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Found 14 results

  1. Trixie was bad when she first appeared but does she turn good or is she a bad guy? I'm asking this because some people think she's good and some people think she's bad.
  2. Ok so who in the show and Equestria Girls when it comes to evil characters has the best evil laugh? I'm going with Discord on this one.
  3. I noticed there is a lack of non-unicorn pony villains in the show. So, to make up for it, let's make some evil OCs. Who likes to make Evil OCs? I do! Here is one that I just made. Alias: The Doctor Name: Dr. Pega Steelwing Age: ~40 Occupation: mad scientist Degrees: medicine Abilities: lack of sympathy, skilled surgeons hand Evil Deeds: has done horrible experiments to ponies
  4. *EDIT* Shall I make a poll? I'll add to the list the nominated evildoers with the most brohoofs? Also, I prefer if we keep to TV evils and not Movie evils. Anyways... Ideally from slightly older cartoons... Which fictional character do you think is the evilest of all? I nominate... HIM.
  5. In a lot of media, we often find fictional characters we can relate to. Usually the heroes. But are there any villains you relate to? Is there there a mischevous trickster in you? Do you wish for world domination? Just post any fictional villain you can relate to. Pictures and reasons are appreciated. As for me; Shockwave from Transformers. Why? I'm often calm and calculating, I'm often driven by logic, I like the potential of scientific progress and I consider myself somewhat a scientist. Cell from Dragon Ball Z. Why? I'm pretty indifferent about unfortunate events, I think quite highly of myself, I'm a bit sadistic and I'm of the stubborn type who refuses to give up. Discord. Why? I'm rather mischevous, I like a little bit of chaos and I love having fun.
  6. Hastur

    ask Dark Kira

    Dark Kira: Hello, everypony. Dark Kira here, since I'm in a good mood I figured that I'd answer some of your questions. Dark Kira: Fine then, for every half hour without the first question, and I must approve, I will steal a soul from a filly or colt... starting now.
  7. I want to finally introduce y'all my new OC (which was a secondary pony in one RP I am in, and then decided to convert her into a full OC). Her name is Rosebelle and she is a trained assassin with the duty of ending Princess Celestia's life. She is part of a gang/mafia and won't think twice if she has to kill a target. But she does has a soft side, her OC page link is below if you wanna know more this is just a skectch showing one of her multiple abilities, I need to color it :v props to @Starshine who helped me thoroughly the creation of her backstory, brohoof! this is her page (her oficial art is better too! ) or in my siggy as well
  8. Hello guys, i have finished a new drawing of mine. What do you guys think? So far i've gotten good responses from it (: Hopefully I can get good replies from you guys too!
  9. A few more Half-Life 2 crossover pieces from me. From now on I'll be posting all of my art on this thread. Enjoy! Onyx Horn, former captain of Luna's Night Guard (hence the Luna iconography), now supreme commander of Equine Overwatch forces stationed in Equestria. And an Equine Overwatch Soldier. As usual, constructive criticism is welcome, and please tell me what you think!
  10. The first in a series of Half-Life 2 pictures that I'm doing for my world building project, 'Hoof-Life: A new dawn' which I hope to make into a role play on this very site, inspired by the Equestria Divided role-play. This is an Overwatch Elite, a pony who has been wiped of all emotion, and lives only to serve the alien combine. This Post-Stallion can be seen leading a patrol of Overwatch Soldiers around the outskirts of City 17 (formerly Manehattan), performing acts of barbaric cruelty on citizens merely for his own enjoyment. As usual, comments and constructive critisism are much appreciated!
  11. Well this is my first poem everypony, hope you guys enjoy. The beginning of the end I see the evil in to tend Friendship can guide us The light will show us I can't do this all alone I really need to fix my tone You deserve our help But all you do is complain like a welp This evil is bigger then us We need to work together Only the power of friendship Can help us defeat this tyrant Time to shut him up once and for all But this task is something that is too tall No, we can do it if we work TOGETHER! Let's all celebrate with cider. Hope you guys enjoyed the poem.
  12. I am just getting into the Halloween mood early... Well I cooked this one up quickly only took me 20 minutes because I was too lazy to bother making it neat, so enjoy it as it is because this time I don't care about mistakes x3 Ok so I got bored an decided to add more :3
  13. Well, the show had it's antagonists. So as the title saus, who was your most and least favorite antagonist? My most favorite was Diamond Tiara. She's a bully, she wants to see others suffer whike she is better, etc. by the end of the episode, she successfully plays the role intended. My least favorite was the Cider Brothers, whoever they were called, or Chystalis. Both didn't do so well, and Chystalis was beaten in a horribly lame manner. The Brothers were just so lame.
  14. What is the thing you consider most annoying about TV shows? My three most annoying things are: Seasons with continuity. If I wanted a big-deep story, I would go watch a 2-hour movie. When I watch TV, I want to watch short, 20-minute bursts of entertainment. Second is when lots of things change in the show between the seasons. In the last episode of the season, everything's normal, nothing special. Then when the next season starts, two of the characters got married and had kids! If you want to tell a proper story, don't leave the viewer out of that important time. That's just bad writing. And finally, I hate it when a show spends the entire episode setting up a character as an antagonist, then at the end, tries to have an emotional "moment" where we're supposed to feel bad for the character. I'm sorry, you just spent the last 20 minutes making me want to murder this character with a chainsaw, and now we're supposed to emotionally connect with the character?