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Found 28 results

  1. What is this about? It's for a few websites that I copy an image for.
  2. The first problem more importantly is that perhaps after the forum shut down (I forget exactly when, sometime around that time), I was unable to log back into my account from one of the computers in my house. Today I realized I couldn't log in from my other computer either. I am currently using my PC, and I believe I probably cannot log in into any device anymore. I am probably still able to access the website because my laptop is set so that I don't have to log in anymore (which means there's the possibility of not being able to log in to my account anywhere if I am logged out of here). The second issue is that the error I get requests me to email tech support. Unfortunately I'm not sure if they're just too busy and haven't got to me yet, or if my requests somehow went down into the junk pile. Here is the error to be precise:
  3. What animation error can you remember the most? As for me, over all other animation errors, I remember the green apple that gets spit out as a red apple the most. Even over Cyclops Noteworthy, the alicorn filly at the Magic Kindergarden, and Derpy Hooves. I don't know why, but I don't really consider those to be animation errors, even though they really are. If you want to know about the animation errors for the show, there is a series on Youtube called "My Little Bloopers: Mistakes are FOREVER." There, all the errors are pointed out. Some of them are: -Cheerilee's wrong tail -AJ's missing freckles -Double wing/hoof/head/horn/whatever -Bad layering
  4. Hello everypony! I wanted to create a thread in the Feedback Section, but I seem to have a problem with that. When I'll click the 'Start new topic' button, I'm getting the following error: and I'm redirected to: where it should be: And basically that's it. I can't do anything. ...Unless you want me to create a feedback thread in Welcoming Plaza.
  5. So since the update, the roleplay characters area has just been a total the images are gone, and now every character I try to click, it just says "Something went wrong" with an error code I don't even know...I'm hoping the characters page can be restored...I know it may take time but...still...
  6. Hello again! It's not too much of a problem, so please don't go out of the way just for me, but when I joined, the welcome message seemed to have some code in it. is what I mean) So yeah, don't mean to be a bother; just wanted to let you know!
  7. So, I just uploaded a track to and published it, only for it not to play. I uploaded it in several file formats, all compatible with, yet it still won't process fully and I keep getting the unknown error. Please help. I've been trying to upload the same track for the past few days...
  8. Hello everypony I just noticed something odd with one unicorn in particular during the ending song of A Heart's Warming Tail from season 6 I took a screen shot of the error in question I also drew a red arrow to show where it is the unicorn in question loses his eye for a moment it just goes whitish/gray and if you look very closely you can see a small white pupil, but not only that he looks a little evil maybe he had to much cider or he is a changeling lol, but then it comes back so I thought I would point it out and post it so here it is. Side Note: I know he is not a changeling, but it would be interesting if he was.
  9. So I'm talkign with someone on Fimfic, and they say they can't even get onto MLP forums anymroe due to soemthign called a 'cipher mismatch.' I would like to help with this. Anyone know what that means?
  10. Anyone else getting the upload error below when they upload a song to Every time I upload a .wav file, which is under 200MB, it goes through the entire upload before giving this error. I tried to upload on Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, but to no avail.
  11. About 44-45 min into the Friendship Games movie, Pinkie stands by a door as Raindbow Dash talks. In the most creepy fashion, her eyes slowly focus apart from each other. (Like crossing your eyes, but backwards.) Any thoughts about this? To me it seemed too much to be an animation error. But it seemed too random, even for a "Pinkie is so random" joke. I love the randomness of Pinkie, but I just thought this was odd, misplaced, and out of character. I just didn't get it. Any opinions about if this was intentional or an accident? And if intentional, did it seem "normal" or out-of-place to you? If you need help finding the scene:
  12. (If this isn't the right place to post this in, sorry, I thought this would be the right place.) So I was watching Power ponies, daring don't, flight to the finish and Bats! on TV, and among a few things like obviously removed parts and lines to i presume shorten the episode, and the slightly higher pitched episode, they all used the credits from the crystal empire part 1. At least, I think it is, I can't see why those four episodes would all state that daniel ingram did the music for the songs "The failure song" and "Ballad of the crystal ponies" when they're not in those episodes (duh) but they're not even the same season Did I just miss the point where every season 4 episode credits those 2 songs and no others? when the previews come up for whats on next the credits go into a small box in the corner so I couldn't check anything else, but I did notice that it went straight to the voice actors after crediting those 2 songs, so it is definitely only those 2 songs. Is this a regular thing that I just never noticed, or just a one off? Just weird that it would have that for all 4 episodes. If you haven't seen these things, I live in England, so there's gonna be regional differences, some of which I can understand a little (like the slightly higher pitched voices) but I'm really curious if anyone knows anything about the credits thing.
  13. The title says it all. It's happened multiple times now, the latest instance being the third time today. My screen will freeze, nothing other than CtrlAltDelete works and the only way to fix it is to open task manager and end the Skyrim task. This is what showed up the last two times. The first time didn't even give a reason. One minute I'm playing, the next I'm looking at my desktop, no error message or anything. Yes, I use mods, could they be the problem? Or does the problem run deeper than that?
  14. Rules: 1. Post any headcanon or theory of MLP:FiM that is considered "contradictiory" here. You can even make up your own ridiculous, random ideas that you think is "against" the premise or setting of the show. 2. One headcanon at a time. 3. Users must post any number their erroneous headcanons and theories before anyone else posts "HERESY!!!1"*, in which the game starts over again. 4. Any number of edits is allowed in your posts, in case of mistakes or changed minds. Here's mine, as an example: "Celestia's alter-ego is a black-and-red alicorn with terrible powers." Enjoy! (Inspired by the "Alphabet Game" and a certain portion of the "Banned Game" where users are "banned" for Heresy against the Imperium of Man) * When you post "HERESY!!!1", you are allowed to use pictures and gifs. if you want to.
  15. Looks like Adagio is red in the storybook instead of Orange like she really is.
  16. Whenever I try to login into Poniverse I get this error. Yet I'm logged in on MLPForums. (I covered my username)
  17. As seen here Whenever I go to my Notification Options Page. It just stays a blank screen.
  18. ive noticed if i try to look for posts that have a certain tag, i get no results. its strange, cause if i root through the forums manually to find the thread i want, i see several with the tag i was trying to search under, as well as on the thread I'm in. occasionally, it may return one result, and it does it no matter the tag. any ideas why mlp forums won't search for threads or blog posts with the tag I'm looking for?
  19. So On MLP forums I can roam Around without getting a 504 Error But When I want to login on another PC or browser I get a 504 Error. I don´t know why but when I am trying to login on Opera instead of Chrome I get a 504 Error Well Any Browser Will Do this. The Only Reason I can Still Post is Because I have not yet logged out of mlpforums on chrome. Can Someone Help? The 504 Error is a time out error
  20. I haz a problem. I sent an email to Hasbro, asking them a question about copyright and stuff. Doesn't really matter what it was about. What matters is what I got back. It was an automatic email that said, and I quote: "Your request for assistance cannot be accepted because your email address is not registered with an existing account." I don't understand this, cuz my email works for other people. Just when I emailed Hasbro, it won't take it. I used my email app on my ipod. I have yahoo. Anything else needed to know? I don't know. But do you know why this happened and how to fix it maybe? I would really appreciate it, cuz I can't do a project I need to get done until I can get approval first. this was the email I sent to (please don't spam them just cuz I posted it here)
  21. In this thread, you point out an animation error and then explain it away! Make us believe that it’s somehow justified. I’ll go first: A green apple turns red (from Friendship is Magic Part 1) Look at how hard Applejack jams that apple into Twilight’s mouth. Obviously, her gums were bleeding, making the green apple look red when she splits it out. Can you think of an explanation for other animation errors?
  22. I tried last night to upload images from my computer to a blog I was making, but every time I tried, it would say the "Server returned an error during upload." It has made uploading images impossible. Anyone know what's happening and how to resolve this issue?
  23. I had heard about this site from various people and figured I'd give it a go here, but I can't seem to upload anything or create any albums or playlists. Apparently I am not allowed to use the site for it's intended purpose. Did I kick your dog or something? I swear I didn't mean to and/or that dog had it coming, etc. I just created an account and activated it here less than an hour ago so I wasn't sure if I missed something I was supposed to do.
  24. So ever notice any messups in the show post them here. One messup I can tell is in the episode "The Stare Master" when the CMC's are in bed before they wander into the Everfree Forest Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle's voices are switched.