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Found 16 results

  1. WELCOME TO THE STARLIGHT GLIMMER FANCLUB! She was equal and wanted to share True Friendship with everypony. And then she was reformed, and is the one and only student of the Princess of Friendship. She has amazing magical abilities that match those of the Princesses themselves. She is the first true friend of the Great and Powerful Trixie. It's the one and only Starlight Glimmer! Club Rules: - No hate on this or any other character. - No spam. - Don't claim that you're the biggest fan. - No overly inappropriate material. - Please focus on this character only: all posts must include her as the main topic. - Forum global rules still apply!
  2. I have seen girls wrestle boys and win. So as long as they meet the requirements, I see no problem with females playing in male sports.
  3. I've mentioned this a couple of times before. But after seeing "Brotherhooves Social" I've been thinking about this for sometime and I think that they should change the name from the "Sisterhooves Social" to the "Siblinghooves" Social. That way Stallions and Colts can participate in the event and they won't have to dress in drag to participate. I can also imagine having ways to adjust the event so it can accommodate for Larger Stallions such as Big Macintosh such as test of strength or something like that. They can also accommodate for ponies with 2 or more siblings such as the Apples and Pies Also that way ALL the Mane 6 can participate: -Twilight Sparkle teaming up with Shining Armor -Fluttershy teaming up with Zephyr Breeze -Pinkie Pie teaming up with Maud, Limestone, and Marble -Applejack teaming up with Apple Bloom and Big Macintosh (not "Orchard Blossom" but as himself) -Rainbow Dash teaming up with Scootaloo -Rarity teaming up with Sweetie Belle -For laughs they can probably have Derpy teaming up with Dr. Hooves. Each of the ponies would still be competing in teams of 2 however those with more than 2 siblings can "Tag out" before certain events so that all the siblings can have equal participation. It would also make for personal interaction between 2 specific siblings such as Applejack and Apple Bloom, Applejack and Big Mac, Big Mac and Apple Bloom, Pinkie and Limestone, Pinkie and Marble, Maud and Marble, Maud and Limestone, or Limestone and Marble. However, ALL siblings will partake in the hurdle race towards the end. Hopefully for the event, Big Mac will train to actually jump hurdles. As for who wins it's fair game. Do you think they should change the name of the "Sisterhooves" to "Siblinghooves?
  4. Equalists will be oblilerated! Who shall win the fearful battle? A giant robot with a million health, capable of shooting destructive lasers at will and smash anything in his way, or an Equalist who can use her professional magic to do alot of destruction and tricks? Battle!
  5. I have to congratulate the Lady or the Gentleman, for this very clever idea. Seriously, better her then Trump or Clinton.
  6. There are still people who do not support gay rights. And there are still countries who have banned gay marriage. There are still shootings, massacres, funerals and more that have happened today. But if there is anything worth celebrating, it would be the SCOTUS decision on marriage. Personally, I'm a straight, white, male from Georgia. But I'll celebrate today. And I'll celebrate tomorrow. Then maybe it's time to get back to the grindstone on all these other issues. But either way, it's time to celebrate. Oh, and smile
  7. Season 5 spoilers, although most of you have probably seen 'The Cutie Map' by now. Something is eating at me. I can't get Starlight Glimmer out of my head. I agree with her, but I don't. Here's what I mean: I agree with some of the things Starlight Glimmer said; I disagree with many of the things she did. First, here's the stuff about her I don't agree with: brainwashing, manipulation, lying, violation of individual rights, and cutie mark stealing. These things are wrong. Starlight was willing to resort to all of them, plus violence, to impose her agenda on other ponies. That is bad. Bad, Starlight. But I also agree with some of the things she said. In one part of the song, she sung these words so beautifully and with such conviction... Other ponies argue Do you ever wonder why? When you think your talent's special You don't see eye to eye. ...that I can't help but stop and think about them. A lot of people don't see eye to eye for that very reason. I don't know if being from the USA has anything to do with it--maybe--but more times than I can count, I run into people who think they're really special. I'm not just talking about "self-esteem," I'm talking entitlement gone berserk, to the detriment of common sense and our capacity to coexist with others. People (those under 40 especially) seem to go around seeking as much attention as they can get and thinking they have a right to never be offended or uncomfortable. Too many chiefs, not enough Native Americans. Friendship is a good thing; everyone can agree on that. But Twilight Sparkle has been fortunate enough to make all sorts of friends despite her differences and special talents. Apparently, Starlight hasn't. Neither have I. On the Internet, yeah, I have some really cool people I talk to, most of 'em here. But in real life, it doesn't work. Hasn't worked for years. All I see is people fighting, lying, over-complicating their lives with commitments they can't handle. I can't deal with these people. Starlight keeps things simple, creates a very basic common ground for everypony, and watches over them to make sure things run smoothly. That part (NOT the rest) is good. Good for you, Starlight. It doesn't excuse your journey down the slippery slope to authoritarian cultism, but at least you tried, sister. Starlight is dangerous in a way none of the other villains were, yet at the same time she's not pure evil, either. She has good ideas about organization and equality, but she has to be reasonable. There is plenty of good that can be done without taking away ponies' individuality and dreams, enough that I kinda hope she comes around at the end. People expressed great skepticism when the Mane 6 reformed Discord, but prior to that, he was the most popular villain on the show. He earned so much respect from us in his first appearance that we wanted to like him. That's what I'm experiencing with Starlight Glimmer. She has some points to make, and if she accepts that she is wrong now, she might make herself right someday.
  8. Looks like the writers of MLP are now turning a few more heads in the media with what went down on The Cutie Map episodes. Quite the articulated response to the messages the show put forth in the premier.
  9. While watching the episode, I just realized that the motivations Starlight uses for equality that she continually repeats on the intercom, are to a degree the same things that schools in the U.S. strive for. Sure there's personally excelling in grades, but that is it. Schools want kids to be equal in all other respects. Be regimented by age. All be grouped in classrooms, rather than individualized education. All have a similar dress code, don't wear anything too flashy or personal. They're all assigned to be someplace specific at a specific time, no room to walk about freely. Getting rid of the differences between kids so that there is less conflict, harassment and bullying. Having little a say in what you want to learn. A focus more on broad systematic knowledge rather than developmenting skill and discovering personal talent. A high conformist environment. And in the case of private schools and gender segregated schools, both of which have uniforms, the shows message of equality and sameness are more prevalent, as well as effective. Am I the only one seeing this? Are schools to a degree aiming for Starlight's message on equality & conformity? And doesn't this message contradict what the show is trying to teach children who maybe future, current or even past students?
  10. Okay so I'm confused now. are some people superior to others? or are all people equal? some people work harder than the rest. some are born weak, others are born in better conditions. some reach for the stars, while others prefer being drunk in an alleyway in their free time. some people dedicate their lives to making people happy, while others do everything to make others miserable. some are happy with what they have, while others want more and take what they want. the strong feed upon the weak, while some strong prefer giving to the weak. in both cases, there are strong and weak people. can a human life be given value? if a random guy gets killed no one bats an eye... a poitician gets killed and everyone loses their mind. if everyone matters, why dont all people have the same level of protection? why does everyone have the same rights when everyone's status is miles apart? should people strive to become more? should they try to elevate themselves? or should they stay how they are. i dont have any opinions really.. just confused, although i pick the first option in the poll. i wanted to hear what other people say, i since i dont wanna talk about this irl, this is the perfect place to look for opinions.
  11. Hey everyone, Tomorrow's election day, and there's a lot on the line. Many daydream of their future, but it's harder for those who aren't treated as equals. And if we're not equal to other humans, what's really being said? If we want a world where people aren’t afraid to be themselves, and have the prospects for a simple life, then we must be that change. Don't forget to vote and spread the word to whoever you can. Every one, and everyone, counts. HRC endorsements
  12. I'm just wondering your opinions on this topic. I for one, believe that yes, men and women are treated as equals in the wonderful world of MLP, and that gender roles are non-existent. Also that the two genders are equal in physical strength and intelligence, and the only difference between a mare and a stallion is their... well, I'm not even going to go there. The only time it even remotely portrays gender roles is Rarity's trip to the Gala where she expects for a Prince Charming to treat her "like a lady". I talked about this with a friend who thinks that either they are equal, or mares have the slight upper hoof. I initially liked the idea of the latter, thinking it to be a refreshing island. But recently I realised - is that not as bad as the gender inequality in this world? (if not worse, given the fact that females already have the advantage of giving birth?) I believe that mares and stallions are on par, but some RPers I have come across do not seem to hold this belief. I don't go around yelling, "This is my opinion and anyone who doesn't agree with it is delusional", but it can be frustrating if I want to make the RP "canon" to my OCs. If it is not addressed to my OCs, I can simply walk past it and pretend it never happened. But if it is (for example, somepony saying to Anala, "you're a pretty good archer for a mare", or to Riley, "Be a real man and ask her out!" (even though this has not occured yet)), it can be frustrating. So, whaddaya'll think?
  13. Heya Everybeing it has been quite long i haven't been in these amazing parts of the internet,and with such dedication i am here to announce and launch something new. Onto many keys of knowledge,many care about governamental affairs and political disorder to be a key in society ,i personally believe that happiness should be key,i've through these years of life and many hospitilizations ,that happiness heals the inner and outer being. It makes them smile, be proud and even sometimes , share beautiful moments of love . I have dedicated many moments of my life in making beings happy and even save some from making the worst choice in their life. I believe that everybeing can achieve everything they want,that includes you and the whole wide population of beings . I believe in you , that you can achieve everything, i will support you no matter what and onto these subjects.If you ever need some cheering up ,i am always here ,i may seem young,but i have dealt with much older beings than me.You are all my family,my inspiration,my love.I,Afrox Jones,Thank you for reading this and love everyone and each of you amazingly beautiful beings <3 if this wonderful website let's me,i would love to do these everyday,for those who might need it :3
  14. Hello! Meet, Bob and Jack. Now, meet Lucas. What we have here, are 2 totally different types of people. Bob and Jack love to smoke, drink, and use force. Bob and Jack usually spend their days in the streets, searching for opportunities to cause trouble and make a few bucks by harassing someone. They have very little education, and they speak with heavy cursing and slang. Now, we have Lucas, an educated and qualified person, who takes his work very seriously. He works for a company in an office, and has had great success in doing so for the last few years. He doesn't smoke, and only drinks exquisite drinks such as brandy, whiskey or red wine. He is quite a generous person, who likes to buy expensive presents for his friends whenever it's their birthday. Now, I am sure that most people would prefer Lucas's company over Bob's and Jack's . Usually, people say that every human being is equal and has equal rights. Would you, treat these people equal? Now, I don't want to sound like a Neo-Nazi by starting this thread, but I have noticed recently that I do not treat people with different personality types equaly... The difference in personality doesn't have to be as big as Bob's and Lucas's. What does Equality in society mean to you and how much do you follow the trend? I understand, that every life is important. This is not the type of thread where you'll discuss whether it is better to save Lucas from death or Bob and Jack. (I'd choose Lucas... ) The hilighted text in Bold are the questions I'd like to hear opinions and answers from you. I hope the topic will spark some discussion, but will avoid major arguement. What inspired me to make this thread, was the increasing number of idiots around me. Have fun!
  15. In the 1950s and most of the 1960s, non-heterosexuals were shunned and persecuted, resulting in them being forced to live in the closet with only a few small communities to support them. Homosexuals and bisexuals were viewed as a cancer to American society and psychologists. If found out, there was a huge possibility that they would be sent to "reparative" therapy or camps to "cure" these individuals of their homosexuality. Then, on the morning of June 28, 1969, at a small bar called the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, police raided the bar and inappropriately touched some of the cross-dressers there. The pro-gay community responded by protesting and rioting, telling the government they had enough of the humiliation, persecution, and shun. This resulted in the first Gay Pride parade in 1970 on the first anniversary of the riot. Over the years, the Gay Pride liberation movement was slow but steady due to the ill-conceived perception of HIV and AIDS being exclusive to the LGBT. Following the passing of the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996 (prohibiting benefits for same-sex marriages and all but verifying marriage as between a man and a woman), the LGBT exploded back onto front-page news in the U.S. Since 2000, Gay Pride and the LGBT civil rights movement has spread quickly across North America and most of Europe, with civil unions and gay marriage approved and performed throughout most of the European Union, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and several U.S. states. Today, same-sex rights further entered into the forefront of Western politics, especially in the United States. President Obama has formally announced his support for same-sex marriage, putting same-sex marriage and its subsequent benefits and same-sex social rights deeper into American politics. However, there have been doubts and pointless dismissals against continuing Gay Pride lately, particularly by those outside the movement. To them, Gay Pride is viewed as unnecessary, pointless, and even stupid. Also, some people have counter-protested via tiny "Straight Pride" protests. Gay Pride and their parades have huge, purposeful importance that. The Gay Pride parade was born on the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riot in 1970 with the purpose of giving the LGBT(I) equal protection and recognition of the law and spreading others who are gay, bisexual, transsexual/gender, and eventually intersex and pansexual confidence and comfort for being who they are. That them being shunned by their families/government and sometimes thrown to therapies and camps for an innate, born orientation (even though transgender and intersex aren't orientations) is unethical, disgusting, and just plain wrong! These protests made the governments internationally notice and reply, and in several western civilizations, they've worked. The United States, in particular, have occasional parades, including New York (the movement's birthright) to continue to spread the hope and confidence of giving the LGBT(I) people equal rights. They do this to continue to remind them of the progress of providing equal civil rights to them just like heterosexuals. Discontinuing the Pride parades would mean giving up on the progress and sending a message of hopelessness to the rest of the LGBT(I) and its supporters. As for the "Straight Pride" counter-protests, in comparison to Gay Pride, these "protests" are completely unnecessary, for heterosexuals are already provided equal protection of the law throughout most of the entire western world, both as single and as a couple. Unlike the LGBT(I), they never had to live in fear of discrimination, persecution, and abuse from the law, family, and society due to a so-called "sexual abnormality." Also, unlike Gay Pride, "Straight Pride" is mostly designed to fallaciously respond to Gay Pride and push the LGBT(I) community and messages of equal rights and hope further into the background. Although the American society is progressing slowly towards providing the LGBT(I) equal protection of the law, there are LGBT(I) people, minors and adults, who are still living in the closet from fear of rejection, persecution, and discrimination. I made posts in this thread discussing California's recent ban on gay teen "reparative" therapies. Moreover, one town in Minnesota had a huge chain of events where teens committed suicide because they were bullied for being gay or possibly being gay. Earlier this year, North Carolina citizens voted to pass a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage! And don't get me started on the disgusting discrimination of the LGBT(I) in parts of Africa and the Middle East such as Sudan, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Iran. In the U.S., whenever the same-sex-rights movement takes one huge step forward, there are two steps back, followed by another huge step forward. Gay Pride is still needed to continually spread hope, confidence, and comfort to other people who are gay, bisexual, transsexual/gender, etc.! If you dismiss Gay Pride and their parades today, then you're diminishing Gay Pride's importance towards the LGBT(I) movement in the U.S. and around the world and also its important origins.
  16. Greetings, I am here to inform you of the beginning of Equality on these forums. Lady Rarity Pony is this tyrannical dictator's alias. He/She has seized control of the government of the world, starting his/her dictatorship over humanity. I have had enough with this tyrannical dictator and his/her Mexican ways. Pacozoid formerly known as Pinkazoid before LRP forcefully changed her name to this horrific Mexican alias. He now is second in command to LRP and must be disposed of as well. You may be asking, what should I do? You must rally besides me if you wish to dispose of these tyrants. I am your brother, your friend, I am NOT YOUR LEADER. We must dispose of them. We must cleanse them of their impurity. We are the Equalists. Rise brothers THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN!