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Found 15 results

  1. Fluttershy isn't shy... and never really had been, with the exception of the first episode where she first meets Twilight Sparkle. But even then, it was more of an act of social anxiety, as someone who is shy would still answer to questions, especially when they are in a one-on-one conversation. She has never acted like that since the first episode, so she was more or less out of character in comparison of the rest of the show. Yes, Fluttershy is the following: timid, introvert, meek, reticent, quiet and apprehensive, but she isn't shy; she can, and has on numerous occasions, went up to a stranger or group of strangers and talked to them, without breaking a sweat. She also has stage fright, but this is also not related with shyness. Anyone can have stage fright, but the show just decides to go with the whole cliché "cowered who is scared of everything" stereotype, and uses Fluttershy as the main protagonists that overcomes fears, instead of using other characters to create more unique and realistic character personalities. Although, this is a kids show after all. All the characters are strongly based on stereotypes and each have particular roles within the show. This is used to make it easier for the audience to follow as well as demonstrates juxtaposition between each of the characters. Most people, including myself, would have assumed Fluttershy portrayed as being shy, due to her name: Flutter"shy." However, her name is only to describe her being a pegasus and having an interest in animals. It also describes her butterfly cutie mark, by the use of assonance, consonance and end rhyme. I have done a lot of research in to this subject from books and articles; not just searches off the internet. I'm sure some people may disagree with me or have a different understanding of the word "shy." This this is just my thoughts and knowledge on the subject. I'm not trying to go against anyone who likes Fluttershy being a shy character (I'm aware some people relate to her that way, witch I think is great; there's nothing wrong with personal alterations.) I just wanted to share this information, as a lot of people can get confused with the true meanings and definitions of words. A lot of other forms of media have made the same misunderstandings in their work too. It's a miscommunication made by many people as it's never a popular topic and possibly mislead by varies of social dialect. For those who don't know, the "true" definition of shy, is to feel unconfotable around strangers and find it hard to talk to them. That is it. Fluttershy has never deminstraited this ever (apart from the first episode's "funny" joke with Twilight.) People confuse being too kind and polite, timid, scared and quiet with shyness.
  2. For those who don't know me, I am Rarity The Supreme although for short you may address me as RTS. One of the things that I love doing in this community is giving my thoughts and opinions on various situations or events that take place on the show. Soon, I don't know when exactly, to build up for the MLP movie later this year, I will be taking a look at the ENTIRE Freindship is Magic series and giving my thoughts on all of it. I will be rewatching and reviewing every episode of every season AND all 4 Equestria Girls movies, as well as any new content that releases this year. All bias and personal preferences will be kept out of the review and each season/movie will be released as one entry between now and October. Keep in mind that I will also be doing a review on the movie itself when it comes out, and if more seasons are released beyond that (which I hope to FREAKING CHRIST that there will be) I will be continuing with the series. This means that there will be around 12 episodes overall (which means that I've really got my work cut out for me) between now and then. In each episode I will review each individual episode of each season before giving them a score out of 10. All the points will be tallied up to give the season an overall rating, with all of the movies just getting a score out of 10 on their own. Also be aware that I am still in school, and unfortunately it has to take priority, so expect release dates to be all over the place. With all of that said and done, I am Rarity The Supreme and together WE CAN MAKE GLAM NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Most episodes portray them as something like a sports team, but occasionally (Secret of My Excess, Testing,Testing, 123), they're portrayed as more like a military unit. So which are they? I think they're primarily a sports team now, but they have a paramilitary contract with Canterlot that originated from when they were the EUP guard.
  4. While the real-world explanation is probably "because his clumsiness wouldn't be as destructive or funny if he were the same size as other ponies", what's the in-universe reason? Is there any significance there?
  5. I know, I know there are like a billion topics about this. but i am actually analyzing this and telling you why those two make 2 amazing ponies. (even though I prefer Rarity ) so as for Rarity: she might get all whiny, but it adds a touch of comedy to her. She might be obsessed with fashion but it is what she likes, after all. She really is generous, but only her dramatic behavior covers up that so not many people see that in her. She is smart and creative and she is loving. She has The Best Design and Really is cute and when it comes to friends, she wouldn't mind getting her hooves dirty even though she is a dirt hater. She also actually has some sense of proper presentation, and has a good heart. And one more thing........ DIAMONDS!!!!!!! :idea: :idea: Rainbow Dash: yes, the pony who is full of herself. That only builds up her character and she cares for her friends. For what her friends do, she is unique and tom boyish, and she preferred tank because he was loyal in the end and she is cool. I like her color scheme and even though she might be all into sports, the thing amazing is she loves Daring Do books. Her love for flight is Awesome and how she helped Daring Do is just WOW. And if it were not for rainbow, and her love for flight and winning, Equestria would have Been Done with. and plus, sonic rainbooms look amazing this, people is the reason both of them are amazing ponies.
  6. First i need to tell you that if you want friendship games to remain unspoiled stop reading, and i have no idea how much of what i talk about is a spoiler or how much of it you the reader, will consider a spoiler. The movies always hint at explaining how magic works in the human world, but they never fulfill our need of the how it works. so I will provide a simple explanation (or as simple as it gets when it comes to me). and like i said in my other post called Cutie mark conundrum, if you have your own opinion on what i'm about to say, feel free to say it in the comments, and you do not have to agree with my opinion. the problems about magic are too numerous in the movie, so i'll explain what i consider the basics such as, Why magic is so chaotic and music based Why the element of magic turned Sunset evil How the sirens pendant works How Twilight's pendant works. Why Twilight's pendant turned her evil Well the first question seems quite obvious to me, the elements of harmony are not present. and with the element of magic own its own has no limitations and none of the other elements to put it into harmony and prevent it from becoming disharmonic. along with the fact the tree of harmony doesn't exist. The answer to the first question in mind. without the other elements to restrict it, it gave Sunset the magic she was looking for. but with all that magic she was easily corrupted by it. and once it was gone she became aware of what she had done which is all i have to say. The sirens are a strange bunch, they are creatures that turned into humans when they passed through the portal. this doesn't have much to do with the pendants so I'll move on. it's obvious that the magic they use involves music and I do not think this is the same form of magic used in the equestria universe, which like i said is pretty obvious and the magic the mane six use is the same magic the sirens use, but instead they use a song instead of a spell specifically a song that cancels out the sirens song. So, Twilight wanted to learn how equestrian magic works. so she built a device to do it for her. this device itself must've been designed to detect and capture magic, Twilight's intention was that this device would gather information once the magic was captured but by gathering all that magic in one place she created disharmonic magic which upon being released in the final showdown corrupted her and luckily she was convinced the magic she had in her hands was corrupting her and she turned good. If there is something wrong with the theory or a gaping plot hole. let me know below.
  7. For context, please watch: Now that we have got that out the way, allow us to proceed. Greetings. I am Retro. An ex-reviewer of MLP episodes. Why? I don't like doing it anymore? Yes, but there is more to it, and I want those who are either small in the Bronalysis community or are trying to start up an MLP reviewing channel to read this, because this is important. Something I've noticed about the Bronalysis Community is how hard it is for the little guy to find their footing. Now, when I started, I knew I wasn't gonna be big overnight, I highly doubted I would ever be a big deal. So why did I do it? Because I loved doing it, and when I had people comment on my reviews, saying that I should do more, it kept me going. It made me want to push myself as a person and a reviewer. So why did I stop? Because the Bronalysis community isn't what I would deem a welcoming place anymore. You can't really do anything original, because you've only just started out, and people just think you're someone trying to cash in on the reviewing ordeal, when it's actually something you enjoy, and they brush you off and don't give you a chance. I've heard a lot of people who are very popular in The Bronalysis Community say in videos and livestreams, that if you want to do MLP episode reviews, don't do them because "there's too many reviewers already". This is what I mean by an unwelcoming place. If you wanna do something you love, do it. It doesn't matter if there are too many reviewers, you deserve a chance of doing what you love as much as anyone else. If at first you don't succeed in what you love, trying something else and finding enjoyment in it is the next step to success online. I'd suggest putting your own unique spin on the reviewing episodes formula, and eventually you'll have a style of reviewing that makes you stand out and gets you more attention. Why don't I do this? Because like I said, I don't enjoy reviewing episodes anymore. It's boring to me and just a chore to do nowadays, but if it's what you love, then do it, make yourself known and do what you love, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mind. Retro out.
  8. Hello everyone... Yes, that day has finally come for me. We might as well start by looking at my past. So over a year ago, say, in January 2013 I practically became a brony. It was the time when I first learned about the newest incarnation of My Little Pony. I still remember when I was a kid my sisters used to play with ponies, and THAT, my fellow bronies, is when I last heard/thought about ponies. Really. I mean it! For some reason I had been able to avoid all the pony stuff up until that day. Sure, someone might've simply said "pony", or that but I never looked at MLP videos or any material related to the My Little Pony franchise. In real life it's a whole other story than in internet. As I received my own PC at the end of 2011, I eventually began using the internet more, eventually leading to the point I see ponies everywhere, so I had to find out. I had not been a member of any fandom before, except Sonic, although VERY casually. I didn't have any online friends. So, back to the point, I first thought it was another of those memes I also saw around, but then I found out it was a legit thing. I watched a few episodes and got hooked. Ever since I've kept it a secret, although I DON'T consider myself a brony, since I'm not into the franchise/merchandise. I just like ponies. But nevertheless, that's what developed my interest in ponies and I also joined my first pony forum in July that year, when a new friend of mine, also a brony, introduced me to it. We however cut our friendship later, when we couldn't be together... Now, onto the actual point of my goodbye message. So when I joined that forum I learned more and more about the brony community, as I grew with it. I was a very fresh brony since most have been with it since 2011/2012. I loved the forum so much I spent most of my time there and even bought a subscription. By also this time I had been starting to use Steam more, in which I also created an account around the same time I got my PC. But what I mean is I started logging in more regularly. In fact, I had no use for Steam before, and I don't remember any of my account's creation. Anyways. One of my friends in that forum let me know about MLP Forums, so I had a peek. I always thought the community of that forum was a bit more casual, not so much for RP and the MLP atmosphere, so I wanted a change and created an account here too. I eventually left that forum for keeps a year after registering. I just had enough. But now, unfortunately, I will wave goodbye here as well. Why? Read the below paragraph. I now learned something about myself. I'm not a forum person type. While that first forum created the base for my online friend network, especially by having a chat, I now noticed that Steam is the place I like to be at. It's great for privacy, and it has the chatting system, which MLP Forums lacks. And as I just mentioned, I'm not a forum person type so I haven't spent much time here. I thought I would've blent more and more into the MLP community but I didn't, after all. There was also some dramatic events that prevented me from coming here. Even so, I haven't been around much lately, haven't posted or done anything. Just checking if I have any notifications. This is like a second Facebook for me. I don't chat there either. So all this time I've been using Steam and I have to say it's my main focus now. ALL of my online friends are there. I made all my friends there, and kept just a small part of the friends I made in the first forum. But now, it's over. I give up. Not because I haven't spent much time here or that I should, but it's just, I only use forums if I need them for something. I didn't need MLP Forums. I just signed up to see if I would come up with something. I found it hard to make friends, too. But before I go, I have to thank the forum, it was really refreshing and is incredibly active, on a whole other level than the other forum (which I loved too, considering the subscription and all). I wanna tell that keep up the good work on being a child-friendly forum which has nice people around (even though I did not witness all of it). So, that's all I had to say. I'm not abandoning the brony fandom, nor do I consider myself a brony. Sounds weird, but basically means that ponies just helped me get friends, as it's such a friendly fandom. Now it only serves should I put it. Well, I just like ponies. If you wish to chat, find me on Steam. Link on my profile. P.S. I even sent an application to join the administration but I wonder why I never got a reply... "2-3 weeks" they said but it has already passed. But I don't care anymore, I wouldn't have been a good mod anyway. ^^' Farewell~!
  9. Hello Recently I have been thinking about how the Elements of Harmony would/could do what they do in the show and what is actually happening when they are used, more specifically what happens when they turn discord to and from stone. I have thought of a few possible things that could be happening. *Transmutation: this has the closest definition to what happens in the show, "the changing of one element into another by radioactive decay, nuclear bombardment, or similar processes." This makes me wonder, could the elements of harmony? use a form of radiation to turn discord to stone? -wikipedia *Carbonization: Since stone has carbon in it and discord is turned from flesh to stone this appears to be a possibility "Carbonization is the term for the conversion of an [/size]organic substance into carbon or a carbon-containing residue" -wikipedia *Fossilization: This one makes a little bit of sense because fossils are commonly in stone, but fossils are usually just a skeleton and are exceedingly rare to find a fossil with flesh and tissue still on/in it. As for turning him back into flesh I haven't a clue as to what could do that. I am not a scientist or anything so I don't really know too much on each subject and I hope I am not just making myself look like an idiot. Anyway, what process could do this? is it possible in some way? What do you think? I just thought this was kind of interesting. Thanks!
  10. I have to quickly explain Freudian thought for those who don't get it Freud had one point; there is a tendency for some people to choose spouses who seem oddly similar to relatives of one type or another. Parents may be especially modeled after, given this concept. In Equestria, siblings have similarly potent roles as parents in our world [sweetie Belle, Shining Armor, Scoot's wish for a big sis etc.,) Given this statement, there are a lot of vaguely similar aspects between Flash Sentry and Shining Armor. SPOILER WARNING FOR THE COMICS. They are both guards. When wooing Cadence Shining Armor sang her a rock song and wore a jacket (though his instrument was a keytaur). Despite the good looks, (presumably?) both have nerdy cores. I'm sure there is a lot more details that you could find. These external connections between the two may be part of what attracts Twily to Flash, but if they are not much more than skin deep, she'll probably not be interested in him in the long term. What do you think? Am I crazy, can you see other similarities or am I pulling this out of somewhere?
  11. So I saw this extremely disturbing animation about bronies. And I just (finally) expressed my dissatisfaction with society. All the comments on there are predetermining bronies based on body weight, asocial measures and basically just beating them down to some kind of cringe worthy display. Did I do this right? I mean I didn't really research the clop part (I based it on a small estimate of poll counts from the clop poll and the estimated population of the brony fandom (plus amounts of views of suggestive content of youtube- I didn't actually watch it) but it basically sheds light on the fandom a bit more than what the video's perspective was. Here is the video if you dare venture past the safety of canterlot - It's dangerous out there, Adventurer!
  12. Hey there, everypony! I'll cut to the chase immediately. The strange open endings endings shown in Season 4 thus far are a little strange, and a lot of people have a hard time dealing with it. I understand, I felt the same way. I started to think about it and came up with an idea. What if all these open endings are all build-ups to a challenge for every character to face themselves? The reason I thought of this was because of the keys in the end of the second episode. There were six keys, and there are six main characters. So... maybe there'll be six open endings? I'd love to see the characters all get their own key by facing a problem or a challenge on their own. (And if so, Hasbro, please don't try to fit that all in a grand finale!). It may be a strange idea, surely flawed, but could it be an explanation? Could it be like that? I'd like to hear your thoughts on it!
  13. I have long wanted to do reviews of MLP:FiM. However, then it hit me that I could make a comparison and review blog shared with another series that got a fanbase much different from what was expected- certainly not as MLP, but still, W.I.T.C.H. has a sizable adult male fanbase. Also because I feel the W.I.T.C.H. cartoon gets a bit more flack than it deserves. This blog will primarily deal with the cartoons, and once I've worked through them, I'll go for the comics. My general reviewing pattern will be that I do one episode of FiM, then one of W.I.T.C.H. If the episodes are two-parters, they will be done in a row. Pure comparison entries will be more erratic.
  14. I have long wanted to do reviews of MLP:FiM. However, then it hit me that I could make a comparison and review blog shared with another series that got a fanbase much different from what was expected- certainly not as MLP, but still, W.I.T.C.H. has a sizable adult male fanbase. Also because I feel the W.I.T.C.H. cartoon gets a bit more flack than it deserves. This blog will primarily deal with the cartoons, and once I've worked through them, I'll go for the comics. My general reviewing pattern will be that I do one episode of FiM, then one of W.I.T.C.H. If the episodes are two-parters, they will be done in a row. Pure comparison entries will be more erratic.
  15. I am going to use this article to explain the inner workings of an internet ego. I will do this in a question and answer format. So that I know what I am talking about, I shall use my own humongous ego as a point of comparison. I am doing this for many reasons, one of them is because I just feel like clearing up some misunderstandings, and two is that it is uncomfortable, I ran out of my prescription and I am just itching to write something, both literally and metaphorically. Q: Why do people get egos on the internet? A: Various reasons, including simple attention seeking, actual medical conditions, Extreme douchebaggery (I like to call this one Mitt Romney Syndrome), and others. See the last question for a more detailed explanation. Q: Where do people get egos on the web? A: Well, to answer your question, I would say that it can start a variety of places, but most prominently, this person has had an ego in real life for quite a long time, and is just not willing or in most cases, not able to let go of it. Perhaps they have received praise for something and believe that is enough validation to declare themselves lord of the internet, or something similarly ridiculous, in that vain. Q: Do people with egos have ill-intent? A: They can, and sometimes, they will, but they don't have to. I have a huge ego and it is about as harmless as me talking about myself a lot, but that is about it. On the other hand, some people can reach Scientologist levels of ego-driven jerkassery, but if they are acting like that, they are probably just jerks, with or without the ego. People without egos are just as likely to be jerks than those with ego, but you would assume that all people with huge egos are jerks because they just (usually) make a lot more ruckus than those who are just nice people with abnormally high self-worth. Q: Why are egos more prominent on the web than in real life? A: To put it simply, because the internet is set up specifically to form egos. You are communicating with people who you cannot see the face of, and the whole emotional aspect is lost in transition, so in order to succeed on the internet you need the approval of complete strangers. Some people just get way too used to being approved and can't let go of it.