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Found 15 results

  1. Everypony, are you excited to might get what deer claws got you for unicornimas it should be rainboom awesome like me Rainbowdash ! Hopefully I get from gamestop - the collectors edition of Sailormoon Monopoly, then paw patrol Everest with snowmobile and others are the mighty pups collection as superheroes. Oh yes I need more novels to read like the princess collection and last the new blind bags of LOST KITTIES! I find it unique way of getting your mystery toys out by digging it out of play-do how cool is that anyway later !
  2. So I am really excited about the movie, seeing something so profoundly life changing for me up on the big screen. Specifically, I'm looking to seeing the Mane Six tested in a way they never have been before. Perhaps I'm setting myself up for disappointment but after the community has given me a gift in the form of these songs . . . . . . I can't help but picture my heroes actually doing something that will be a struggle for them and overcoming it in spectacular fashion. So let me ask you guys this, what are the stakes of the movie, the scale? I mean by the very nature that it is "the big damn movie" I would hope they wouldn't just make a two hour long episode. What do you guys think, or know (without spoiling), about how "big" the events of the film will be?
  3. Hey there. If you are at the end of High School (year 11) in the UK you will be getting your GCSE results on the 21st To our cousins overseas these results are very important for getting into college and future education. Are there any UK teens out there getting ready for their results? Im finding it to be an anxious thing to think about. After so much work put into exams you have to wait 2 months for the results that will determine your future. I ended up moving to london during my holiday so I have to take a train up to manchester and stay there for the week in order to get my results. On the plus side I will be going to BUCK while im there and I get a new computer if I have good enough grades to get into the courses that I wanted. What do you guys think? This can be a place to tell your thoughts about how you think its going to turn out or how your feeling to finally get the results you need to go on to college. You can also discuss other exam results that are being revealed soon if that is the case.
  4. Hey guys, This is it. The Mareicana is getting its final touches done to welcome all Equestria to the 2014 MLPF World Cup set to begin almost 24 hours from now! How exciting is that?! There will indeed be a World Cup Opening Ceremony at 7:00 pm EST tomorrow, and I hope you all can be there for the surprises we have in store for you! Also use this thread to cheer on for your favourite pony as loudly as you want (just be courteous about it.) Also, to get you guys even more fired up, here's the character anthems you guys can sing along with before every World Cup match, just like the FIFA World Cup! Enjoy!
  5. Where the "Mane 5" show this face, and you're still a normal-coloured Human, wearing the exact same clothes you wore on the very moment you landed in Pony Equestria. "This Face" :
  6. Bon_Bon

    Anypony going?

    OMG!!! So I have cometed on all of the topics!! I am wondering who is going! Also how much money should I bring? I just am SO excited!! I was not allowed to go to Brony Con, but this is closer so I am allowed to go!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
  7. I used to be embarrassing that I watched mlp and I would make a excuse if somepony saw me watching the show and even though I don't any more and i'm proud to be a brony. If you made excuses what was your worst and very hard to believe excuse.
  8. Season 4 promos and scripts are invading EQD! It seems like they're posting an episode synopsis each night but that's probably not going to happen much but everyone seems to be excited to get our good ol' ponies back! What do you guys think of the news so far about Season 4? Oh um, also.... Where did the phrase, "All aboard the Hype Train" come from? It seems to be the most repeated phrase in the comments of Season 4 promos and episode synopsis.
  9. So hi guys! Happy Geek Week!(I know I'm not the only one who knows about this) Have you ever had a moment where you were so hyped up about something that you literally started to geek out? In public maybe? Or probably it was that new game you've waited for so long? Well type your story in the comments! I would be interested to hear one
  10. Have you ever been nervousited? Nervousitedness is, as Pinkie Pie says, "It's like you want to jump up and down and yell 'Yay, me!' but you also want to crawl up into a teeny tiny ball and hide at the same time." Basically, you are nervous and excited. There was one situation where I was kind of nervousited, and that was when I first started to play my violin. Since I am sort of a perfectionist, even when I know I couldn't do much on the violin first off, I would kind of hate myself if I messed up a note, even I knew no one was watching or listening. To spare that, I didn't want to do it, but I still wanted to do it. I was excited because the violin is my most favourite instrument, and when I will be able to play it well, I can create a lot of good music that I will love. But, I would have to power through the practicing first. I have been procrastinating practice for a long time now. I haven't felt like I wanted to practice at all.
  11. Ok, so I guess I'll begin... don't know where, but I will... Not that long ago, I found out what a Tulps was. I mean, way before that, I heard of the word, but had no idea what it meant. After I found out that there are, I guess, these... thought beings, if you will... that you could create within your mind so that you could have a companion and what not, and they would be sentient, I thought that it might be interesting to try and make one of my own. I know there are plenty of others who have done this and succeeded (@Chigens and Kay, I'm lookin at YOU), and a few others besides me that have gotten interested as of late, and I really have decided to try and put some effort into this so that I can have at least SOMEone to talk to when I'm alone at home (which is usually all the time, because I never spend time with my family because we have no similar interests, and I only have one friend who I really ever get to hang out with). So, I've been studying and reading up on Tulpa. Seems that, with some effort, I can create one, but it'll take some time. Also, I'm trying to print off all of the guides that I can find so that I can have all the information that I can get without having to go to a computer, so that will hinder my time a bit, too. That's why I've created this blog, to let everyone who is interested see my progress. And , I guess I might as well show you who I plan on trying to make, even though she may change drastically as I make her: Eeyup, I want to make Octavia to begin with. I also wanted to make Vinyl Scratch, but someone told me that two Tulpa at the same time was not good, so I'll just stick with Tavi for now. Well, hope you all stay tuned, I'll keep ya updated as often as possible.
  12. I see many topics propping up for specific upcoming games. But are there any specific games you guys are excited for? With releases in the near future. Currently I am waiting for Diablo III, Starcraft II: heart of The Swarm and Torchlight II Also near the end of the year Borderlands 2
  13. Ok, I'm happy to announce I finally got my first MLP t-shirts. *Applause* Ok, and the cool thing is, is that I will be the first person in my city to actually be seen wearing a MLP shirt. I know this because no one has seen anyone with a MLP shirt on. My mom walked into my room and asked me if I was going to get beat up or teased for wearing the shirt. I said I don't know, and she then proceeded to call the ponies feminine looking which I agreed they were. Yeah... So other then that, today was pretty suckish. We had a 2 hour delay, but the day didn't feel any shorter. I almost broke down (YET AGAIN) in my english class out of anger... (the 2nd best part of the day was me getting an A- on my Geography test)... I recently saw the school was having a talent show and I was thinking, if I could get my group to play "I'll fly higher" for it... If not I'll stick with "Perfect"... So yeah today was un-eventful, I hope tomarrow goes better, but until then I'm off... Dusty S.
  14. Anypony thrilled for the releases of pokemon black & white 2? Which version will you buy when they come out? !