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Found 8 results

  1. A discussion board to discuss the topic of HOW AWESOME THE MLP MOVIE WAS if you have not seen the movie please do not join it will contain spoilers and I highly recommend you watch it without knowing whats going to happen
  2. I watched the MLP S6 finale one day. I got bored the next day and made something. Is this an epic coincidence or what?
  3. After a few hours of drawing, I finally finished it. I had a lot of fun drawing this, especially drawing Celestia's mane and tail. What do you think?
  4. One day there was a guy named Gregory, but most people called him Greg. He also went by G-meister, G-dawg, and justin. On this fateful day, he was attempting the 100-warheads challenge when suddenly a genie appeared. "I will grant you 3 wishes!" He announced. Greg could not believe his eyes. Was this the effect of him losing his mind? The world may never know. He appeared in a land of ponies. Greg ate the grass and pretended to moo. It was as graceful as a hippopotamus on heat. Greg took off his pants and ran into the wilderness. He was never seen again! :grin2: ~Fin.
  5. Hello friends, Here is another pic inspired by My Little Pony. Last time I combined MLP imagery with Indian epic literature. This one is inspired by the Norse Sagas. Thanks for viewing
  6. Finally done with this piece. Hope you like it! (The camera couldn't catch all the awesomeness) . Most of the details can only be seen when you've clicked on the picture. Going to color it later and will put the co-o-lored one here.
  7. Source: Season 4: Predictions & Hopes
  8. Well I searched and didn't find a thread for MY FAVOURITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME! Therefore I bring upon you the thread where you can post your opinions on the Saw movies. In this thread you can state your favourite of the six movies, your favourite machine/trap/murder device from the movie, favourite character, or try to convince me they aren't that good. (P.S. It won't work. ) It's impossible that I'm the only one on the forums who loves these movies. So for my opinion... My favourite of the six movies was number one because that's where I got my first mind blowing of how elaborate Jigsaw's traps were. At the end when Jigsaw got up and was there all along... That was a total jaw drop moment for me. As for my favourite trap I would have to say the one where Strahm pushes Hoffman into that glass case only to find out that it would have saved him. Also Hoffman was my favourite character.