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Found 9 results

  1. I figure I might as well start a strange thread. you even eat breakfast? I myself don't, probably not a good thing. Haven't eaten breakfast for several years now and I'm 19. Didn't really affect my ability to function at school. Of course I do have bacon, eggs, and toast every now and again. I probably would have eaten breakfast if I had a extra time in the mornings before school, but I'm about to head off to college, so this may or may not continue.
  2. Jeric

    Three Crazy Years!*

    Three years I joined this community on April 10th 2014, just about three years ago. I don't recall ever doing a 'forumversary' blog here, and I suspect that the reason why was simple; outside of some form of self-congratulatory pat on the back it seemed rather pointless for me. Basically, I didn't think I had much to say other than, 'I have been here x years'. This year though, I have words. I think that taking stock of where you have been, where your are now, and where you are going helps with perspective. I look back at the last three years with shock at how everything has changed in my life. Recalling what my life looked like in April 2014 and comparing it to April 2017 leads to mindbogglingly insane realizations of how dynamic our world can be. I want to use this blog series as a roadmap of sorts of my history here. Highlight my favorite events and times. I need to say this though. I will obviously mention other users who have impacted my time here, but I will try and stay clear of some highly emotionally charged moments. This time the elephant in the room and I will make peace. Basically, if you are looking for me to talk about forum drama, you will be disappointed. Over the next month I will focus on why I came here, and a few of the most impactful moments of my time among you all. *I am also publishing this a bit early since this week has quite a bit going on. Star Wars Celebration, Easter, Pony Premiers ... lots. April 2014 - A Wild Jeric Appeared This is my original Welcome Post There are some amusing lines in that first post. For one, you can plainly see that I had yet to become the "Prophet of Rarity" as I was called once. My first words on MLPF were a quote from the Princess Bride, and I talked briefly about my current job, family, and hinted at how I became a fan. I smile seeing who welcomed be to this forum. There were Destiny, a former head of Poniverse PR)who can be seen as @zenyatta, and Magos Amphrose currently going by @Bedman. Destiny in particular makes me smile knowing that several months later I would be working with her on staff. Magos though, I recall what I was thinking when I read his post. It confused the living hell out of me. What the hell is a Nyx? I love that comment about my avatar, which is what I am wearing today. There were members on this forum I noticed almost immediately. Some are no longer part of this community, and some are. Anyway, at this point, I was a Twifan. Rarity was waiting in the wings though. The World Cup - The Dawn of Fabulosity So for those that don't know, there used to be a strong vocal minority of Rarity fans on this forum. Forgotten names like @ghostfacekiller39, @Obsidian Sky, @GlowingFlask, @Blobulle @Andaasonsan and more were core people who you could find in the Rarity Fan Club. Others like @Woohoo, @ooBrony, @Sunny Fox, @A.V., and @Radiance64 would also heavily contribute to the fan club as well. It was something I noticed. Back then there was this sense that many disliked the character of Rarity, and that characters most fierce defenders did a hellova lot of in depth analysis on her virtues and flaws. I paid attention. It was impossible not to. Rarity started off being my least favorite of the mane six. I character I dismissed readily. I joined the forum as a fan of Twilight, and was still catching up watching the show, and what started happening was shocking. An early post, just four days after I joined, is found here I often post on social media and forum platforms with casual musings. I find it illuminating to go back and see what my train of thought was, and how it ended. I wonder if I ever did elevate Rarity to Best Pony status? The MLPF World Cup 2014 During this time there was a user created event called the MLPF 2014 World Cup. It basically amounted to a popularity poll with various characters facing off while the fans of the characters posted text and images to root them on and try and get support from other members. I wish I could say I was immune from that sort of thing. I am not. Actually I am being extremely unfair here. The users involved actually put together one hell of a topic This was @Sterling Crimson's brainchild but quite a few contributed. @Batbrony used his word crafting to actually do mock interviews with the characters whole RP'ing as Derpy and Dinky. There were anthems for each character, and flags designed as well. The conclusion was high drama as it turned out Luna fans created a few sock puppet accounts to cheat causing that characters disqualification. Fluttershy faced off against Rarity and eventually it was a Flutters vs. Twilight battle with Twilight taking the prize. Good times. Before the main matches began I made my first post in the RFC as they were asking for people to basically post ponies. There was no going back. Not satisfied with simply posting fabulous pony pics, I created a serious of nonsense short stories that became referred to as the Rarity Bible (and my role name). Celestia tells Rarity she is to face three tests here Rarity and the Epic of the Killer Crabs Here, here, here Rarity vs. Tom here Yeah. Jeric does ridiculous ... kinda bad and overly punny ... but I do it. Seriously though, that was a fun moment for most of the people who participated. Rarity came in third, which was surprising to even her die hard fans. It was during that time that I saw the first hints of this being different than most internet communities. The diversity here was off the charts, it felt a more welcoming than YouTube comments, and when I felt so inclined I could easily switch for choas mode to thoughtful and be taken seriously. I decided during the World Cup that this place may be worth chilling out at. That is a relative term since I tend to make posts in between or concurrently with IRL activities, but this was a time sink I felt was deserving of my spare moments. It wasn't because of what I felt I could contribute that kept me here, it was the interaction with the users and seeing the community at large that made it worthwhile. The crazies, the fierce debaters, the relaxed ones, the passionate types, and the philosophers seemed to congregate together. Don't get me wrong, I know I come across as this unrealistically optimistic goofball, but that is only one part of who I am. I suspected that there was simply more to this community that met the eye. Was there some high drama at this time. Of course! But, the moments of merriment outweighed the more explosive ones by far. I'm not a fan of the concept of a 'Golden Age'. Experiences are relative, yanno? This is more like that moment of discovery. There would be experiences down the road that would lead to immense highs, but this was an era that had its own charm to it. It is easy to lose site of that sometimes. That's it for now, but next up - Waifu Marriages by a real (not really) Minister. Yes, I am dead serious, this was a thing!
  3. Explain why you think that if your one of the bronies that think Christians hate mlp. I am a christian and I don't hate mlp! My mom doesn't even care if I am a fan of the show. To be honest most of the Christians I know don't even care about the fandom at all. So tell me why you think that.
  4. Look away from your computer screen. The first thing that you see is your new cutie mark! Post what you got, and a short story to explain it. For Example: An eraser, my pony must be an eraser salesman! or A roll of duct tape, my pony must hate hearing others talk! etc. Go!
  5. Hey y'all I'm back again with more art for y'all! I decided since I haven't done any art in a while I owed it to y'all to do a little extra, I still might even do more depending on how much time I have free and how I feel. Anyways, if you haven't guessed by my title, I drew Derpy. This is the first time I think I've drawn any background ponies, so yeah I'm gonna be drawing the other background ponies at some point I'm sure to. Not sure who exactly yet, but I'm sure i'll find out. I decided to draw Derpy because hes probably one of my favorite background ponies, even if I don't really have a extremely official opinion on background ponies really, still he is great, and drawing derp eyes was alot of fun Xd. I didn't have to worry about the eyes being drawn to make sense or anything. Felt free with it . Anyways heres the drawing before I start rambling some more. Like always this is drawn with a mouse in GIMP. and I used a reference to, heres the reference. I think this was quite a difficult one in a way to draw, Its probably one of the more complex poses I've drawn really so far, I think this is the first drawing I've done thats not totally facing almost side view or total side view or frontal view, this ones more of a curved view towards the front. Different perspective then I'm use to. I think I also did the wings better then I normally do overall, so I'm happy about that. One thing that I will point out is that he looks a bit fat, some reason my bodies always look a bit fat, I dunno why . It doesn't help the perspective kinda curves the body in this weird downward angle, which I kinda failed to do in my opinion. I also thought it was a perfect time to finally use a cloud background instead of some simple grassy hill or something as a background since I finally drew a Pegasi flying. Its pretty simple nothing really special about it. Anyways I guess thats about it. Overall the new pose was a bit more difficult then what I usually do, but I think I pulled it off pretty ok for a first time. The fact I've never drawn Derpy doesn't matter a whole lot since shes pretty similar to other Pegasi I've drawn, and has a mane similar to Rainbows. So like always I'm open to any and all critique or comments, I know theres problems with it because I know I'm far from perfect, so feel free to point them out . And of course tips and tricks and anything else you wanna offer are more then welcome . Maybe you just wanna drop by and comment for the sake of it I dunno xD. I'll see y'all later!
  6. Wut now? We've so many of them aboard. x) (The eeveelution force is strong... the transformation won't last long.) Members: (Jonke) ~ Vivian @Champion RD92 ~ Bowser (Cota) ~ Bombette (Twiliscael) ~ Koops @Kenny ~ Goombella ~ Hooktail @PoisonClaw ~ Sir Grodus @Mario(Pilot) ~ Mario (Flipturn ?) ~ Admiral Bobbery (Zoop) ~ Lady Bow (Feld0) ~ Yoshi kid (Blue) ~ Count Bleck
  7. "Now little butterfly girl," called the big butterfly lady. "Don't go so near the edge." The little butterfly girl was peering over the edge of the most peculiar hole she had ever seen. "You don't want to fall in now do you?" "No big butterfly lady," the little butterfly girl called back. "It's just this hole is the most peculiar hole I have ever seen." "What have I told you about calling me that," scoffed the big butterfly lady. "I am not the the big butterfly lady; I am indeed to be addressed as Madame in your case. Besides, that isn't a hole little butterfly girl, it's a sinkhole, there is a world of difference." "A shrink-hole?" she questioned. "Does it get smaller near the bottom? Oh! Perhaps if you go into it you become smaller! Wouldn't that be something big butterfl- Madame?" "No you silly child," sighed an exasperated big butterfly lady. "A sinkhole, not a shrink-hole. A sinkhole is a hole that just opens whenever it so pleases, eating anything in its way. But do not trifle with those things, no little butterfly girl should be pressed for such matters; instead, busy yourself with your little butterfly girl chores little butterfly girl." The little butterfly girl looked at the sinkhole still however, her little butterfly girl eyes wide with wonder. Eventually though, she deiced to do as the the big butterfly girl had instructed, and busied herself with her little butterfly girl chores. As she worked on and on, the little butterfly girl's little butterfly girl mind continually crept back to the sinkhole. "How cliche," she murmured to herself. "It would be for me to fall down that and end up on some nonsensical adventure!" The little butterfly girl giggled at her own silliness, she knew that most of the readers would either be done reading at this point, driven to boredom by the repetition or by the incredibly dull happenstance her little butterfly girl story was taking place under. As such, the little butterfly girl felt that it would be incredibly appropriate to immediately exit her little butterfly girl house and set said little butterfly girl house alight with flames as she left. As the fire glistened in the randomly apparent night, the little butterfly girl decided to fill the sink hole as to prevent any cliches from bringing any interesting point into her little butterfly girl story. As she approached the hole, she was not in the slightest surprised to see it already partially filled with the deceased form of the big butterfly lady. In fact, had the body not been there the little butterfly girl would have felt the greatest of surprise, after all the little butterfly girl had been the one to place the big butterfly lady's dead bod into the sinkhole during the interlude that was her seemingly innocent little butterfly girl monologue and subsequent burning of her little butterfly girl house. As the little butterfly girl filled the remainder of the sinkhole, an interesting and new character approached from the distance. Unfortunately, as the little butterfly girl would soon learn, this was not actually a new character nor truly an interesting character, but in fact, it was just an old moth traveler. The old moth traveler introduced himself to the little butterfly girl, but she paid this no heed, because little butterfly girls have greater things to fret over. The little butterfly girl then proceeded to hug the old moth traveler, creating a slightly awkward scene, however, as said scene progressed, the old moth traveler found himself serving only the purpose of informing the little butterfly girl of some little butterfly girl moral lesson that she, or perhaps the readers were supposed to take to heart. The little butterfly girl quickly buried his body as well.
  8. My parents already know I'm a brony. They're pretty okay with it, they just said as long as I don't like get obsessed with it and like watch it every day (oooooooopppssss??? ). They know that there are other people watch it that are teens/grown-ups, they don't know the word "brony" though or what the fandom is called anyways. But I'm too young to go to any store by myself, I don't have a car, and I don't have a credit card (so I can't buy something myself). FYI I'm 13, if it helps though I could pass for 16. So how should I ask them to get like shirts and stuff? I don't want any toys (yet :I) though. Though I do have a plan: Next time I go to the mall with my mom (yay, 2 hours of pure fun. *sarcasm*) I bring money (for the shirt) and ask if I can go to gamestop (and bring my gamestop giftcard too, I have one) by myself and tell her that I'm responsible enough. If she says yes (there's a 60% chance this will happen), I'm pretty sure there is a Hot Topic in my local mall. I could go in there and get a pony shirt, run to gamestop, get a game that's like, not-rated M, my mom would freak -_-, put the shirt in the gamestop bag, and then walk back to my mom. Tell me if this is a good plan please? If it's not just remember I said I had A plan not A GOOD plan
  9. I did this for a school project, we had to write a poem based on a time in history, and I did mine on WWII. Please tell me what you think, criticism always helps! The Ashes The ashes that fall, from the sky to the ground. The lives that were lost in the terrible battle. Nothing remains, except distant memories of loved ones who once roamed here. The ashes that stay, not moving from their place. The bodies that have fallen from the conflict that took place. In the midst of the echoes, from what once existed. The ashes that speak, they speak about the times. The lonely whispers of lost souls, roaming the endless craters. How something like this could have happened? The ashes that fly, born from the bombs that fell. The torn flag that once waved fearlessly, how it now lies on the dead floor. The final gunshot, that was heard from all over, signified the end. The ashes that fall, from the sky to the ground. The times have passed, from pain to somber relief. All the troubled souls, now finally at peace.