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Found 25 results

  1. Since we all sleep, we encounter dreams once in a while - or a lot for some people. As some segments of a dream are usually forgotten after 10+ minutes of waking up, what do you remember from the dream you had last night? It can just be little bits or the full experience. Good dream, bad dream, lucid dream, anything. Just don't state anything that could be classed as NSFW. I would tell mine, but bedtime is coming up, and I've lost the whole thing 14 hours later.
  2. In the spirit of Friendship Is Magic, I was wondering if anyone here has some stories about friendship that they're fond of, and if they would share it. For example, I have one that I'm very fond of telling. It's about how I met one of my best mates, the strangest but nicest friend I've ever had: He came to the same school as me in grade 11, one day. He seemed a bit quiet at first, and then we got on really well, and I found out that he had a weird but awesome sense of humour. He eventually told me that he got expelled from this other school, which is why he came to mine. I won't go into detail about how he got expelled, but by Celestia's light, it is an expelled-from-school story that I could almost guarantee would put any you have heard to shame. It was a prank that he and his friend did that spiralled out of control, and RUINED the honeymoon of a couple from overseas, to the point where they had to spend a week in quarantine before they could go home. Yeah, that bad. They got in trouble with the police, and my mate got expelled. He said that he's never been so ashamed in his life. He's not a bad guy, he's super cool, but yeah that was his biggest mistake ever. So he's crashing at my place for the night one time, and he said "but dude, if I had the opportunity to go back and stop myself from doing it, I wouldn't take it. I would let myself do it." So I said "…I dunno, it was pretty bad, dude." "No dude, honestly I would let myself do it. For one simple reason. And do you what that reason is?" "…'Cause that's how you met me?" "'Cause that's how I met you."
  3. When I was younger I was often bullied in school for being different and for having few (or no) friends. I know how horrible it can feel, and I could have used some support and advice back then. People don't always seek help when they're bullied, simply trying to ignore it, even when they're hurt by it. I feel that a discussion of this topic could prove both interesting and helpful.So, share your experiences and thoughts. Have you been bullied? Have you been a bully? What do you think one could do in such a situation?
  4. It's been a long while since I've been on this site. Mostly been trying to avoid spoilers. (I'm only 2/3 way through "A Heart's Warming Tale"!) Anyways guys, as some of you are aware, I'm a Muslim. I'd like to know, what experience(s) have you all had, if any, with Muslims? (NOT over the internet, in real life) What impact did it leave you with about Muslims and the religion of Islam in general? Did the experience(s) make you think highly or less of Islam? How did you respond/react? How did the Muslim behave towards you? Please share! This is a serious topic I've wanted to have for a long time with the fandom.
  5. I had the misfortune of needing braces twice. That was not because of forgetting to wear a retainer or anything, but because my orthodontist had a two-phase treatment plan. So I had my braces on and off twice from the time I was 8 to the time I was 15. But in the end, I think it was worth it. I finally felt confident with my smile. Plus, I used to have crooked teeth and ran the risk of permanent nerve damage if I hadn't gotten braces. Has anyone else here had braces, and does anyone currently have braces? I'm just curious to know who else has been through the same thing. :-P
  6. Has anyone here ever experienced that? I know I have, well....a few times actually. 1. When I slid down a hill into another car in the winter. 2.Had a tractor slide down a hill towards me. 3. Get in an extremely heated argument with someone. 4.On a roof and almost managed to fall. 5. Get attacked by a dog. I could probably name a few more, but lets call that good for now, so, you know what it feels like right, that feeling of "OMG, this cannot be happening!" followed by a feeling of massive pent up energy that seems to release all at once, causing you to do some questionable things, as time seemingly slows down, and you vision blurs. So, what are a few times that you experienced that feeling of extreme sudden energy, and how did you feel after wards?
  7. I will probably get panned for this, but in my experiences that I have had, there are some things that I couldn't explain away. By natural I'm a very Vulcan-level individual. For those who don't get the Star Trek reference, I'm very logical-minded. I try to explore every angle of something before I come to a conclusion. And this is a thread for those who have had Paranormal Experiences. My first post will be long, but it is one of my most prominent stories, and it is about Shadow People. For those who do not know what a Shadow person is, visit here: Now, on to the story: About six or seven years ago, when I lived in TN there was a state park not too far from my apartment. I enjoyed going there to hike as well as visit the playground. Now I was in my mid-twenties and I would always go there when the kids were either in school, or it was just before dusk and no one was there. I liked the swing-set, it holds nostalgia for me. So, when I would go, I'd take my headphones and sit on the swings. These were tall swings, not those short squatty things only meant for 6 to 8 year olds. These were tall enough that an adult could comfortably fit in them and swing. I know it sounds childish, but I enjoyed the wind in my hair, listening to my music and it taking me back to as simpler time. I'll repeat that I never went when kids were there, that would just be... weird. Anyway, I enjoyed going there so much that when a friend from KY decided to visit, I took her there. It was just after sundown, and nighttime was my favourite time to be out there. We got to the swing-set and just began chatting it up about our usual nerd things and enjoying ourselves. After being there for about 20 to 30 minutes I notice something walking towards us. It's a silhouette of what appears to be a man of about 5 ft 8 to 6 ft tall. A shadow figure that began to approach us out of the darkness. Now this swing-set is situated about 12 to 15 yards away from one of those "shelters" they call them. Just an overhang roof with four wooden posts with benches and tables underneath them on a concrete platform. Next to it is the public metal/iron BBQ grill that they have set up with a charcoal pit. You know, these are the areas were park goers can throw a kids birthday party, or have a family get together and whatnot. Next to it is a light pole. It is on at this time, as it is dark. My friend at this point begins to get nervous. I tell her to just not acknowledge him and keep talking. At first I was thinking it could be a policeman or a park ranger about to ask us what the hell we were doing out here. Since we weren't doing or carrying anything illegal, it didn't bother me. But watching out of the corner of my eye and talking to my friend to keep her calm, this thing began approaching even closer, and though it's legs were moving in a walking fashion, it was so smooth it almost appeared to be gliding. It was at this point that my gut really began raising the red flags and I suddenly got suspicious. If it was a policeman or a ranger, they would have said something by now because we were certainly within earshot. My friend turns to me again, voice shaking, saying she is getting uncomfortable. I said to keep ignoring them, and that I'd protect her. I assured her about the butterfly knife in my pocket and it seemed to ease her a bit. Then the thing began walking again, and approached the pool of light that the pole was giving off. As it stepped into the circle of light, a pit began to open up in my stomach and my protective nature flared. Nothing on this shadow figure lit up. Even standing under the light, it still remained a black mass, shaped like a man. No features were describable and it was just a pitch black thing. Another odd thing to note is that it stood stock still. There was no rustle of clothes or hair in the wind on this figure, no shifting on the feet, no movement of hands, nothing. Instantly, I made up my mind on the thought that had been nagging me for the past two minutes: Shadow-person.My friend didn't have to say much as she asked me if we could please leave, and I agreed that was a good idea. We slowly stood up and began walking towards the path that made a wide berth around the shelter. Taking this path put the shelter between us and this thing. I made sure to also put myself between it, and my friend. She practically cowered on my side, clutching my arm. I told her to keep talking to me as normal, don't acknowledge it, and keep looking at me, just act as if you're conversing with me. I persuaded her to talk about a show she was very fond of at the time, and it kept her distracted as we walked. Every few moments as we semi-circled around it on this path, I would turn my head only slightly and look to the parking lot as if searching for my car. I used this opportunity to cut my eyes to the side and watch it, to make sure it didn't start following us. What I did notice, was that it's head ever so slowly began to follow us. Like the slow movement of an oscillating fan. It kept up with our pace. I tightened my grip on my butterfly knife in my jacket pocket and we as naturally as possible quickened our pace just enough to where we got back to the car without incident. I realise that a knife would do nothing against a Shadow-person, but it was what made my friend feel better, and it kept me grounded. It never moved towards us, it just stood there, stock still, only it's head turning to follow us. My friend opened the door the moment my car unlocked and she closed it behind her, locked it and gripped the sides of the seat. I slid in nonchalantly, and started the car, put it in reverse, then drove out as per normal. Making no indication that we were running or panicked. Again, I didn't feel whatever that was, was human. It didn't feel human, and I've dealt with the Paranormal before. So, while I didn't feel terribly frightened, my friend was terrified. Besides the very clipped conversation we had about it on the short ride back to the apartment, to my knowledge my friend never spoke of it again to anyone. I have since lost touch with her, as our lives ended up taking us in different directions and I haven't talked to her since. There were two reasons I didn't feel frightened that night. One was that I felt I needed to protect my terrified friend, and secondly, I've dealt with Shadow-people before. I have another, but I will save it for another post. What are everyone's thoughts? And have you or someone you know had a Paranormal experience or encounter? If so, please share! While we will have discussions on what it could or could not have been, please do not make fun of, insult or be condescending to anyone. I am making a place for people to seriously talk about their experiences, emotions and instincts on situations that they have encountered. Extra: If you do have any supernatural type questions, please feel free to contact me! While I am not official recognised by any "official" religious order, I am part of a group of practising Pagans who worship and perform either together or individually. Such as, I was appointed the High Priest of my order and have become a confidant and adviser to my group and general community.
  8. OKAY guys now this is probably not your everyday thread but hear me out (sorry for my english skills, im german): did you ever have an MLP-lesson-like realization? like the ones Twilght has at the end of most episodes (the onese she sends letters about)? I CERTANLY did have one yesterday and i wonmdered if anny of you have come to some interresting and meaningfull conclusions since you joined the fandom. i would like to learn from your experiences and realizations and i am sure there will be some interresting poste below. so i will start off by posting my realization. so yesterday i was discussing religion and science with a freind of mine. and he had just finished his sentence qand i was eager to prove my point untill i suddenly stopped because i just realized that what i was about to say would hurt him emotionally. after that thought it came to me: If you need to hurt someone to prove your point, your point is not worth proving. so after realizing this i went a different way (and in that argument and the argument ended more civilized than most do on the internet ^^) im really looking forward to your "Dear princess celestia..." moments ^^ (also please don't just quote something you have read online i would really apprecieate actural, genuine and honest experiences =D )
  9. (DO NOT TRY TO DO THIS AT HOME, WE ONLY DID IT BECAUSE WE ARE STUPID) Do you have a group of friends that always get you in trouble by doing stupid things in public? if yes, what was the most supid/funny thing your friends ever did with you Mine was when me and some friends were hanging out after school, and one of them had the genious idea of trying to mix deodorant and matches, yeah... they made a freakin flamethrower and started trying to light each other up, and they even shaved a friend of mine's arm with it. My friends are really stupid, but they are my dear friends that i know and like. What about you guys? (PS:I took no part in it, only watched and laughed like crazy at my friend's reaction when he noticed his arm was completely shaved because of the flamethrower) (PSS:NEVER try this at home, srsly)
  10. Sometimes, we wind up in a scary situation that's much like a horror film. When I was, probably not even 13, I lived in a trailer. I lived with my grandparents and my aunt. My aunt had moved out, and I got to move into her bigger bedroom, which was in the front of the trailer, facing the road. Well, I was told to take the trash out, one night. I walked out of my room, into the kitchen, grabbed the trash, and out the front door. I was climbing down the porch's steps when I noticed a man had been staring through my window. It was my aunt's ex-boyfriend. The rustling of the trash bag startled him, and he ran for it. He would be the type of guy that would be a creep, or a pedo. I can no longer stand looking out windows at night. I don't even like to think of them, anymore. My mind keeps imagining there's always someone out there, staring in... How about you guys? Any traumatizing events that you personally experienced, and still fret over?
  11. So, what are some awkward moments that you hate when they happen? 1. When there is a random silence and I pick up my phone and pretend to text someone. 2. When someone says something to me but I can't understand them. So, I just nod and laugh hoping whatever they said wasn't a question. 3. When I thought I saw someone waving to me, but they weren't. So I just pretend I was fixing my hair or checking my phone. 4. Holding the door open for someone far away and you're not sure if you should keep holding it or not. 5. When someone says "thank you" to me and I mess up my response by also saying "thank you". 6. Realizing mid-argument that I'm wrong, but I keep arguing anyway. 7. When I run into someone on the sidewalk and side-step them, but then they go the same way as me. Then we do it 7 more times until the requisite of awkward laughter.
  12. When I first became a Brony, I was actually still uneasy on a lot of things. I kept wondering if I was really into any of this. One night, I went to sleep, and had a dream. I was af some sort of school grounds, and there were ponies and the officials all sort of wandering, making the dream the first to actually have ponies. There was one rule, and you just couldn't leave. Not for safety, but forcefully, like as a prison-like rule. There was a dark atmosphere, and I was frightened, so I went through several attempts to escape, with weird sequences going through a routine of leaving and being captured again. Literally, I couldn't take any more of the stress, and so I hung myself. I woke up and kept thinking, "Don't imagine them like that, not like that!" Denying such imagination made me think that I really loved MLP. So, what about you? What was your first true MLP experience?
  13. I'm not sure if there is an actual thread or topic or whatever for this already, but... I figured I'd star this one just in case. I've had a few odd experiences, after all. ^-^ Let's see, some rules... 1. Keep it Safe for Work. And that's all I can think of right now.. Think of this as a place to share and comment on odd experiences you and/or others have had. I'll start.... Once when I was still in middle school, I was walking home from... The library I think? Anyways, I was walking home sometime around 6-8 PM when a car pulled up next to me on the road. The End. Odd, right? Just kidding, that's not the end. After the car pulled up I was then offered a ride by the occupants, which was a group of clearly drunk girls... Yep that's not something I ever expected to happen, let alone in middle school. And yet... Not even close to the oddest thing that's happened to me, in my opinion. Feel free to laugh and comment on mine, and post your own odd experiences...
  14. I would like to know your thoughts on working online. Is it worth it? Does it provide you with enough money? Are they all nothing more than scams? If you have an online job or have had experiences with one, feel free to share.
  15. Hello fellow baby/foalsitters! So, my brother and I will be babysitting two young boys throughout the rest of this month and some of the next. They're not bad little boys, just... A handful. But, then again, aren't all children? In fact, we're watching them as I type this. They got here about three hours ago and we've still got to watch them for about five more hours. So, since I'm not exactly a big fan of babysitting (I was only doing it so I could get enough money to pay off the rest of my debt to my parents, but it turns out we're not getting paid...), I figured we foalsitters could all come together and share experiences and tips. My biggest tip yet is that, if you are female, always, ALWAYS remove all iewelry and tie your hair back. Infants love to pull on long hair and earrings.
  16. Yes, I just asked that. No really. Here, on these forums, they seem different from in real life. Here, they almost seem similar to the "Like" system on Facebook. But I've gotten random brohooves on comments or things, and I don't know why. And why the tracker for how many you've gotten? If you have a lot, does it mean something? In real life, I've experienced them as a one-time greeting from other Bronies, but nothing consistent. So, what are your experiences with brohooves and what do you think they are? Or is there a set meaning?
  17. Like today for instance me and my uncle managed to get the tractor stuck in a hole, so he had me drive the tandem truck to pull er out,thing is there were only two of us, so he had me romp on the gas in reverse while he tried to get the tractor free, thing is that tandem truck wasn't exactly the most mechanically sound thing in the world, it had an air leak in the break system, so I was afraid that I would start going forward and not be able to stop and smash into the tractor, or worst case kill someone! (my uncle) and keep in mind I haven't drove one of those in my entire life either, so if something would have went wrong, or an air hose would have broke, I would be lost on what to do! So I am no wimp when it comes to tractors and trucks, thing is I lack experience, which could get someone killed. So has anything like that ever to you, or have you ever done something that you just COMPLETELY didn't feel safe doing?
  18. Drugs! Let's talk about drugs. More specifically, our experiences with drugs. The good times, the bad times, the hard to remember times, share them all here. Notice: Drugs're bad, mmmkay? Seriously though, drugs are illegal and are a detrement to both your life and the lives of others. Don't start. If you choose to do drugs, despite the laws and the adverse effects, please do so responsibly and in moderation. Now for me, I basically grew up drugged out. Age ten to present has just been one strung out moment after another. It wasn't my parents fault or society's fault like my social worker said. I just liked hanging out with certain types of people (criminals), and they had access to a lot of different drugs. Meth, cocaine, heroine, all that good (bad) stuff. I like certain drugs, like weed and khat, or miraa as some know it. Others I'm just stuck on (addicted to), like oxys. The worst experience I ever had was with ecstacy (shocking I know). I not only had a bad trip, I had it on Halloween. So I'm running up and down the neighborhood, freaking out and screaming, while being chased by five of my friends in monster costumes (it was hilarious). One was Jason and another was Michael Myers for Luna's sake. I'm just glad they finally caught me and dragged me back to the house before the cops arrived (it took two hours and he fought us the whole way back). So, tell me your experiences direct, indirect, here-say, whatever. Let me hear them. (Add-in comments courtesy of Mark, the guy who's saved him from a lot of close calls)
  19. So guess who got stuck with the cold/flu virus this New Year's Eve, thiiiiiis guuuuuy. I must say that it is absolutely rubbish and it makes me feel terrible, especially on my rare breaks from College classes. I've been resting up, taking naps, drinking plenty of fluids, aaaand am now currently cooking some vegetable curry to help lighten up my mood and hopefully help combat my ill-fated situation. (see what I did there?) It has me wondering though... Is anybody else stuck with some terrible illness tonight? What are your own procedures to take care of it, and what would you recommend a cold-induced American such as myself? Also, Have a Happy New Year!
  20. We've all had those moments at some point. Those bizarre, messed up, sometimes outright insane moments that force us to stop, take a minute to register what just happened, and just make us go Allow me to start by sharing a few that happened to me over the weekend. -Made a pit-stop at a trucker's station on my way to Sacramento. I wanted a snack, but literally every item in the vending machines required change, and I only had dollar bills. There was a machine in the wall that read "Change", and so I slipped a dollar in. When only one quarter dropped out, I was fuming, thinking it had cheated me out of 75 cents. But upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a Susan B. Anthony dollar. I'm still scratching my head over that one. -This one's more cool than it is "WTF" worthy, but just as we were getting into Sac, one of my friends pointed out a "patch of rainbow" in the sky. I looked up and, sure enough, there was this small swirly patch of cloud in the sky, beaming off a swirl of colors. My initial reaction was "what on Earth am I looking at?" Inevitably, though, my mind drifted to ponies and I thought of Rainbow Dash... . -The worst one - and this is slightly NSFW, so be warned - happened when we were driving around looking for a Mickey D's to stop at. We took a wrong turn and ended up on the fringe of one of Sac's ghettos...which, as it was, had a bunch of whiteys like us shitting a ton of bricks. While driving down one of the streets, we had to stop for an older, hunched over black lady to cross. Her pink umbrella was the first thing to catch my eye. The second were her nipples, poking out over this putrid, orange-ish, frilly, lacey abomination of an outfit. After she'd passed, my friends and I just sat there for a minute, mouths agape. We then flipped a U-ey and made a bee-line towards the direction from whence we'd come. What are some of your own WTF moments? Do tell.
  21. Hey Pony's! I'm a first time camper, and next week I am going to be camping for 4 days on a camp (luckily some friends will be there with me ) So (without scaring me to bad ) What are your experiences of camping? If you enjoy it, why? If not, Why? What are your camping highlights/funny moments/ worst bits! PS: was gunna post a pictures but apparent no extensions work ever :/!
  22. Here's an interesting social paradox that I found: A person can make decisions based not on what they actually want to do, but on what they think that other people want to do, with the result that everybody decides to do something that nobody really wants to do, but only what they thought that everybody else wanted to do. So basically you end up agreeing on taking a course of action you wouldn't really take, but because someone else(a close friend or anyone important to you for example) want's to take it, you agree in hopes that would make him/her happy. So here are some simple questions I like to ask you folks. 1. Do you agree or disagree with the paradox? Why or why not? 2. Also, name a moment or experience in your life where this has happened to you. I just thought this was super interesting and I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts on this!
  23. I work at a Taco Processing plant, and I have coworkers with varying degrees of commitment to their job. Before I get into their levels of commitment, let me describe to you what we do: The tacos at our plant are pre-assembled by "intelligent" robot machines which are ideally supposed to construct the tacos flawlessly. They don't. Not always. This is where we (the workers) come in. The tacos that the machine makes are sorted onto a conveyor belt. This belt goes extremely fast, and it's our job to pack the incoming tacos into these little white boxes that will be packaged and sold in various places around the United States. It's also our job to weed out the tacos that have rips or tears in them, and to throw out the tacos that have the "bad meat" in them. Bad meat happens when chemicals from the taco meat vat don't mix together properly, resulting in a stinky pile of preservatives and a mixture of other chemicals. Yum. Anyway, I cannot stress enough that we have to work FAST. In the time span of 5 seconds, we are expected to get at least 15-20 tacos into our boxes (provided the tacos haven't been "tainted" or shredded by the machines). The amount of speed and efficiency that any given coworker has is their main source of pride in their job. Some workers pack the tacos quickly, and they strive to pack them quicker every single day. These are the over-achievers. Great workers, but they have a tendency to overlook shredded or tainted tacos in favor of impressing the boss with their speed. Some pack the tacos fast, but don't aspire to go any faster than their current speed. These are the "content-with-their-current-place-and-position" people, as I like to call them. These are probably the best workers at the plant, since they are better at weeding out the tainted tacos, and they work at a steadier rate, which means they don't get exhausted easily. Lastly, there are the packers who only pack at the bare minimum speed. These are the discontent workers, who either cannot or will not motivate themselves to perform their jobs to the best of their ability, which can result in feelings of bitterness and, obviously, discontentment. They're generally unproductive, and the first people to be put on the chopping block when it's time for company layoffs. My question to you is: What kind of worker are you? The over-achiever? The discontent and un-motivated individual? Or are you the type of person who works just hard enough to get a feeling of pride in your work, but not so hard that you stress yourself out? I think these are universal work mentalities, whether you're a student in school, a construction worker, or an executive at an accounting firm, so let me know your thoughts!
  24. So despite the fact that I am open about many of my opinions on parts of the Internet, I have never actually had a blog before. I've been told that I should start one, but considering that I know so many different types of people, it is overwhelming to think about what I should write about when my audience would be so varied. Granted, we are a diverse group of bronies here. But as a community, we at least have My Little Pony in common, and that's what makes me comfortable starting a blog on this particular website. I won't be exclusively talking about My Little Pony (in fact most of my posts won't really have anything to do with the show or the fandom), but I trust that I can share my thoughts and my stories without feeling like I'm the catalyst for a war, as controversial as some of my thoughts may be, but that's nothing new for those of you who have seen me around. At any rate, another reason for starting this blog is because I know that a few people have peaked interest in knowing some of my life story. I believe that blogging is a better medium to use, as opposed to creating a forum thread. I know off the top of my head 2 major life stories I will blog about at some point: -Why I am a Roman Catholic Christian -My Life on the Internet Both of these stories dig into how I became the person that I am today. Neither tell a complete story, as there are other factors in my life that quite frankly I don't feel compelled to share about - but the Internet and religion are two significant social experiences and I hope that sharing my experiences of these topics and the ways that they have formed me as a person can be a beneficial read for those who have questions about either subject. Perhaps I can, too, relearn from them as I type them out and share them with everyone. Kind words and constructive feedback are always welcome. Suggestions are also welcome, as well as legitimate questions and discussions, even on subjects we may not necessarily see eye-to-eye on. Harsh judgmental comments and comments feeding debate that can only end when someone gives in and lets the other person have the last word will be frowned upon and ignored by me. The first post will come when I have time to type it up. Toodaloo~
  25. While looking at MLP related videos on YouTube, I came across a video: Bronies Watch MLP: The Runaway Rainbow. The 6 part video is some bronies watching one of the G3 movies. I've just finished watching all the parts and my god, it was absolutely terrible! The animation was terrible, acting was terrible and the plot line was bucking appalling! The worst part was, the ponies respected Spike! So basically, the aim of this thread is: have you had any bad pony experiences? Can be with G4 or past generations.