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Found 28 results

  1. Post any stories, pis or comics you have that will induce diabetes or bring a tear to somepony's eye... Here are just a few of my favourites... Yes, there are a few links, but the more the merrier! (links will be used to avoid too much space being filled up with D'aww)
  2. I'm not sure if this topic was ever brought up or not but this is just the most humorous thing. You know how the Mane 6 like to dress up for events every once in a while, like for example the Grand Galloping Gala? So if they can dress up for events, why not dress up everyday? Lol, so wouldn't that mean they are basically walking around in the nude?
  3. do you use everypony instead of everybody in real life?
  4. While Applejack and Twilight are the characters I have the most in common with I realized that I have at least one thing in common with each of the Mane 6 characters and some secondary and background ponies. Applejack: I am very set in my ways and it is often very difficult for me to admit when I am wrong. Twilight Sparkle: I have an inquisitive mind and love reading and learning new things. Rainbow Dash: I have got a bit of a temper though it is not as bad as it used to be. Pinkie Pie: I appreciate a good joke Fluttershy: I like animals, especially dogs. Rarity: I am not into fashion but I do like her have my creative side. I am a writer and a musician I have been written stories since well into my early childhood and have composed songs since I was 12. Derpy: I am often misunderstood and seen as "different" by society.
  5. NOTE: I looked up the title of this thread, no results What flicks do you feel are extremely underrated? Personally, I feel that Star Trek: The Motion Picture is severely underrated This is one of my all-time favourite movies, yet most people hate it. My biggest question is, why all the hate? Its an awesome movie and my favourite Trek film. Just as the poster says, there is no comparison! The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was also really good, but underrated This is my personal favourite from 2013. I thought it was amazing! Again, why all the hate?
  6. Hy it's Cometlight9! I have some amazing picture about beautiful ponies.I hope you'll like my page!<3
  7. Why I think this is A FIGHT Tirek absorbed the magic/flight/strength of everypony in Equestria and DISCORD, who can cause choas on a level of a whole country. The power of everypony + Discord = 4 Alicorn Princesses because Lord Tirek said "It appears we are at an impasse" after the battle between Twilight and big ugly red guy. Im just going to assume what I said before The power of everypony + Discord = 4 Alicorn Princesses When Tirek absorbed the alicorn magic, this accounts for Celestia and Luna who can move the sun and moon with their magic. His power (may have a little more than) doubled upon obtaining the alicorn magic. Tirek would have been able to move the sun and moon if he wanted to, he was no joke. You may be thinking that celestia and luna are able to move the sun and moon because thats what theyre born for. However, in the first episdode, very beggning, Celestia was seen moving the SUN AND MOON taking the duties of day and night. Celestia could move planets out of orbit if she wanted to. Tireks no joke, his power was beyond that of the four alicorns combined. ** Could the Hulk beat him? Is this a one sided fight? If so how long would tirek last?** This is world war hulk by the way
  8. What other ponies besides the mane six would be likely enough to possess the elements of harmony? Characters from the comics can be included in this page.
  9. Foods you like that everyone dislikes? Inspired by the thread foods you dislike that everyone likes. - I like horse meat, many seem to dislike that. It's accepted in my country, it's not toxic like in some countries. Although I notice a lot of people dislike it on the internet. - Whale meat, like minke whale, tastes very good but it's not that popular though. - Mushrooms, many dislike mushrooms I love mushrooms. - Merikurat, it's a fish and it doesn't have the looks but tastes awesome. I opened one up and I found a paltus inside it. That's all I can think of at the moment, so how about you? Prepare for Merikurat!
  10. Some time back, prior to season three, I posted a History of Equestra headcanon topic, going over the entire history of Equestria in a wiki-styled format, using canon facts to form logical conclusions to fill in the (at the time) ocean of gaping holes of information. Now, having concluded season 4, which is without a doubt the most world-building season in the show so far, we have tons of brand new puzzle pieces to use, to reshape and remake such histories. More information, thus more accurate and more enjoyable to read :3 Decided to make a new topic, because I still like the old topic being visible to others. Though that said, I've locked it since it's out of date. Just visible for reference and reading I don't know why, but now that the season is over, my interest in once again delving into pony discussion has shot up again. Maybe partly because...what else are we meant to do? Go outside and do social activities? HAH. -- ~Pre-Equestria & Equestria's Founding~ While ponies aren't certain of many things regarding their home's mysterious beginnings, one thing seems to be agreed upon by all. In the beginning, there was only Harmony and Chaos. Forces that ultimately lead to the creation of a Tree, and a Chimera. Thousands upon thousands of years ago, there was almost nothing. In most parts of the land, there were no inhabitants other than ancient beasts and creatures that lurked in the lands' forests, bogs and open grass land. How these things came to be is speculated by pony scientists regularly, but in all scenarios, the Tree of Harmony, and perhaps whatever planted it, are pointed to as the leading cause for the introduction of the magic, beasts and land that would soon fill the known world. Eventually, ponies of all three races came to this magic-filled land from a far away place in the hopes of establishing a home, and began to make small settlements in its open grass land. But despite this rich land, the ponies lived in fear. Timberwolves and other creatures lurked outside their doorsteps, and were a constant threat to their lives. It was clear that the vast forests and their wild inhabitants would need to be pushed back, if they had any hope of forming a permanent home. Over time, as technology advanced, the ponies were able to cut down sections of forest and create a wider area of safe grassland, allowing their settlement to grow in size. As time passed further, their settlements grew and grew, gaining more and more land, and more and more inhabitants. However, the ponies soon became segregated by species due to their abilities, and what those abilities meant to the other two groups in maintaining this growing community they'd created. Referring to themselves as 'tribes', the pony groups worked in relative harmony with one another for quite some time, albeit only due to it being crucial for their survival. Unicorns brought forth day and night, pegasi controlled the weather, and the earth ponies grew the vast crops needed to sustain them all. Everything seemed balanced and stable. That is, until one particular nasty winter befell them. The winter would lead to low crops, which in turn would turn to starvation and hate, which would ultimately threaten to split the groups apart and force them to relocate to a new area in this vast land. *Insert events of 'Hearth's Warming Eve'* The tribe leaders, having experienced what it means to care for others and to not hate, the powerful winter spirits known as Windigoes were pushed away from the region. Uniting their three species in this new found promise land, later to be known as 'Equestria', the unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies put up their new flag. The depiction of two alicorns (an ancient race thought to only be legend by some) circling the sun and moon was christened on this new flag, and together, the groups forged the foundation for a kingdom. But unfortunately for the united tribes, Windigoes were not the only spirit to be fearful of. ~Early Equestria: Discord's Reign & Defeat~ Discord. The very name caused fear and anxiety among ponies for centuries, during and for a time after his reign. Credited as one of the oldest living creatures on the planet, Discord is an enigma, in every sense of the word. Not long after uniting together and founding 'Equestria', all of pony kind was given siege by the Spirit of Chaos, Discord. A nearly omnipotent spirit with the power to warp reality, Discord was known throughout not just Equestria, but the entire world, for his habit of causing chaos and strife among living things, since the beginning of recorded time. He had taken notice of this emerging civilization, and decided to grip down on it with his now piqued interest. It didn't take long for the warriors of a very young Equestria to fall to the beast's powers. Removing sense and logic from the land, air and sea around him, Discord ruled the entire land with ease, and sat upon his throne and laughed, as all pony kind suffered from the chaos he loved so much. His reign would last year after year, its exact length lost to the memory of those who suffered under it, before the events were put in motion that would put an end to his chaos, forever. Unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies were not the only equines in existence. Though rare and thought to be myth by many, alicorns were an ancient race that predated any of the lesser ponies. It is often said that unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies were all descended from these beings. Magic more powerful than even the greatest of unicorns, once, alicorns sat at the world's head as some of the most powerful and benevolent creatures in existence. And now, though their numbers dwindled, very small groups of these creatures still remained. Two alicorn sisters, one with a rainbow mane the colors of the dancing nighttime lights, and the other with a blue mane the color of the approaching night, stumbled upon Equestria in their search for a home. Horror befell their faces at the anarchy that ran rampant throughout the land, plaguing equine kind and flash freezing any hope of their civilization's advancement. Having a powerful sense for good and everything that was righteous, the two sisters engaged the King of Chaos at his throne. They had to dethrone this creature, if it was the last thing they did. Though their magic powerful, the strength of Discord was too much, and the sisters were repelled with moderate ease. But even as their bodies gave out on them, both magically and physically exhausted, the sisters did not give up. If their power was not enough, then they would find a way to defeat Discord, elsewhere. In that ideal, the desire to bring harmony and peace to the chaos-torn Equestria, the two sisters discovered six magical gem stones that shone the colors of a rainbow, embedded in the very entity that the land itself was thought to be created from. The Tree of Harmony. Realizing the power the tree's guardian artifacts possessed, the sisters combined their own power with that of the gems, and faced the Chimera of Chaos once more. Completely cocky, Discord's overthrowing was absolute. Laughing and boasting at the attempts of the alicorn sisters approaching his throne once again, the beast was caught by surprise when the combined magic bathed him in a spectrum of light. Pure, concentrated harmony clashed against his own chaotic being, and the forces cancelled each other out. The Draconequus was turned to stone, petrified for all eternity. These gem stones were forever more called 'The Elements of Harmony'. All the harm Discord had caused, vanished, as his serpentine body solidified into solid rock. The two alicorn sisters were from that day forward treated as nothing less than heroines, goddesses, even, to the ponies of early Equestria. The two sisters ascended to becoming the new-found rulers of Equestria for demonstrating their love, dedication and desire to help the land prosper, and for being the only known alicorns in existence, making them ancient royalty to all ponies. The Equestrian Flag was changed to depict new-found Princess Celestia and Princess Luna circling in harmony. ~Early Equestria: Tirek & Scorpan~ A nightmare to behold for any equine who gazed upon him, the centaur known as Tirek was a ruthless tyrant to be. Though his preemptive imprisonment saved their subjects a horrible fate, the sisters dreaded the thought that he should ever escape. Not long following the defeat of Discord, and the early establishment of the sisters' castle in their new kingdom, two unwelcome visitors from a far-away land arrived on Equestria's doorstep. Tirek and Scorpan were brothers, and were both rare creatures not known to Equestria's inhabitants. A centaur and gargoyle-esque creature respectively, the two came with the explicit purpose of stealing Equestria's plethora of powerful magic, for their own selfish desires. Laying low and waiting for the opportune chance to gain enough power to dominate the continent bit by bit, the two brothers studied the equines closely, learning their secrets as well as their ways. While Tirek gazed solely with the fixated interest to rule the 'lowly equines', Scorpan found himself torn. He found himself fascinated by these creatures, the desire to learn about them, and to even interact with them. Unbeknown to his brother, Scorpan visited the ponies' villages, and not only learned more and more about them, but found himself growing attached to them. Their kind, simple and just ways were something unknown to him from the land he and his brother hailed from. Eventually, Scorpan's continued visits brought him to meet a young unicorn wizard, who solidified his relationship for appreciating ponykind. When Scorpan revealed his extensive findings to his brother, and urged him to cancel their plans, the power-hungry centaur refused outright, declaring his brother a worthless traitor to him. Scorpan then turned to the princesses of the land, introducing himself and giving them the story of how he and his brother came to their land. Before returning to his own land, Scorpan alerted the princesses to Tirek's plans, allowing them to stop him, before he gained enough power to take over. Tirek was banished to Tartarus, a location that the sisters' used as a means to keep him from ever escaping and returning to power. While stories of the friendly creature known as Scorpan passed down through families who encountered him all those years ago, the darker truth about Scorpan's brother Tirek remained unknown to all, outside the two sisters. The day would never come, they hoped, where the ponies of Equestria would ever need to hear that name. ~Emerging Equestria: The Crystal Empire & King Sombra~ From the early days of Equestria, the Crystal Empire and its mysterious race of ponies demonstrated important magic for the entire land. It's only natural that this power would draw the eye of those who's hearts and minds are darkened and corrupted. While many unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies arrived in Equestria from other lands, and through generations of growing up in various parts of Equestria and migrating to others, the Crystal Empire and its unique species of Crystal Ponies has remained a pure, uniform civilization from the very beginning. Located in the far northern part of Equestria, situated like an oasis in the otherwise completely frozen tundra, The Crystal Empire shown with magnificence and beauty like no other place in Equestria. A young, black-colored stallion with a sharp mind and even sharper tongue, while unknown in his youth, would eventually rise to become one of the most ruthless equine leaders in Equestrian history. King Sombra as he named himself, shrouded the Crystal Empire with a shadow of darkness, after years of teaching himself Dark Magic. Shimmering crystals turned black as coal, and the inhabitants of the Empire became the unicorn tyrants' slaves, forced to do his bidding, with no sign of hope to be found. The two sisters only learned of the tyrant's rule shortly after it had been completely assured. As the Crystal Empire fell into darkness, the rest of Equestria began to suffer along with it, even if the other parts of the land didn't know the connection at the time. They knew that if the Empire could not be saved, then all of Equestria would suffer directly because of it. Even though the Empire was historically very self-reliant, having little dealings with Canterlot and other Equestrian locations, Celestia and Luna would this day, be its' saviors. The two princesses confronted the dark king, and shortly after a heated duel between the dark magic user and the alicorn princesses, King Sombra was finally overthrown. His physical body turned into shadow, he was banished to the coldest depths of the arctic, never to see the light of the day again for his crimes. Before his banishment complete, the Unicorn King cast a final spell, a curse, causing the Crystal Empire to vanish into thin air. Unable to bring it back with their own powers, the princesses reluctantly returned to Canterlot. Over the centuries, the Empire was forgotten by all but them. ~Emerging Equestria: Luna's Banishment~ In the midst of peace and prosperity, the loyal and the proud reveal their decayed feelings from centuries past. Happiness turns to depression, laughter turns to cries, and close sisters are torn apart. Equestria and its pony inhabitants breathed a sigh of relief when peace was returned to the land once more. With all possible threats having been swiftly dealt with thanks to their two benevolent rulers, Equestria's citizens welcomed the prospect of an era of peace with open arms. For some time, harmony and balance was maintained in Equestria, and slowly but surely, civilization began to creep outwards ever further. Celestia and Luna continued to raise the sun and moon, and to guide the inhabitants of Equestria ever forward. However, civilization was not the only thing advancing further and further. Envy steadily filled Princess Luna's heart, having become less and less ignorable with no threats against the land to distract her troubled mind. Night after night she watched in tortured silence as the ponies of her kingdom laughed and played under her sisters' sun, then slept through and shunned her own glorious night. This feeling built and built, until finally, it exploded, with horrifying results. Princess Luna, her heart corrupted by jealousy and envy, transformed into Nightmare Moon. Turning on Celestia and blaming her for her own suffering, Nightmare Moon engaged her in a deadly duel of fate. Light clashed against darkness, and Celestia engaged her sister with a heavy heart, knowing whomever won this fight would determine the future of Equestria. Peace and harmony, or never-ending night. The castle they once shared as loving siblings was now being destroyed in the cross-fire between the two alicorns. Princess Celestia could barely hold back her misery at not only the destruction occurring around her, but also for her sister's feelings. Though misguided, Luna's envy was not groundless. Celestia had never even passed a thought to how she may have felt, and it was those thoughts that would plague Celestia for the next thousand years. Having no other way to stop her, Celestia reluctantly unsheathed the tools that she once wielded with her sister to dethrone the Master of Chaos and former ruler of Equestria, Discord. The power of the Elements of Harmony glowed intently once more, and Princess Celestia engaged her corrupted sister in one final clash. The power of the ancient artifacts quickly overpowered Nightmare Moon's hate-fueled dark magic, and ended the battle by banishing the fallen princess into the very moon she once controlled. In the aftermath of the traumatic event, Princess Celestia left the ruined castle to rot in what would over the centuries become the even more expansive Everfree Forest. The memories were too painful for her to bare having around her. Knowing that she could not let Equestria fall from peace because of the internal strife and rift caused by her sister, she relocated herself, her subjects following her in toe, to what would later be known as Canterlot. A shimmering beacon of hope, standing at the center of Equestria, high atop a mountainside for all to see. ~Modern Equestria: One Thousand Years of Celestial Peace~ Hurdles had been surpassed in succession, and the homestretch to harmony is reached at last. Established as a self-reliant continent, Equestria enters its golden age, its era of peace and prosperity having arrived. As Celestia's vision of Canterlot began construction, the foundation for Equestria's Modern form slowly began to take shape. With the loss of Princess Luna, the citizens of Equestria sought to protect their single princess in any way they could, leading to the creation of the EUP Guard, and not long after, Equestria's first designated military and display unit, The Wonderbolts. As Canterlot was finished and its gates opened, ponies flocked from their settlements far and wide across the continent, seeking an opportunity to live and work in the capital of their land, the city of Princess Celestia. And with that Capital in place, more and more settlements developed into sophisticated cities, on the coasts and within immediate distance to Canterlot. Equestria's wild frontier began to see more and more towns and cities of ponies of various origins, living together in peace and harmony. As the years went on, more and more settlers came upon Canterlot, atop its' mountain lookout, seeking opportunity as well. These settlers would be the source of inspiration for the emergence of Ponyville, and many other nearby towns and locations, all within the immediate vicinity of Canterlot's majestic view and watchful eye. The network of towns and cities would continue to grow, to the point of an official Equestrian Map, listing the numerous accomplished locations of this once barren land with pride. As Equestria grew itself internally, Celestia worked to expand the land's relations outside, as well. Now established in the world in which they lived, neighboring nations began to take notice of Equestria's incredible success, many of these nations welcoming Celestia's offer of friendship with open arms, and becoming long-time friendly allies in the process. Though the loss of her sister plagued her heart, Celestia looked over her new-found kingdom with tears in her eyes, utter joy and pride filling her heart as well, for what she and her sister had worked so hard to bring forth, coming to see the light of her sun. What had once been a land ruled by chaos, had been reformed into a land of ponies of all kinds, living together in peace, understanding and friendship. -- DeviantART Artwork Credits: Cause I'm a nice guy Timberwolves Discord Tirek Sombra & Empire Nightmare Moon Celestia Afternote #1: Why Starswirl sucks Eggs Afternote #2: Tirek and Discord Afternote #3: Oh I don't know about that, mistakes happen~ Hope you enjoyed :'D
  11. Just what it says. Have you ever said every pony, Buck no, or some other such nonsense among friends or family, or co workers lol. I have not. But I don't use pony speak out loud. Truth is the only word i use is buck cause it feels about as offensive as the word it's replacing. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't fly past the censors lol.
  12. *A group of friends are meeting up.* "Hi, guys! How's it going?" "It's going good, Poutine(Proton), how's it going with you, Lightwing?" "It's going amazing. How is everypony?" "I-I'm a seal." "Oh." Lesson : Not everyone is a horse. *No seals were harmed in the making of this PSA.*
  13. Competition has officially ended! Winners will be revealed shortly. Winners! Hello Everypony! ^^ Jonke is here with a competition! Since we are getting closer to Minecraft's release date, i will hold a competition for all members on this forum who doesn't have experienced the awesome game created by Markus "Notch" Persson and his company Mojang. What is the competition about? Well since i want everyone everypony to have a chance, i'm going with the old fashion way.. Take 3 random ponies from the list ^^. The competition will end at 16th november and the lucky winners will receive a PM from me how to redeem your gift code. How do i enter? Everypony that wants to enter the competition, just need to reply to this thread and i will update the list. Competition rules: You cannot enter if you already have a copy of Minecraft, i can't check if you have it or not but i hope you try to be honest . Fluttershy and i wish you all good luck!=) Current participants list: - ProjectRKA - ShoeShy - DJ-P0n-3 - Fluttershy (Nico) - Finesthour - Pinkamena Diane Pie - Viscra Maelstrom - Linguz - Ice
  14. So, what is YOUR favorite holiday and why? Live in a different country with different traditions? Share! My favorite holidays are ThanksGiving & Christmas
  15. I know some people who refer to others as everypony, and yes, I do think that's bizarre and here's why. When I refer to the main 6 for example, I use "everypony" because it refers to just the 6 ponies. Everypony here has a face shot. But when I talk to other bronies or pegasisters, I refer to them as everybody because technically they aren't ponies. There is that fine line where you might have exceptions like roleplaying games where sometimes I might use the occasional everypony here and there. So that's what I think. What are your thoughts? Do you use the term everypony casually in your personal life with family, friends, or amongst bronies? Or do you stick with the term everybody even with your fellow bronies?
  16. Seriously this fic get's hilarious, and It is completely innocent, It's a ship between Sweetie Belle and Button Mash, where Button joins the crusaders. And yes the author takes full advantage of that. By Justice4243
  17. any fanfiction writers here that use that site?
  18. All I want for Christmas is a pen pad so I can draw my stuff on the computer instead of on paper. That way, I can really get my deviantart thingy going and I'll have something to work off of when I'm working on my art.
  19. I dunno if this kind of thread has been banned now or not but if it has it can be closed. Anyway:
  20. Just what the title says. I mean seriously discord is friends with flutter shy, It would be insane if he didn't get a pet. Trixie with a pet? The Cmc with a pet (i'd say one for the whole group). I think derpy would be amazing with a doe doe bird.
  21. Drawing Of Spike I Did Earlier. Most of you Nighttime guys prolly missed this: Alright guys, here is ALL of the art I have ever posted here. In new, higher detail thanks to my new scanner. I'll put about 5 per spoiler so enjoy. UPDATED!! April 11th - June 24th *There used to be questions here, gone now*...Other then that, thank you for taking the time to look and my stuff. If you didn't and are reading this, shame on you, go back and do it. Have A Nice Day.
  22. Whats everypony Avatars? Mine is my oc Aurora Bass the pegasus wearing socks in a cutee pose ;3 ;3 ;3 Post yours below ~ Aurora Bass
  23. Hey, I know most signature designers are now acting independently, but I was wondering if there was any chance of a new signature database thread being started up in Creative Resources?
  24. Guest

    Merry Modsmas!

    So, to give thanks to our wonderful MLP Forums Staff Members, I have decided to dedicate this very day of the year to their celebration! And yes, this is different than other mod celebratory threads, because I am dedicating a day! Now I could have put this day on Christmas, but since that wouldn't be practical, so today works just fine! This day shall be known unofficially as Modsmas, when all of us members can give special thanks to those people who help keep the forum tight and orderly when it could be falling apart. (Note: Yes, some of these people aren't technically mods, but it is meant to celebrate all of them regardless) To kick off the celebrations, some songs! "You better watch out You better not cry Better not pout I'm telling you why The mods are coming to town They're making a list They're checking it twice Gonna find out who's naughty or nice The mods are coming to town They see you when you're posting They know when you're online They know if you've been bad or good So be good for goodness sake! O you better watch out! You better not cry You better not pout I'm telling you why The mods are coming to town" "Old king Feld0 was a merry old soul, And a merry old soul was he; He called for his crown, And he called out the trolls, And he called for his moderators to see. Ev'ry mod had a banhammer And a very fine banhammer had he/she Oh there's none so rare As can compare With King Feld0 and his moderator trustees" The Celebrants: Our Glorious Leader: -Feld0 Our Glorious Second in Command: -Zoop Section Moderators: -(SBB64/) -Apocalyptic Chaos -Chigens and Kay -Evilshy -Ice Storm -Tom The Rock Global Moderators: -APPLBL00M -Aureity -Dreamwalker -NewCalamity -Thereisnospoon303 -Vexx3 -~Chaotic Discord~ Community Stewards: -Ashbad -marco23p -Tich -WingedRatchet Tech Admin: -Scootacool So now, now that that is out of the way, celebrate and stuff!
  25. For English class, I was assigned to read a story called 'The Cherry Orchard'. I got about halfway through the book before I said "Screw this! This book is so boring, I don't think I can bring myself to finish it." Because I was so exasperated, I decided to watch some My Little Pony episodes to get my mind off of the book. As I was watching, I thought to myself: The situations these ponies are in wouldn't be half as interesting if they were normal human beings. Then, it dawned on me. I could make the story I'm reading a LOT better if I imagined the characters as ponies! Turns out, I was right. I breezed trough the book, and I had great fun imagining the characters saying 'everypony' when the word 'everybody' popped up. I had such a blast with it, I spent 3 more hours reading books from some of my favorite book series', like the Hunger Games and The Lord of the Rings, except this time, I substituted the characters for ponies. Reading is so much fun now, I don't know if I can ever go back to un-ponified versions of my favorite tales. Has anyone else ever done this? If so, for which book?