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Found 37 results

  1. So, what's the sickest you've ever been? The sickest I have ever been was when I came down with food poisoning when I was 15.
  2. So, what do you consider to be cheating? Does your partner have to be caught full-fledged being intimate with someone else in order for it to be cheating? Or is them simply flirting with someone else considered cheating?
  3. What has been the most (physically) painful experience of your life?
  4. Have you ever been admitted to the hospital? If so, why? Update: I have been admitted four times.
  5. Hey everypony, i was thinking back to a few years ago and i remembered when i almost died. I was swimming in the ocean when i was sucked up by a riptide. It pulled me SUPER far from the shore and i could not stay afloat. While underwater i struggled to get up, but alas i could not. As i blacked out, i remember feeling peaceful and seeing visions of my family and friends and highlights of my life. I awoke in a flash and thought for sure i was in Heaven or somewhere. Obviously i was not, but as i came to my senses i realized i almost just died! Anypony else had a near death experience?
  6. Personally experienced: 1. My own vomit. I had food poisoning and all I could do was watch as the food and stomach acid came out.. So GROSS! 2. Found a long piece of hair in my sub sandwich and I accidentally swallowed it. 3. I was at work trimming a dog' nails when he decided to "go" all over the place.. And on me -_- 4. My brother threw up all of his McDonalds in the car because he went on a roller coaster after he ate it. 5. My bird threw up. Yes, they can do that. 6. Purposely cut my tendon and bled all over. 7. Had a sinus infection and coughed up yellow stuff. Seen: 1.Pieces of hair in a public bathroom sink. (I find it absolutely disgusting when hair is on a sink). 2. A spoon on the public bathroom floor with pudding on it. (More like a WTF moment). 3. Cyst draining. 4. Old man dancing in a diaper, and nothing else..
  7. Have you ever been in a car accident of any kind? When I was 17, the driver lost control of the car from speeding and lost control. The truck flipped three times, resulting in all the windows breaking and a hospital visit.
  8. Has anyone had anything good happen to them or someone else recently? Something that made your heart melt even just a little? I was in the grocery store a while back and saw someone pay for someone else's groceries when they didn't have enough money to pay for it all. Kind of cool that charitable acts like that still happen, it can be hard to remember the good things when we're blasted by so much negativity!
  9. Phasereale

    They are real

    Have you ever experience something that is supposed to be not real, but is real? Well, Ladies and Gentlecolts. I'm gonna tell you a scary and horrifying experience I've been through. Back then, when I was in 4th grade in elementary school. I was living in a church apartment at the time, before I moved into a bigger house. The events started happening one night, when I had to use the restroom before I went to sleep. Half way down the hall of the apartment. I had a instinct to stop before passing the living room area and to turn around. It was not the feeling of being watched, but an instinct somehow kicked in. When I turned around. I saw 2 glowing white eyes peaking out through the door it cracked opened. After, seeing for a split second. It closed the door to the heater room. I next went to go wake up my dad, that sleeping on the couch in the living room and told him what I saw. We went down the hall to the small heater room and when we opened the door. The creature wasn't their anymore. It's like it vanished into thin air in order to get not spotted. After my dad checked. He said that he didn't see anything. I could've sworn I saw something and I seen what I've seen. 3 months later, I had a Spider-Man toy standing on top of my tv. I was watching tv at the time in my bedroom and when I got up. I saw that their was a liquid small water puddle underneath the toy was standing on. The weird part is that it came from his lower half of his body. The good thin is that I've noticed that, because it would've gone through the cracks of the tv. I went to go get my dad about it and he thought that it was odd and weird as well. So, we cleaned up the water puddle and put the Spider-Man toy back in my toy box and never sat it on my tv again. In the summer time, when church ended. I went up stairs to hangout in the apartment, but I've got that instinct again. I stopped on the 2nd flight of stairs leading to my apartment with the door wide opened. Nobody broke in, because we have the bottom staircase locked. So that way any children can't go up stairs. When, I stood their for a second. I heard someone breathing very heavy. The sound of someone getting angry kind of breathing. After hearing the first heavy breathing. I rushed down the stairs so quick. That the breathing got louder and louder, until I hit the bottom and it stopped. I went to one of the church people and told him about it. He then said "that was the angel spirits!". I was like "What?" and I told myself that ( it didn't sound very happy at all. ). A few weeks later. We went to the hospital at night to see our paster, because he was suffering from a heart attack ( He's a big guy in a electric wheelchair ). The very nice last thing he did for before he past away is. He gave us his house for free, which is very nice, kind, and generous of him. So, we packed our things at the church and moved into the paster's house. After that, I didn't have any paranormal problems until later on down the road. I'm glad I moved out of the church and i'm glad I survived a paranormal stealth attack. Moral of the Story: Demons are real, but they rarely make a appearance in our lives. They are to be taken serious and they are very dangerous on many levels. So, it's best to stay away from the paranormal and beyond the contacts of it. The paranormal is no laughing matter. I hope you ladies and gentlecolts enjoyed this scary story I've told. I've got more stories that are non-scary later on. Everypony, have a nice day or night! May your favorite pony visit you in your dreams!
  10. Thilipsophile (a word created by me) is a short word for those people who likes to be sad purposefully. In other words they find sadness more pleasurable. I sometimes really love to be sad. When there is no reason I tend to read tragic fictions to feel sad. (I know I'm wierd) So I was wondering if there is anypony else on forums has experience something like that in his/her daily life.
  11. Note: I dont mention any names in this text because im not sure if i can face myself but if you know me you know what im talking about i dont really know what happened but somehow im feeling that im drifting away from something that i shouldnt drift away from ? its like wanting to hold onto something but still move forward? i think i've been testing the waters for about year or a half now and its starting to feel that i've kinda lost myself in the process and it feels kinda uncomfortable. Part of the reason that i been more active here these days is that i been trying to get a hold of myself but the more i come across the things i used to do the more it kinda conficts with the way i do them now and im not really sure which way of doing things is for the better? Am i really the person who i used to be anymore at the same time it feels that i am but it also feels that i am not and im not really. But I dont really like the reasoning that i gave myself to do all these things. I've been trying to lie myself and try to start over and hide from myself and i kinda played along for awhile but now i see how messed up that was and at the end nothing feels right anymore? but was all this for the better? did i grow from all of this? perhaps but i cannot undo all the crap that happened. One thing is for sure and that is that im still too insecure about myself to really act the way i would like to at certain times. I cave into my own pressure or create some kind of illusion where i live because i cant face the things as they are. Here is how it all started I didnt really mean anything to happen but as time went on i suppose i started believing my own lies and it kind of a created the root of the whole situation that is going on with me .At heart i didnt truly accept anything i denied myself because of what i expected the expectations would be for a while i i didnt act at all i wasnt going either way it was a standstill this was early 2014 as i learned more about who i am through channel of discoveries through exploration of myself i liked it and didnt want anything else to interfere. So i shut off everything else and put 100% into this new thing that was giving me joy. It was an illusion a bubble i realized it soon enough but because things were working out i didnt want it to change. The time went on and i grew more and more attached to the illusion and it really started to derail my emotional balance which i had been trying to keep intact about those times i realized that i cant keep it together any longer. so i started the damage control and widened the foundation and shared the resources so everything doesnt focus on the same section it started slowly but but after some time both sections were operating and well things were going well in the illusion again i regained myself and i was able to continue. After some time though the growth on both sections was not stopping and it was taking significant resources to keep it going and i knew that i couldnt keep them both as i didnt have the capacity to keep them both alive then i decided that i would go with the more stable one and let the other slow down a bit this was around 2016 or something as it slowed down i kinda started losing the illusion i kept in there aswell. I couldnt get back in there anymore it would never be like it was back then i realized that and i didnt know what to do. Some time passed and i started really get uncomfortable because my illusion wasnt there as strongly as before i started doubting myself and the illusion. after that i desided to separate the illusion and myself for good but now the place was truly lost for me i didnt have anything there anymore. everything was in that illusion. i had only the other section to keep me going . but deep down i couldnt really give up the illusion it had established a big part of me and i didnt really know anything better of myself so at this point i kinda started losing myself aswell and the rift between the illusion and the new me became even deeper. It has become even more unclear to me who i am? and does the illusion or new me even define who i am?
  12. Have you ever had bad shopping experiences? Like at a grocery store or mall??? If so, tell us your stories! Maybe someone will have the same experience as you? One of my stories: It was around BlackFriday this year and my mom and I decided to go to Wal-Mart a few days before the big BF antics start. A lot of things were on sale so at first we though we would get some good stuff. Boy, were we WRONG. Almost every good product was either sold out or broken because people fought over them. Not only that, everyone around us kept running into each other being really rude. The worst part was that it was really hard to escape the madness! Every time we tried to leave certain areas, people would crowd around and block our way out. We FINALLY made it out with nothing but a few rolls of toilet paper and a few pens.
  13. Have you had any interactions with bronies or pegasisters in real life that were particularly crazy? If so you can tell me either the long version or the short version ha ha I may say A few on this forum myself
  14. Hey! Have you checked out our series premiere? I'm writing blog posts everyday for the next month, so be on the look out! So how many of you own a Chromebook? Yeah? Nah? Okay. For those who are thinking of getting one, don't. For those who have them, I pity you and share your pain. And for the people who don't know what a Chromebook is, "A Chromebook is a watered down version of your Nokia 2002 Mobile set to run glorified Extensions only approved by the Google Store. No, it cannot run Android apps or any form of program built for your phone." Got it? Good. Well, I was unfortunate to overestimate the power of the Chromebook. When I heard you could mount a copy of Linux onto the Chromebook's main OS, Chromium, I jumped on it. I quickly downloaded a copy of "Chroot", a "root" or something that connects to something else. Yeah, I don't know Linux (and frankly, I don't want to [yet]). Anyway, the reason I wanted run Linux on my crappy Acer Chromebook was because I've heard that Steam is a big supporter on the Penguin platform and having been deprived of all PC games for over a month, I was at the point of modding my Aqua Blue 3DS to run EA's Battlefront. The installation took about 30 minutes. I had to wipe my hard drive, but 2 gigs of homemade vectors is hardly a loss. Afterward, I had to activate the chroot by going through the Shell. A couple lines of meaningless code later, and I was surfing on the most primitive interface I'd ever seen. Y'see, I made the mistake of installing a copy of "XFCE" which makes WinME look like Win7. Everything was just overall dull and bland. Simple Grays and Navy Blues; not very pretty. I know I probably could've changed it up, but I was too worried about overheating my Chromebook due to the OS mounting. About 15 minutes into my deep exploration, my Craptop suddenly stops and goes black. Now, my model of Chromebook, the Acer 17-inch White doesn't have a fan for the sake of size-reduction. That means my lap is on fire by the time I was even thinking of installing Steam. Not to mention the 2GBs of RAM and Intel i3 that came with the system. (Both of which are not upgradable; I couldn't even identify the 15GB HDD). So, with fuming defeat, I turn the laptop back on and try my hand again, this time making it to the point that I've successfully installed Steam. Steam was pretty much the same interface we've all come to know. The only problem is that it couldn't recognize those Unicode Characters that we all love spamming today. It was really depressing seeing familiar faces accompanied with a series of "ࡢ"s. I installed Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth without a problem. Only a few people know this, but I'm a huge BOI player. I've gotten a rough 70 percent completion, but I'm still going strong. What I can't handle, however, is when my computer crashes mid-playthrough. I know BOI is set to save every room entered, but come on, Chromebook! I think the funnier things about Linux on Chromebook, is that the hotter the Mobo got, the glitchier the game became. I started seeing weird physics placeholders in the Dank Caves. Lag became a big issue, too. I would've excused it if it were the original, "Wrath of the Lamb", but this was Afterbirth, so all that should've been fixed. I had a good time with Linux on Chromebook, but it wasn't my cup of tea, especially when the screen continued to black out every hour or so. Simply not acceptable for gaming. Ah well, more pony tomorrow. -RealityPublishing
  15. Firstly, lemme just say it's great to be back. Did I enjoy my hiatus? No. I didn't. I was forced by my own will to finish a plethora of fanfictions that I almost gave up on. (I didn't. You can find them on my fimfiction page). Anyway, today was my birthday. Happy birthday me. With that birthday came a very special surprise from Scott Cawthon, creator of the FNAF series and his all new, "Sister Location". Let me be clear, I hate the game, not you or the guy who made. Now, for those who don't know, I was a FNAFer before I became a brony, so I've got a lot of respect for the Five Nights franchise. This? This is something else. Firstly, and I will try to steer clear of spoilers, the game is completely revamped. There is nothing that resembles the first games. This game could've been a separate entity of its own. Why Scott decided to beat a dead horse is completely unknown. He should have gone with something a little more original. The mechanics of the game are all fresh and 3D-like, but that comes with problems. The camera is a piece of crap. The entire time you play it, you're fighting it. Move the mouse up? WHOOPS. Glitches back down to the bottom. This goes on, but you eventually get used to it and move along. My main problem is with Night 2. No, I haven't beaten it, but I'm not sure I ever will. The game requires you to reboot 8 different rooms by holding down a button. Sounds easy, right? No. Instead, there's "Funtime Freddy" in the room with you, waiting around like some kind of creep. Naturally, this being a fnaf game, you've gotta spam the voice box (like FNAF3 for those familiar) and distract him. He'll go away for about 2 seconds before you have to do it all again. I have no problem with that. The real problem is where you get to the very last reboot, become jump-scared, and then have to do everything over again while listening to the twenty minute intro all over again. Good job, Scott. Good job. (keep in mind I did this for a good 3 hours.) Unstoppable cut-scenes are the pinnacle of fear. Not to mention lost progress. (this is coming from a guy who plays classic 90s games regularly) All in all, the game is boring, buggy, innovative, but not a FNAF game. You want a good game? Go play Outlast or the Resident Evil 7 Demo a thousand times. Stay away from this mess (he better fix the game) Anyway, sorry for that rant, I know it was uncalled for. We'll be returning to our regular, daily brony tales tomorrow. Stay tuned! Thanks! -RealityPublishing
  16. Now I just want to start off by saying, I love The Legend of Zelda. I grew up with it, and, in fact, Ocarina of Time was the very first video game I ever played. I loved it more than anything in the world. As a mindless 4-year old blowing through the Shadow Temple with nightmares to spare, I was always in awe at how a boy no older than myself, was able to traverse across the vast lands of Hyrule and defend an entire kingdom from Ganondorf. Ocarina of Time will always stay in my heart as the best game to ever exist. 10/10 -IGN But while making my way through the death traps in the Bottom of the Well, I caught wind that there was yet another Zelda game on the 64. The name of the game was The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Now, back then, there was no way for a toddler to get his crumby hands on Dial-Up, at least, not for me. So I managed to forget about it and move on. Nearly 8 years later, the name once again arises with a remake on the Nintendo 3DS, a handheld console that I still would argue is superior to the PSVita, a gaming equivalent to MySpace and Windows Vista. (Vita, Vista, huh. I wonder if there's a connection) Having remembered the brilliant adventures of the masterpiece Ocarina of Time, I set off to find myself the original cartridge for this mysterious successor. Another year or two passed until I managed to find myself a Gold Cart copy of Majora's Mask for about 60 bucks with a replicated Expansion Pak of the same price. Slamming the cartridge in my system, I booted it up and started a file named "BEN", in respect to the Creepypasta. Back then, and now, I like to play 3D Zelda games with a challenge known as the "3-Heart Challenge", where, the player rejects all heart pieces and containers dropped or earned. Let me just say, the adventure on the original system would never compare to what the 3DS had to offer. I often complain that games today are simply too easy. Anyone can pick up and play them without dying once, hence why I like to revert back to a remake's original. Majora's Mask was a rage inducing nightmare that I truly enjoyed. Everything about it was familiar, chaotic, and absolutely impossible. Having bought the 3DS remake beforehand, I thought I knew everything about the game. WRONG. I can list everything they changed from the original right here, and right now. Of course, I'm not going to, but just about every boss battle was changed to make it more "paced", items were changed from their location. The Bombers' Notebook had no purpose in the original, but, that didn't bother me. I like to call the new game a well-deserved reboot. I like the remake, but the original is so much better. I found myself stomping around my room, tossing my controller on the floor, and screaming at my 2x2 VCR TV while drinking Pepsi more than enough times. It was the most excitement I'd felt in the longest time. I managed to beat Majora's Mask 64 with about 70% completion by avoiding all fairies, heart containers, and having one mask missing: Fierce Diety. For some reason, I just couldn't finish that Goron obstacle course. What a load of crap. The lesson of today is legit. If you see a remake hitting the stores, play and respect the original first. -RealityPublishing
  17. Before I start, no, this doesn't have to do with my XBOX. I just named it "XBOX FEET GRINDER" because "meat" rhymes with "feet". A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... I broke my feet. Well, not exactly "broke", but pretty close. So a while back, just about half a month, I had to get some ID Card things done so I could go traveling for the summer. Now, the office was a good half mile or so and even though the weather was scorching hot, I figured I'd be able to slip by without a problem. No, that wasn't the case. The real issue was that I was wearing flip-flops, and by experience, you can't run with flip-flops. That was out of the question. Being the gullible pony-loving kid I was, I took off my shoes and decided to run as fast as I possibly could on the burning hot pavement. The first few hundred meters were fine, slapping my feet against the hot concrete so I could get a good running speed while maintaining a decent temperature at the bottom of my heels. How's my running? It's fine, really, it is. At least, it was until a sharp pain burst from below. I toppled over, rolling down a hill at the same speed I ran. Finally returning home, I sought to see the damage done. Upon my feet were the largest blisters I'd ever encountered. Three pockets of air, about the size of a half-dollar, sat swimmingly upon both feet (six in total). I squinched, being locked outside my own door and suffering with fried feet while having to perform, what I called, surgery on the blisters that haunted me. I had no knives or scissors at my disposal, so I used my recently clipped nails to cut a hole in the skin, washing it down with a garden hose afterward. But the burning pain still wouldn't be comparable to when I applied the alcohol. Eesh. I got over it in a few weeks, which; by that time, I was in the states, hobbling around my vacation like some kind of zombie who got ripped out of Konami's Metal Gear Survive (What a fresh meme). Lesson of today is to not drink and drive while cutting holes in your heels. Seriously, don't do it. -RealityPublishing
  18. So back when I had friends (It's a long story and I'll be more than willing to tell when I run out of ideas), I was really into the music genre of Vapourwave. This style of music captivated me because of just how hilariously stupid and simple it was to make and listen. Because of this, I ran out and snagged my very own copy of FL Studio just to make Vaporwave. Yeah, very good investment. Now of course, I try to learn it here and there, which, in fact, I have written and composed a few good pieces. But back to the story, I told my former friends about this new discovery and exposed them to it as much as possible. Naturally, they'd never heard of it, but immediately fell under that same "So stupid it's good" spell as I had. No, they didn't want to make it and were just happy to have a quick listen, but I was ready to go the extra mile. Now, having not been born into that "early 70's" commercial and jazz era, I had no idea where to find the source material and begin making this masterpiece. The only songs I had on hand were a few Metal arrangements composed by none other than DAGames. At the time, I just wanted to get my career on the road and didn't exactly care for quality control, so, I booted up FL, messed around with the settings, slowed it down to about -37% and... well... I'll let you be the judge of this piece. (I was able to extract it from my Google Drive before my laptop shut down. See "I AM A COMPUTER") Having embraced the severity of quality it was radiating from my headphone speakers, I soon came up with a name for this newly bred beast of a genre. I insisted that it'd be a new hit, but I never got around to having it published. So, I present to everyone here, my timeless masterpiece... Meet Deathcore, the very embodiment of emo hell. (Trust me when I say it's bad and I think runs at about 8 minutes.) -RealityPublishing
  19. I have noticed a lot of large projects and very big concepts being formed by people wanting to program games. This worries me because these seem way to large to actually become successful, so I would like to give some tips for people working on any game, Pony or not . 1st - 3rd Games - Do not show your games to people outside of close friends and family. - Have, at most, 2 Major Mechanics (ex: platforming, shooting, physics, and encounters). - Do not worry about optimization or small bugs. - Make all models/sprites basic and minimalistic. (I started with rectangles and circles only) - Never be heavily invested or emotionally attached to these creations. - Set a deadline for completion, at most, 1 Month after starting. 4th - 9th Games - Distribute this game to friends and watch them play to see what they like. Accept that they may not like certain features you like but may love things you never thought about. - Avoid complex tasks like 3D engine creation and Network programming. - Figure out what kind of games you really enjoy creating. (It is rarely the same as what you like playing.) - Spend more time researching what people like in your games. - Have a Maximum of 5 Major Mechanics. - Set a deadline for completion, at most, 6 Months after starting. - Do not get emotionally invested. - Draw simple sprites/models 10th... - Invest more time in creation. - Work out all bugs you can find. - Optimize for the platform of release. - Try out harder programming tasks. - Don't give up because of past failures. - Know when to stop working on a project. - Have fun or you are doing it wrong. - Release game to the public and listen to criticism and suggestions. - Finish the game whenever there are not any more things you can do to make it fun. - People will hate the game but don't be discouraged from that. - Never add features just for the sake of having more things to do. I hope this advice helps you guys as you work on programming games. None of what I said is set in stone, it just helped me. I'd also like to hear what advice you guys have for aspiring game programmers.
  20. Seeing as the Feedback brief states I can say what I "don't like", I'll post that last and start with what I "like". I'm going to be blunt, feel free to lock or delete. I'll keep it short and to the point with adding the important details. What I like 1. I like the design and interface of the site itself, having many topics to discuss various things. Also, necro-bumping is encouraged so old topics can remain, instead of cluttering with the same topic. It keeps discussion alive. 2. It's the most active forum of MLP, even though there are several dedicated to the show, they aren't as fun to post in as with here. I'm guessing the determination and commitment of prospering site growth is what separates it from the rest. 3. It's updated constantly. Not to be confused with most active since a lot of sites are active but aren't updated as frequently. That includes new banners for example, which keeps things looking fresh. 4. Spam/trolls are quickly removed. I remember having followed a forum section and noticing an advertising member promoting money-making ideas to sell. As soon as I noticed it, it was gone. I couldn't even attempt to see what it was about. Swift action I say. I haven't seen any anti-bronies on here yet (which what I referred to as trolls rather than just the regular jerk), which is good since it doesn't help by stating an opinion over an interest that no one has control over. 5. Overall the members here are more welcoming. Sure, I get a negative reply or rude comment here and there, but that's the use of having the block feature for. What I don't like 1. Quick punishments. Upon being called names by a handful of members on a blog I long before deleted, a mod deemded it justifiable to place me in wrong-doing. It was a chaotic mess of rude remarks and insults, which soon after reading enough of it, was removed by me. There was even a situation where upon trying to log on, I noticed I was permanently banned from the site from abusive behavior and having no absolute knowledge of the occurrence of it happening. I came to the conclusion it was more personal, but after a month of disputes, here I am. I still don't know if it was because of me being diverse or just misunderstanding. 2. Staff negligence. In short, I was ignored quite a lot whenever I had an issue which needed to be addressed. Personal PM's mostly. I could send plenty of details and in return get a sentence-long reply. It wasn't helpful to be honest. I know most are busy, but noticing my message being read a long time ago makes me believe I'm being put-off. Also, some staff strike me as being elite or superior more than giving good input as a sign of welcoming. 3. "Hugs". I appreciate the gesture, but some things are better not said after the term being considered more of a troll comment than actual compassion. I discard it as meaningless since it's over-used. Especially when that's all that's said, nothing else. That's the only annoyance I've found. So far I can't decide the outcome of recommending or disapproving. To each their own I suppose. Also, no offense intended. I know my experiences might not be good in some areas, but I took the saying what I "don't like" literally, with honest experiences included.
  21. All right, the reason I was off the forums was because I was at Chicago Comic Con all day and let me tell you, IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! I don't have that many pictures since my phone died halfway through, so I'll post what I had First, I got this show accurate Pinkie plush. It's so adorable! My only problem with it is that it doesn't have a mouth, making it awkward from the front. Still adorable regardless. I also got this awesome Pinkie shirt (funny seeing as what it says). It's actually my first shirt that only has Pinkie on it. Matt Smith was at this con but we didn't even try to go see him. The line was WAY too long. You can see him in this picture if you look hard enough though. Here's just a taste of what the con looked like. You can see an Ash and Misty cosplay in there. Now, I'm gonna talk about who I met. I did manage to meet Stan Lee, creator of Spiderman. I even gave him a fist bump. I also got to meet Jason David Frank, AKA, Tommy from the original Power Rangers. He pretty cool in real life. He's great in conversations and at one point, he even went over from his booth and got his picture taken with some Halo cosplayers. He made me want to watch the original Power Rangers, and I was never even into it growing up. I met and shook hands with Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in Batman: the animated series. Nothing too interesting there. The best conversation I did have was with Evan Peters, AKA, Quick Silver. He looked at my Pinkie plush and said, "Hey, it's one of those ponies." and tried to remember what her name was until I eventually told him. That's right, Evan Peters mentioned ponies! Finally, I met Jennifer Blake, an artist on the Mlp comics. We just talked about ponies, couldn't really talk about the comics since I don't read the comics. Other various stuff there was the amount of amazing cosplayers. There is the aforementioned Halo cosplaers, I saw a good Storm Trooper one. I saw a lot of Doctor cosplays and Tardis ones. There were also several Ash cosplays and much more. The only thing I put on was a 10th Doctor trench coat so needless to say, I felt naked compared to everyone else. There was also all the amazing art for sale there. I didn't buy them, so I just looked at them and saw how impressive they were. There were even people selling their own comics, which all had really creative ideas. I could go on about it, but I think I'll stop here. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I had fun. Hope I can go to another con soon.
  22. "[R]eality will never measure up to your imagination." –lindsay, an INFP from PersonalityCafe “INFPs never seem to lose their sense of wonder. One might say they see life through rose-colored glasses… [they] have the ability to see good in almost anyone or anything. Even for the most unlovable the INFP is wont to have pity… [o]f course, not all of life is rosy, and INFPs are not exempt from the same disappointments and frustrations common to humanity... [they] struggle with the issue of their own ethical perfection, e.g., performance of duty for the greater cause. An INFP...describes the inner conflict as not good versus bad, but on a grand scale, Good vs. Evil.” –INFP Profile on TypeLogic NIGHT SHINE is not, contrary to everything I have ever said or implied on this forum, simply another name for the person that is me. In fact, I often feel guilty using this name which I worked so hard to purify last year for my ordinary human and intellectual activities so long after its original meaning died. This blog also contains the reason that I feel that I no longer have any right to post anything on this forum under the name "Night Shine." No, Night Shine was not a person—he was a dream I had, an alternate persona specifically designed to be superior to the real, tangible person who is me. Last year, I regarded Night Shine as nothing less than my very soul. This blog, which will undoubtedly be very comprehensive as well as very melodramatic due to the melodramatic and complex nature of its subject matter, is aimed at dissecting my mindset from last year when I joined the Brony movement, and why that mindset was incompatible with the Bronies, with the Internet, and with the World itself. If you read this entire post, you just might understand me fully and completely, or at least as much as I do. Several factors made my perspective last year utterly fascinating to study in hindsight: 1) My absolute and unshakable faith in the belief that the Brony movement was the purest group of people on Earth. 2) The extreme willpower with which I radically shifted my mind into questionable thoughts, beliefs, and actions. 3) The degree to which my radical actions and thoughts were justifiable as a method of fighting depression, and the degree to which they were not. 4) My determination to transcend human nature by splitting my personality into multiple separate individuals. 5) How I was able to utilize the Brony movement to justify all of the radically positive and negative shifts to my lifestyle. 6) How my teenage rebellion developed as a form of moral purism. However, as I am retelling events only I remember from my perspective, this article will contain a lot of bias--that is unavoidable. This bias probably will skew the facts in the following ways: 1) Exaggerating the abnormality of the mindset and events in order to make them more interesting. 2) Exaggerating how 'bad' the mindset and events were, because I need to feel like I have learned from this experience and thus am insecure. Introduction: So, let's get started. What the heck does "Nocturnian" mean? I came up with the term in order to describe my mindset last year in April, when it finally came under assault by reality--but I'll get to that later. After thinking over the quintessence of Nocturnianism and considering over a dozen different ways to try and explain it over the past nine months, I have come to the conclusion that the Nocturnian mindset is the mindset of a Myers Briggs personality type which has Introverted Feeling as one of its primary cognitive functions, such as the INFP (for more information on Myers Briggs psychology, read the background information in the section later in this blog post). The opening quote from TypeLogic describes the relevant aspects of the INFP mindset better than anything else I have found in the past year (June 2013 to June 2014). But why "Nocturn-ian"? What does night have to do with any of it? Well, in order to answer that question, let us dive into the beginning of the story: how I used My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the Brony fandom as a method of radically altering my mindset and lifestyle. Before we dive into that, however, I would like to explain the situation in which I encountered MLP:FiM, as it helps to explain why I treated MLP and the Brony fandom the way that I did. The next blog posts will contain an account of each season chronological order of what happened to my little experiment, when I used a fandom to manipulate my emotions, personality, and lifestyle. Part 1: Death of Minecraft (Spring 2012) Part 2: Nocturnian Revolution (Summer 2012) Part 3: Fall and Rebirth (Fall 2012) Part 4: Heart of Winter (Winter 2012-13) Part 5: Ultimatum (Early Spring 2013) Part 6: End of the Era (Late Spring 2013) Part 7: A New Beginning (Summer 2013) (please note that the entries are currently in an unfinished form.) PREFACE This section will explain any information which will be used as common knowledge throughout the rest of the blog. Information covers Myers Briggs personality typology and the Brony phenomenon. Myers Briggs Typology My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fandom, referred to as the "Brony Phenomenon"
  23. I have a sleep paralysis episode every so often, and I had another just this morning. Just sharing / curious whether other people experience them. This morning's episode involved staring down a dark, forbidding corridor or hallway. As is always the case with sleep paralysis, I couldn't move. I could kinda sorta wiggle (or attempt to wiggle - not sure if there was any actual movement) one of my legs, but that was about it. I think there was some motion ahead of me... Perhaps a curtain-like undulation. And there's usually a sense of dread; this was no different. I was SURE something terrible was waiting ahead of me, obscured by the darkness, and - being at least somewhat lucid - I egged on whatever the hay it was. I imagined that I would be confronted by a disembodied, skull-faced head... But none appeared. I encouraged my sub-conscious (or whatever was in control) to throw whatever it had at me. Nothing. Then, the dream faded away... And I realized that my eyes had in fact been open. I had been staring ahead of me / angled somewhat towards the ceiling; this was where the hallucinatory episode had played out. I've had several others. One accompanied by an auditory hallucination (loud banging, as if someone were banging two metal objects together), one with a shadowy, vaguely-defined creature squatting at the end of where I slept (may have been the same one, don't recall), etc. Has anyone else experienced something similar?
  24. So, I just had this absolutely awful experience on the roblox forums. Here: It led me to create this topic. Here you can whine and complain about a bad experience on any website except this one, Rules:
  25. So, as I was looking at an emotion wheel for ideas for a paper I'm writing, I saw some things that really reminded me of MLP and the fandom. The first that I'll start off with is submissiveness. The word, which is defined as "willingness to obey others", is shown as being derived from fear and splitting off into "insignificant" and "worthless". Now, I know for a fact that many Bronies feel insignificant or worthless just due to social stigma, combined with raging hormones (for some). That's not what I want to look into. Fear is also a big topic, so you don't have to respond directly to that idea. My question for you is this: have you ever felt, or seen submissiveness within the fandom? If so, how, and to what extent. Now this can be a broad range of things, from creating obsessive fan art or fanfics based on the show, or perhaps a sort of peer pressure that arises from being in such a connected environment. It doesn't seem very unlikely that Bronies have been pressured into "going public", or even buying a piece or merchandise. There was a great picture that I saw, showing how Faust controlled the ponies, who controlled the fans, connected by puppet's strings, resulting in fan art being made. Now, I don't want to say that submissiveness is really evil and denotes a poor personality, but it can reveal weaknesses. What do you think? Has it gone too far? Can it really be that powerful?