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Found 11 results

  1. Part 1 here. After introducing her family to Wheels, Applejack tries to get him to work on the farm. However, he refuses, saying that "Work is too much work. That's why I've been in this wheelchair for years." Applejack then tries to get Wheels out of his wheelchair by giving him tasks that he must complete, but when she returns, it was the Soldier-Bots that did the work. Applejack loses hope and continues her farm work. Then, the soldier-bots that did Wheels' chores for him malfunction and try to destroy her. Concerned for Applejack's safety, wheels uses his Wheelchair's robot arms to fight back. Though one of the bots manages to knock him out of his wheelchair, he manages to use all his strength to get up and hit the last bot in the face. When asked why he was able to walk, he says "I've always been able to walk. I was just too lazy to do it. Until now." Meanwhile, Princess Celestia awakes in an underground prison run by versions of the Soldier-Bots. She is immediately given magic and flying restraints and put into a cell with another pony named Gurgle. He informs Celestia that she is in "Pony Prison" and "You might as well get comfortable. You're gonna be here a while." Celestia's goes to her bed as her tears put her to sleep. At Canterlot, Dr. Darkness gives a press conference. He is asked why he "Created a divide between himself and everypony else," and responds with, "The division I see is between ponies who like the way things are and the rest of us." He then goes on about the cracks in the Equestrian society, and the others are shocked. He returns to the castle and sits on he throne, awaiting for something no other pony knows about. Deep within the Everfree forrest, Twilight goes to Zecora to find out what's going on. Zecora examines the element of magic, and that it was corrupted with "Dark Magic", a form of magic thought to be lost ages ago. Suddenly, A dark magic dome surrounds the forrest, disabling Twilight's return to Canterlot. Twilight suspects that Dr. Darkness did this and tries to teleport herself outside of the dome. But it fails.
  2. This is a several part episode idea by yours truly. So here we go: During the Grand Galloping Galla, Princess Celestia begins to make an announcement. Then, seven ponies (two unicorns, two pegasi, two earth ponies, and an alicorn) use a device to "Send her away", and they take control of Equestria. When the elements of harmony try to confront the seven ponies, Dr Darkness (Alicorn, Wrath) angrily sends a magical pulse, turning each element black and makes them unusable. The ponies reveal themselves collectively as "Do Good Incorporated". They claim that Celestia was a tyrant who needed to learn a lesson and that them taking over is completely justified. Dr. Darkness assigns the other six new rulers to Twilight's friends for what he claims is "their own protection"; he assigns Wheels (Earth Pony, Sloth) to Applejack, Iron Face (Unicorn, Vanity and not Lust because this is a kids show) to Rarity, Bubba (Earth pony, Gluttony) to Pinkie, Mimi (Unicorn, Envy) to Starlight, FireSnow (Pegasus, Pride) to Rainbow Dash, and Gold Silver (Pegasus, Greed) to Fluttershy. After he sends the others on their way, Dr. Darkness introduces Twilight to his "Soldier-Bots", and they try to arrest her. However, she escapes from the robots' clutches and hides in the Everfree forrest. In response, Dr. Darkness puts up wanted posters of her and offers a reward for her. Dead or alive. Next, Dr. Darkness and his Soldier-Bots destroy all the stained glass portraits in the throne room. When Luna sees this and tries to confront him, he asks her out on a date. When she refuses, he says that she "Doesn't have much of a choice" and has the Soldier-Bots aim their weapons at her. She agrees to the date and leaves just as Discord enters. Discord says to Dr. Darkness, "I don't care who sits in that throne: You, Celestia, even Twilight. I'll just continue doing what I did before. You stay out of my way, and I stay out of yours." Dr. Darkness gets so angry that he turns Discord to stone with the same magical pulse that disabled the Elements. If you have any ideas on the next episodes, let me know. I do have an idea for the ending, though.
  3. Many of you know about the popular MLP creepypasta "Rainbow Factory", but I've decided to change it up a little bit to make it less terrifying. The episode starts with the mane 6 getting a strange invitation to a place called "Rainbow Falls". When they get there, they see a run down yet still working factory. Then they all breathe in a green gas and fall unconscious. They all wake up inside the factory, each inside a glass cube dangling from a mechanical railing on the ceiling. A Pegasus in a white uniform with multicolored stains greets the heroes and introduces himself as Swirly, the head of the rainbow factory. When asked about the factory by Pinkie Pie, Swirly explains that he lures ponies into the factory and uses the " Pegasus device" to extract "color matter" from them, a certain essence that gives ponies their colors. PInkie starts to yammer on about how "this isn't how rainbows are supposed to be made", which irritates Swirly to the point where he uses the Pegasus device on her. When her color is removed, she becomes zombie like and works in an assembly line for the factory. After Swirly leaves for a coffee break, the rest of the mane 6 get broken out by an old stallion. When they escape, the stallion introduces himself as "Old Grapes", and was the founder of the rainbow factory. Originally, they used fruits and vegetables for rainbows. However, when Swirly took over, he created the Pegasus device and kicked Old Grapes out. Eventually, they sneak in and discover that by pouring color matter onto ponies who lost their color, they turn back. They do this to all the other zombie like ponies, but Swirly can't be found. They find a note signed by him that says "you have beautiful eyes, Rainbow Dash" Tell me what you think!
  4. This is a bit of a different episode idea I have. Hopefully, it’ll start the shipping between Pinkie Pie and Death Jr. Pinkie Pie, while working at Sugarcube Corner, notices a new pony with a black torn cloak that covers his face. Calling himself “D.J.”, the new pony spends the rest of his day with Pinkie Pie. At the end of the day, he says that she is “full of not-deadness”, which confuses her. When she tries to find out more about him, he runs away and trips over a rock, causing his cloak to come off and reveals himself as a skeleton. After a panic session from everyone's favorite pink pony, D.J. explains that he is the son of the grim reaper, and his real name is Death Jr. He was only in the mortal realm because he wanted to see what mortals were like. Pinkie understands, and offers to introduce him to all her friends. Then...stuff gets REAL. Death himself shows up and tells his son that he needs to return to the land of the dead. Death Jr refuses, saying that Pinkie Pie “is better than a dead dog”. Enraged, Death Sr. tells his son that he will see for himself if mortals are worth saving. Death Jr isn’t phased, though. He tells Pinkie Pie that he likes the mortal world. Later, the two ponies stumble across Fluttershy crying over a dead animal. Death Jr doesn’t understand why she’s crying, and he tells her “get over it. It’s gonna happen sooner or later.” Pinkie Pie then tells him that when somepony or something dies, they can’t un-die. Death Jr then tries to bring the animal back to life, turning the animal into a zombie. When that doesn’t work, Death Jr allows the animal to die for good. Death Sr shows up again, but this time, he’s here to give his son the family scythe for learning the true meaning of death. He allows his son to return to the afterlife, but Death Jr refuses, claiming he has already found the definition of life.
  5. This will probably never happen, but a crossover that I'd like to see with MLP would be TF2. Here's how the episode would go out: Twilight is in her castle library when Fluttershy shows up and starts rummaging through the books. She then asks where the intelligence is. Twilight becomes confused, saying that all the books have intelligence. Suddenly, Fluttershy (the real one) shows up, and the first Fluttershy turns out to be the Blu Spy, who gets covered in girate by the Red Sniper. The Sniper takes them, along with the other 5 ponies, Spike, and Big Mac, to a place called "The Badlands", where the rest of the team is waiting. The ponies get trained by the Red team, and become the respectable mercenaries: Twilight is sniper, Pinkie is pyro, Rainbow is scout, Fluttershy is Medic, Mac is Heavy, Apple is engineer, Starlight is demo, Rarity is spy, and Spike is soldier. One day on the job, Twilight notices another Twilight on the battlefield, who turns out to be a robot clone. After confronting both teams about this, the ponies learn that the red Demo, medic, engineer and spy, and the Blu heavy, soldier, sniper, scout and pyro are also robot clones. Then the whole badlands (Like in the comics) gets overrun with robots created by Gray Ponne, following the deaths of Redmond and Blutarch Ponnee. With the defeat of the robots, both the Red and Blu team learn to accept one another and stop fighting.
  6. Here's an episode they should do before finishing the series. What if our heroes had to solve a friendship problem like this: Someone doesn't want to make friends not because the troubled pony doesn't want friends, but because he's afraid that he'll end up ruining a person's life saying/doing the wrong thing. So they figured "If I don't make friends, then I won't end up ruining their lives" like Making Friends is just going to lead to hurting others you don't want to hurt. I think there's a lot of socially awkward people with this mindset, including me. So if an episode like this is done well, it could show people that Friendship really can be worthwhile despite the fact that sooner or later, you WILL say or do something that will hurt the other person, but the important thing is to accept the fact you messed up and work to set things right! So what do you guys think? Could that be an good episode?
  7. This is an episode I've had working for a while. It would be about racism and how everyone should get along. The mane seven receive a mysterious invitation with directions to a new city called "Earthopolis". When they get there, they are met by a cranky guard who charge entry to everypony (except Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack) twenty bits. When Pinkie Pie tries to lower the price, the guard raises the price to thirty bits. Then, they are greeted by the city's mayor/sheriff/overlord, Dig Dirt. He invites the ponies in, saying that they can pay off the debt later. When they enter, Dig Dirt tells the ponies, "Rule number one: No flying and no magic." When Rainbow Dash complains about this rule, Dig Dirt puts restraints on her wings, disabling her flight. Rarity starts confronting Dig Dirt about this, who then puts a magic restraint on her horn. He then puts restraints on all the other ponies (except for the earth ponies). When they try to escape Earthopolis, only Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack escape. The rest are blocked by a forcefield. A while later, after seeing how poorly non-earth ponies are treated in this new town, they try to stop Dig Dirt, discovering that he was using a device to make a barrier around the city. When asked why he did all of this, he tells the others that when he was young, he was always made fun of because he couldn't fly or use magic. After he read about how earth ponies were ostracized in the olden days, he made the city and the device that made the forcefield. Realizing the error of his ways, he destroys the device and lets all of the ponies free. Hope you enjoyed this episode idea!
  8. Hello. I just thought of an episode. I was thinking about the ponies’ special abilities and thought that maybe, a weird creature who sleeps all the time because it lives in its lucid dreams or whatever, only getting up to eat or drink go to the bathroom, puts everyone to sleep except Celestia and Luna, so they would be in the dream world with it for whatever reason. Luna tries going into the ponies’ dreams to wake them up but it doesn’t work, so she tries to talk to the creature, but it speaks a weird language, so she taps into Fluttershy’s dreams to try and get Fluttershy to convince it to wake them up. At the end, Fluttershy says, “I had a weird dream where I was saving Equestria!”, and Luna is in the background and winks.
  9. You might say they did something like this in A Canterlot Wedding and Rarity Investigates, but what if they make an episode where the lesson is "don't jump to conclusions"? Like say Rainbow Dash gets framed by a shapeshifter who pulls pranks disguised as her, and almost everyone in Ponyville blames her for doing them even though she didn't (she was at Wonderbolt Academy at the time, she was at home the entire time, etc.) and while she attempts to clear her name, her friends investigate and try to find out who really did it.
  10. Hello. I was remembering how the “You’re Going to Love Me” scene in The Best Night Ever scared me to kingdom come and then I thought, “Imagine if all you knew of Fluttershy was that scene. You’d get the wrong idea”. And then I got this idea for an episode. What if one of the Mane Six makes friends with another pony and then she says, “And I’d like you to meet my friends” and introduces the newcomer to the rest of the Mane Six and then the pony gets scared when they meet Fluttershy as she was at the Grand Galloping Gala that time and saw Fluttershy doing her You’re Going to Love Me and the whole episode would be about the ponies trying to get the new one to warm up to Fluttershy (maybe Pinkie Pie offers a party) and it would end with a lesson on how you can’t judge a pony by first impressions. \..Hi
  11. After watching episode 100 (Slice of Life) it gave me an idea for many episodes that involve each one of the Mane 6 meeting and becoming friends with a background pony. Twilight and Dr. Hooves meet each other at Canterlot. They have a discussion about science and magic, witch quickly escalates into an argument in witch is better and more important. The whole episode could be them trying to prove their point, but in the end, they both discover how much science and magic are related, and how pointless and ignorant their argument was. Vinyl Scratch spends hours mastering and analyzing her new song, to make sure they are perfect for her highly anticipated tour. Unfortunately, she accidentally looses all her new songs, and she never had them backed up. She goes outside for a walk, to gather her thoughts and come up with a solution. She walks on by through the town and into a forest, where the sound of birds singing along with a beautiful voice grabs her attention. Fluttershy was singing a song she had wrote as well as conducted some birds to sing in sync with her. Vinyl witnessed this and was amazed by her musical talents and wanted Fluttershy to sing some vocals for her, as she knew it was exactly what she needed to replace her lost music with; it would most definitely impress her audience at the tour. Fluttershy is a conductor, composer and a singer; Vinyl is a DJ, composer and producer. Vinyl see a great opportunity here. Vinyl greets Fluttershy with a gesture (because we all know she's to cool and chilled-out to talk.) A lot of funny and awkward moments could happen in this episode, since Fluttershy would be doing all the talking for both of them. Bon Bon (Sweetie Drops) is on a very important and secret mission. She must maintain stealthy and cautious. Unfortunately for her, Pinkie Pie joins her, thinking she is only playing a game. This makes it extremely challenging and irritating for Bon Bon. Octavia meets Rarity at her shop and asks her to make a dress for her for an upcoming concert; a concert Rarity really wants to go to. Rarity thinks that if she acts really nice to Octavia, she may be invited to the concert for free. Rarity treats Octavia as her top priority, ignoring other costumers so she can spend more time with Octavia. Theses are just my brief ideas for episodes. I would like to hear others thoughts and ideas.