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Found 77 results

  1. Should Sunset have been Twilight's student instead of Starlight? It's a simple debate, should she have been and why? Let me argue for Sunset, see Sunset isn't actually that bad for a character, she made a mistake and it took her actual time to get others to trust her again not just the human mane 6 but twilight and the rest of Canterlot High as well, which can be relatable to many people and can actually teach a lesson to the target demographic like the shows "supposed to". for that reason, I would've like for sunset either pony form or her unseen human form to return or enter back into the portal and become pony twilight's student, shes smart, shes talented, and she has a lot to learn and twilight could easily have taught her and it would've been a lot more genuine than starlight, and maybe even have sunset do something grand and end up eventually making her own friends as the new mane six or even following in twilight's hooves and becoming an alicorn herself. Also having Sunset there for Starlight's capture of the mane 6 during the start of season 5 would have been extremely helpful because she could have easily figured out what was happening, she could have tricked Starlight into thinking she's betraying her teacher, and gotten starlight's true intentions and cutie mark discovered by the rest of the town, and it would've been way more believable then Fluttershy because Sunset herself was a villain at one point, and she's extremely crafty. Not to mention Sunset would end up driving Starlight away, Starlight would have to somehow manipulate the mane six into separating like in the season 5 finale, but without Starswirl's spell, and with them separated Sunset nor Twilight would completely notice because of how Sunset's teachings are really taking primary to Twilights and Sunset's attention, which would lead to a half season to a full season with Sunset learning friendship and making her own friends. This so when the next major threat does happen, (because we all know one will eventually), Sunset's group would have to step up and actually save the day, eventually leading to HER BECOMING STARLIGHT'S TEACHER and teaching her about friendship so that Starlight can redeem herself and become friends with Trixie like she is now. I also think Sunset would teach differently than Twilight, with her personality and all it would be a lot more challenging to both Starlight and Sunset. I also believe Sunset's teaching style would be very enjoyable to watch and to see her make mistakes while teaching Starlight about magic and friendship, which honestly could easily extend the series on to about 16 seasons before it got stale, adding new characters and groups to focus on, and etc.
  2. Okay, most of you have seen Equestria Girls and probably heard that remix of the MLP:FiM theme in the opening sequence. If not, here is a link: Anyway, my question for you all is if you liked this remix or not. Which one do you like more: this remix or the original? Vote above and put reasons below. I liked it, but I didn't really like the beginning of it. I prefer the original over it.
  3. I find the EQG designs...a bit underwhelming. I mainly don't like their stick-thin proportions and their pony-colored skin. So I decided to take a shot at redesigning them! Starting with: Sunset Shimmer.
  4. Since no one has made an official discussion thread for this, I might as well make one for you to discuss. After all, Equestria Girls is my specialty and this kind of thing is right up my alley. Anyway, you all know what to do in this one. Please be aware of any spoilers should you accidentally come in here without having seen this first. Aside from that, away you go.
  5. Since this special aired in Mexico in both English and Spanish on June 26, 2019, I feel that an official discussion is now warranted which is why this thread has been created. Please keep all discussion relating to the special in this thread, thank you. Note: Will be edited in due time with appropriate header image and all that other stuff.
  6. For this being another Equestria Girls special, and a lot of the same things over and over again, it was pretty good. Lot of emotions, even through the dialogue and writing were annoying at times. There was also a major swerve in the middle of the special too, but I'll let you guys find out what it was. Overall, it was a pretty good special to keep the fans hungry for the mid-season premiere next Saturday. Grade: B
  7. I don't see a thread for this, so --- Yell at me if I did wrong. I really like Equestria Girls Series, because that's where my pony adventure began. That's why I was hyped for the EQG Episodes! What are your thoughts about Dance Magic? As for me~ It's kiiiinda not the same anymore. I really liked it, but it was... slightly empty? Things were kinda happening too fast. It was noticeable, that some events were forced, in order to introduce next scenes, though after rewatching it, I think it's generally not that bad. We've got some cliche ending and stuff, but well, that's the typical pony happy end, so that's nothing I could complain about. I really don't mind that. Rarity yelled, Rarity cried, she's so cute when she's angry. It's still hard to get used to Sci-Twi - it's just not the same. She's a totally different character and talks much less. I really miss the normal Twilight Sparkle. To be honest, it's hard to get used to all of those new characters from Crystal Prep, but I'll give them time. At first I was like 'nuuuu there will be problems', but I see, that they can be nice.. I hope. This episode wasn't filled with action, explosions, nor even pony magic, that's true. Well, there was a tiny little bit at the end, but nothing significant - only pony tails and ears. Maybe that's better, as there was too much science going in third and fourth movie. Anyway, I really liked the episode.
  8. Magic, villains, destruction and ponies! - Yes, ponies! Mirrors or science - which one went too far? Seriously though, it wasn't bad, don't get me wrong. That's true there was one of the 'clichiest' (don't question that word) cliche stories, that could happen, but that's what this show is all about, so personally I can't really complain, what's more, I like how it usually goes. I can see why the 'happy endings' can be getting too obvious, thus boring for some people, but for the bad endings and stuff, real life is enough, so let's keep that balance. Literally, the first thing I was thinking of, when I saw where the plot is going was this one- Well, that went quickly! It seemed so obvious, yet I kinda thought it will not happen. Who would guess she'll get the magic to her hands and cause troubles? Oh right, that's what always happens. Oh those flashbacks... Once again we see somebody, who wants more power (fame in this case) then becomes a villain, destroys few things, gets defeated (-from some point of view) and receives a second chance in the end. A lovely well-known ending, that reminds me of the very first pony-content I ever saw - the first Equestria Girls movie. It brings back some memories... Personally I really love to see things getting better like this, so I think I got all I needed. Maaaybe Juniper's motives weren't super serious, but what we can expect from a normal human? She's not from the magical world with ponies, so while being that young and unaware of magic - could she really want to rule over the whole world already? For me it was good enough, what's more - pretty realistic to our world I can't deny. I know lack of all that magic can be quite boring, but I think I prefer this, than complete science, that doesn't make any sense. Though still, we got some, because where the magic came from in the first place? I don't think mirrors can do that. Just a random flow of magic randomly getting into the mirror at not random time? This is pretty suspicious! But well, if not that, then what this all would be about? Let's pretend it's a totally normal thing. Sunset Shimmer coming back to Equestria was something that made me interested - many people were waiting for that aaaaand while it's not really what they would like to get, it's still close enough! It was just a moment, but I agree I would love to see more of this. There's a whole story to tell about Sunset. I'd like to see her talking with Princess Celestia once again and stuff like this- that itself could be a nice episode or even a whole movie. The ending was cliche, that's true, but that's the ending I like, as I have mentioned before. I'm happy it ended up like this, not gonna complain. I don't mind how many times I'll get to see that kind of ending - it's always nice. So, generally - I think I really liked that episode. The more I think of all of those, the more I like them. At first I was kinda unsure of how it will go, but in my opinion it's going pretty well. I still feel the lack of normal Twilight Sparkle - for some reason I don't like Sci-Twi along with the whole Crystal Prep Academy from the very beginning (namely "Friendship Games"). That 'new' Twilight is absolutely different and more.. helpless? ~ unlike other characters, that are similar to their pony reflections. That's probably just me, I'm not going to judge anything, I just really can't get used to her. Anyway, that was a really nice episode in my opinion. Totally looked like the first Equestria Girls Movie, but with different characters and much shorter length. PLOT : Juniper Montage acquires a magical mirror and seeks revenge on Twilight and her friends for ruining her chances to play as Daring Do in a movie and become a star. Sunset Shimmer makes a quick visit in Equestria and brings Starlight Glimmer to the human world. Juniper imprisons girls in her magical mirror, which later grants her more power and complete obsession on being a star. Starlight tries to convince her, that there are other ways and revenging is something she may regret. She offers her friendship and shares her experience with similar desires in the past, which makes Juniper fix mistakes she made and release Twilight along with her friends. She receives a 'second chance' and becomes friends with the others in the end. FOCUS : Sunset Shimmer; Starlight Glimmer; Juniper Montage (as villain; later- friend) SONGS : None
  9. The action, the suspense, the mystery and plot twists! That's what this episode was about. Okay, maybe not that much, but it totally felt like it was a Daring Doo Scooby Doo X Equestria Girls crossover. There even was a talking dog named ScooSpike, who likes to eat, duh! Seriously though, it was a nice episode, can't really complain. Plot: It really felt like it was an episode from Scooby Doo. Not sure if references were intended, but they were visible. Nevertheless it was good enough. There was action and tons of explosions! The whole volcano collapsed, duh!!! This episode was less focused on the Magic of Friendship - it was pretty generic. Equestrian magic still feels kinda out of place, but at least the science hasn't go too far. The ending was less obvious, though still cliche, but well, that's what MLP is all about, so can't complain! Episode focuses on: Each character had their moments and it all was nicely balanced. Songs: None So generally, I liked the episode.
  10. Well, I guess it makes sense for not having a fanclub dedicated to N1 audience surrogate and original main character and hero in the franchise: Megan Williams Makes sense for not having a fanclub back then, but considering she’s now G4 canon .....
  11. Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? This EQG thing. ...what? Oh, no, not the actual franchise. No, I happen to be a big Equestria Girls fan. Didn't used to be, but now I love it. In fact, I denounced it pretty heavily in the beginning, so....I'm a big fat hypocrite, and I don't care. Twilight cracked horn and I don't care. I love Equestria Girls to pieces. So sue me. What grinds my gears is literally the abbreviation EQG. Why the "Q"? So, this is probably just an OCPD thing (which I have), but it seems to me that the abbreviation should be two letters. Two words, so two letters, right? Why does Q come along for the ride? I have always abbreviated it EG. Equestria. Girls. E. G. Makes sense to me. But it seems like the majority go with EQG. It bugs me. You don't abbreviate My Little Pony to MLIP, or MLPO, do you? You don't abbreviate Friendship is Magic to FRIM, do you? You don't abbreviate The Next Generation to TNEG, or Game of Thrones to GAOT. So what gives?! It's not just Equestria Girls, either. This tendency happens any time there is a Q. The letter Q just gets sucked into abbreviations. Why is Q so special? Who the hell does Q think it is?! Where does Q get off?! Well you know what I say? F*CK Q. That's what I say.
  12. When Equestria Girls was first released into the public, some feminists condemned the movie for its stereotypical high school premise being a bad influence to its target audience of young girls. Say, if the makers decided to make EqG more "feminist" (to cater to those critics, and also to appeal to the "SJW"s of Tumblr and the like), how do you think the humanised ponies would be different?
  13. I'd like to know which songs are your favorite ones for each main character. Since I'm adding Sunset Shimmer to my list, I'll take Equestria Girls' songs into consideration. My list: - Twilight Sparkle: Love is in Bloom. - Applejack: The Seeds of the Past. - Rarity: Rules of Rarity. - Rainbow Dash: Time to be Awesome. - Fluttershy: So Much More To Me. - Pinkie Pie: Pinkie's Lament. - Starlight Glimmer: Say Goodbye to the Holiday. - Sunset Shimmer: Embrace the Magic. - Mane 8 (All): Flawless. - Mane 8 (Duet): Monday Blues (Sunset and Twilight). - Spike: A Changeling Can Change* I believe this is his only song... - CMC: Light of your Cutie Mark. - Other Character: The Magic Inside (Coloratura).
  14. I know that the girls are in high school. When I was in High School I was still living at home. Where are the parents?
  15. How's it goin' fellow pony folk? After watching the latest EQG movie "Forgotten Friendship" I decided to remix Daniel Ingram's latest track "Invisible." (Wallflower Blush's song in the movie.) This time, I've decided to go a tad bit "off-book" from my usual work, and I've created what can only be described as a 90's-esque electro-funk-hop track! Think Quincey Jones meets Junkie XL. Long story short, the instrumental is pretty much finished, and I'm looking for an experienced rapper, to provide vocals for a couple of short segments in the song! Requirements are as follows: 1.A good quality microphone/good recording abilities 2.Ability to rap with a decent amount of speed while maintaining the integrity of the individual words. If you fit the track, I'll send you the vocals, and instrumental, and we can discuss the collab details one-on-one! If interested, please send a sample of your work (current or prior) to! Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear from you soon! Keep on Pony-ing on! -BV- (PS. The rap sections are clean, with no questionable lyrics or anything remotely lewd or foul. Just in case anyone wondered! )
  16. Hey, I was wondering what everybody's favorite songs are in the series I am mainly thinking in the EQG movie series but feel free to say anything My favorite songs are "Welcome to the show" and "Under our spell" from Rainbow Rocks Also who misses the dazzlings
  17. So which one would you want? I’m still deciding...
  18. So Daniel will leave EQG for new musicians to focus to the show, which is a good news to the main show because we can get more quality songs, he doesnt have any upcoming movie and now he doesnt have anything to do with EQG so he will have 100% focus to the show. However, this is a bad news for EQG franchise, because songs is one of what make EQG successful in the first place (Rainbow Rock). EQG already went downhill after Legend of Everfree (story-wise), take Daniel away hurts this franchise even more. What do you think?
  19. So, a friend of mine requested I make a fan club thread regarding the "plots" of MLP. Of course, I'm keeping this SFW (as the forum guidelines would call it), and if there's any problem with this I'm apologizing in advance (don't kill me, but if you do make it quick Here's a cute picture to get this thing rolling!
  20. Is there any ideas or plots that you can think of that you'd like to see for an EQG episode that wouldn't work for FIM?
  21. WARNING: Many spoilers ahead, read at your own risk So, I found the new EQG shorts. Sadly, the shorts are in Russian, but I'll list them anyway. The first one is called "Mane 6 & Sunset" Basically bus cleaning in a nutshell. AND OH MY GOSH SCI-TWILIGHT HAS A NEW OUTFIT AAHHH!! Next up, we have "Spike & Twilight" Where Twilight makes a robot dog. I think it's pretty cool. THAT TIMBER PICTURE, NONONONONO. Anyways, do you like these shorts/songs? Theories behind any? Let me know! If I find anymore, I'll make another post about it. See ya!
  22. So, i've done a topic about what people dislike about eqg4..but heres a thing i wanna ask. Is anyone else bothered by Timber as a character? No, not because hes a love interest, but because he's..possibly older then twilight, yes, it's fine to date older people, but the fact is eqg twilight is probably around 16 or 17 years old. now since we don't know there worlds know, age stuff. this could potentially be a little..sketchy, not to mention how he's a camp councilor, which mind you you're basically hammered with the fact that you shouldn't date campers. now theres no evidence that he is an adult, because no one ever says their ages. So for all we know Timber could be 18-26, or something..I have nothing against MLP love interests. I don't like them, but eh, not my cup of tea. tho the forcefeeding of flash needs to be toned down a bit, he improved, but thats another topic for another time. Also, timber's..eyebrows annoy me, just for the fact that he has green hair and brown eyebrows.
  23. Title says it all, really. We all know Pony Rainbow Dash can be mischievous. What are the odds of Human Rainbow Dash being just as mischievous and getting grounded for it?
  24. I have had this idea boiling around in my mind for a while...what if Hasbro decided to make a first-person shooter (or maybe third-person) where you play as the Equestria Girls, and they're armed with NERF weapons and Super Soakers? Hasbro makes both MLP and NERF/Super Soaker, so it could totally be done. Plus, in real life, people have live-action roleplays using NERF and Super Soakers, so it wouldn't be out of place in the EQG world. I won't go on about my ideas for this unless people actually want to hear them though; at the moment, the question on my mind is: do you suppose it might be a good idea?