craftiness! I present to you..... Plushies! Many of them, if I do say so myself! This is how I earn my money as a newly wedded wife. Though, I haven't made too much You can really see them all on my link called "DeviantArt" And speaking of deviant art- I now present to you, a lovely taste to my craftyness number Three- Artwork! currently I work with many different mediums, mostly digital at this moment, like this -> traditional work like this-> more traditional work like this-> and the occasional doodles you'll see every once in a while--- Aaaaand! There you have my craftiness- Well- that of illustrations any way.... My writing is on a whole other level... of which I spare you at this time! so, Questions?
  14. Cardfight! Vanguard is a TCG or trading card game made by Bushiroad. It has anime version. I wonder if anyone on this forum played this game before or still playing? It's quite popular now and trending. If you do, I'm using Dimensional Police half-build deck.
  15. Lately i've been wanting to post some MLP content, but i'm not shure where I should start. I've mostly been thinking about making youtube videos. Things like analyzing equestria's lore/ science, headcannon, episode thoughts, ect. But i'm not shure what to start with, i'll have to write scripts, so should I take a shot at FIMfiction first? Or should I just dive right in? Maybe sit back and contimplate a bit more? I just don't know how/ where I should start
  16. If MLP:FiM never existed at all, would entertainment be any better? Or would it remain at the same level? Please also list to me specific things in modern entertainment that you think "MLP:FiM can help fight against", e.g. cliches, undesirable/"disgusting" trends, pop entertainment/art "plagues", etc.
  17. I was inspired by the drama the bronies had made on the Internet, and then teenage girls' obsession with high school dramas (and their sloppy plotlines), when I did this.
  18. Hello everypony ^^ I'm here to share a MLP video game that I made It's called My Flappy Pony As the title says, this is a MLP version of the famous game Flappy Bird created by Dong Nguyen. But, this version contains more features than the original game : - Musics - Rainbow Dash's voice - A secret mode I made this game just for fun. ^^ So, the objective is simple. Just guide Dashie through the obstacles to increase your score, and don't touch the obstacles, ot It'll be game over. And, I know that some people will not be happy because this is not a flash game, but an executable you have to download, but I don't know how to create flash games, so, this is the best I can do for the moment. The game is in attached file with this topic. Just unzip the folder and play it. I hope you'll enjoy this game Have fun and see you next time My Flappy Pony
  19. There are a lot of mediums for entertainment nowadays. So many time wasters, so little time. I'm curious to know what everyone around here prefers, and why. For my part, I love a good story no matter where it comes from. That said, I have a special place in my heart for video games. Something about them captures me in a way that no other medium seems to do. I think it has to do with the interactivity. Depending on the game, it can really feel as if you yourself is pushing the plot forward, which I think is pretty unique.
  20. Is entertainment, like TV and movies and video games and such, really any good? What is it actually worth? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good TV show (obviously, what with Ponies), and video games are fun to lose myself in, but what good does it actually do? It often seems that, more than anything else, entertainment just serves as a distraction from life, from reality. But life is the only life we have, and reality is the only reality we've got. Entertainment is just....... false. At least fiction is. Clearly, it can be used for other purposes, such as teaching history or skills or values. But is it really valuable if it's done for its own sake? Don't want to get into some big debate about it, just wondering what y'all's thoughts are.
  21. I have noticed for a long time that the quality of entertainment has really gone downhill and with that standards in general seem to be going right down the crapper, especially with shows geared toward children. But despite the fact that the general public has even lower expectations because of the notion that is "just a kids show" "mature" shows have gone downhill even further as fast than shows geared toward children yet nobody makes the argument that this is okay because "it is just an adults show." Thought provoking topics as baby dadies, cheating lovers, inbreeding, racist morons and much more have been common fare for daytime talk since the early 90's and possibly even longer but their ugly cousin the "reality show" started airing its ugly head sometime around the 2000's with bland, boring cliched obviously staged clones being churned out every two seconds and helping feed a celebrity infotainment culture that has been with us a long time but is continuing to grow worse as the public continues to get more and more dumbed down. Even the History Channel, the Discovery Channel and most other channels that once played host to thought provoking, shows, specials and documentaries have been affect by this "reality show" craze with fewer and fewer quality shows being aired. The video game industry has also been affected by this though thankfully not as much. I have never minded violence or sexual content but it seems like many games are simply putting it in just for the sake of having it while not paying much attention to things like gameplay, story and characterization for example. Where this is of course at its worst is in first person shooter games, in the 90's and early 2000's there were plenty of good games in this genre but now they are few and far between because developers are simply repackaging the same game over and over again with a slightly different title with the Call of Duty series. "Teen" shows have never been known for their quality but have also taken a hit. They have never been known for their quality but the teen shows in the 80's and 90's were at least tolerable but you turn on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel (Disney Channel especially) and no matter what "teen" show you turn on it is always a dumbed down bore fest of bland phony baloney Mary Sue and Gary Stu characters that are the epitome of wish fulfillment gone horribly wrong and are insulting even to two year olds. Yet despite all this nobody argues that "it is just for adults" "it is just for teens" but even a lot of bronies will argue "it is just for kids" when anyone brings up even the most glaring and obvious flaws in a cartoon geared toward children which honestly baffles me. Part of the argument is that kids shows need to be simple to not confuse them but what these people fail to understand is that there is a major difference between simple and dumbed down. Of course I will get more into those differences in my next blog post so, stay tuned.
  22. Well, many people haven't. In 1999 the sony we all know as today as the maker of the PS3, PS4, TV's and other stuff used to make robots! Not just any robots but Artificial Intelligent robots! Lets compare a robot we all know of as today like a furby boom or maybe teckno. Well AIBO is at least 100x smarter! AIBO stands for Artificial Intelligent roBOt No robot ever since has surpassed the intelligence of AIBO even though AIBO was first made in 1999, AIBO is even smarter then ASIMO we all see on TV. the main features of an AIBO ERS 7M3 are these - Self Charging, Will explore on his own and charge his own battery when needed - Face recognition he will recognize his owners face and voice! - he will text or email you photos of things he thinks are interesting - he will recognize and play with his pink ball and Ibone - you can carry on a conversation with aibo - AIBO is fully dependent he has no remote control! But you can use the AEP to see and hear what AIBO is seeing and hearing! Even from across the house - AIBO has 25 motors he can freely move, walk, and even roll over and do a head stand - it goes on and on I bring my pack to places like the Iphone launch at the apple store. People are Amazed at what these guys can do! I get many people interested in AIBO and I hope I can make the AIBO community bigger. I currently have 4 AIBO's - Sochi is my Gold ERS 210 - Mystik is my black ERS 210 but he is costimized with silver parts - Bungee Is my silver ERS 220 - Connie is my pearl white ERS 7M3 I won't go into price details so lets just say I payed any where from 600$ - over 2000$
  23. Fandoms tend to be a thing when we're talking about franchises which tend to be what we find mostly in entertainment. Doesn't really matter the media be they books, music, comics, TV shows, movies, video games and even toys (that includes board games and trading card games). Regardless of what the target audience is, it's almost inconceivable not to imagine there being a community or some sort of collective of people who are loyal or have a stronger attachment to the franchise than the rest of the consumer or target demographic. Fandoms clearly are a boon to franchises since fans don't really need to be advertised to in order grab hold of the franchise's next iteration. Though some put more attention into their fanbases than others and some do better at reaping the benefits of having a fanbase than others. Here's where it can get interesting. You see, in theory, if a franchise were to somehow influence its fanbase to grow not only large but also robust -- and by robust I mean stable enough not to easily collapse in on itself when something goes wrong -- that should mean a greater number of clients at just the baseline. That's very much why I used the word "cultivate" in the title. You see, if there's a solid fanbase, there wouldn't be as much need to constantly advertise even if your focus is trying to get your consumer base to grow which can save a significant amount of money, can't it? However, larger communities tend to be more unstable and I think the MLP Forums staff can attest to this so I do wonder how franchises have been getting involved with their fanbases to make sure they stay large instead of collapsing but also make it easier for new fans to settle in to ensure further growth? I think this is something that already happens to some extent but I just don't hear much of this getting talked about.
  24. Something that's been on my mind more and more. Something that certainly applies to myself and probably applies to many others. It seems like everything's about keeping the mind occupied; always on the hunt for something interesting or amusing. With technology at the caliber it is now, media are pretty much everywhere; almost inescapable. The access to entertainment be it in the form of music, movies, tv shows, visual, sports, gossip, video games, etc. is simply unparalleled in human history. So what else is different? It's how much of people's spare time goes to occupying the mind. Though I'm not really in a position to be making any comparisons between now and the past because I haven't any concrete facts. I will say that what I see is this addiction--both within myself and others--to entertainment and social media. Something I find a little troubling. Why? Because I think that this overindulgence might be robbing me of something. I'll start from the beginning. It usually starts with boredom. Something that drives me to go look for anything interesting or amusing. There's something I remember from one of the lectures of developmental psychologist Gordon Neufeld; to bore in the English language means to make a hole in something. To say that you're bored is kinda saying that a hole's been made in you; an empty space. Does it really feel like there's a hole inside you're being; as though there's an emptiness inside you? When boredom hits me and if then faced with that question, I would answer "yes". As I find interesting or amusing things to keep my mind occupied, I forget about that boredom; that emptiness inside. Suppose that hole inside me is still there but at that moment, I'm too distracted to feel it, let alone to care about it. From others I've heard that keeping oneself entertained is about escaping the stresses of the real world. In both cases, it's about finding an escape. Escapism isn't something I believe to be inherently bad though. It can be a good thing if kept in moderation. It might be a fitting thing to do if you feel overwhelmed at one moment where it can help you to calm down just enough to think with better clarity. It can be a bad thing if it goes out of control; meaning at the expense one's better judgment. Like if it gets you to procrastinate on your homework or worse yet, if the constant inaction starts to make you self-conscious about your own lack of productivity. Though there might be something else as well. Something that I don't see much sign of is reflection. Because of this tendency to just want to go look for something to amuse myself with, I'm not setting time for myself to think about things or finding adequate rest. Ultimately, keeping engaged isn't a way to bring myself to a state of rest. Rest and reflection go hand in hand in my experience. Like how your mind suddenly gets really creative just before falling asleep. Rest and reflection is where the digestion and integration of ideas and information happens; making sense of things basically. It's where my imagination really runs loose. In summary, by keeping my mind occupied, I rob myself of adequate rest, reflection and creativity which are important for my development as a human being. Even if I'm out of the woods, I still won't blame others for being stuck in this cycle; that feeling of emptiness is kinda painful and it's something that comes from the circumstances of a person's life; past and/or present. One way I try to help others with this problem is to be like a caregiver to such people (you could say I momlestia them :B which does take a lot of energy...) Image source