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Found 2 results

  1. The names "Twilight Sparkle" and "Equestria Girls" are two names that have become very divisive amongst members of the Friendship is Magic fandom since the year 2013. Some say, that Twilight Sparkle became bland after she earned her wings while others have said that they like her even more in her new role as the Princess of Friendship. On the other end of the fandom, you have a group of people who dismiss a series where our favorite ponies are portrayed as Kool-Aid hued high school students and in particular, a timid glasses-wearing girl who represents the human universes version of the very Princess of Friendship whom the fandom had become split on. This my friends is "Sci-Twi" the subject of my blog, a character that on the surface may look like a simple "Twilight Sparkle with glasses." but in reality is someone who is similar to Princess Twilight while also being slightly different from her at the same time. For example, while Princess Twilight Sparkle may rule over an entire country her human counterpart has to deal with far more mundane activities such as homework and the awkwardness of a first date. There are many things to like about both versions of Twilight Sparkle but the one thing that sets them apart in my opinion is the ability to put yourself in their shoes. One battles mythical creatures while the other worries about deciphering text messages, one barely entertains the idea of relationships while the other has a steady boyfriend, one has a puppy dog while the other one has a baby dragon...You get the idea. In conclusion, there's so much more to the human world's version of Twilight Sparkle besides a pair of glasses, you just have to look a little to find it. Thank You *so* much for taking the time to read this!