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Found 7 results

  1. Since 2012, Hasbro has provided Generation 4 My Little Pony Exclusives at Comic-Con. But with Comic-Con 2016 coming up, I figured I talk about a few things 1) This one is the obvious one. But what will be this year's San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive My Little Pony figures? And not just the main toys, but also the Equestria Girls toys and even(For the first time ever) the Guardians of Harmony Toys? In 2012, we had Derpy Hooves In 2013, a DJ-Pon 3 with Swarvoski Crystals on her glasses(Twilight later got one of her own) In 2014, The Mane-Iac got two Exclusives. One was a Pony version of her with Spike the Dragon. Another was her in the Equestria Girls outfit And last year, we had Chicken Pinkie Pie for Ponies and Sci-Twi for Equestria Girls 2) I've also attached a Poll to this topic: What is the best San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive figure for My Little Pony? 3) Finally, if you have any of the SDCC Exclusives, feel free to post a picture of them. Here's my collection of MLP Comic-Con toys. Sorry for the horrible lighting. XP
  2. They're going to release some exclusives at Walmart of all stores Source: Now, I am actually glad we're seeing more Funko Ponies coming out. But Wal-Mart? Wal-Mart of all stores? I can't stand Wal-Mart.
  3. Do you guys feel any particular way about these ponies who are exclusive to the toyline? Have you gotten attatched to one or some, in the way you'd get attatched to a pony in the actual series? In my own case, I'm so in love with a little blank flank filly named Star Dreams, who's toyline exclusive, and has been released 3 times-twice with some of the mane 6, and once with the CMC, so I've been curious as to her importance, since she's been released with the mane 6 and CMC. Not to mention, she's as cute as a button! I'm miffed that there isn't more merch of her, and I eagerly await the day when she'll graduate to at least being a background chara in FiM. I've given her a fanthread in the forums, and throw countless hours into writing fics about her. To me, she's more than just a toyline exclusive pony. Does anyone feel the same about any specific toyline exclusive pony?
  4. Hello everypony, It seems Mane-Iac will appear as a brushable figure exclusive to Target!
  5. Saw this and thought it might interest some people: Apparently there might be some sort of exclusive convention cross over cover that will feature both Nightmare Moon and Megatron. It looks cool and I hope that it is real
  6. Hello! A little while back, I was thinking about arcade games and such, and I was thinking of the thought of creating a series(album thingy) to release all of my ideas for this concept. I named it 'BangHammer EP'. I found that LaserPon3 had released a download to the 8bit sounds from the Comic Con game, and I decided, "What the heck? Let's add those samples to BangHammer!" Thus, creating 8BITMLP, my fanmade track. I hope you enjoy, critique is appreciated! I plan to release this "series" later on in the year.^^ http-~~-// Edit: XraYZ has also created a remix for this series.^^ http-~~-//