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Found 41 results

  1. There is a lotto winning jack potted to 70 million AUD (Australian Dollars) for division one prize pool Now my question to all of you guys is... (well, to whoever even bothers to read this) What would you do with all that money? I would probably spend it on holidays, gifts, dream car(s) and a nice house! But anyone could put that into greater detail of course
  2. Very self explanatory, just describe your hobbies in detail, if you have one. If you don't, just list hobbies that you would love to partake in but never seem to have the adequate time for.
  3. Welcome to the very first transgender support thread on the forums! This will be a way of reaching out to those who experience great discomfort with their anatomy, biology, and the social pressures to behave and present themselves in accordance to their gender assigned at birth. It is a big and scary world out there and we want to reassure people who are suffering with gender dysphoria feel like they are not alone. In fact, there are over 700,000 transgenders in the U.S. alone [1]. There is no reason to feel alone and that is what this thread is here to prove! There are also a handful of open transgender members here as evidenced by the amount of life advice threads started by them: There are definitely more trans people on here, I'm sure, who are most likely afraid of coming out. So I hope this thread can provide the virtual safe haven they need! If you are not trans but wish to show support to the trans community, you're more than welcome! For those of you who have no idea what transgender means, see the following and educate yourselves: https://en.wikipedia...Gender_identity https://en.wikipedia...ender_dysphoria https://en.wikipedia...iki/Transgender You are free to share your support, stories, thoughts, questions, concerns, etc! So yeah!
  4. Where do you want to live in the future? Where would your dream home be located? It's something we all eventually think about at some point in our lives. There are numerous beautiful places all around the world so there's plenty to choose from. I'd love to live in Sweden. It's a beautiful country with a relatively great economy from what I've heard. Its capital, Stockholm, is especially an extraordinary sight in the wintertime. I also have Swedish blood so I'd fit right in. I've also wanted to live somewhere up north in Lappland (Sweden) or in Alaska. I've just always loved the cold climate.
  5. I made this post for two reasons, 1. Just to see the community favorites 2. To find a good show to behold Favorite Anime- FMA, Trigun, Angel Beats, Soul Eater Favorite Manga- D. Grey Man, Fruits Basket, Death Note
  6. Note: I'm very new to the series, so there are bound to be questions that overlook things in the series or go against lore. But, hey, I guess that's why I asking these things. Being the avid roleplayer I am, I want to get acquainted with the lore before I RP. 1. Is it possible or likely that firearms might exist in the world of MLP, despite not being showcased in the show? What about other weapons? 2. If there is any, what is the extent of electronic technology in MLP? What about communications? Radios, phones, carrier pigeons, etc. 3. Transportation? Is it possible that cars, aircraft, etc. could exist? I'll admit, most of this is all because I'm normally lore-hound I like to know the lore of what I'm interested in down to the last detail. Bonus: If you were the Commander in Chief/ Chief of Staff/Field Marshal of [insert a country here], how would you go about invading Equestria? If any, which factions would you ally with, and which would you make war upon? How many troops/vehicles/ ships would you requisition?
  7. Hello fans of everything, I'm also known as FrankSeven from deviantART. Here I'm posting my nonpony-related drawings of anime, other cartoons, etc. My websites: deviantART Tumblr Pixiv Youtube Twitter My livestreams: Picarto Twitch Recent Art: Recent Links:
  8. I've decided to make an art thread where I can dump all my art. It's way easier than making a separate thread for every new drawing that I make. I don't know how much art I will put on here. Just know when I'm bored, a lot of new art will appear Also my Deviantart Drawings: Signatures: More art to come later
  9. I just realized that we don't have an ask pony thread for best background pony. Feel free to ask questions to your favorite pony nurse.
  10. While I'm not going to directly attach an of my art, here's the best of my DeviantART gallery (so far) with links and images alike (most popular descending order): "Nickers Satisfies. So do muffins." (Featured on Equestria Daily!) "Mane Six T-Shirt Design" - (Also on my RedBubble shop.) "Night in Las Pegasus" - My first and only non-vector art. (I haven't bought a pen tablet yet, I'm not quite sure how I managed this with a mouse.) Well, thanks for stopping by everypony! -Hyper Dash
  11. There are many threads around here in which we can embrace our ethnic backgrounds, culture, and show love (or indifference) towards the countries in which we live. There are also quite a number of threads dedicated to sharing our love of languages, or appreciation for our own. This idea came to my mind just an hour ago. I think it would be amazing if we can determine (via poll) the approximate amount of foreign members on this forum and some of the most common languages that they speak natively. As for what we can post on here, just simply share what language you speak natively and why you love it You can also post about why you don't like it. Give both pros and cons if you want
  12. Are there any bronies in this forum, that are just bronies because of the fandom? I am surprised how many i've seen over the years, be it because of the show not being interesting anymore for them, because the show interested them in the first place, etc. If there is anybody here, who is just a fan of the fandom, please tell me why you are. Because it kind interests me.
  13. drew, linearted and did the basic background on this months ago. totes was going to finish it today, but SAI crashed when I was almost done, so, nop, I'm just going to throw the unpolished version at the internet instead. yis I know RD is slightly hideous, dragons are my specialty, not ponies, so plez don't mention it, k?
  14. WELCOME!!! If you are in a relationship with someone on the forums, feel free to post about it here. Explain who's the lucky filly or colt, if you want. Explain how happy they make you feel, the funny moments you two have shared, updates on the relationship, or just post whatever the heck you want to share on the matter.
  15. Monday is usually the day we get back to the grind, and most are willing to be perfectly honest when they say that they hate it. Then they get back to grind for another honest day's work. Applejack takes to Honesty as often as possible, we all know that, but here I find myself wondering about what that means. Sure that means not lying, but that's so simple, too simple. How honest is someone who can use the excuse, "I didn't actually lie?" Honesty, Truth, Reality Deception, Lies, Falsity What seperates the "honest truth" from "an honest day's work?" How far does the concept of Honesty extend? What can we do to liken ourselves to everyone's favorite background pony (I mean that only as a joke), Applejack? Define Honesty.
  16. The title says it all. If you could embark on an adventure of a lifetime, what would it consist of ideally? Do you have a particular adventure in mind in which you have always dreamed of undertaking? Do you plan on having any in the future, or do you see one coming your way within the next several years? Are you going on an adventure right now (figuratively speaking or perhaps in actuality)? Whether it be adventures of traveling, love, finding peace, discovering yourself, making a difference in the world as a whole, I would love to know what your ideal adventure consists of.
  17. I'm just wondering, from what you know about the country, how do you feel about the economy, the crime rates, and the culture of El Salvador. As far as the economy goes, El Salvador is becoming much like Greece and I feel that it may completely fall apart in the future. Jobs are so incredibly hard to find over there and the crime rates are among the highest in the world (if I'm not mistaken). A lot of the Hispanics over there seem arrogant as if the world revolves around them. I may be biased on that one though, since my girlfriend has to go through hell with her Salvadorian family every single day over there. Some of my Hispanic friends here even agree with me. lol
  18. Just to give you a heads up, I'll be writing a tiny bit more about my story that is currently in the beginning stages. If you are interested or curious, you can read the prologue here: If I must give one thing away in regards to my story, it is going to be of the science fiction genre. That is all I will tell you. I will be posting the first official chapter of the story soon. If you want to find out more about my story, you must simply follow along and read each chapter that I publish here. Anyways, another tiny aspect I can reveal is that within the universe in which this story takes place, the English language is officially extinct. It is as extinct as Latin in this modern age. The new common language of the story's universe is Paχχïãnñ. However, Paχχïãnñ is actually incredibly similar to its ancient cousin, and the spoken languages are 95% alike. What makes this language uniquely foreign is its writing system and its letters which are derived from Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and the Scandinavian languages. For example this the Paχχïãnñ alphabet that I created a few days ago: a ä ā ã ß c d đ eeē ė f Γ g h i ï ī j κ lł Σ n ñ o ö ø õ p q r δ t uü v w χ yÿ z ż It contains 40 letters, which is admittedly a lot more intimidating than English. However all these extra letters, for the most part, merely represent the sounds that are not clearly defined in English. I will now explain each category into which several of these letters will fall. The Phonetic Letters: a = allow, august, addition, day, adventure, as (It virtually identical to our "A" except that it only represents the actual pronunciation of the letter itself and the "ah" sound that the doctors would often tell you to produce). ā = and, am, an, analyze (You get the idea, basically this goes for any "an" sound, except for "any" ironically, which is pronounced with the Paχχïãnñ a sound. Because no language is fun without those weird rule-breakers xP) ã = Martian, subterranean, decrease, speakers, year (If you have an average understanding of grammar, you might be able to catch the pattern. Remember the vowels (a,e,i,o,u)? Basically since, the a makes a really weird sound when it comes after these vowels, I felt that it would be best to use an odd letter.) ė = economy, idea, geology, reason (This letter is only used when the actual pronunciation of the English letter "e" can be clearly heard in a word (e.g. "idėaä"). i = ice, idea, size, sight, iodine (This letter is only used when the actual pronunciation of the English letter "i" can be clearly heard in a word). *Cannot be used inside the word - read about the next letter below. ï = big, inhibition, dim, side (This letter is always used inside of the word - not ending with the letter nor starting with it). ī = in, ignition, introduce (You get the idea. It is used every time the "en" sound is used in the beginning of the word). *Cannot be used inside the word - read about the previous letter above. ñ = onion, astronomy, dominion (This is a special letter that sounds very similar to its Spanish derivative. It's slight toned down from the Spanish pronunciation and it is usually used before (not after) "o" and "io.") The only exception is that it is not used within "con" (e.g. economics, icon, etc.). o = open, ocean, hope, our* (It is mainly used when the word contains the same pronunciation of its English derivative. "Our (Ouürr)" and "or" are by far the only exceptions. ø = ox, oxygen, operation, project, to, through, move (This letter has two different pronunciations. It represents both the high-pitched "ah" like in the first four example words, and the "uuu" sound in the last three example words.) The pronoun "you" would be the only exception. *You would only have to use it twice in row in words like "woods (wøødδδ)." õ = everyone, allow, mountains (You have to write out this letter before the "n," "u," ,and "o." It is equivalent to the "auuu" and "onn" sound that you may here in words like "out", "one." The only exceptions would be "allow (alłõw)," "allowance (alłõwānceeē)," and anything containing "ow," and in addition, it is not used within "con" (e.g. economics, icon, etc.). The Conjoined Letters: eeē - In my story, this basically replaces the extinct "e" of its ancient cousin language. It is used exactly like the English "e" in the sense that it is non-phonetic. So instead of "letter" for example, you have "leeētteeērr." lł - Upon the extinction of the English language in my story, the common double Ls that we had known and loved have become permanently conjoined and thus marking the end of the English "L." Used in the same exact manner as "L", however in addition, "lł" is also the new personal "I." uü - The English "u" and the Spanish umlaut "ü" have also become permanently conjoined, forming this letter which is exactly identical to the English "u" but with a slight stronger accent. So instead of "usually" for example, you have "uüδuüalłyÿ." yÿ - This letter's origin is unknown but it is used in the exact same manner as the English "y." d/đ = The "d" always comes first. It would always be the first letter of any word starting with the English "d." The "đ" is only used after the "d" in any word comprised of both of those letters (e.g. adđïtïõnñ, neeēdyÿ.) When a word ends in "d" you have to add the "đ" to it (e.g. "wørdđ"). Combiners: *The most important grammatical rule in this language is to be aware of the particular letters that are exclusively always "doubled" at the end of the words that end with them. a = aä (e.g. Utopia = Uütopïaä) d = dđ (e.g. Needed = Neeēdeeēdđ) eeē = eeeē (e.g. Adorable = Adoraßlłeeeē) j = jj (e.g. Taj Mahal = Tajj Σahalł) n = nñ (e.g. Onion = Õñïõnñ) *Another major rule-breaker - the letter "n" of this alphabet doesn't follow the phonetic rule when a word ends with it. o = oö (e.g. Hello = Heeēlłoö) r = rr (e.g. Controller = Controlłeeērr) δ = δδ (e.g. Economics = EeēconoΣïcδδ) *δ = s z = zż (e.g. Waltz = Walłtzż) *Letters such as "lł," "uü," and "yÿ" do not follow the combination rule as, with the exception of "eeē" they are already conjoined. The Regulars: *These letters do not follow the combination rule. They do however, combine in the same manner letters would join in English (e.g. butter = ßuütteeērr) ß - This completely identical to our "b." Unlike the previous letters, this has no uppercase or lowercase form. It's just as it is. c - Same as our "c." f/Γ - Mostly the same as the "f" that we use, except this one has an unique uppercase form: "Γ" g - Same as our "g." h - Same as our "h." κ - Went through a slight change, but overall the same as our "k." Σ - Same as our "m" despite the obvious difference. p, q, t, v, w - All of them come from and are used exactly the same as their English ancestors. χ - Slight change but nonetheless, it is used the same as its English ancestor. One more important grammar rule: The object pronouns (me, you, her, him, us, them) are never separate from verbs that involve them if the verbs have no preposition in between. For example: "I love you" = "lł lłøveeē + yÿouü" = "lł lłøveeēyÿouü" Example 2: "I hate them" = "lł hateeē + theeēΣ = "lł hateeētheeēΣ" Example 3: "The government has sent something to you" = "Theeē gøveeērnΣeeēnt haδδ δeeēnt δøΣeeēthïng tø yÿouü." So yeah, this is my fictional language that I plan on using in my story in progress. Hope you enjoyed the little introduction. This may have been a waste of time, but oh well. I had fun. lol
  19. Okay, so I will be posting pictures of Cleverbot responses when I bring in the topic about ponies. I did a lot of Scootaloo, and got a LOT of good feedback! How about YOU join in on the fun and try it out! Try and not let this thread die out!
  20. Just been a long time since I touched making any signatures and felt in the mood in trying my hand at making them again. I may or may not make a request thread again just depends still thinking on it. First one I made I'll be making more if you want to use any feel free to. A Pinkamena sig.
  21. Ello! I have a idea! What if I start a story series about a character going through worlds. Ok this is hard to explain hm... Ok lets put it this way Each chapter, will feature a different person, in a different dimension with a different problem! There will be a example at the end of this post Anyway! What I need you guys to do, its sign up! You heard me! Sign up! Simple as it states just say Your display name (or the name your seen as, like mine is RainMuffin) The world you want to be featured in (MLPForums, Devaintart, etc. also Note: I might reject you if I don't know the website, sorry) and the problem you face in that world (please be specific don't just say "friendship problems" because I probably wont accept you) Chapter list World list (for ideas) P.s. Websites like MLPforums do NOT count as the actual show MLP, so if someone is in the world of 'MLPForums' doesn't mean they are in 'MLP' as well. so they are completely different worlds P.P.S DO NOT REQUEST THAT YOU BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A CANON CHARACTER. Just...No Here is the example (of a chapter Im going to do) Chapter #(insert number here)-Dogzer-RainMuffins tough time Hi there, Im Rain Muffin and I live in the city of Dogzer. We got our name as simply as it states, our city has a love for dogs. I have recently moved here and I was automatically surprised by the requirements of the city. You absolutely MUST have a dog in order to live here! Outrageous right? I have no objection now though, I moved in near the edge of town and was automatically welcomed by neighbors. Living here has been just fine, up until I found out about that one rule. I was cleaning my kitchen after a very messy meal I tried when I got a knock at the door. I quickly scurried over to it and opened, and to my surprise, there was POLICE outside my door! They asked me tons of questions I hardly understood for around 3 hours, but I thought they did this to every new citizen to ensure safety, then they hit me with the last question, "Do you own a dog?" at first, I thought it was just to see if I had a dog to protect the house or anything so I answered with a neat and simple "No". That was when the weird part happened. Hahaha cliffhanger
  22. SOOO! Title is self explanatory, What was the First anime you Guys EVER watched? It must be really old and not the new stuff or anything like that. The first anime I EVER watched was a anime called "Sakura Card Captor" It Gave me a big part of my childhood and Im sure some of you guys did too, After that series then Came pokemon, then Dragon ball and all that, but THAT! ^ was the start of it all.
  23. Ok I just wanna here some thoughts on the upcoming documentary film "A Brony Tale" coming out this July starring Ashliegh Ball. I'm really interested in what the movies gonna be like and I'd like to hear every ponies thoughts on this.
  24. CavyShy


    Hello, everypony! Zis is Daisy. She will answer questions, and talk. So, ask away!
  25. We'll i will give you the ones that you can contact me at. Currently you can mostly contact me Felicia here. My youtube: (I am usely on here)