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Found 19 results

  1. Here you shall post opinions on stuff anything you guys want. And we shall argue about it and then resolve it in a nonviolent friendly way gooooo NOW !!
  2. Sorry if I come off as offensive, but this is something that's really been bothering me lately. Why are people proud of everything/anything? Whether it be something you didn't chose (American, British, Canadian, etc.) or something downright unimportant (being part of a fandom, supporting a certain ship, having your hair in a certain fashion, etc.), also I AREN'T saying you should be ashamed of anything, but still, why exactly are people so proud of such insignificant things like being a brony or having a disorder? I can understand being proud of something like a profesion (doctor, fire/policeman, engineer, etc.), but being proud of being stuff so minor like being a brony or being a COD fan? What exactly is the point of that? Are they actually outright "proud" of that stuff, or are they just happy about them? There's nothing wrong with being happy about anything, but being proud of it? Honestly, they're not worth being proud of, and seeing someone proud of being something minor (autistic, a brony, wearing certain clothes, etc.) is just really annoying and has no use to it. Honestly, you don't have to be proud of something to enjoy it. Thank you for reading my post.
  3. Hello, I am here to analysis the MLP Fandom. If anyone would like to provide any info then I would appreciate it. It can be any kind of info, it does not matter.
  4. Just thought of this randomly and it made my angry. Why would people look strange at ya if you for example: had rainbow colored hair? Why is that weird? WHY? I dont get it. I wish there was some kind of magic spell that made people more open-minded :okiedokielokie:
  5. Im bc in the game with a pencil and paper ready to doodle anything ask me and ill do my best
  6. Well, with all the things we were doing I forgot to post this months contest so I'm making this an ad hoc free for all. Send the Admins a Halloween inspired banner for review and possible use between tomorrow though 10/31/15. No guarantees, and yes these may be switched out daily. Must me MLP and Halloween themed. Must follow all the Global Rules ... - Banners should be approximately 1000x255 pixels and saved as a .png file. More info here Regular banner contests will resume with a new twist soon.
  7. The subject of this topic is self-explanatory in the title. Would you want to possess absolute knowledge? Would you want to know all that there is to know in the universe? I'm wondering if any of you would see it as a curse or if you would see it as an opportunity of a lifetime. Look at the bright side, despite the fact that your instinctive thirst for knowledge may come to an ultimate end, you will be able to quench everyone else's thirst. You would be the greatest teacher to ever exist and your intellect would never be underestimated or challenged. This grand ability would come with omnilingualism, the ability to decipher any spoken or unspoken language in existence, from body language, computer language, and extinct languages. Your understanding of history would be boundless, being able to understand the exact words and dialogue exchanged among every human being to ever have lived or still living. I personally feel that this would be an incredible ability that one could revel in for the rest of his or her life; the thirst for knowledge may end but you would then be able to appreciate having this illimitable knowledge which would undoubtedly be exciting in of itself. Your thoughts? Would you accept or decline the opportunity to possess such a capacity?
  8. I don't really mind giving out info about my private life lol so yeah ask away
  9. My name is Puck and if anyone is interested you can always ask me a question. Seriously, I'm really open about everything so I'll probably answer any question asked. My ponysona Panic Moon ^w^ If you want to ask a question to my oc's, here are the links: Trivy and Captain Caramel.
  10. “I am not the sad girl anymore. No, I am more than that. I am strong and caring. I am both confident and insecure. I am simultaneously one of the kindest and meanest people you will ever meet. I am ugly, I am beautiful, and I am bursting with fire. I am home to strange and brilliant thoughts. I am heavily flawed and I am still good enough. I am so much, and I will never allow myself to be reduced to a single word again. Even when I am sad, I am still so much more. I am not the sad girl anymore. No, I am everything.”
  11. Alright, if you are reading this, you probably know what happened with the MLP Forums March Madness. If you don't, here's a rundown. It was Rarity vs. Pinkie Pie and Applejack vs. Fluttershy in the Final Four. Pinkie and Applejack won, but only after many people went absolute full retard, comparing Rarity to a Nazi, and just slamming ponies in general. So, Sexy X decided "Ya know what? Screw it" and made the finals a 4 way dogfight, giving you a chance to start over. So, everyone started over. Things were a little dirty. They were a lot like that piece of bacon you accidentally let slide off of your plate at breakfast and let it drop to the floor. Yeah, it's a little dirty, but you pick it up, wipe it off, and eat it. Because you are a man/woman who has some common sense and doesn't let good bacon go to waste (unless you are somewhere like Golden Corral, then that sh*t is just nasty). Anyways, back on topic. The poll ended with Fluttershy in the lead, Applejack in second, Pinkie third, and Rarity in last, only getting 24 votes. Then, Sexy X pulls a fast one on all of us. He declares all 4 ponies victors. You would think that as a person that likes AJ and Flutteshy, I would be happy with this, right? Nope. So, "why is this retard not happy with this? (spelled incorrectly, because It's you.)", you might ask. Well, I'll tell you why. To have a competition with no winner isn't a competition at all. If there isn't going to be a true winner, and everyone wins, does anyone really win? Also, the last 2 days were wasted. Our votes didn't matter the last weekend of the tournament. We were there for nothing. Think of it like this. You have a younger brother and a younger sister. Both of whom play soccer. Your brother's team just flat out sucks. You won 2 games all season, or well, one since when you tie it counts as a win for both teams. Your sister's team, however, could go toe-to-toe with Real Madrid. This is that one team in the league that no one wants to face. They've got the skill and the team work to kick everyone's asses. This team only drops one game all season. Naturally, in pretty much any junior soccer (football, for my overseas friends) club is going to make playoffs. So both of your siblings make the tournament. Your brother's team sucks, as they always have, and drops their games in the playoffs. Your sister's team kicks everyone's asses and wins the whole tournament. Sounds decent enough right? Well, it's time for the end of the tournament. Then the director who whoever hands out trophies. Your brother and sister gets the same trophy. Your brother did nothing to earn that trophy, and your sister doesn't get what she deserved. So yeah, I'm not happy with it. I'm not pissed or anything, just really annoyed. TL;DR
  12. So what is better facebook or twitter please no hate if you dont like facebook or twitter this is just for fun Mine is facebook. ive had facebook for about 4years now so ya p.s i cant work twitter
  13. Okay, guys. Why do they call me "Phoenix Wright" because I'm always "Wright"!
  14. Hey hey. Since I'm bored, and have been wanting to do it, I'm gonna go ahead and lay out my basic impression of every single episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with 1 of 5 ratings for each: Amazing, Great, Good, Average, or Mediocre. If I feel an episode teeters in between two of those, I'll just put both, and will elaborate a bit at the end of each season and will link to my extended thoughts on an episode when possible. Without further ado, here we go: Season 1: Friendship is Magic, pt 1- Good Friendship is Magic, pt 2- Good The Ticket Master- Good Applebuck Season- Great Griffon the Brush Off- Great Boast Busters- Mediocre Dragonshy- Great Look Before You Sleep- Great Bridle Gossip- Great Swarm of the Century- Great Winter Wrap Up- Great Call of the Cutie- Good Fall Weather Friends- Great Suited for Success- Amazing Feeling Pinkie Keen- Amazing Sonic Rainboom- Great Stare Master- Good The Show Stoppers- Good A Dog and Pony Show- Great Green Isn't Your Color- Amazing Over a Barrel- Great A Bird in the Hoof- Great The Cutie Mark Chronicles- Great Owl's Well That Ends Well- Great Party of One- Great The Best Night Ever- Great Overall- Great A whole lot to like in Season 1! Every single episode of the season is entertaining and full of great moments, and where everything started. While I didn't much like Boast Busters(sorry, it's just not very well-paced plus it introduced Snips and Snails who are terrible), I understand its impact on the fandom with the introduction of Trixie. I felt Green Isn't Your Color was the best episode of the season, if not my favorite of the series because every character in the episode has an amazing role in it, plus it has a ton of incredibly entertaining moments. Suited for Success I feel similarly about, plus it had an amazing song and was my first episode so I have a connection to it. Feeling Pinkie Keen is just a flawlessly entertaining episode though imo, it always makes me laugh. All in all, season 1 just rocks, but the series gets even better! Season 2: Return of Harmony, pt 1- Amazing Return of Harmony, pt 2- Amazing Lesson Zero- Amazing Luna Eclipsed- Great Sisterhooves Social- Amazing The Cutie Pox- Good May the Best Pet Win!- Great The Mysterious Mare Do Well- Mediocre Sweet and Elite- Great Secret of My Excess- Great Hearth's Warming Eve- Amazing Family Appreciation Day- Great Baby Cakes- Good The Last Roundup- Amazing The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000- Great Read It and Weep- Great Hearts and Hooves Day- Average A Friend in Deed- Great Putting Your Hoof Down- Great It's About Time- Mediocre Dragon Quest- Great Hurricane Fluttershy- Great Ponyville Confidential- Great MMMystery on the Friendship Express- Good A Canterlot Wedding, pt 1- Amazing A Canterlot Wedding, pt 2- Amazing Overall- Great/Amazing Just an awesome season overall. While there were some not very good episodes like Hearts and Hooves Day(wasted potential for a true Valentine's Day episode) The Mysterious Mare Do Well(I don't think I need to tell you why this one's not very good), and It's About Time(probably the dumbest episode in the series imo), the good really outweighs the bad here. The brilliance of the episodes I dubbed amazing really knows no bounds, especially Lesson Zero and A Canterlot Wedding. Season 2 is declared best season by the majority of bronies, and I tend to agree with that notion. Season 3: The Crystal Empire, pt 1- Amazing The Crystal Empire, pt 2- Amazing Too Many Pinkie Pies- Good One Bad Apple- Good Magic Duel- Amazing(review: Sleepless in Ponyville- Average(review: Wonderbolt Academy- Great Apple Family Reunion- Great Spike at Your Service- Great Keep Calm and Flutter On- Amazing(review: Just for Sidekicks- Average(review: Games Ponies Play- Good(review: Magical Mystery Cure- Amazing(review: Overall- Great Season 3 is short, but pretty sweet. Not a single bad episode really, and quite a few incredible ones. I didn't like Sleepless in Ponyville as much as others did really, but I certainly don't hate the episode or anything, and Just for Sidekicks was also somewhat dissapointing to me. But with the awesomeness in most of the rest of the episodes, especially the premiere, Magic Duel, Keep Calm and Flutter On, and the season finale, there's a lot to love in season 3's smaller package. Phew, that was exhausting. Thanks for reading, and feel free to tell me what you think of every episode! And let me know what you disagree with, if you care enough. All in all, I think the whole series is pretty great, and I hope the upcoming Season 4 gives us a ton more of great/amazing episodes! Oh, and for the record: Equestria Girls- Good
  15. Basically I have no interest in sports, especcially football, but everyone tries to tell me I'd be great. This was a conversation "Are you going out for football?" "No, I don't like football at all." "Not like football? What are you talking about?" "I find it pointless and barbaric" "Well, if your not going to play football, then what are you going to do? Wrestling?" "No... I'm not doing any sport. I want to focus on my music, and sports will get in the way of that" "How can you not like sports I mean {insert sports superstar I don't know}" "hold up, hold up, Who?" "You can't be serious" "Actually I'm quite serious" "Wow, your actually dumber then I thought..." "Well, thank you for that, but I better be going" " No, come on what sport are you doing" "I'm not doing a sport now will you please leave me alone" "Oh I see... you must be too weak to do anything other then watch tv and do your stupid computer, where is that going to get you?" I start listing off careers that involve computers "Well, If you don't do sports then your a loser..." "Ok, cool I'm a loser, thank you" Counter troll like a Fluttershy Seriously it's like if you don't do a sport everyone freaks out. Well Indiana is a football state, so I can see why...
  16. Ok, I was listening to my iPod walking outside of the school with a friend today and my friend and I was listening to "The Perfect Stallion" from the soundtrack. He instantly tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I really was listening to My Little Pony music. I said "Oh, why yes I am," He then proceeded walking away and kept giving me weird looks over his shoulder... He then told me we weren't friends anymore... Anyways, another thing happened today. I almost had an breakdown in the middle of English. My teacher was talking about how she loved it when the villain wins, because that's life. I looked up and noticed the big smile on her face. She then proceeded to give a lecture about it's not real when the good guy wins. She said that it's only fun when the bad guy wins. Then she started saying the word "hate". Now I really don't like the word hate and I don't use it often. It's not technically in my vocabulary. Then everyone in class was saying things they hate. Everyone was saying they hated things and people. I just sat there gripping my pencil. I was about to burst into tears (Yeah I'm an emotional person) from people just saying that they hated people and things. I really don't like it when people say they hate people, because I know that's not true. Hate isn't real and the word shouldn't be praised. It's just mean. You may be asking if anything good happened today... Not really, my stomach was upset the entire day and my allergies were acting up terribly... I just hope tomorrow goes better. Dusty...
  17. So I made this cute little avatar for a friend of mine. (Sir-ful Turtle) He thought it was pretty darn cool so I thought, hey why not post it...
  18. Here's a new mix that took like FOREVER to put together. And neither is it the best mix by me... but anyways, here it is... finally... ENJOY ! Tracklist: TNT & Audiofreq - 3 Empty Heads Slim Shore & Code Black - Time of Your Life (WiSH Outdoor Festival Anthem 2012) Ran-D - #MyWay The R3belz - The City Isaac - Go Insane (Coone Remix) Atmozfears - Living For The Future Coone - Chapter 20.12 Headhunterz ft. Psyko Punkz - Disrespect Wild Motherfuckers - Wildest Noisecontrollers - Pillars of Creation Noisecontrollers - Gimme Love Audiofreq - Audioslave Coone & Technoboy - Nustyle Crap (Tby Goes Crazy Mix)
  19. Mmkay, this thread is more of a practive thread. I'm going to try to make one (which will hopefully get pinned) including the entire history of bronies, and the community forming. this is going to be a massive post, incuding dates (such as when Hasbro released MLP for the first time, when Laura Faust resigned, etc), reactions (how Hasbro has reacted to the community, vice versa), guidelines to being a brony (love and tolerance, peaceful protests), and background characters, famous fanfics, and pretty much every big thing that makes up our community. It would be very helpful to get some dates, insight, and help on this project, but I'm going to bed now. I'll check back tomorrow and start on it.