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Found 10 results

  1. Idea: Let's make a place where we can exchange languages I teach you mine, you teach me yours To make it even more simple and fun, I already made some effort to prepare a bunch of pictures for you that you can use as an educational device Just take one of the pictures below and replace my texts with ones in your language, then post them here so that other people could learn your language. (I intentionally used solid colour backgrounds under those texts so that you could simply use a colour picker and paint the same colour over my texts, then replace it with your texts easily.) My hope is that after a while this thread will become a great learning place for people (and ponies) who want to learn languages :> Let's start with something simple, yet useful: colours. Why colours? Because they can be later connected with nouns to describe them, and that way you will be able to learn how to make the simplest grammatical construct in every language: noun phrases. (This will probably be in the next part.) Colours are one of the most primitive mechanism that allows us to distinguish objects from each other (e.g. apples from an apple tree), and their set is usually limited (unless you're a girl and you know millions of colours :J but let's save that level of complexity for later ). I can't provide you the audio, so under each image I also posted the texts as plain text that you can copy into your favourite text-to-speech software for that particular language (e.g. you can use Google Translate – they have audio samples for some languages; or you can use an online dictionary – those have audio samples sometimes as well; or Wiktionary). OK, that being said, let's now learn some colours with Rainbow Dash – the most colourful pony in Equestria Colours in Spanish: (rojo, naranja, amarillo, verde, azul, morado, blanco, gris, negro, marrón, rosa, los colores) Colours in Mandarin Chinese: (红色,橙色,黄色,绿色,蓝色,紫色,白色,灰色,黑色,咖啡色,粉红色,色) Colours in Polish: (czerwony, pomarańczowy, żółty, zielony, niebieski, fioletowy, biały, szary, czarny, brązowy, różowy, kolory) Also, if anyone is interested in becoming "language pen pals" with me, feel free to hit my mailbox (Although I prefer talking in this thread, because that way other people could benefit from that as well.) I also sometimes appear in Pony.Town as TeachMeUrLanguage and talk with ponies there. Or you can go to my Discord room specially made for language exchanges You can also share your ideas about what would you like to see next in this thread, what stuff you would like to learn, what languages you are interested in, etc. I'll add them to the poll above.
  2. I had purchased a copy of "It's a Pony Kind of Christmas" on my phone last year on Google Play. However, there is a new one this year. It has the exact same songs as the older one, only with the addition of the songs from A Hearth's Warming Tail. Is there any way I can exchange my old one or get a refund on it?
  3. I'm offering to sketch OCs (colored or uncolored at my discretion) in exchange for your posts in the Rainbow Dash Fan Club. That's all I'm asking. Go post in the RDFC (something decent, for goodness sake), link me to your post and a preexisting reference of your OC (MUST have a reference), and I'll get to the sketch as soon as I can. One drawing per post, and (tentatively) one drawing per member. And if you wanna be a pal and continue to post in the RDFC, all the better. Heads up: I post everything I draw to dA first, but I'll obviously put in the description that it isn't MY OC that I've drawn.
  4. Now firstly I have no doubt that this issue has most likely been raised already but I suppose I want to bring more public attention to this issue, well thing I suppose. I've already had a chat to @Dark Horse about this but I'd like to get more input on this. So as of this time all commission stores (think all) work in USD$ Now this for a good portion of users is quite alright all lot of you live in the US, but I speak for those who do not as I write this here are some exchange rates for those who don't. 22/04/2016 rates: (all these fugues buy $1US) AUS 0.75 CAN 0.78 NZD 0.69 There as some rates of users who are, well paying more than everyone else for commissions though exchange rates, others are paying less which results in the artists getting less money for their work (the idea works both ways). Now I have not a clue about what is needed to make it happen but my suggestion is for users to buy a neutral site currency I.E something akin to like steam dollars which then can be used to buy art on the commissions sections or maybe even a points system like Deviantart then the artists being payed the equal value, then reversed on their end, a system like this would allow artists to be payed same rates and for those in, well lack of better word poorer countries to get more equal value for our money.
  5. You are informed that they are doing a cultural exchange with earth and ponyville and this is a one time offer you can either go to ponyville and spend a month there or you can become a host family and be able to show one of the mane 6 around your home town for a month but you can not do both. what do you do.
  6. Hey you guys. I'm happy for a good trade for this song I made you! Tell me what you think!! BPM: 140 Genre: Uplifting Trance Time Spent: 8 hours
  7. A big thank you to all those who participated and completed your works. I hope everyone had a fun time doing this and were happy with your resulting exchange. Special thanks to Feather Spiral for pulling double duty and filling in as CluelessLlama13's partner on short notice. I'm certainly willing to host a second round of exchanges but this time with some added guidelines to ensure full participation and maximum results. So here it is, The Great MLP Forums Summer Art Exchange! (the filename of the image is the artist who created it) Team #1 - Doctor XFizzle & Princess Ariona Team #2 - Ezynell & Gizmo Team #3 - Shankveld & Mubbins Team #4 - Klopp & Eljordo Team #5 - ApocalyptiCchaos - letterONE Team #6 - Vinyl Pon3 Scratch (King of Magikarps) & Arylett Dawnsborough Team #7 - Vexx3 & Sir Wafflington Team #8 - Little Miss Fluttershy & EcchiChibi Team #9 - Allie Way & Djenty Team #10 - Dragonshy & Critical Hit Team #11 - Bohtty & DylanKLJ Team #12 - PoisonClaw & roomforapony Team #13 - CluelessLlama13 & Feather Spiral Team #14 - TagTeamCast (Prince Lightning) & Dizzy Leeane Rage Team #15 - Feather Spiral & Sir Prise (Crank Shift)
  8. Hi. I'm known around these parts as Zweiterversuch (For Germans a common username in many forums. For people from other countries a real challenge when it comes to pronunciation.) I have been present in some sections of this forums: Octavia's hall, Sugarcube corner...etc. I've started silly topics like the one in which you create your own MLP related yu-gi-oh cards or the one in which I was looking for people to publish a comic among others. This time I've come here with something a little more serious in mind. I'm a native Spanish speaker but I can talk German, a little bit of Japanese and a little bit of English. To talk at least 6 or more different languages fluently has always been one of my goals in my life. Unfortunately and as anyone who has learned another language, it is way hard to learn a language when all you do is repeat something from a book and you don't really have anyone there to correct you in case you make a mistake. That's why I'm looking for someone who shares the same goal with me (or who for some reason must practice Spanish, German or Japanese) to do a language exchange. So that together we might improve our skills and be a step closer to our dreams. I'm looking for people who are, Italian, English, Japanese or German native speakers. (I'm also trying to learn French and Portuguese but right now I can't even talk trash in those languages.) For people who aren't familiar with Language exchanges, here a small description of how it goes: 1.)We agree to "meet" online once or twice a week using Skype (No video conversation, in case you want to keep your real identity unknown.) 1.1)In these "dates" we'd try to talk as much as possible or do an activity that requires us to talk with each other (What we talk about is not so important.) To give you an example I'll tell you what I've done so far in these language exchanges so that you might have an idea of what we could do: -Watch a movie online together. -Watch anime online together. -Draw something and give each other advice or talk about what happened in our lives. - Play an online game together. (Yu-gi-oh or something else. No mmorpg's though. I've a serious addiction to gaming and I'm currently trying to overcome it. I mean it. It can ruin your life if you are not careful. I'm not trying to say that gaming is bad, but everything in excess is bad.) - Check each other's homeworks (I kid you not. I've done this. I'm bad at math though. Not because I'm bad at it but because I don't know how to explain things in other languages.) We could also send each other letters ( be mail buddies) so that we can also practice the written word of the language we'd be trying to learn. (Only two letters per week tops. It has happened to me before that I was overwhelmed by twelve letters a week from a previous partner I had.) As a language exchange partner I could help you with your Spanish, be it its pronunciation or its grammar. I could talk with you in German or even Japanese so that you might practice. (I can't help you in the pronunciation and grammar of these languages since I'm not a native speaker.) Also I must be clear on some things: I'm a 23 years old male. My hobbies are drawing, cooking, watch anime and movies, video games (mostly of the play station 1, super nintendo, nintendo 64 and NES.), languages, mangas, animation and voice acting (my voice sucks though). Interested people don't have to tell me anything about themselves. I'm not looking for people of a certain gender either. I do prefer that the ones interested in the language exchange are older than 15. It isn't like I discriminate children or anything, but as I said before this is serious business. I really want to improve my skills. Well, thank you for reading through all of this. P.S: If you're really interested in knowing how good I am in each language, I guess I could put up some recording for you to hear. This is also 1 of my hobbies: No, it is not bobbing my head.
  9. Alright, pairings are set. Here's the next step PM your exchange partner and come to an exchange agreement. Once an agreement is reached, PM me or post in this topic saying that you're good to go. I'll keep track here in this OP of all the pairings. The deadline to finish these pieces will be MONDAY, JULY 16TH. If you need more time, just let me know. When it is closer to time, I'll post instructions on how to send me the art for the Finale Thread.Have fun!If you finish early, feel free to post your finished piece to your dA account if you have one. Strikethrough means I have your art collected. Thank you.