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Found 65 results

  1. So what were you doing 10 minutes ago? ____________________________________ I was just eating vegemite on toast because I got hungry.
  2. Major Solar Eclipse on August 21st. Have you ever seen one? Plan on doing anything for the eclipse event?
  3. ♡ Hey friends! ♡ It's time for a simple and fun contest for everyone to join! "The Heart Contest" ____________________ What to do? Post a heart in the comment section like this ♡ and name a thing you love about the forum (or more) To show appreciation and love to the forum itself. With this event also come 3 winners and they will be picked randomly through a name picker. ____________________ What are the prizes? Number 1: A fullbody artwork drawn by me (if you do not have an oc we can discuss something else) Number 2: A custom OC by me (this comes with what you tell me to draw, we'll discuss it in DM) Number 3: A banner made by me, for you ____________________ What is the goal of this? To show some love and support to this forum and the people in it. Sometimes it is a nice way to show positivity and lighten up another persons day but mostly it's also to just have fun. ____________________ How do we know the person is the rightful winner? I will put all of your names into this name picker: The one who gets chosen for the first round is #1 the next #2 and so on. I will record and make a gif out of it so people can see ____________________ Everyone who comments will receive a badge I have designed with approval of @Lord Valtasar ____________________ End date? 03-29-2020 If you have questions, DM me directly. Do not take this post off-topic.
  4. This is something that I was thinking about including for this year's Summer Sunset Celebration here on the forums. As such, this is going to be treated as a sub-event within the proper event itself in addition to it being a discussion. As you all know, Equestria Girls has concluded as a result of Sunset's Backstage Pass being the final special barring any unreleased shorts. Because of this, many feel that the series wasn't given a final conclusion like what is happening with Friendship is Magic. Thus, I propose this question as it relates to who this sub-event is dedicated towards. What would you have liked Sunset Shimmer's future to have been? Sure, it might not be the most straight-forward question, but it allows for many different possibilities. Feel free to come up with your own ideas and perhaps discuss them with one another. Since this is a sub-event, this thread will only remain open for a short period of time. How long? I'd say a week.
  5. Glitch in the Matrix can best be defined firsthand accounts of some small but puzzling occurrence that has no logical explanation. So, have you had an event happen to you, like have you witnessed one thing but, later on you witness something else? Something odd.
  6. Welcome to the Rainbow Dash Day Trivia - 2020 Edition. On a side note, I'm back hosting these sub-events but don't expect me to do so all the time. Even I have situations that come up where I can't make the appropriate thread and instead someone else will handle it. Anyway, enough about that as I don't want to go off topic. It seems that this particular day is upon us once again and you all know what that means. You do know, don't you? If not then you've never done this kind of thing before which means you're in for quite an experience. If you do know then this is pretty much the standard routine although I decided to throw in a very slight curve ball. You need to know both Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls as both series have been given five questions each. You needn't worry about the comics as those won't be included in this trivia. Of course, this is all strictly Rainbow Dash themed so you just have to focus on her. If you want the badge, you must answer all questions correctly. When will bonus questions come back? They will when someone can think of a good one. Please submit all answers to @Rainbow Dash. Even though she is famed for her speed, she is not going to be checking your answers until after the usual four days are up. Even she has to abide by the rules we've set up for this. Wait a minute... We have rules for this!? When did that happen? You know... I really should make a guide on the actual rules as they keep on changing every so often where no one knows what they are. I'll make a mental note of that. Extensions are allowed but ask me about getting one. You can join forces but don't try to trick your partners by giving them the wrong answers. Anything else? Not that I can think of. Oh wait... Submit answers to @Rainbow Dash. 1. What was Dash accused of by Wind Rider? 2. What secret did Rainbow Dash keep from the Mane Six in order to protect Pinkie Pie? 3. During the Equestria Games, whose flag did Rainbow Dash carry? 4. As you know, one of Rainbow Dash's signature moves is the Sonic Rainboom. Can you name one of her other signature moves? 5. Rainbow Dash befriended two fillies during 'Rainbow Roadtrip'. What were their names? 6. Rainbow Dash kept on hitting Sunset during the events of 'Sunset's Backstage Pass' using what? 7. Which part of the Tri-Cross Relay did Rainbow Dash take part in? 8. What did Rainbow Dash see during the events of 'Spring Breakdown' that her friends initially dismissed? 9. When she is in Equestria, Rainbow Dash differentiates herself from her pony counterpart with her wings. How is this so? 10. In 'O Come All Ye Squashful', Rainbow Dash was dressed up as what?
  7. Here's my Daring Do fiction, "Jumaneji: The End of the Rainbow Serpent." I'm going to spit it in pages since it's pretty long. Page 1: Page 2: Page 3: Page 4: Page 5: Page 6: Page 7: Page 8: Page 9: Page 10: Extra:
  8. International Derpy Day Trivia - 2020 Edition. Welcome to the first trivia challenge of 2020 and the first one we've had since October 2019. I know what some of you are thinking so allow me to explain myself. A combination of having other commitments, being uninspired, not being active, and not having a general direction among the Event Coordinator team resulted in there not being trivia challenges for a couple of months. That has changed now since you are seeing this one right here. As the name of this trivia entails, this is strictly about Derpy. For those of you who are late to the fandom and don't know who she is... Ask around and you're sure to get some very interesting answers. Now then, I have questions here related to arguably everyone's favourite background character, but since you should know how this trivia works by now (If you're new to this too then you really need to ask around), the questions will be taken from both Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls? Why EQG? Because I can do that. How many questions? Ten? What is the FiM to EQG ratio? I'd say FiM gets more questions. Who do you send your answers to? Send them to @Derpy but be warned that she does have trouble answering them because of who she is and all. You will have the usual four days after this gets posted to submit your answers. Extensions are available by asking me. Don't ask Derpy otherwise you don't know what kind of response you'll get. Best ask me just to be safe. I will say one thing about extensions. You only get one extra day... That's it! Luckily, I've yet to refuse extensions to people so the chances of you getting one are extremely high. Yes, there is still a badge that will be given out for taking part. You didn't think you were going to go through this and not have something to show for it in the end provided you answer everything correctly. Again, send answers to @Derpy, and extension questions to me. Do not post answers in this thread without spoiler tags. Can we start now? Yes. Note: In no particular order in terms of season progression. 1. As you likely know, Derpy is not named as such in Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls. What is the name she is given according to the credits? 2. What is Derpy's most distinguishing feature? 3. Derpy dressed up on two different Nightmare Night holidays. What were her two costumes? 4. In 'The Last Roundup', name one of the changes from the original version to the altered version regarding Derpy. 5. Tell me... What kind of Cutie Mark does Derpy have? 6. Rarity once lost to Derpy at something when both were fillies. What was it? 7. All of Ponyville once shared a dream in order to combat the Tantabus. Derpy was one of those involved in the dream. What was she like in the dream? 8. During the first event of Friendship Games, what ended up happening to Derpy? 9. Like many characters in Rainbow Rocks, Derpy was capable of playing an instrument. What did she play? 10. Derpy joined what club that originally had Wallflower Blush as the only member?
  9. Welcome to the 2019 Edition of the Cider Season Trivia. As most if not all of you are aware, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has recently had its series finale. Though the adventure has come to an end in cartoon form, the adventure continues on through the fandom and beyond. Never forget that. This is the first trivia event post-series finale so don't expect to see any questions here based on the final three episodes. I know many of you are still trying to come to terms with it so we're avoiding those episodes completely. This will also be the case for the next few trivia events until a time comes where most have come to an acceptance. I'm not sure about other events on the forums so you'd have to check with the other EC's and administrators on that. Now then. I have here twelve questions for you to answer that are dedicated to Applejack. The questions will cover both Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls excluding the comics, the final three episodes, and the final Equestria Girls special. FiM will have priority though as there is more content there than in EQG. You will need to submit your answers to @Applejack and she will respond to them as early as two days after the trivia has ended. Like before, you will have four days from when the trivia is posted to submit answers. Also, working together is allowed and you can ask for some help but please don't spoil any answers by blatantly posting them. Use private messages or a spoiler tag though be sure to indicate this with the latter. No discussions of the final three episodes in this thread! You know where to go for those kinds of discussions. Again, submit your answers to @Applejack. Ready? Okay. 1. How did Applejack get her cutie mark? Note: You can go with a simple or long explanation, your choice. 2. In 'Return of Harmony Part 1', what did Applejack witness when Discord placed her under his magic? 3. What did Applejack want to do for the Apple Family Reunion? 4. What was the artefact that represented Applejack's key to the Chest of Harmony? 5. In 'Hearthbreakers', Applejack tried doing what for the Pie Family though they didn't necessarily want it? 6. What was Applejack's lie in 'Where the Apple Lies'? 7. Applejack had to look for what during 'Shadow Play Part 1'? 8. Applejack wanted to say what about Celestia in 'Horse Play'? 9. During the 200th episode, what was Twilight's plan for Applejack? What was Rarity's plan for her? 10. Applejack gained a new kind of magic in 'Legend of Everfree'. What was it? 11. Why was Applejack jealous of Rarity in 'Rollercoaster of Friendship'? 12. In 'Spring Breakdown', what did Applejack attempt to do that ultimately failed?
  10. We had something like this last year via a poll though it didn't quite work out on account of me making a mistake with it. This time around, there is no poll and instead we'll be getting straight to the point. Sunset Shimmer has been through a lot over the past six years... wow... has it really been that long? I feel old now. Anyway, during those years, she has seen both positive and negative moments which have become synonymous with her character. So this is where I turn things over to you. What were your best and/or worst moments for Sunset? Yes, I know that bad moments can be, well, bad, but they are necessary as who likes a character that lacks any flaws? Movies, specials, shorts, and yes, even the comics, can be used to go with your thoughts. Since this is a sub-event, the usual rules will be applied here.
  11. Welcome to the Friendship Day Trivia. How about that? We have come full circle as this is the second time the MLP Forums have celebrated Friendship Day in terms of having events dedicated to it. Last year, we didn't have a trivia event as the Event Coordinator team was still being assembled though there were some questions offered by Princess Twilight herself. This year however, we do have trivia, though this was already obvious as why else would you be reading this? Anyway, I have ten questions here dedicated to Princess Twilight... as well as her human counterpart, Sci-Twi. Surprised? Don't be. I've made it my goal to include both Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls into these trivia events so that the latter doesn't get left out. Ahem... seven of the questions are FiM themed while the other three are EQG themed. Is there a bonus question to be had? Not this time, but then you need to answer all ten questions correctly to receive a badge. Since this is starting much later than usual, you will still have four days to submit your answers, but the first day will start the day after this has been posted. In other words, it will run from August 8 to August 11 before being locked in the end. What's that? Who do I send my answers to? None other than Princess Twilight though she goes under @Twilight Sparkle for reasons known only to her. Again, it's @Twilight Sparkle. Are you ready? Good. If not, then it's too late as here we go. 1. Who did Twilight give 'Twilight Time' to originally? 2. Why did Twilight follow Pinkie Pie in secret for a day? 3. What did Twilight do to earn her crown? 4. Who are the names of Twilight's students? 5. How many bells did Twilight wear on her Starswirl the Bearded costume? 6. What is the one food that Twilight is afraid of? 7. What was Twilight afraid Rarity would do to her during their first meeting? 8. When Twilight becomes a human in the Equestria Girls series, she has a particular quirk due to her originally being a pony. What is this quirk? 9. Sci-Twi became a pony during the events of Spring Breakdown. What is different about her compared to Princess Twilight? 10. Midnight Sparkle desired what in Friendship Games?
  12. Welcome to the Rainbow Dash Day trivia. Yes, another trivia, and mere days after the previous one ended. Isn't the schedule a funny thing sometimes? Some events come up at the last minute and have to be shoe-horned in somewhere without disrupting what has been planned for months. Anyway, I hope you're all ready for this especially since Celestia's questions proved tricky. Unlike her, Rainbow Dash has had numerous appearances throughout the years, both in Friendship is Magic, and Equestria Girls. This time, there are two sets of questions for you to tackle in the hopes of getting a badge. The first set is strictly FiM whilst the other is strictly EQG. There is a badge for each set of questions so it's not a matter of choosing one over the other, especially if you're the kind of person who wants as many badges as possible. All questions must be answered correctly if you want both badges. Luckily, there are no bonus questions for this given how much you have to comb through anyway. You will need to submit your answers to @Rainbow Dash, but don't expect her to respond to them as soon as you send them. I know she's supposed to be fast but even she has to abide by how we do things around here. She must wait until this event ends before she can look at what you've sent. Again, @Rainbow Dash is the one you must send answers to this time. As before, four days is how much time you have though extensions are available provided the reason is legitimate enough. Extensions can be granted depending on how serious they are. Any questions? Probably, but we don't have time for them as we'd be declared too slow. Let us get started then. Friendship is Magic. 1. How did Rainbow Dash get her Cutie Mark? 2. What is Rainbow Dash's Wonderbolt nickname? 3. In the 2017 movie, what did Rainbow Dash do that helped their pursuers find them? 4. What was the problem with Rainbow Dash's dress for the Grand Galloping Gala? 5. Who are Rainbow Dash's parents, and why did she not tell them she was a Wonderbolt? 6. What did Rainbow Dash try to get in the Rainbow Falls trader's exchange? 7. What is Rainbow Dash's pet, and why did she chose it? 8. What prank did Ponyville pull on Rainbow Dash to make her understand that her pranks had gone too far? Equestria Girls. 1. Rainbow Dash and Applejack weren't on speaking terms in the first Equestria Girls movie for what reason? 2. Why was Fluttershy upset with Rainbow Dash when it comes to the Rainbooms in Rainbow Rocks? 3. During the Tri-Cross Relay, what did Rainbow Dash do to save Sunset Shimmer? 4. Rainbow Dash was worried that something would happen to a photo of the group in the yearbook in Forgotten Friendship. What was she worried about? 5. In Spring Breakdown, Rainbow Dash sees something magical in the water. What did she see? 6. When Rainbow Dash became a pony, what was the one distinguishing feature that set her apart from the pony Rainbow Dash?
  13. Welcome to the Summer Sun Celebration Trivia event. It's been a while since the forums have had a trivia, but now the time has come for a new one to make itself known. As you know, summer has now begun in the northern hemisphere--the south just started winter--and that means a certain princess gets to shine. Princess Celestia might not have had as many appearances as her fellow princesses but she continues to be a shining beacon of hope for all creatures in Equestria... and at a certain school within the realm of humans. This trivia is all Celestia based... both versions of her. Unlike previous trivia where it was all Friendship is Magic themed questions and one Equestria Girls question, this time, both have been given equal treatment. In my eyes, EQG has long since proven itself worthy of standing on equal footing with FiM. So what have I got here? Eight questions, four from FiM, and four from EQG. If you wish to earn a badge, all questions must be answered correctly. Luckily, there is no bonus question this time so you don't have to look for anything truly obscure. Like previous trivia events, four days is how long you've got to submit your answers. And, I'm sure you've already figured out to send answers to @Princess Celestia. She will also handle the EQG answers. Again, send to @Princess Celestia. Any questions? No? Good! Let's begin. 1. Princess Celestia once teased Mr. and Mrs. Cake. How did she do this? 2. Principal Celestia contributed a gift when she went to Camp Everfree as a camper. What was it? 3. In the season nine premiere, Rainbow Dash mentioned what regarding Princess Celestia? 4. In Friendship Games, how did Principal Celestia react to seeing Sci-Twi after Principal Cinch escorted her away? 5. What is the one drawback Princess Celestia has to deal with regarding having to work the night shift in 'A Royal Problem'? 6. What did Princess Celestia do to make Twilight freak out in 'Forgotten Friendship'? 7. 'Horse Play' revealed what flaw about Princess Celestia? 8. 'Schedule Swap' had Principal Celestia deal with what particular problem?
  14. Welcome to the events thread! Here we post details of all the events happening on EQTV, including our iconic Friday movie night, where we watch movies voted by you guys, our episode stream, where we embed a livestream of the newest MLP episode as it premiers. And of course any user-run events that happen in their own channels! And remember, even when there’s no movies or livestreams, there’s always something to watch! We keep pony videos and episodes playing non-stop, 24/7! Want to know more about Check out the FAQ at the bottom or take a look around our sub-forum, have a question? Ask in 'the lobby', where any of our staff or regular users can answer. Friday Movienight Movie Night starts at 5:00 PM CDT / 6:00 PM EDT / 11 PM / 23:00 CET/ 12 AM / 00:00 CEST Mary Poppins 5:00 PM CDT 11:00 AM / 23:00 CET/ 12:00 am / 00:00 CEST Mary Poppins Returns 7:30 PM CDT 1:00 AM / 01:00 CET/ 2:00 am / 02:00 CEST MLP Season 9 - Episode 8: Frenemies (10:30am CDT - 5:30 pm / 17:30 CEST / 4:30 pm / 16:30 CET) Type 10:30 am CDT into Google, it should convert to your time. If there is an error, please let me know. EQTV's CMC Clubhouse!
  15. Welcome to the International Derpy Day Trivia on the MLP Forums. I know what you're all probably thinking right now. Since when is this an official day? The answer? It is because of reasons that most likely involve magic. Anyway, no doubt you know just how popular Derpy has been in the MLP fandom ever since she first became recognized amongst the many background characters that exist. Even though she does have an official name in Friendship is Magic, I'll be utilizing her fandom name because I'd rather not cause a scene. International Derpy Day Trivia... There is a badge associated with Derpy that you can win--I'm sure you all know what it looks like--but you will need to answer these questions. No... none of them are derpish in any way even though that would've made things more interesting. Instead, these questions are taken from both Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls. Of course EQG would be included here. After all, I make sure it gets included in these trivia challenges. Ahem! Who do you submit your answers to? Why @Derpy herself! Don't worry. Nothing is going to go wrong here. Here are ten questions for you to sink your teeth into plus a bonus. This last one can be used as a substitute answer in case you get one of the regular ones wrong. As before, you can work together with others though the difficulty could change depending on how you go about it. Finally, you have the usual four days to submit answers. In other words, I will lock this thread sometime on Friday. Remember! Submit to @Derpy! Not me, @Derpy! Are we good? Excellent. Here are your questions. 1. In which episode does Derpy first speak in? 2. Who does Derpy fight in 'Lesson Zero' due to Twilight's spell? 3. What is Derpy's Costume in Luna Eclipsed? 4. After being absent for a long time, Derpy returns in 'Rainbow Falls'. What does she end up doing? 5. What does Derpy deliver to Starlight Glimmer in 'To Where and Back Again Pt 1'? 6. What does Derpy mess up in 'Slice of Life'? 7. How does Derpy make a first impression at the School of Friendship in 'School Raze'? 8. Derpy gave Rarity quite a lot of stress during 'The Best Gift Ever'. What exactly did she do? 9. It can be said that Derpy is similar to a famous storybook character who was 'always difficult to find in a crowd' due to people trying to spot her. Who is this character? 10. Flash Sentry and Derpy have a sort of running gag in the Equestria Girls series. What is it? Bonus: In 'Rainbow Rocks', Derpy and two other characters had their own band. What are the names of the other two band members? What instruments did each of them play?
  16. Even on Christmas... I have tasks to perform here. Welcome to the Making Christmas Merrier - MCM - Trivia on the MLP Forums. Surprise! Just when you thought you had seen everything there was to this year's MCM extravaganza, this little project has been worked on so as to give you all that little bit of extra fun that comes at this time of year. So... You wish to have a special badge dedicated to MCM? Of course you do otherwise you wouldn't even be looking at this thread right now. This time, the questions are based on Hearth's Warming/Christmas. Yes, I said Christmas. That's because the Equestria Girls Holiday 2014 Special from IDW is being included. I know it's a controversial comic to many but then, I'm the one who chose to include it here. Anyway, aside from that special, the remaining questions are taken from the Hearth's Warming themed episodes from Friendship is Magic and the 2015 FiM Holiday Special comic. Oh, and we even included a question from "It's a Pony kind of Christmas"--That's your only hint for that one. This time, there are sixteen questions for you of varying difficulty. There is no bonus question here so instead, you will need to answer twelve out of sixteen to receive a badge, so don't see this as a daunting task. Now... who do you submit your answers to? I know! Send your answers to @Bori, of the Gift Givers of the Grove. She told me that she had some free time to spare and is more than willing to look at your answers to determine how well you did. Again, @Bori is the one you send your answers to. Unlike previous trivia challenges, this one will last for the next five days. I'm giving you an extra day because, well, it's the holidays. I'm sure you don't need me to explain that. Are you ready for this? Good. Then have fun. Q1: What did her true friends get Pinkie Pie on the 5th Day of Christmas? Q2: What does Snowfall Frost think a better Equestria looks like? Q3: What did Snowfall Frost get Snow-Dash for Hearths Warming? Q4: What does a scarf present mean?(that one's easy) Q5. Who are the six founders of Equestria? Q6. What are the names of the 'kingdoms' each of the key founders wanted to call what would one day become Equestria? Q7. Prince Rutherford tells what to Pinkie Pie when she has trouble finding the perfect gift for Twilight? Q8. What disasters affected Twilight's castle during 'The Best Gift Ever'? Q9. Each of the Mane Six, Spike, and Discord had to get a gift for their pony. What were the gifts? Q10. Who caused the problem in 'Hearth's Warming Club' and why did they do it? Q11. In Hearthbreakers, we are introduced to Pinkie Pie's family. What are their names? Q12. The 2015 My Little Pony Holiday Special comic from IDW featured three stories. What happens in each of them? (A brief description or a lengthy one, your choice.) Q13. What is the name of the website that the students of Canterlot High use to share photos, status updates, and make friends? Q14. During Rarity's sleepover party, what did she call her collection of awful outfits? Q15. Sunset Shimmer mentions what regarding her family to Applejack? Q16. Twilight tells Sunset about the 'Legend of the Windigos'. What is this legend about? (Full description)
  17. Welcome to the Surrogate Scootaloo Day Trivia here on the MLP Forums. In the midst of Making Christmas Merrier, an event dedicated to Scootaloo is celebrated here on the forums around this time. Unlike in the past, this year's iteration has a trivia challenge associated with it. So I'm sure you can all spend some time answering these questions dedicated to Scootaloo. As usual, answer them all correctly and you will obtain a badge that will certainly have Scootaloo's seal of approval on it, and of course the bonus can be used as a substitute in case you get one of the regular ones wrong. How many questions? I believe there are eight here plus the bonus question so that should be plenty. Be sure to submit your answers to @Scootaloo and not me as if you send them to me, I would have to send them her way so please send your answers to her. Collaboration is still allowed as well as research and being given hints but I would appreciate if people don't post answers or close to that effect and hiding them with the spoiler tag. Some people are curious enough that they will want to check those out thus ruining their experience. You won't be punished or anything but it would be inconvenient. Remember, submit your answers to @Scootaloo. Oh, and this trivia will be active for the next four days. Ready for the questions? Q1. What was Scootaloo's first appearance in the show? Q2. What is Scootaloo's Cutie Mark? Q3. In which episode did Scootaloo start an Rainbow Dash fan club? Q4. When was Scootaloo taken under Rainbow Dash's wing? Q5. What two birds has Scootaloo been referred to as by the Cutie Mark Crusaders? Q6. After receiving their Cutie Marks, who was the CMC's first client? Q7. What mode of transportation does Scootaloo use to meet Rainbow Dash's parents in Parental Glideance? Q8. In the Canterlot Movie Club EQG short, what was Scootaloo dressed up as? Bonus: What are the names of Scootaloo's two aunts?
  18. Welcome to 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time' Trivia, here on the MLP Forums. No doubt many of you are surprised at seeing this appear on a forum dedicated to pastel coloured ponies and their human counterparts. Well, if you've read Jeric's post regarding non-MLP events--if you haven't then I suggested looking at it--then you'll know that this is something that has been planned for a while now. The regular trivia rules apply here just to let that be known so don't worry about having to memorize a new set of rules or anything. How much do you know about Ocarina of Time? A lot? Very little? None at all? Well... Your knowledge is going to be tested with two sets of questions dedicated to the game. Fortunately, you only need to answer the first set in order to obtain a badge. Yes, this trivia does have a badge so you're not doing this and getting nothing in return. Of course, if you were to answer the second set, you would get a better version of the badge in question as proof that you are a master of this game and its intricate secrets. Can you earn both badges? Yes, but only if you're a master. Anyway, the first set of questions are dedicated to Ocarina of Time. The second set is dedicated to the Master Quest version, the Nintendo 3DS remake, and some trivia that you would normally not consider when playing. That should make things more interesting. Unlike the previous trivia sub-events, there is no cast character to submit your answers to. So this time, you will be sending your answers to me directly. This also means that I am the one to ask for any questions, concerns, and hints where applicable. Each set has twelve questions and a bonus but remember that the Master Quest set are optional. Only those truly dedicated will attempt to answer those. This thread will remain open for the next four days as per usual. You know the drill with this bit by now. Remember, send your answers to me @Ganondorf8 Ready? Here we go! Ocarina of Time Set. Q1. How many dungeons exist in Ocarina of Time? Q2. What is known as Dampé, the Gravekeeper's 'stretching shrinking keepsake'? Q3. How many 'spiders of the curse' are there in total? Q4. The Stone of Agony resembles which Nintendo peripheral? Q5. How many songs can be learned on the ocarina? Q6. Who said the following and when? A. "You must have seen the white horse gallop past just now." B. "Oh! Oh-oh! C'mon! Come on! Come on! Come on! HOT!! What a hot beat! WHOOOOAH! YEEEEAH! YAHOOO!!" C. "Now I can get back to my blade business! My worrrrrk is not verrrry consistent, so I'll give this to you so you won't forrrrrget." D. "Past, present, future... The Master Sword is a ship with which you can sail upstream and downstream through time's river..." Q7. Who is the Guardian Spirit of the Forest? Q8. How many rupees does one need to purchase all ten magic beans? Q9. What are 'The Sacred Feet'? Q10. What does one do in the 'Forest Stage'? Q11. Like-Like is a creature that does what? Q12. The Mask of Truth has what special power? Bonus: Name all of the items obtained in the trading sequence, in order, that leads to the strongest sword in the game. (You need to name this as well) (Note: Spelling is optional.) (Note: I will accept the Ocarina of Time 3D name changes that were given to some of the items) Master Quest/3D/Other Set. Q1. What is the main change between Ocarina of Time and Master Quest? Q2. In Ocarina of Time 3D, the Stone of Agony was changed into what? Q3. In Master Quest, what kind of 'switches' were added to Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly? Q4. When was Master Quest released? How was it released in North America? Q5. The Water Temple, a notorious dungeon, was changed in Ocarina of Time 3D to make it much easier to navigate. What was the change? Q6. The Ice Arrows are seen as the most useless item in the game. Why is this? Q7. In Master Quest, how many Iron Knuckles are fought in the game? How many are fought originally? Q8. Ocarina of Time 3D allowed for bosses to be fought again. What kind of mode is this and how does one access it? Q9. In Master Quest, where was the dungeon item moved to in the Fire Temple? Where was it originally? Q10. What is the Hylian Loach and how does one make it appear? Q11. In Master Quest, what creature is guarding the Iron Boots in the Ice Cavern? What was guarding them originally? Q12. Ocarina of Time 3D added two additional stipulations to Master Quest. What are they? Bonus: What is the infinite Gold Skulltula trick and how is it done?
  19. Welcome to the Nightmare Night Trivia. Just when you thought that the nightmares were over, another trivia challenge has made its presence known. Surely all of you have the time to partake in this whilst going around and causing all kinds of Nightmare Night mischief. After all, you will earn a badge if you can answer these questions correctly. This time around, Nightmare Moon provided me with these questions save for the Equestria Girls bonus which happens to be my little treat. Given how powerful Nightmare Moon is during this time of the year, who was I to refuse her command to do this? I'd rather not end up suffering some kind of terrible curse or worse. The eight regular questions are all Nightmare Night related though the bonus question is something related to but not connected to the occasion. Like before, collaboration is allowed and you can be given hints for most of the questions excluding the bonus; that one you'll need to figure out on your own. @Nightmare Moon is who you should submit your answers to as well as any concerns but I can address some as well. When will she go over what you give her? When Nightmare Night has reached its conclusion. Luckily, our gracious host isn't without mercy so she will allow for some questions to be given a second attempt. However, the bonus question doesn't count because even she knows that you need to do it on your own. You'll have until the end of Nightmare Night to submit your answers which gives you a total of four days. Remember, send your answers to @Nightmare Moon. I promise that she won't cause you any trouble unless you do something to offend her. Here are your questions. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention this. There are eight questions plus one bonus. Q1. Who did Twilight dress as for Nightmare Night? Q2. Who had their first Nightmare Night during Luna Eclipsed? Q3. Why was the sleep over canceled in Stare Master? Q4. Why is Twilight headed to the Everfree Forest in Stare Master? Q5. What myth does Applejack tell Rainbow Dash in Castle of the Two Sisters in Castle Mane-ia? Q6. How does Spike reveal the Journal of the Two Sisters in Castle Mane-ia? Q7. What were the Mane Six dressed up as during Scare Master? Q8. What does Fluttershy do to scare her friends in Scare Master? Bonus: The Equestria Girls series is known for some of its characters becoming monsters. What are the names of these monsters? Who became them? And how did this happen to them? One note of warning here. You must spell out the names of the monsters correctly.
  20. Welcome to the Cider Season Trivia. In the midst of the insanity of the MLPF World Cup and the looming Nightmare Nights in the near future, Cider Season has begun and that means those who love to drink cider are going to be very happy. Hopefully, none of you are too hyped up on cider otherwise you might miss out on this. Right now, Applejack is busy dealing with an apple theft or something, but before she galloped off, she asked me to present some questions based on her exploits. Me? I don't drink cider myself so I'm more than fine to do this. There are nine questions to answer as well as a bonus question and by answering them all correctly, you will earn yourself a badge dedicated to Applejack. What is on it? I'll let you find out for yourselves. As before, you must submit your trivia answers to the right character. In this case, @Applejack. Any concerns must be sent her way though you can send them to me. Remember that hints aren't available for all questions and the bonus has none. Collaborations are also allowed so feel free to join forces with others if you feel the need to. Oh, and as usual, the bonus can be substituted as a correct answer if you're not comfortable with your answers for the regular ones. Now... Due to some issues in the previous trivia, there have been some slight changes. First of all, you will be given four days to submit your answers to a specific character, in this case, @Applejack, from the moment this trivia was posted on the forums. Also, from now on, the trivia threads will be given a time lock feature where they will automatically lock after the allotted time has passed. Once the lock happens, that particular trivia will have ended and no further submissions will be accepted barring very special circumstances. In this instance, it will lock after four days. Ready for the questions? Good because here they are. Q1. What command does Applejack use to get Winona to herd up animals? Q2. What are the cutie marks of each member of Sweet Apple Acres? Q3. What animal did Rainbow Dash knock over rushing to beat the line for Cider Season? Q4. How much does it cost for a Sweet Apple Acres mug of cider? Q5. Which episode did Applejack say the following: "I'm Applejack! More apple fwitter?" Q6. Where were Granny Smith, Big Mac, and Apple Bloom during Bats! Q7. What did Applejack do to the Apple Family with her lies as a filly? Q8. When did Granny Smith first fight the apple blight? Q9. What marks the site of the Apple & Pear wedding? Bonus. In Rollercoaster of Friendship, Pinkie Pie appoints Applejack to a special position and then the latter is able to use it to access an area that's off-limits to the public. What is the position Applejack is given? How is this position used to access the off-limits area? What does she do when she gets there? Edit: Question Five has been changed to include the correct quote. Thanks to @ChB for pointing it out.
  21. Welcome to the Smile Day Trivia here on the MLP Forums. Normally, Pinkie Pie would be here doing this, but ever since she started going around the forums doing her usual shenanigans, this became vacant so I decided to take it upon myself to once again host the trivia. Like before, there is a badge you can earn dedicated to Pinkie Pie by answering the questions below. However, it seems Pinkie made more questions than what was needed so I had to choose from what she provided. However, there was a distinct lack of an Equestria Girls question so I've taken the liberty of including that one myself. You will have 48 hours to submit your answers plus an additional 24 hour extension thus giving you a total of 72 hours. You are allowed to collaborate with other users in order to find the answers yet this may or may not alter the overall difficulty. Will hints be provided? Yes, but that will vary depending on how easy or difficult the question is. This means that some questions will have hints while others won't. It's probably best for people to go out and research the answers on their own. Note: There is no hint for the bonus question as that is meant to be challenging. Please submit your answers to @Pinkie Pie. I guarantee that she will read them in-between her usual shenanigans. Note: Unlike the previous trivia challenges, I don't know the answers to these questions except for the bonus. Therefore, it's best to send @Pinkie Pie any questions or concerns you may have. Here are your questions. There are eight of them plus a bonus question. Remember that the bonus can be used as a substitute if you get one of the regular ones wrong. 1) What did Pinkie Pie think the tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala were? 2) When do we first meet Gummy? 3) What is the rhyme to find the Mirror Pool? 4) What are most of Pinkie Pie's dreams about? 5) What food does Pinkie Pie save Griffonstone with? 6) How many sweets and spices are in the pie Pinkie Pie makes for Rainbow Dash for her Wonderbolts Training? 7) What did Pinkie Pie want to get Maud for PSSD? 8) Who does Pinkie Pie hit with a pizza in Rock Solid Friendship? Bonus: In the Equestria Girls series, there is a moment where Pinkie Pie imitates a video game character. Who was that character and how did Pinkie imitate them?
  22. Welcome to the Summer Sunset Celebration Trivia. Due to other commitments, Sunset Shimmer has asked me to handle this sub-event, so you get me once again as your host. Unlike before, these questions were devised by yours truly after Sunset personally approved of them. Once again, you can earn yourself a special badge that is Sunset approved, but you'll need to prove your knowledge of all things 'bacon mane' if you wish to succeed. This time, there are eight regular questions plus a bonus question for those who truly think they know Sunset. For the record, these questions were pooled from the four Equestria Girls movies and the Equestria Girls specials. No comics and shorts were utilized so you don't need to worry about those. Like before, you need to answer everything correctly to win the badge, but if you get one regular question wrong but the bonus question correct, it will count as a substitute answer. Please submit all answers to @Sunset Shimmer. She will be the one who determines who will be getting her badge. If you have any questions, you can either post them in this thread or send one my way and it will be answered as soon as possible. One thing I do want to address and that is the idea of collaboration. There is nothing that says two or more people can work together on answering the questions but I would exercise caution as the difficulty could change as a result. Again, submit your answers to @Sunset Shimmer. One more thing. This trivia will be active for 48 hours. If you're not able to submit your answers before 48 hours are up, you will be given an additional day as a means of an extension. Here are your questions. Q1. In order to conquer Equestria, what was Sunset Shimmer's method of doing so? Q2. To stop Rainbow Dash from ponying-up, what did Sunset do? Q3. In the Tri-Cross Relay, what was Sunset's part of the event? Q4. What did Sunset try to do with her tube of sunscreen? Q5. When the Rainbooms became the Power Ponies, who did Sunset become? Q6. Upon her return to Equestria, what did Sunset receive from Starlight Glimmer? Q7. To save her friends' memories, what was Sunset's sacrifice? Q8. Though Sunset is best said to represent Empathy, what is her other defining characteristic? Bonus: Why was Sunset's hair desaturated between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games?
  23. Welcome to the Summer Sunset Celebration Poll. We've seen polls of all kinds appear on these forums so it should come as no surprise that there would be a poll dedicated to Sunset Shimmer. When Equestria Girls first started back in 2013, a lot of people weren't in favour of it because of how different it was when compared to Friendship is Magic. As more movies came along followed by specials and animated shorts, this spin-off has gained quite the following and has proven worthy of its lineage. Yet through it all, Sunset became what I would consider both a break-out character and the driving force behind Equestria Girls. Though she started off as an unlikeable and not very memorable villain, she would change her destiny and become arguably one of the most popular characters of generation four. Throughout her journey, Sunset has experienced a number of key moments that have defined who she is, and that is the very nature of this poll. The poll features some of those key moments and you get to vote on which one you think was the best one. It's not for a reward or anything but rather this will gauge what people here think is the one moment that truly defined Sunset. This will remain open for the duration of the Summer Sunset Celebration. You can also post additional comments about your favourite Sunset moments on this thread.
  24. Welcome to the Fashion Week Trivia here on the MLP Forums. Rarity has graciously asked me to handle this little sub-event so now you get to deal with me. How many of you here would like a special badge that Rarity herself personally designed and approved for the forums? Judging from those excited smiles, I'd say that would be a yes. However, earning this badge isn't going to be simple. If you want it, you must answer some questions that are dedicated towards everyone's favourite fashionista. These questions were personally chosen by Rarity and focus on her adventures--both Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls--so you'll be getting a bit of everything. To win the badge, you must answer all seven questions correctly. There is also a bonus question for the truly dedicated fan. If you answer this one correctly, then you have earned the eternal praise of Rarity. You can also use this bonus as a substitute correct answer if you got one of the initial seven questions incorrect. You must submit all answers to @Rarity if you wish to go for the badge. I cannot stress this enough. If you do not send her a PM with your answers then you won't be able to get the badge. You should also label your PM subject 'Trivia' so that Rarity knows what it means. Also, you will have 24 hours to partake in this trivia. Once 24 hours are up, this thread will be locked. But, if you're late in submitting your answers, Rarity has decided that she will accept them up until the end of Fashion Week. That's just how generous she is. Here are your questions. 1) When Rarity was creating her gala dress for AJ in Suited for Success, what hoofware did Applejack insist on Rarity using? 2) What fictional heroine stars in Rarity's favorite book series? 3) What special gem did Spikey Wikey give Rarity at the beginning of Secret of My Excess 4) What fashion theme did Rarity focus on when she opened her dream shop in Canterlot? 5) What are Rarity's Rules of TLC (what does TLC stand for)? 6) What famous actress in our world inspired these looks from Rarity. Note: Here are two images that will help you with this one. 7) In Dance Magic, why was Rarity upset with the Shadowbolts? Bonus What famous pony periodical did Rarity become a cover pony of? (correct answer will replace a wrong answer above) Good luck with the trivia. Again, submit your answers to @Rarity. Please do not post answers on this thread. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.
  25. Happy Summer Soltice Week. Well, at least us in the northern hemisphere. Starting tomorrow and continuing through the actual Solstice Day we will celebrate the coming of the summer, MLPF style. Stop by and say hello to @Princess Celestia, post in her fan club here, and let us know if you have any Summer plans this year. What is your favorite thing about summer? Do you have a favorite summer memory or amusing anecdote related to summer? For those that post on the profile of @Princess Celestia, post in this thread, or post in her Fan Club, you will earn a limited edition Summer Sun Celebration badge.* The badge will be awarded throughout the next few days since it is slightly more manual this time. If you post and it doesn't show, don't worry, I'll get to it as I lurk throughout the day. Thread opens official at midnight EST. *Not actual size. Also @ShadOBabe