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Found 2 results

  1. "What are some of the things you think are weird about the Equestria Girls universe?" Here are a few things that I think are weird: All of the locations have MLP related names. All of the humans are unusual pastel colors. The students rarely go to class. Magical events are just accepted as normal.
  2. Firstly this is my third post to this blog, I am aware it may contradict and go inside with my other theories, but it is just a theory. Eventually I will work on expanding and makin on big theory out of all of the blogs I produce. All questions will be answered below, any expansions of the theory will be edited in with the name of the person who provides evidence of the theory. After watching the equestria girls films multiple times and swing the trailer for the newest film, one question sticks in my mind the most. How does the magic work in the eqg universe. The First shows us that those is a portal form the FIM universe to the EQG universe which is how the antagonist sunset shimmer steals the crown and escapes, this is shown to be how magic first arrives to the human world, through sunset. When the human mane 6 defeat sunset and pony up for the first time it pulls for magic through and allows the element of magic to work properly. But the Second film introduces three new antagonists, the dazzling's. Which re mythical features expelled from equestria long before sunset. They call the magic that comes through the portal equestrian magic, meaning that there is already magic in the eqg universe, which may be The alternate tree of harmony. This would explain the dazzling's abilities to use their magical artifacts without equestrian magic. This film also shows off the equestria girls equivalent of the rainbow power we see during the fight with tirek during season 4's closing two parter. Finally the third film shows the true potential of magic from equestria in the human world, it is able to open more portals to equestria and cause's sci twi to become corrupted with power. Sunset shimmer then transforms and saves the day. This shows their is still magic within the world and that the magic is getting stronger. After witnessing the legends of equestria trailers the girls appear to have had an upgrade of sorts to their ussual powers, rainbow gets super speed, rarity gets shield magic, sci twi gets levitation And pinkie pie gets something ,But the three we don't see are apple jack who will probably get stronger, flutter shy who will go Dr ok little nd talk too animals and sunset who because she is already equestrian may get her magic back. So magic appears to have been in the eqg universe since the beginning but only after some of the equestrian magic seeps through the portal does it only get used. but at the moment it seems the world is relying more on the equestrian magic than its own, maybe that will change In the next film... Maybe they find that his ever free is protecting the tree of harmony. And the magic that is eminating from it. Thanks for reading post comments to help improve the theory and expand, all constructive comments are allowed, so are questions and evidence for and against this theory.