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Found 98 results

  1. MLPForums' Pokémon Thread Hello there, and welcome to the MLPForum's Pokemon thread! Pokemon is one of Nintendo's largest franchise's second only to Mario. The games revolve around you training creatures called 'Pokemon'. Pokemon are fantastic animals that can range from reptiles and mammals, to robots, spiritual entities, and beavers. As of Pokemon Black and White, there are 649 known species of Pokemon, not including the various forms many Pokemon can take. Like many popular franchises, the Pokemon games have seen plenty of spin-offs, including the Pokepark series, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, and the Pokemon Ranger series. Including all the spin-off games, there are 78 Pokemon games in existence, with 2 additional ones in production. So, use this thread to discuss Pokemon games, get help in Mystery Dungeon, get your team rated, battle with someone, tell everyone of your latest nuzlocke run, how Pikachu refuses to pick up the dang apple, or how Whitney's Miltank and Ghestis's Hydreigon are freakin' hacks, this thread is your on stop shop for all things Pokemon.
  2. I almost didn't post this thread but I feel I've written enough of my epic fantasy series to post a promo about it. "Swords and Roses" is a medieval-napoleonic fantasy series about what would happen if napoleonic soldiers invaded a fantasy world. It's got love, torture, revenge, etc. I posted it on Tapas and Wattpad if you wanna check it out: Updates will be sporadic due to my job situation but there will eventually be 16 books in total. Happy reading! :-)
  3. Have you ever wanted to play a fighting game like Fighting is Magic, a game with a cast of Original Characters, a game that can't get taken down by Hasbro? Do you want to take your skills ONLINE? DO YOU WANT TO SEE LITTLEPIP IN A FIGHTING GAME? Hi, I'm EmeraldStar04, and I'm the Moveset Designer and Project Manager of MLP:Order/Chaos. This game will use Mugen as a base, and its final version will be a Mugen Full Game, packaged with its main characters, custom health bars, custom menu screens, and custom character select screen preinstalled. However, due to using Mugen as a base, modular open-slot editions WILL be compatible with other mugen characters like Twilight Sparkle, Sonic The Hedgehog, Ryu, Jotaro Kujo, anyone you want. Though of course, you'll have to get your opponent's permission to use such characters in online play. Which means if you don't want to fight Sonic or Megaman or Link, you don't have to! (If only For Glory had that option...) Which ties into my next point: THIS GAME WILL HAVE ONLINE PLAY. If you've ever seen a Smash 4 For Glory montage and thought to yourself "Man, I wish I could make vids like that", now you can! The game's art style? Fighting Is Magic-style vector art. Why? High quality sprites>8-bit-looking sprites. The game's plot: Beings beyond time and space have torn holes in dimensions and timelines, gathering those that catch their eye and pitting them against each other in a Grand Equine World Tournament. When a winner is decided, the losers are sent back to their own worlds and the winner will gain one wish. What will that wish be? Fame? Money? Power? Status? The restoration of a ruined world? Alicorn Ascension? True love? Infinite pizzas? Find out, in MLP:Order/Chaos! Current OC Roster: LittlePip(Fallout Equestira) Emerald Star(Emerald Star's Bizarre Adventure) Nyx(Past sins) (Then again, probably not. This space can easily be taken by a more interesting OC.) -Empty slot- -Empty slot- -Empty slot- Stages: Town(Ponyville, with Fluffle Puff in the background on the right side if FP's artist says ok) Wasteland(Fallout Equestria) Nightmare Castle(Past Sins) (Will be replaced if Nyx is replaced) Las Haygas (Las Pegasus) -Empty Slot- -Empty Slot- -Empty Slot- Crystal Castle(Literally Twilight's castle). End Of The World (Emerald Star's Crazy Adventure) Average stats: Health: 750-1200 (The average mugen character's health is 1000.) Power: 10,000 (Ten bars max for all characters, unless having a power bar limit of 3/1 is part of the character's playstyle) Attack: 100% Defence: 70-105% (Altering Attack alters the damage your attacks deal and Defence alters the damage you take from attacks.) Questions predicted and answered, "Your next line is..." style... "Can my OC be in this?"/"Can this OC I like be in this?" Is there more to your OC than just a randomly-generated name and a generic face? Would your OC have an interesting and enjoyable playstyle that fits the character? Would your OC be fun to play as AND against? If the answer is yes to all or most of these things, post here to show your interest and then send a PM to me named "OC Application: *insert OC Name here*". Set it out like the Smash Ballot applications, including what the OC features in, why you think the character should be in the game, and what you think his/her/its playstyle would be like. Include as much information as possible to ensure the OC is programmed into the game accurately! "Can you make a template thingy where you can make your own OC by choosing attacks and colours and stuff?" No. Mugen has no system for this. I'd need a budget rivalling Smash 4's to make anything approaching that. Though it isn't exactly hard to modify an existing mugen character and make your own OC with custom attacks and animations... So I wouldn't say no to fighting some of those when the game is finished. You heard me, 1v1 me, no items, final destination. I mean, End Of The World. "Do you have permission from Littlepip's creator to use her in this game?" Not yet, which is why we're going to finish work on the menu art and Emerald Star first, so people will take us seriously when we show off demos of the game and ask to use her. But if LP's creator says no, it's fine, because the ammo system I've developed for her will still work on other Fallout Equestria OCs and we've no shortage of those. "What's the smash ballot?" "Can my OC have a Super Saiyan/Giga Bowser/Forme Change/Wario Man-style transformation?" I hope you realize how much time and resources would go into such a thing. Countless additional sprites and animations for running and jumping and all three taking-damage animations, with check codes on each animation to see if the transformation trigger is enabled, ON EVERY SINGLE STATE AND INPUT. It doubles, no, triples the workload and pushes back the game's release date far too much. I'm not saying ABSOLUTELY NOT to this sort of thing, but keep in mind that if you ask for one, it will greatly reduce your chances that your OC gets in. One-off transformations, on the other hand, are fine. Something like "Goku turns super saiyan, fires a massive Kamehameha, then turns back to normal when the super is over" or "My dragon OC Slash becomes huge, punches the ground to cause a giant earthquake, then shrinks back to normal" or "Death Knell enters his Final Dark Form and unleashes a wave of darkness" is fine. So is "For the intro animation, my changeling OC Fickle Fate jumps into the arena and then turns into the pony form she'll be using to fight". And when it comes to weapons, "He pulls our and uses his sword for some attacks and his gun for others, and his super has him pull out and use a massive sword" is ok, "he switches between Holding His Gun mode and Holding His Sword mode" isn't. Same goes for "He switches between armours to have different attacks and animations". "Can my character's fighting style include spells?" Of course! You'll have to specify what spells/what kind of spells, though, since magic is a really open-ended thing. Fire spells, water spells, earth spells, ice spells, metal spells, plant sprlls, air spells, time spells, space spells, love spells, force spells, soul spells, "Fire a giant laser" spells, there are a lot of spells. "When I apply to enter my OC in this game, should I include what I want his Specials and Supers to be?" Yes. Overpowered ones might be altered to preserve game balance, but in the sense that they'll be given an exploitable weakness, not made uninteresting. "Am I allowed to enter OCs a friend made?" If that friend is ok with it, then sure. "Can my character have a 'Transform the enemy' move like the Candy Beam from DBZ or Alessi from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?" Only if it's the kind of transformation where the opponent can't move until you attack them, knocking him/her out of the transformation, or you wait a certain number of seconds until it wears off. NOT something like "My OC uses a magic spell to turn the opponent into a cute filly version of themselves" or "My OC uses magic to turn the opponent into a batpony version of themselves". Making separate transformed sprites for each character would be a MASSIVE undertaking, the kind of undertaking that can only be pulled off when you have a team of professional well-paid animators working around the clock that won't mind spending multiple years working on this game because it's their job and they're paid by the hour. Plus, that kind of move wouldn't even work on characters that don't have "Can be transformed into a young version or a mare version or whatever" programmed into them, making it useless in Any-Character Online Play. "Turn the opponent into candy or a block of ice or a tree or stone or whatever this specific state is coded to be", on the other hand, holds the transformation code and sprite in its own character using custom states, meaning you could even use that on an OC not programmed to be compatible with the move and it'd work perfectly. "Can my OC have Helper Moves? You know, the thing where a character summons another character, who does a move and then runs off, but if you hit that helper character before the move is used, the character can't use the move and has to run off?" Sure! That'd be an awesome Super/Hyper move. But no more than one per character. "Can my OC's Hyper Move summon a friend to help him/her, like the Pokemon Trainer's Triple Finish Final Smash?" Ok. "Can my OC use guns?" If he/she comes from a world with guns, then sure. No broken stuff, though. As funny as it'd be for Twilight's Daughter or someone to just use a human gun on the final boss and kill it, that won't happen. Guns will keep track of ammo and require reloading, and you'll be open during this reload state. "You know the move Poisonpowder from Pokémon? Can my OC have a move like that?" If it's a lv1 Super, then sure. This poison effect code can also work on "Magic curse" spells. "Can my OC be a group of two characters, Ice Climber style?" No. "Can I make a new OC specifically for this game?" That isn't really what this game is about, so this new OC isn't likely to get in... but go ahead if you want to make one anyway, or you don't have any OCs yet, or something. "Can this character have an Instant Kill move?" Only if it's so punishable and impractical at high levels of play that using it is a stylish awesome thing and not a cheap thing. Something like landing a jumping reversing offstage Ganondorf Punch will be ok, a "Input up left down right down A to instakill the helpless opponent" move won't be ok. "Will the game have stages that suck?" No. "Will the game's fanbase decide like half the stages in the game can't be used, so you have to only use the stages they like?" No. "Will there be an Undertale level?" This is a MLP fangame, so probably not. "Can my Undertale OC get in this game?" Probably not, but if it's a really good one, message away. "Will there be a Story Mode?" I have plans for one, but you won't be seeing any massive Metroidvania Brawl-style levels. Think more along the lines of a normal fighting game's story mode, like Tekken or Street Fighter. Personally, I always liked them more. WHAT WE NEED: Stage themes, an opening theme, and a Choose Your Character theme. If you want to be hired as our musician, PM me your tracks and audition. Or, if you only want one of your tracks in this game, PM it to me. If you're a fan of a musician, PM me something you like and where you'd want it to be. The best tracks will be used in the game. Vector Artists. The game's art style will be vector art, in a similar pseudo-3/4 view to Fighting Is Magic. See: If you're a vector artist and you want your work featured in this game, comment in this topic and then send me a PM with four of your best show-accurate vectors, and artwork of Littlepip in the Fighting Is Magic style, to show how well you can draw in that style. To our Vector Artists, we will offer: A cameo role in the background of a stage of your choice, besides End Of The World or Wasteland. (It wouldn't make sense for ponies to be there drinking tea or whatever). And if you have a particularly interesting OC that would be fun to play as and against, they can join the roster! One OC per person. --- Note on controls: Despite the OCs from different fics likely using different mechanics, the game will mainly be a Street Fighter-style system with three attack buttons, a Taunt button, and a Special button. What this move does varies depends on the character. The three attack buttons will be Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks, and combos will depend on the character.
  4. we're not discussing the usual music on the charts, we're not referring to "epic" with amplification, this infact is the pure concentrated essence of "epic"... music which can move people to deep emotions, music you can feel pulsing through you into your very soul... music that can cause fantastical and extravagant images in your mind! come forth and share your epic music with me... if you wanna... personally i think this one is pretty good
  5. Okay so episode 27 of Hanazuki is the season finale. And it was f**king amazing. Let's talk. So in the last episode the Big Bad makes red hemka sick. So Hanazuki is freakin out. But Doughy fixes it almost immediatley. Then Kiazuki and the others drive off the big bad. Kiazuki is pumped as mother f**ker. Being an egotistical bitch she wants all the credit. But she's upset when Little Dreamer gives a treasure too Hanazuki. And the resulting boss fight was epic. Really felt like a boss fight straight out of a video game. I'm also glad Kiazuki didn't go back too being evil. She already redeemed herself, and besides she was never really evil too begin with. I actually liked how Hanazuki got too Kiazuki by getting her too be honest with her emotions. It's actually very sweet and refreshing for me. Also in the end where Hanazuki's like"What emotion do you feel now?" And it was love, and then she hugged Hanazuki. Priceless. Realoy happy about that. I ship the hell out of Hanazuki x Kiazuki. I also now ship Moroshi x Kyoshi. Their f**king fantastic together. This was a very exciting and too be honest heart felt season finale. I mean even if the mlp season seven finale is shit I'll stil be happy. This was amazing. Also tommrow I will upload some screenshots of the episodes and maybe make more memes. I hope you enjoyed reading. EDIT: Added a bunch of images.
  6. OOC: When shadows fall. Crowley was waiting. His hawk was circling high above his head, like a predator keeping a watchful eye, waiting to strike. His green, piercing eyes scanned the area. He wasn't only observing, he was percieving everything, allowing all sensations to flourish within his consciousness. From the little mouse that was running through the grass to the guard sneezing in the distance on top of a tower. Almost lifelessly he stared in front of him, to the closed door, that lead to the palace hall, and then to the inner rings of the city. Waiting and watching was something he was pretty good at. You'd think waiting isn't a skill, but if you have to wait 3 whole days, being disciplined enough to stay alert, you'd start thinking differently. They should be coming now. The sun was high in the sky, straight above him, making his shadow small. It was noon. He hoped that this group would show up. The last had only two that were willing to participate. All the others had been cowards. Too frightened by the idea of having to do something meaningful. He hated ponies like that. So in the heat of the sun, about as motionlesss as a statue, only his chest revealing that he was a breathing, living being, he waited. And around him, on the walls and towers, and in many corners were guards on patrol. Some visible. Some not. After all, this was the first barrier of defense to the princesses themselves. Perfect security was a must. {Turn 1} Arrive at the palace and enter the courtyard.
  7. When shadows fall Over the valleys Beneath the clouds that obscure the sun Who can recall A dream, once it's over And everything's been said and done If I could hold you in my arms just one more time If I could simply take away the distance between our minds Forget the sadness in your eyes The bitterness and lies No love can hold When hearts grow cold History is about to come to the present… To seek retribution. ------------------------- When hearts grow cold: Chapter one Greetings everyone. Over the last months I’ve been in a ton of roleplays, and each of them had very interesting perks to them. I’ve hosted a few roleplays in the past, but I decided I was going to do it differently this time. I’ve taken a few aspects of every roleplay I really enjoyed and created this. Maybe you’ll recognise some things. Just know that if you think I’m stealing ideas, I’m merely trying to make this roleplay as pleasurable as possible by taking the best of all roleplays I’ve been in. I hope that makes sense Not very long ago, a powerful artefact was stolen from the ‘Starswirl the Bearded’ section of the Canterlot library. This powerful artefact could grant power and knowledge to the wrong kind of pony. Despite the countless safety precautions taken a thief still managed to break in and steal the artefact. Not many ponies have seen the act of stealing itself, but a few clues have been left behind. Alongside this problem rumours have spread of a notorious gang causing trouble all over Equestria, leaving trails behind in several locations. Nopony knows what they are up to yet, but they’ve been stealing and breaking into places for a while now. Some are more frightened by this group than others, claiming that they are more organised and precise than all other criminals that came before them. Your character has been sent a letter and called upon by the princesses to search for the artefact, and perhaps retrieve some more information about who did it, and if they have anything to do with the obscure gang of thieves. You will travel alongside other ponies in the same situation as you in a party, each of you fulfilling a different role. Your first task is to come to Canterlot so you can be informed of the situation and ask any questions you may have. I would like you to apply your character for a certain role. In the roleplay itself your character will receive a letter requesting them to join the travelling party fulfilling that specific role. It would also be nice to give the princesses a reason to choose you in your character application. Is your character the best in his trade? Perhaps he’s been loyal to the crown up until now, or has expressed his will to support the princesses before. This is not obligatory however. The different roles are as follows: Roles: Guard/Soldier: Since the party will be facing dangers on their journey, there has to be somepony that can protect them. A heavyweight of some sort that can overcome most physical problems, is proficient with some sort of weaponry and can make decisions in combat. Your character doesn’t have to be completely oriented around combat however. Mage: In many situations a mage is very useful. Thus it is important that there is a unicorn proficient with advanced magic present in the party. The mage shouldn’t be combat-oriented though. More so a wizard specialising in utility, research or transmutation spells. That doesn’t mean your character can’t fight, just don’t come up with a battle mage. Scout/Rogue: Somepony who’s either too quick to be caught, or too stealthy to be seen. Who can infiltrate and investigate when nescesary. Is it a master of disguise, a mage of illusion or just a really fast Pegasus? That’s up to you. Detective: This story is full of intrigue. Somepony has to be clever enough to connect the dots, to see the story behind the facts. As the scouts infiltrate and the diplomats negotiate, when the mages decipher and the soldiers interrogate, the detective sits behind it all, waiting for the moment he's struck with the solution. Diplomat: When it comes to negotiating, it’s important that you have a professional with you. The diplomat is a pony with a silver tongue, a witty mind and a strong will. Manipulative and cunning, a diplomat can coerce anyone to his or her purpose. Navigator: This party is going to travel a lot, sometimes even through uncharted area. To have a pony who knows his way around anywhere is vital if you do not want to get lost. The navigator is in charge of the parties direction, keeping them out of dangerous areas, and is most knowledgeable of the environment. Doctor/medic: If anypony becomes injured and impedes the parties’ pace, it is best to have a pony with a medical license at hand to fix the injury as quickly as possible. The medic might even be the most important of all, because he can get anypony back on their hooves. How he does so is up to you, but strengthening others and helping others recover is your sole purpose. These roles are taken pretty loosely. It’s more to make sure the party has a variety of different skillsets. You don’t necessarily have to be a warrior to fulfil the soldier role, and you won’t precisely be playing a soldier at all times either. As long as your character somewhat fits the description it’ll be fine. Surprise me with something original! I like that Application template: Rules. - No god modding, no powerplaying and no Metagaming. If a character isn't yours. You can't control them. Simple. Taking control of another players character is strictly forbidden. There might also be things that you yourself, as an OOC person knows, that your character doesn’t know. Make sure you keep track of what and what isn’t within your characters knowledge. Also don’t entirely base your character around their powers or exceptional talent. Sure, it can be a very major factor, but it is important that they have an actual character, and are also not too powerful. There are many examples in which you can try to avoid this rule, but please use common sense and don’t do it. - No Mary / Gary Sue behaviour. Your character is not perfect in any way. Neither personality, nor appearance, nor talents and powers. Just keep things like that in mind. -Post length. 200 character posts have their place and their uses, but they shouldn't be the norm. I don't like imposing a minimum character limit as short posts are sometimes needed, but I expect a minimum average of 400 characters and would hope that people aim for a minimum of 600 characters. Of course, when travelling, or when there aren’t a lot of things happening, you can greaten the length of your post by spending more time with inner dialogue or describing scenery. That will flesh out the environment and make it easier for others to come up with ideas to write about. - Post Quality. Please take your time to proofread your posts for grammar, punctuation and spacing. Don’t just make your posts fun to read, make them easy to read! - Respect other players. Your characters may come to hate each other: you shouldn't hate each other as players though. This is a roleplay, not a competition. It's not worth falling out over. - Communication and activity Please make sure to let us know if you aren’t going to be able to post for a while, and also try to post at least twice a week. It makes it a whole lot easier to keep the roleplay going. My main objective is to finish this roleplay to the end, and I will take measures to keep it alive! This will include kicking people and inviting new members into the roleplay at some point. On the point of communication, it’s also great if you talk to each other. About things happening in the RP, but also about posting activity. Lots of roleplays I’ve been in died because everyone was waiting on each other… Accepted characters: Guard/Soldier: @PonyOfWar as War Mage: @PathfinderCS as Stargazer Scout/Rogue: @Dark Horse as Nova Nightstar Diplomat: @Lil' Lovebug as Amber Whiskey @SilverHeart as Mirror Image Navigator/Detective: @Golbez as Logic Bomb Doctor/medic: @EQ_Theta as Salus "Salve" Veta One last thing! I'm still working out the concept of this RP, and there might be things unclear in this OOC. I've got much more information than is actually displayed here. If you have questions, please do ask them. I can explain things that are unclear, and possibly add to the current OOC explanation so things will become clearer. I won't bite, please ask as many questions as you want!
  8. 14. The longer a song is, the more epic it is. - The 101 Rules Of Power Metal This thread is dedicated to songs with epic lengths, the longer the better. Share songs that you consider long. Discuss what you think makes a song long. I'm going to start with something that I'm pretty sure everybody can agree is long. Here's Sleep's masterpiece, Dopesmoker. If 63 minutes isn't long, I don't know what is. As for what I think makes a song long, I would say anything longer than 8 minutes. It might be because I've been listening to a lot of long songs for a long time and I'm getting used to long songs.
  9. I learned lighting better. Yay!
  10. So what are your favorite moments in this show? Scenes or gags that hit you just right? Here's some of mine: Ponyville Confidential: The part where Diamond Tiara says, "No more Namby Pamby stories," and somepony says, "But Namby Pamby was a great editor!" That joke always gets me. It's About Time: When they were scouring Equestria for problems and Rainbow Dash said, "My weather ponies gave the clear from here to Las Pegasus!" That one always gets me too. I guess I like name puns. Super Speedy Cider Squeezey 6000: The part where AJ and friends lost, and AJ swallowed her pride and congratulated Flim and Flam, and then said to the townponies with tears in her eyes, "Go on y'all, it's OK." Return of Harmony Part 1: Discord's entire entry scene in the Canterlot Castle. Just excellent all around. Oh, the intro of this episode was great too.
  11. This is just my opinion: Nightmare Rarity Arc (Revenge of the Sith Vibes) Just saying it cause I kinda get a little vibe of it reading the arc but that's just my opinion
  12. What are you expecting from the season finale? While we may still be fairly early on into s5, before we know it, the finale will be upon us. And judging from how the s5 premiere ended, our newest antagonistic villain will be making a comeback. This was the first villain in MLP:FIM's history that made me cringe and left with an unsettling feeling, thanks to her brainwashing/ concentration camp tactics. However, Starlight's biggest error in her debut was holding the Mane 6 captive and not separating them, like the might've done with the villagers that she brainwashed. This is what I think could be done differently, during the finale, when she returns, since she seems like the type who learns from her mistakes and is careful not to repeat them. One thing, personally, I'd want to see from the finale is a 3-parter, if possible. This could shake things up from the “standard” two-parter, allow more time for good pacing and buildup, character development, and all that jazz. Seeing as how Starlight, as creepy as she and her tactics were, did provide an interesting means of attack and control against not just the Mane 6, but other ponies through separation of their cutie marks, I'd like to see this taken up a notch, but with additional twists. First, I'd like to see a battle of wits and strategy from Starlight, perhaps against Twilight, first and foremost. I'm talking Sombra-esque foresight and planning with traps and countermeasures; first separating the Mane 6 from each other, (maybe utilizing the powers of the Smooze, to prevent their powers from being used against her), then taking their marks again, with Twilight's mark being taken last, and makes her getaway, with it being up to Twilight to follow, while Smoozed, get through the traps laid out for her, and find a way- without magic and without her friends or others to help- to save the day. But ultimately, she fails in the mental game, getting stuck, and with a plot twist, it's the secondary group leader, the resourceful and level-headed Apple Jack, who manages to escape, catch up with Twi, reassure her, and continue the chase against Starlight. With how her friends are like family to her, and her determined, “I'll take on anything” attitude that we saw when she tackled the flame geyser swamp and chimera to save Apple Bloom in “Somepony to Watch over me”, I would love to see her taking the heroine role with her friends in danger (especially since many seem to think she's a “background pony”). And further set in stone that she's the secondary leader of the 6. With the theme of this season is “cutie mark magic”, I'd like to see the finale wrapped up with Starlight managing to use Twilight's cutie mark, merging it with her own, or simply taking off her own and replacing it with Twilight's, becoming an alicorn (like I thought she would, with Twi's mark, in the premiere), and ultimately, AJ realizing she's outclassed, about to get defeated, but Celestia (since many people seem to demand more from her =_= ) taking measurements to recall her former student, Sunset Shimmer, who takes Starlight on, horn to horn, reclaims the mane 5's cutie marks (which could possibly still home the spirits of friendship within them, since their friendship came about through their cutie marks, according to “The cutie mark Chronicles”), and defeats Starlight; returning the cutie marks to their owners, making peace with Celestia, and (hopefully) staying in Eqestria, being given over to Luna, by sunbutt, as her student/ protege. But what are you guys' thoughts on how the season 5 finale will go down? What elements do you want to see from it? Guest characters? Continuity?
  13. I am making a 10 - 15 minute video that is basically a big compilation of fan made pony shorts. It will include other people's content as well some of as my own. RULES The video must not be longer than 50 seconds Don't send in something you didn't make SUBMISSION To submit a video PM me with the youtube link. I will credit the creator at the end of the video and in the description. Submit by the end of 2015 unless the video gets released sooner NOT ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED, but most will be.
  14. This is a fanclub for the shipping pear PinkieSparkle.
  15. Me, HailTrixie and creepypastaeater just had a 93 comment thread going on in one of my status updates What's your record?
  16. There once was a pirate captain named George the Bearded. One day George went sailing with his hardy crew. He planned to terrorize the New word, and become the greatest pirate in the colonies. It was a saturday when he and his crew flew the jolly rodger off the coast of Maine. Then the Spanish gallion he stole was sunk by a Coast Guard helicoter, and George and his crew were claimed by Davy Jones. The End.
  17. Good afternoon! I wanted to share my newest orchestral piece (3-4 months in the making). It has been featured on the new Ponies at Dawn "Celestial Planes" album which you should certainly check out as well! Thanks for listening!
  19. My grandparents live out on the prairie with nothing around them. The only people around us are family, and other friends of our family. My aunt Diana who lives about 7 miles east of us, had a prairie fire start right buy her house. Luckily the fence that surrounds her house stopped the fire from coming any closer, AND the paint on the fence was fire retardant. The fire then moved west, and eventually jumped the highway, but only made it a mile or so down before authorities were able to contain it. The power went out and we had to start out generator, but the electricity eventually came back on thirty minutes later. tldr; prairie fire out where I live, but made it safe. It was a good thing that the fire got contained. It is dry as hell out here and that would have spread VERY quickly. So that got me thinking. Has anypony here been through something like this? Examples would be... Earthquake Fire Tornado SEVERE Thunderstorm Burglary City Riots Store getting robbed while you were in it... You get the point. Basically things that would (if not soon contained) could have ruined/killed you or others around you. Or something that was just terrifying. I tagged the word epic because I have always wanted to see a tornado. As terrifying as they are, I would like to see one out here on the prairie. As long as I had access to a basement, I would like to see one out in the fields. You can pretty much see for miles out here, so even if it was far away it would be EPIC to see it.
  20. Welcome one and all to the 2017 MLPF World Cup blog. Here I will be talking about the preparations I've been making towards the 2017 MLPF World Cup. Now one of the major things I will be adding for this edition is the introduction of a private live stream where I place the 32 World Cup Qualifiers into groups. The thing is: as I perform the draw, I need an epic soundtrack that heightens tension, so I narrowed my choices down to five. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to suggest them in the comments section. Now here are your five options! Let me know in the votes! Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5
  21. Vendi

    Good Books

    This is how I feel when I read books.
  22. Hello friends, Here is another pic inspired by My Little Pony. Last time I combined MLP imagery with Indian epic literature. This one is inspired by the Norse Sagas. Thanks for viewing
  23. Hello everyone! This is a picture I finished recently. I enjoy reading world literature, and wondered what it would be like to incorporate MLP imagery into scenes from literary epics. This scene is inspired by literature from India. It's a drawing with colored pencil. I'm sorry the quality is not ideal, but it's the best I could do with the camera I had. The color looks better in person. I still think the general idea is conveyed though. I hope you all enjoy viewing it Thank you for viewing!
  24. Check out this awesomely epic unique cover I made of YOGSCAST's famous Diggy Diggy Hole.
  25. Spock

    The VS game

    Quite simple game, answer the vs question of the person above you and pit the winner against your own choice. No Chuck Norris please! Person 1: King Kong vs Godzilla Person 2: Godzilla, Slenderman vs Cthulhu Hitler Vs Darth Vader?