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Found 22 results

  1. I'm eating Pringles right now, so I thought I just ask. What's your favorite Pringles flavor? Mine would have to be the Pizza flavored Pringles. They're so good!
  2. What are somethings you've always wanted to learn and become a master in? This could include any subjects or skills that have deeply interested you. You never seem to have the time to learn them at the moment (you have more time than you think; procrastination is really what gets in the way) but you would like to learn them at some point in the future. I would like to learn as much astronomy, geology, biology, environmental science, paleontology, meteorology, and botany as I can so I can have a better understanding of the natural world and the heavens above. I also wish to achieve fluency in seven languages: Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, French, Hebrew, Greek, and Russian. I've also been interested in gaining experience in some sort of craftsmanship, whether it be automotive mechanics, welding, or carpentry. Sadly, there's no resources close to where I live that can help me in that area
  3. Heya ^^ Dramatic question warning! I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Namely: why do you choose to live? For me, I'm sticking around because I'm enjoying myself. My goal for the longest while was to understand people (including myself), and since reaching the answers I needed, I'm largely indifferent to things. Apathy was a major enemy of mine some time ago, but now it's a reformed ally. I'm not forcing myself to find some lifelong goal (like forging deep bonds or fighting for a grand cause). Everything has it's limits, and properly so. I certainly won't avoid those things, but they aren't my center anymore. There are far more forms of happiness to explore. Life's fun if you can find ways to make it fun, but death seems pretty inviting otherwise. And in case you were wondering, I'm not suicidal; I just see death as a reasonable choice. Finding work/income and having my own place is the goal now. Somewhere I can build a nice gaming/anime sanctuary to spend my days with whatever/whomever I enjoy. /endmonologue Feel free to throw me your thoughts. I'd love to hear them ^^
  4. Do any of you here have a set schedule to go by? If so, then describe it here! List all of your daily or weekly routines and priorities. Describe how you manage to follow it even when the going gets tough. Looking forward to hearing all of your responses.
  5. For those of you here that play guitar or practice what kind of guitar do you own? I have a Fender DG22s A guitar I'd kill to have later on is this the Epiphone Emperor Swingster
  6. I recently named link “My Boi” what have you guys named link before?
  7. This thread is to discuss your favorite superstar/diva from any of the wrestling franchises. You can also talk about your favorite era,tag teams,moments,returns,heel/face turns,legends,match types,video games,championships,weapons, etc,etc! The Xtreme Rules: No perverted material. Foul language allowed. ( no F-Bombs or God****) No arguing who’s the best. (Save it for the ring) Hate is allowed (especially on Bo) We know wrestling is fake,so don’t try to troll people.(well it’s fake sometimes) talk about ANYTHING related to wrestling! Have fun! My favorite legend is practically all of them (not you Balls Mahoney) but my most favorite has to go towards Stone Cold,Hulk Hogan,and Most importantly Undertaker! And my favorite normal wrestlers are Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio, along with CM Punk. My favorite Divas have to be Nikki Cross,Paige,and Rhonda Rousey. My favorite era is the Attitude Era,Ruthless Aggression Era,and the New Era. (You know,GOOD wrestling,Thuganomics,Vince kissing Rikishis ass. Oh God that’s hilarious) and my favorite game is either,Here Comes the Pain,or Shut Your Mouth! Gimme a Hall yeah! I mainly follow WWE but if you could,point me to some of the other brands of wrestling. oh and the GOOD wwe games as well... speak your mind on Wrestling!
  8. I noticed there wasn't a thread like this so I wanted to make it. This thread is for people in the military or military enthusiasts or just for military related posts... (Optional) As your first post put what division, battalion, squard, you were in or If you were never in the military just put what you want to be. After that just post whatever want that is military related... I want to be in US Marine Corps, I am not entirely sure of my specialty yet.... One of my favorite Combat Videos....
  9. "Look behind you, little Rave..." This is a little birthday gift I've did through this afternoon for @JonasDarkmane. It took me over 6 hours because problems with the light going out and me being pissed, and I think I've never screamed at the screen so hard because of body parts, but as far as it looks, I am happy with the result. It was a trip, needless to say. But yeah, I hope he has a nice birthday and all that. He is a great guy, and I bet he will love this ... right? and on yeah, obligatory deviantart link to check the piece on its original site -> Clicky!
  10. So after feeling a great surge of inspiration, I decided to finally share all my new signatures with you guys. Been using Paint.NET and so far it's been a fun experience. So this is what I have so far, feel free to use any one of these if you want. This thread is after all, for my free signatures. Pinkie Pie x4(Yes, I love this pony to death! ) Twilight Sparkle Applejack x2 Rarity x2 Rainbow Dash x2 Fluttershy(Christmas Signature) Trixie x2 So yeah I'll be updating this quite often. So keep an eye out for more new signatures! Let me know what you guys think and don't hesitate to give me honest critique if you want to. This is pretty much practice for me on the my spare time.
  11. While I'm not going to directly attach an of my art, here's the best of my DeviantART gallery (so far) with links and images alike (most popular descending order): "Nickers Satisfies. So do muffins." (Featured on Equestria Daily!) "Mane Six T-Shirt Design" - (Also on my RedBubble shop.) "Night in Las Pegasus" - My first and only non-vector art. (I haven't bought a pen tablet yet, I'm not quite sure how I managed this with a mouse.) Well, thanks for stopping by everypony! -Hyper Dash
  12. Here we can discuss anything that relates to astronomy or cosmology. From space exploration, stars, constellations, exoplanets, quasars, pulsars, colonization, terraformation, etc. Feel free to express your love for the stars and all the wonders known and unknown. To begin this discussion, I want to express my fascination with the Voyager program, most particularly, the Voyager 1 probe and why it is my favorite spacecraft thus far. It is currently the farthest man-made object we've ever sent into the vast frontiers of space. Big as a compact car, soaring faster than a bullet at 38,610 mph, carrying what could be the very last remnant of humanity (its golden record). It's moving faster than its younger brother, Voyager 2; the two are going in completely different trajectories. This probe is responsible for taking some of the most remarkable images of Jupiter and its stormy turbulent atmosphere and its exotic moons―one is a frozen world of mysteries waiting to be unveiled; the other is a volcanic wasteland full of active volcanoes that make Mauna Loa in Hawaii seem dormant. Those are just a teaspoon of Jupiter's 63 known moons. Its cameras also captured glorious views of Saturn and its moon Titan, a world hidden beneath its hazy nitrogen-rich atmosphere, the only known satellite to possess such an atmosphere, and it's the only nitrogenous atmosphere in the Solar System aside from Earth's. Below is the very last photo that was taken before the cameras of Voyager 1 were turned off in order to save energy for its other instruments to detect interstellar charged particles. If you look very closely at that brown vertical band, right in the middle you will see a faint, barely visible, and pale blue dot. That's Earth. That's us. All of our empires, religions, history, science originated from this tiny pale blue dot. All of the collective memories and experiences of every human that has ever lived―everything they had seen, everyone they had known, everything they had accomplished, all of their contributions to our society, every woman and man they had loved and had raised families with―it all happened here ... Just a couple years ago, Voyager 1 had finally breached the heliosphere. It will take 300 years to reach the Oort cloud that surrounds the Solar System followed by 28,000 to 30,000 years until it finally exists the large mass of comets. After that, it will heading towards either the constellation Camelopardalis or Ophiuchus. In 40,000 years it pass within 1.6 light years of Gliese 445, a red dwarf star located near Polaris. Now what I'm curious to know is if it will pass close by any other stars or planetary bodies beyond that point. What stars, star systems, or exoplanets do we know of beyond Gliese 445? What lies beyond the constellation Camelopardalis? I guess only time will tell.
  13. The title is self explanatory. What are your favorite kinds of cookies? Personally for me, I don't really have any preference, mostly because there are so many to choose from. There are so many different brands and flavors that I have tried throughout my life, many that are so delicious that I can't really think of right off the back! Generally, I would say that sugar cookies are among my favorites.
  14. Well, this year had been.... interesting. Met some wonderful people, including @Hyperhooves ( ) and alas some not so wonderful people, of which I shall not mention any (not many there, at least). I've had some brilliant times, and some rather... sad times, but I hope I have grown as an individual. I look forward to what 2015 will bring, but alas it appears as if there are times coming I will dread... but I will get through them, I will survive. And really, I love you all. Except you. You know who you are. (jk)
  15. Do you have a huge crush on someone? and you think there the one but there married/in a relationship?,If so please tell me if you have a huge crush on someone and you think there the one but they are married or in a relationship does it break you're heart? Tell me about mine in messages please.
  16. Hey Guys heres my first ever fanfic please go easy! Chapter 3 will be up today ok everypony have fun reading!
  17. After seeing that exclusive season 4 clip from Comic Con, a number of things came to mind. One of them, was how amazing this is going to end up being as an episode! Another was how unique the overall setting appeared. The writer's seem to be making this seem more like a Powerpuff Girls parody than an MLP episode as far as the general setting and atmosphere goes. It's certainly something new and unlike anything the writer's have ever done before. I really enjoyed watching the clip though and I look forward to seeing the episode in the upcoming season later on this year. In case some of you guys haven't seen it yet, here it is. So what are your thoughts on this? Also, why do you think the setting is so drastically different here? They're obviously not in Ponyville anymore, and all the architecture and technology seems at least a century or two ahead of their time. I'm going to guess it's all just in Spike's strange dream. But nonetheless, I'd love to hear your overall thoughts and opinion on this. Also, enjoy this colorful and artistic depiction of the "Power Ponies".
  18. Here is well an update on the downloadable content for Black Ops II. Treyarch © announced on Twitter, that PS3 and PC players will get the latest downloadable content on Black Ops II: Revolution on the 28th of this month. So all players mark that date on your calenders, February 28th! If you didn't buy the Season Pass, you can still buy it today! You can either buy it separately, or buy the Season Pass which is $49.99 on PS3. So, get your guns ready and game on!
  19. Well everypony, since the next Black Ops II DLC will be coming out soon. I decided to do a review on it. I really think this DLC will be pretty decent, I just hope Treyarch fixes the lag compensation though. So without further ado, here is my review. Call of Duty Black Ops II: Revolution DLC will be released January 29th for Xbox. Later on for PS3 and PC players. This DLC will feature the following: New maps in the Black Ops II game, when you purchase the DLC. Hydro Grind Downhill Mirage It will also include the exclusive Peacekeeper SMG And finally, it will have the new Zombies DLC map, Die Rise. Hope everypony enjoyed this review. News: Call of Duty Black Ops II Revolution DLC pack releases for PS3 on February 28th. Get all 4 map packs free with the Season Pass. Season Pass is $49.99.
  20. Hej! So I was wondering, how many people on here also have a Fimfiction account? Do you just check out the stories or have a variety of you own written FIMfic stories? If you have your own stories that you might like to share; give a brief description and link! I'd like to see what you guys have written! I'm still working on the 2nd chapter of my FIMfic, if you want to check it out, links below. Be warned, it's not any ordinary fimfic...bunch of Sci-Fi, and some hard to understand concepts involved...I've been told its good though, so I'm happy about that.
  21. Hey guys! I finally finished up the releasing of BangHammer EP and decided that, instead of posting the final track alone, i'll just post the whole album/series right now! Here is the youtube playlist: And here is the SoundCloud for Downloads!: http-~~-// Enjoy!!
  22. In our world of modern media, we have a variety of super forms that certain characters from certain franchises obtain, in order to beat up the baddie who just pulled an ace out of his sleeve and became stronger. For two of the most generic examples, Dragonball Z and Sonic the Hedgehog, with 'Super Sayians' and 'Super Forms' respectively, coming from the Dragon Balls and Chaos Emeralds, respectively. However, 'enhanced' forms is absolutely nothing new for characters, especially when it comes to something like anime. One Piece & Naruto both have a never-ending list of obscure enhancements I can think of as well, many of which directly relating to the character using them. So in short, there are the 'super' forms, seen from DBZ and STH, which are basically, more or less, 'better, faster, stronger, invincible and unstoppable', and then the more creative, unique 'enhanced forms', which can have some of those traits too, but altogether, are unique to the character individually. So here's your question: If any of the Mane 6 had an enhanced form or super form: A, what would it look like for you, B, what would the abilities entail, and C, where might this form be created from? An intense emotion, an energy source, or something else? This would be taking their personality traits and abilities all into consideration, as that is what determines their enhanced form. Gallery Time. Ya know, for brain juice and references Super Sayianz Super Hedgehogz Naruto & One Piece form examples Hypothetical Super Rainbow Dash My own personal thoughts? Too lazy after all that text <3 Maybe in a bit~