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Found 1 result

  1. ======================================================================================= WHAT IS |THE ETERNIA PROJECT?| The Eternia Project is an: Interactive virtual visual novel (comic) based on Eternia (Eternia is a fan comic based on How To Train Your Dragon) by: For the Full changelog Click HERE! ======================== NEXT OPEN UPDATE: --No date at the moment-- ======================================================================================== THE GAME: The ETERNIA Project Client[it's a safe download]: Windows [WINDOWS ONLY !] FOR MAC OR ANY OTHER PLATFORM WITH ADOBE FLASH: THE ETERNIA Project.[Full link:][Any other Platform that supports Adobe Flash(Not a lot of mobile devices support adobe flash)] ======================================================================================== FAQ: Q:The game is stuck in a infinite loading screen...What should I do? A:Some pages contain Widgets that are pretty heavy,so it might take some time to load,or sometimes the loading will fail if your internet or Computer isn't strong enough,normally refreshing the page should fix the problem,some pages on the DEBUG MENU don't have an exit button,so you need to go back with the browser . Q:When is the Full game going to be Finish? A:The FULL game will finish when the Eternia comic will finish...That means in a bout 5 years. If you have anymore Questions ask them here! Thanks ======================================================================================== BUGS OR GLITCHES: Also If you find ANY kind of bug please TELL ME,I worked hard to make this. So if you find any glitches you can obviously report them on Deviant art, but please report them HERE first. ======================================================================================== Suggestions or advices: Don't be shy to critique! If anyone wants to give ideas for the project FEEL FREE to do so! ========================================================================================