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Found 13 results

  1. Anybody here do daily workout/exercise routines to stay healthy or in shape?
  2. Anyone here like to workout and eat healthy or would like help on where to start with a healthier lifestyle? I am looking for support and motivation for myself or anyone else who needs it! What do you like to do to stay active? What are your favorite healthy foods?
  3. So I used to workout quite regularly, and with decent results, but sooner or later I started getting busy and I guess I just lost discipline. The other day I was thinking about how much I enjoyed watching myself improve and I figured I aught to get back into it; and what better way to get motivated than discussing it with a forum of friends. So do any of you workout or plan to? If so, do you like it? What all do you do and what motivates you? I used to do quite a bit of strength training, but admittedly lacked on cardio, so I'm hoping to find a decent regimen that balances strenth and cardio, but it will definitely be leaning toward strength.
  4. We all hate Commercials right? So what do you do when they play TV commercials? I mean, I assume you guys don't watch commercials anyway XD. I mean they're really boring So During commercials, I try to exercise... But...I usually just either flip through the other channels, listen to music or just get lazy on the couch How about you guys?
  5. Just wondering what you all do to stay fit! Every morning I run at least 3 and a half miles, then lift weights, and then spin for about twenty minutes on 20 resistance. This is just my usual’s not including any excercize I do for fun, like swimming or dancing, but you guys are welcome to include it! Share as much or as little as you like! No workout too small!
  6. How often do you exercise, and what exercises do you do? I personally work on cardio, speed and strength as much as possible. I'm young, but my family doesn't really have the best history when it comes to health. I'd like to become healthier, so I exercise. What about you guys?
  7. Well? I've been trying to get in shape and here are the things I do: Ab: Basic Crunch Right Oblique Crunch Left Oblique Crunch Bicycle Crunch Reverse Crunch Long Arm Crunch Crossover Crunch Half Curl Vertical Leg Crunch Plank Arm: Overhead Press Bicep Curls Tricep Extension Right Tricep Extension Left Bent Over Row Front Raises Reverse Bridge Dips Half Push-Ups High Side Plank Right High Side Plank Left Butt (yes, that exists xD): Squat Front Lunges Side Lunges Deadlift Donkey Kick Right Donkey Kick Left Hip Bridge Leg Extensions Flutter Kicks (Fluttershy >.>) Froggy Glute Lifts Cardio: Jog In Place Jumping Jacks Knee Ups Butt Kickers Mountain Climber Pulls Step Ups Pile Squat Hops Ski Hops Shuffle Punches Jump Rope Leg: Side Leg Lift Right Side Leg Kick Right Inner Thigh Raise Left Side Leg Lift Left Side Leg Kick Left Inner Thigh Raise Right Hamstring Curls Quad Lifts Static Lunge Right Static Lunge Left I'm only a 15 year old girl, so keep that in mind. Do you all do exercises?
  8. What music do you (mostly) listen to when you workout? This, for instance, is the song I usually play (I love trap!) when I workout: What about you?
  9. Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't updated this blog in a while (not that anyone reads it). Just wanted to give a quick update on my weight. To be honest, I stopped exercising in a routine fashion after school started in September. However, due to my new-found metabolism, I've been able to maintain my weight, and actually lose a bit more! As of right now, I'm hovering around 190 pounds (86 kg). I've lost around 60 pounds (27 kg) since June (when I was around 250 lb / 113 kg), and 70 pounds overall (32 kg), from when I was at my heaviest (around 260 lb / 118 kg)! The main goal now is to maintain, and perhaps, next summer, I'll try to replace some of that fat mass with more muscle mass. Good luck to anyone out there trying to improve their weight! It's totally possible, and totally worth it! I believe in you!
  10. Well, it's been nearly two months since my first "Losing Weight" blog post, and my weight loss has been going pretty well so far! As of right now, I'm about 225 pounds (102 kg), down from 251 pounds (114 kg) in the first post. That's just about 10% of my body weight! To be honest, I don't expect to hit my original 200 pound (91 kg) goal before school starts, but it doesn't really matter. Weight loss is weight loss, and as long as I keep doing what I'm doing, I should be able to keep it up during the school year. If I could give any advice to someone who wants to lose weight, all I could say is eat less and work out more. As long as you're burning more calories than you're shoving into your face, you're going to lose weight! You don't have to starve yourself, but try cutting out as many carbs as you can. White bread, crackers, and other snacks are loaded with them. Cutting down on sugar, fat, and all that other bad stuff is sort of a given, and the most important thing of all is to stay positive! Try eating some more healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables! If it weren't for this weight loss, I would've never known that I like bananas and taco salads! As far as working out is concerned, I do it for an hour every weekday. Whether or not that's enough/not enough for you depends on your body type, weight, metabolism, and a lot of other factors. Do as much as you can, but don't over-strain your body. At LEAST 30 minutes 3-5 days a week should be the minimum. It's hard at first, but once you get used to the routine, it's not so bad. Don't give up! I probably won't make another weight-related blog post soon, but I won't abandon this! See you guys later!
  11. TheTEChguy27

    Losing Weight

    I've never really participated in blog-making before, but I thought I might as well keep this information down somewhere. Not sure if I'll post other things in this blog (like my YouTube videos), but I suppose I'll figure that out as this goes along. Anyways, I want to try and lose some weight this summer. In order to keep track of my weight loss (and in order to force myself to do it), I'm posting it here for people to see. Still not sure if I'm going to make a weight-related blog post every week, or each month, or just make another one at the end of summer. For those that are interested, I'm about 6'3" and 251 pounds, as of this morning. Not morbidly obese, but fat enough to feel uncomfortable and awkward in my own body. I've been overweight since elementary school, and I want to be at a normal weight before I graduate. I plan on getting down to around 200 pounds by the time the next school year starts. That's within the average weight for someone of my height. I have about 11 weeks to do this, which gives me a goal of around 4.5 pounds to lose a week. Sounds reasonable enough for someone my age, I think. My diet isn't too bad; I just need to cut down the carbs and eat more fruits and veggies. As for exercise... well, anything is better than what I currently do. I plan on walking/jogging a lot, as well as a few crunches and push-ups here and there. I'm not focusing on gaining muscle mass as much as I'm focusing on losing fat mass, though. If you actually read all of that, kudos to you. Any health nuts out there, if you have tips or ideas, I'd love to hear them! tl;dr I'm losing weight and I felt like blogging about it for some reason. See you at the gym, everypony!
  12. Yes my dear Bronies and Pegisisters I'm about to embark on an epic journey of fitness! I just got the Insanity program from the Beach Body Co. I'm going from flab to fit. But I could really use your support. I've tried fitness programs before and failed do to lack of motivation. I'm thinking of making a video journal of it, but I'm not sure if I'll do that. Anyway, It'd be grate if I could get some support, and maybe some of you could even take on the challenge with me. Update: Well I just got the program and did the first video wich is the fit test. I didn't pass I'm so out of shape! round is a shape I've got a long road ahead of me and I'll need all your support to help me reach my destination. I'll start using status updates so I don't have to keep updating this thread. If you want to support me just follow that.
  13. For my final semester of college, I'm taking a creative writing class just for the sake of taking it, as well as to stretch out my Pell Grant. I wanted to take it in order to see if I couldn't improve my writing at all, or at least learn a bit more about what good writing is like. This is one of the exercises I was supposed to do for homework. The exercise was called Common Objects, and I was essentially supposed to make a list of a few objects around me, then write a story around them treating them as people, stories about their inner life, or one being in love with the other, things like that. I ended up writing a brief story about the two cat trees we have in our house. Two cat trees stand in the room, apart, separated by an aquarium and the dining room table. One is worn, aged, of deep green shaggy fabric torn apart by years of use. The other, young, white of fabric and new in all respects, has displaced the old. The cats now lounge in its top. The old one is resentful, angry at the humans that replaced it and full of burning hatred for the younger. It was good enough, wasn't it? The Himalayan always rested in its top, cradled away, hiding from the humans that scared her. The tabby always too to resting in the tree's lower cave, while the grey one ate from a bowl on one of its platforms. It cared for them, loved them, appreciated each touch. With the cats, the old one fulfilled its purpose. So who was this young upstart, coming in and taking away the cats? How dare it?! All the one wished is to be with its cats again. It cries out in loneliness and fury. If it could, it would rend the young one limb from limb. But all it can do is rest in its corner and glare. The young one knows none of this. In fact, it barely knows itself. It sees the cats resting on its top or eating from bowl at the bottom, and it pauses in confusion...or even, sometimes, disgust. At times it doesn't like the cats. Their warmth is uncomfortable, the eating nauseating, or would be if it had a stomach. It sees the old one's glares, but it doesn't understand the anger. It sees the old one's interest as something of desire, or want. When the young one looks at the old one, it sees a respected figure of experience and grace, someone it can Unlike the old one, the young one cares not for its purpose. The young one, instead, yearns to be with the old one, to touch it, hold it, lean against it and rub its shaggy green fibers. it adores everything about the old one, every last little particle of its being. Forget the cats, or the humans with their petty intentions. The young one is in love. If the old one knew of the young one's amorous desires, it would be appalled. A cat tree, loving another cat tree, instead of the cats it was built to serve? How absurd! It goes against the grain of decency, of common sense! It is unnatural, abhorrent! To learn of such desires on the part of the young one would only infuriate the old one even more. It wouldn't just want to tear apart the young one, oh no. If it could, it would unleash great gouts of flame, burn the young one alive, hear its cries as it is consumed by the fire until it bursts into ashes. Such a fate would only be right for a violator of the natural order. But the young one doesn't understand why this would have to be. To the young one there is no such thing as a natural order. A cat tree loving another cat tree is just as fine as a cat tree that loves its cats, or even no one at all. The young one flounders in its confusion, not even really understanding its own desires, but knowing they exist all the same. So the two cat trees stand at an impasse, neither understanding the others wishes or interests. Both upset with the state of how things are, both wishing for change, both wishing for their loneliness to subside. Both trapped in their own minds, not seeing the other that is, but only the other that they imagine them to be. If they could talk, communicate, understand each other, they might be able to work out their differences, realize their failings, their mistakes, and come to terms with each other. But they cannot, for they are merely cat trees, doomed to stand in but one place, forever silent, forever the servant of cats who pay them no mind at all.