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Found 103 results

  1. It seems to me like evil earth ponies are a rare sight. We see a lot of non-ponies, alicorns, unicorns, and pegasi act as jerks and villains but this is EXTREMELY rare with earth ponies. In fact, earth ponies are the only aforementioned demographic to not have any major villains. Are earth ponies some kind of morally "pure" race or is there some racism on the writers' part? Your thoughts on this?
  2. I've honestly thought Rainbow Dash would be a cool bad guy, but I'd love to hear your ideas! Feel free to explain your reasoning!
  3. If you guys want me to write something with this I will. I love writing and would love to flesh out backstory but not if its going to be a waste. Anyway the day I got my cutie mark! It uh...wasn't a benevolent occasion to say the least and now I have to deal with this Hellspawn of a demon the rest of my life. Elusive Shadows now in her first real appearance near my being. I may have tried dark shadow magic and the result was a mosh pit of, "Yay!" and "Oh no what have I done?!"
  4. Hello, everypony rainbowdash here with more maverick robot animal destruction enjoy the artwork!
  5. enjoy my pony script! MLP FIM THE ELEMENTS OF DARKNESS PONY SCRIPT PART 1 TO 4.doc
  6. This is an example of the thought process one can use to reach a conclusion with knowledge we already have, but did not think to consider. It just takes some time and patience. If the brain can store massive quantities of data, why do most people not consciously recall it all? Its because people do not try. All you need is spare time, and recognition of an almost order of operations of logic. In this example I start by asking a question that most would think has no definite objective answer. Then I keep going through a self-critical process of proposals based on reflections and the knowledge it brings to the foreground that I already had but did not know I had. So to simplify. 1. 'unknowable' question 2. reflection 2.a knowledge from reflection 2.b applying the knowledge into the equation 2.c rule it out if it doesn't objectively answer anything 3. repeat 2 til it does objectively answer something 4. add this into the equation permanently 5 repeat 2-5 as needed til the first question is answerable. 6. The answer and its objectively true within the assumptions that 'the world is real'.
  7. In many different forms of fiction we have seen the heroes at some point be turned evil and start doing evil deeds through mind control. I was thinking about that concept for MLP and the Mane 6. Suppose Twilight Sparkle and the other Mane 5 were placed under mind control and turned evil? How would they express themselves in an evil way? What evil deeds would each one do? Now I'm not talking about like in the first encounter with Discord back in Season 2, there, the Mane 6 were made to act the opposite way of their Elements of Harmony. I'm talking about the Mane 6 turning to the dark side. How cool of a concept would that be? How would each Mane 6 member act evil in their own way? Would this make for a great episode or two parter?
  8. Do you think that ponies can get an evil cutie mark? If so, how would that work? To my knowledge, cutie marks are supposed to represent ponies' destiny and are usually gotten as fillies/colts. So, if a serial killer were to get a bloody knife cutie mark, would that mean that their destiny was to kill people? If murderers are too dark for this show, then try to imagine if Tirek were a pony. Would his cutie mark be something to do with conquering Equestria or would conquering Equestria be more of a hobby while something else got the representation? (BTW, if there's already a topic like this, I'm sorry. The search function seems to be broken.)
  9. The Twilight Sparkle we've all come to know now has indeed evolved a lot over the course of 3 seasons of Friendship is Magic. And how as the title itself says! She not only made new friends, she learned far more than books could teach and she had to make decisions big and small with far reaching consequences. But let us consider for a moment. What if Twilight Sparkle was bad. Or perhaps she became bad, whether by choice or otherwise. We already saw 2 distinct characters that in many ways mirror Twilight: Sunset Shimmer and of course The Great and Powerful err Trixie Lulamoon. Both, aside from being unicorns and skilled magic users, are in many regards the mirror opposites of what Twilight is. Both are obsessed with power and fame. Shimmer seeks power to exploit it for her own selfish gains as opposed to using it responsibly to h lookielp others like Twilight. Trixie flaunts herself and her skills alienating others and seeking attention, while Twilight seeks to befriend others and is rather humble about her own abilities. This is further evidenced in the Crystal Heart book where Twilight is tempted and tricked by Trixie and Gilda as to how to rule as a princess. So the question here is what would Twilight have been like had she been bad? Or perhaps if she somewhere down the lines fell from grace. We know that Sunset Shimmer, although not canon in FIM, was another former student of Celestia as well. Seeing as how Twilight will be in a position of power and wielding power greater than she ever has before in season 4, this will be a concept worth exploring.
  10. This poll is about all available evil alter egos of the Mane Six. Poll away! P.S. Sorry Applejack and Rarity fans, but your two favorite ponies are the least evil of the Mane Six, as far as I know.
  11. Equestria is a very powerful land/world (disclaimer: When I see Equestria I mean the planet, not the country) It has a strong force of friendship/harmony that can ward off even the most powerful other worldy foes like Discord. Harmony and the magic of friendship are one in the same and it is the most powerful magic in the MLP universe, but it is possible that Equestria is the last world with harmony, that the universe is drowned in Darkness and our lovely equines, fierce dragons, strong Yaks, and happy changelings the only thing left with light inside of them? I think it is certainly possible if you look at a few factors. One of them being Discord himself, he is not native to Equestria, is is the spirit and manifestation of chaos itself and hails from his own dimension, seeing as how he brings up the universe in casual conversation, and has access to every reality and non reality, that means he can go to any world in the universe. Yet he chose Equestria, because that is where the Elements of Harmony were, that was where any harmony was left, that was where he could actually fulfill his purpose of bringing disharmony, because it is the only place left with true harmony. The Pony of Shadows says "Once I extinguish the light, and hope of this miserable world" You could assume that means he is only after Equestria and screw the universe. Or, you could look at in a different way. Perhaps the shadow had already destroyed the light of all other worlds, and was somehow defeated before landing on Equestria, where it waited for a pony to come to it, so the shadow could take over, and destroy the last world of light. In Legends of Magic #1, Luna opens a portal to another world, and it is ridden with darkness and evil beings who want to use the evil inside of Luna for themselves, they also seem to know what is going to happen with Nightmare Moon, the same way it is implied the Tree of Harmony and the magic of Harmony itself knew that there was a greater purpose for Twilight. Starswirl says many worlds are evil. I think that during that time, most worlds were being devoured by creatures feasting off of the "light" of every world. "Many of those worlds contain evils worse than you can dream. Evils that have devoured the light of their own world, and hunger for a taste of a new world." -Starswirl I think this could imply that these "dark beings" (potentially controlled by "The Darkness" were going from planet to planet and destroying the light within them. Now very few worlds not shrouded in Darkness remain. And the only one with the power to stand against the darkness, is the world where the light shines the brightest in every pony, Equestria. I think that the light the pillars have and used to create the tree isn't so much their light magic, but the light magic of the universe being used to create a conduit for the lights power, so that it could one day gift a pony of destiny, Twilight Sparkle, and her friends. With the power to destroy (and sometimes reform) darkness for good.
  12. I just had the wildest idea. What if next season features a villain who was one of the mane six. I won't dare ask who but which do you see might be aomepony who could turn to the dark side of friendship... FIENDSHIP. What if she became corrupted and betrayed the others and began the queues to the start of season 7 or even 9 onto the season finale where they pull a Darth Vader and she turns good again. Because the show loves to do that. I say future season because there is still that business with Queen Chrysalis. I know the show would never try something in a kids'S show so think on it as a fanfic idea maybe an animated YouTube drama or comic dub.
  13. Does anyone like reading fan fictions where evil wins? Like an alternate universe where good had failed to stop King Sombra, who now rules of Equestria with iron hoof. Or a story where Canterlot made a heroic last stand against a demonic army of monsters. They can be quite upsetting, but I reading stories where where characters cry out in defiance of their fate, the feeling of loss and angry, where they spit in the enemy's face and heroically fight until the very last. I also like stories, where good wins. But it has to be journey where there's suffering, sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears, death and an overall hopeless feel of the story. I want the evil guys to have the upper hand, and good is losing.
  14. Anyways, its a commonly thought about idea with fans for plots about "One of the mane six/all of them go evil" and it seems the IDW staff is doing that now too in a comic plot. But really... that doesn't make any sense at all. The mane six, Sans twilight, are honestly completely impotent as "villains" were they to turn evil. Without the EOH, the mane six (once again, sans twilight) are utterly irrellevent as a threat, apart from small time muggings or whatnot. Rarity is a fashion designer; she has no schooling in magic, isn't a prodigy, and has absolutely no ability to threaten equestria in a significant way. Pinkie pie is... a baker. She has no special abilities of any real kind nor magic. Applejack can kick things and that's about it. Rainbow dash can fly fast, sure, but she's still equaled or outclassed by spitfire and the other wonderbolts and there's way more of them than dash and are STILL irrellevent for most situations. Fluttershy has the stare, and while that's cool and all, in most every situation where push has come to shove (Discord laughing at it for example or every hostile animal in the comics utterly ignoring it) its useless. The mane six just don't have any real power apart from lucking into linking up to the EOH, and that's gone now anyways (plus, apart from the element of magic being shown to be godmode powerful in Equestria girls, they're kind of useless in most all situations without the others there and being 100% good). This Extends past the IDW comic plot and into the upcoming Guardians of harmony plotline: Really, the idea of making a more Action focused series Ironically is going to require WEAKER threats than the normal show: If you're going to have the mane six fighting villains in *actual* fights, then you're pretty much going to have to downgrade who they fight from "God of destruction level threats" (Tirek, NMM, Discord) to "A couple changelings or a couple thugs". Since the mane six (sans twilight and that's only due to being an alicorn now) aren't really superbeings, unless you use the EOH to solve things with a large rainbow, the most they will be able to handle are mooks. Its just going to be highly strange to go from them dealing with Uber world level threats in the slice of life series to Low level threats in the "action" series if they want to have the mane six realistically defeat antagonists in them.
  15. It has been questioned what alicorn magic truly is but the newest episode "No second prances" gave a possible yet Vague answer. In the episode Trixie briefly mentions that she used a soul sucking evil amulet which is most likely the same amulet that is known as the alicorn amulet. I'm not sure if this line is in any way important but it may help with a lead on this whole mystery on alicorns. Sadly, I can't think of any evidence besides this and that one scene in the season 4 opener episode but maybe someone can. Post what you think. Do you think alicorn magic could have some connection with dark magic or is that just crazy? If you have any evidence that's with or against this please do tell me.
  16. Back in "Twilight's kingdom", Zecora gave Twilight a potion that could only be activated by use of alicorn magic. Twilight looked at her horn and wings, which implied that she physically needed to be an alicorn to use alicorn magic. But then we see the dark magic leave her horn. This magic was seen used by her back in "the Crystal Empire", as a unicorn. (to be covered in a different topic) Sunbutt saying that that type of magic ("Alicorn magic") is the result of hatred and fear taking hold of a pony. And Zecora herself, before giving Twi the potion said "I dare not try to use it myself. The RESULTS would be TRAGIC. It only responds to ALICORN MAGIC".....Given what we've seen with NMM, Sombra, even the Alicorn Amulet- I think its pretty clear that Alicorn magic, in its natural form, IS supposed to be evil, and overpowered by the strongest magic...the magic of friendship.... be continued.....
  17. I did a search for this already, but the topics seemed too vague. So, here we go: The Topic is who is the best (or worst) villain from the Movies. Now, we're talking live action, no cartoons. Let's hear your choice, who do you love to hate? is it Jaws from James Bond? How about Darth Vader, maybe even a pair of Jokers? Me? My pick is a unsung baddie: Agent Smith from the Matrix. This dude is so bad he's cool. And........GO!
  18. Inspired by the Evil Overlord list, name some things you should if you ever wish to become an MLP villain. I'll start with the first rule: NEVER underestimate the power of friendship, failing to do so will leave your evil plan dead on the water before it even starts.
  19. You know all those cookies you ate in your life? Well, this one's coming back to eat YOU! lolz This one has been in my head for a long, long, LONG time now, but never got around to working on it. Whelp, I worked on it and finished it in one day. Sounds about right for me. In any case, criticism is greatly appreciated. Thx!
  20. Not sure if someone started this elsewhere and such, and I understands General Discussion isn't really the right place for this topic but blegh it will be taken down or moved, I don't mind either. Anyhoof, back on Topic, since it's Villain Day on these hear Forums I assume many of you will be changing up your profiles and such for it, if so, what Villain are you using for Villain Day and why are you using them? I have Handsome Jack on my avatar and my name obviously, He is the main Villain in the Borderlands Franchise, I find Jack to be one of if not in my eyes the best Villain I know, he is snarky, hilarious, ridiculously evil, and he is a HUGE annoyance throughout any playthrough on Borderlands 2 since he will call you up just to mock you and tell you how much you suck and are the bad guy, ironically Jack assumes he is the Hero but he is Villain heheh.
  21. this is what I hope happens in season 6. there is no inside knowledge on what will happen as I have no connections in Hasbro or anything. its just my idea. FIRST TWO EPISODES. starlight and twily go to the place where starlight found starswirls time spell and a bunch of other spells. upon arriving they see a huge portal ripping apart time and space. twilight and starlight close the portal but not before starswirl leaps out and teleports away. the mane six and starlight glimmer try to reason with starswirl, but he is completely insane and cant be reasoned with, he then starts laying waste to ponyville. the mane 6 decide to use the rainbow power to defeat him, but for the first time ever it fails! starswirl uses a shield of powerful dark magic to block the blast then starts slowly disintegrating the mane 5 and starlight. in anger twilight suddenly powers up and channels a huge surge of magic through her, knocking out starswirl and saving the mane 6. before twilight disintegrates starswirl, princess celestia steps in and stops her from killing him. celestia then takes starswirl to canterlot to mend his fractured mind. twilight then goes back to the cave and finds a hidden library full of old forbidden magic. she seals it and leaves. SHOWS UP TO MID SEASON we see that twilight has become more powerful after her fight with starswirl and we see some more slice of life episodes, friendship problems being solved and the like.twilight teaches starlight the magic of friendship, and they both work together on figuring out what happened with the rainbow power. twilight consults with starswirl who has been healed somewhat by celestia though he still cant remember where he was before he appeared in ponyville ,on what he thinks about the rainbow power. starswirl says he knows not what to do about the rainbow power, but that perhaps twilight should study other magic. starswirl tells twilight that she defeated him when she was enraged and perhaps she should study this more. twilight, who has been thinking the same thing, returns to starswirls cave and enters the secret library. SECOND HALF OF SEASON SHOWS more slice of life episodes and starlight glimmer and starswirl the bearded become friends. the mane 5 start to notice that twily isn't herself lately, though its mostly little things, like being overly organized and studying more than usual. one day twilight is late for her training with starlight.starlight over reacts and tracks her down finding twilight in the library doing a dark magical ritual. starlight teleports them both out and tells her to stay away from such books. twilight agrees but continues to go anyways. SHOW RIGHT BEFORE THE FINALE twilight tells princess celestia that the only way to fix the tree of harmony and the rainbow power is to make all disharmony, and evil creatures disappear with a spell she learned. celestia tells twilight that she will not allow it, that it is evil to take away peoples free will and that it is not true friendship. twilight sets out to use the spell but celestia, cadence, luna and discord stand against her. celestia tells twilight there is no way she can win and that she is outnumbered, but twilight just laughs and shows them her true power. while in the library twilight had been harnessing untold amounts of dark magic and infusing it into herself. with this new power, twilight defeats the princesses and discord in a battle that shakes the very roots of equestrian, she then binds them in tartarus and wipes the memory of the battle from everyones minds except for starlight, starswirl and the mane 5 who were protected by starlight. SHOW FINALE equestria is now ruled by twilight, and all unhappy, angry or sad thoughts are gone, the only person whos free will twilight didn't try to take was spike, who rules as prince of equestria. one day while spike is riding around equestria overseeing his kindom, he is kidnapped by starlight glimmer and the mane 5. spike is scared, believing, like everyone else, that starlight glimmer and the mane 5 are traitors to equestria. but after hearing there story of how twilight forcefully conquered equestria and that everyones memories and free will was taken, spike isn't sure what to believe. starlight gives spike memories of how twilight was before she ruled and then spike is released. spike watches twilight and comes to the conclusion that starlight and the mane 5 are right because friendship no longer matters to twilight. spike sneaks starlight and the mane 5 into queen twilights castle then the battle begins. twilight easily defeats there feeble attemptys to harm her and imprisons the six of them in tartarus. spike pleads with twilight to free them but twilight whirls on him in a rage. twilight screams at spike, saying she trusted him, then she takes his free will. realizing what she did twilight weeps and cries, finally seeing the error of her ways. twilight unbinds the evil magic from her which turns out to be alive. though it cannot speak it attacks her, but without a host twilight defeats it. realizing the solution to the rainbow problem, with the last of her power twilight travels back in time and seperates twilight from the dark magic before she can defeat the princesses and discord. queen twilight instructs twilight never to use dark magic again and then leaves. twilight later realizes that the source of the problems cannot be fixed as the problem comes from the alternate universes created in her battle with starlight. the map stretches acrossed time and space, even other universes, and since more universe were full of disharmony than harmony the trees power had faded. twilight calls everyone that there is no way to stop it now, they must simply wait to see what happens next! plz post thoughts. thank you