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Found 2 results

  1. using System;class Derp{ static int Main(string[] args) { try { if(true) { Exception ex = new Exception("DERP"); /* Look at this .NET, that I just found! When I say go, be ready to throw! Go! */ throw ex; } ... } catch (Exception) { //Ugh, lets try something else... return -1; } return 0; }} Pointless, but kind of a fun idea. I like it more than "Let it throw."
  2. I remember being mad at one of the Spongebob writers tweeting about how Plankton's suicide attempt in One Course Meal was "not immoral because it was in a comedic light." I thought about how suicide jokes are not funny period. But then I thought: "Wait I must be hypocritical then because I remember laughing a suicide joke before." So I thought: "Are there exceptions to this?" Lets take a look at two examples that I thought were funny In Deadpool the Game Deadpool is listening to Cable who is giving exposition. Deadpool is getting so bored by this that he pulls out a gun and shoots himself. (Deadpool is of course insane and also has a healing factor so he won't die from suicide) Cable angrily responding with "Damn it Wade!" This was funny because Deadpool would rather die than listen to anything that bores him for a long time. (This of course lacks the consequence of him actually dying. Example 2 is Game Grumps joking about how Sonic '06 is so bad that the developers approached the president of Sega who thought it was a tech demo and not the full game (which is was). They joke that the devs feel they've made a grave mistake for making a horrible game and killed themselves realizing what they've done. It's hard to defend why this one was funny though some of you might remember how notoriously bad that game is for this joke to be remotely funny. Now if you're not familiar with the Spongebob episode One Course Meal the event that happened here was that Mr. Krabs continuously used Plankton's newfound fear of Whales to scare him away from the Krusty Krab as well as simply tormenting him when he can. When Plankton's constant fear of Whales became realized after Mr. Krabs' slew of scare tactics continued, Plankton decided that he couldn't take living in fear so he decided to wait by the street so he could get himself run over by a bus. Spongebob tells Mr. Krabs and Krabs responds by saying to let him do it and laughed. I honestly don't know how this episode slipped past censors. It depicted a bully who drove a person to suicide and encouraged it once it was about to happen. All of which is a horrible thing to encourage and in no sense funny. I guess what makes this not funny is that it's just too real. Bullies driving people to suicide has been a staple trend in today's world and needs to stop. The other jokes I've referenced were very surreal and are way less likely to happen. In no way a justification but the episode was undeniably worse. But I wanna know what you guys think. Are there exceptions? Can suicide jokes be funny in a certain context? Or are they not funny no matter what? -Captain Brony, out!