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Found 6 results

  1. Would the world die over time along with all life, or does the world go on forever without end in the canon universe of this show? If it does indeed end, how would it end? And who be the last Pony be alive before the expanding shell of their sun (or something else end their world), which now a red giant swallows the planet whole, melting to do nothing as if Equestra wasn't there in the first place? Hopefully some can get off the planet to safety somewhere else before that happens. But anyway, how do you think their world end?
  2. There is no Humans in their world, yet some fans think there once was. If Equestria is Earth, or as in the fanon name Equis, wouldn't that mean the Human race is extinct? I have seen this a common fanon theory. Perhaps our fears of nuclear war did happen, thus the Human race became extinct. At any rate MLP FIM Pony archaeologists finding the remains of Humanity would be a dream come true. If fanon Human loving Lyra Heartstrings is an archaeologist, she would probably cry seeing the bones of Humans, and may want to find a way to resurrect (in fan fiction/multiverse it can happen) our race. All this leads to another question, where the hell did all the magic come into existence? The only logical answer as nonsensically silly as it sounds that literally magic leaked into our universe from another universe through a portal or something. Thus the sapient Ponies were created along with all the other sapient races by some sort of God. Also the our sun and moon is affected by the magic. Back to Human, if we did not destroy ourselves and the Pony archaeologists found an AI like Vigil from Mass Effect, that tells the fate of race going on along the lines of this video below. They would be terrified, seeing how even a galactic race could fall.
  3. Would the Ponies take us in as refugees? Say in the event Earth is under attacked by an Alien race, which preys on weak non galactic civilizations, that enslaves entire species, turning them into mindless drones for war and has committed genocide on millions of sapient species across the galaxy for billions of years. Meanwhile Celestia safe in another universe watches (using magic) in horror as the Alien forces us to fight in a desperate war of survival, using our own former Humans (now mindless enslaved drones) against us. Would Celestia take us in as refugees through a portal to the safety of Equestria? And once she's gathered enough Humans close the portal. And not fight the Alien in the near future, (She knows she can't win these Aliens in a war) but at least do something to save a species from extinction. Even though these Aliens don't have the ability to open transdimensional portals unlike she can. Or leave us to our fate? Thinking it's too dangerous to help.
  4. In order for any sapient species to survive they must advance both technologically and socially in order not to go extinct. They can't stagnate. Now I love this show's lore, but if they stay at this level of technology they will all die. Sun dies meaning all life on Equis dies, aliens like that of the Reapers invade and kill everypony, The Combine from Half Life invade their universe, their evil counterparts from another universe invade and kill everypony. Without advancement enhancement and whille being careful not become something like the Borg. They will be all doomed. So Ponies get into space, travel the stars, make friends with non hostile aliens so you can defeat the big bad Reapers, and travel the multiverse just in case The Combine invade.
  5. Three choices for Human Survival. Go galactic civilization if possible. Quite literally go the way of Futurama or Mass Effect or any other space science fiction. And we get to keep our organic bodies. This is assuming we can travel the universe quite quickly. Ascension. Download our minds into machines and thus become immortal sapient machines (machines that can make machines and repair themselves, therefor immortal) to avoid extinction if we can't leave our solar system in time. The good news about this choice they can preserve our Human DNA deep underground and clone us back to life once they find a new Earth like planet for us. Accept Extinction. Literally just sit and wait until the sun melts our planet leaving it a barren lifeless rock. Now if we're talking about multiverse travel (assuming multiverse theory is true) well then we could never die, unless we bump into something like The Combine from Half Life. But there's more Humans in the multiverse from other parallel universes, so that's good news.
  6. Now let me get one thing straight here. I'm very much for the free market. Whoever can make the best product gets to stay in business, and if you can't compete, you loose the business and you can start again. Yadda yadda I don't want to make this a political discussion! My fear comes from the fact that, according to Lauren Faust and "Heartswarmings Eve" the earth pony population are the caretakers of the land and raw resources. It's what they do just like how the pegasi control the weather. Now here come Flim and Flam with this new invention that can make quality cider at a factory rate. Those guys were jerks who wanted to extort the Apple family, but that invention of theirs isn't a bad thing economically! What I'm worried about, is that if Unicorns can make a machine that allows them to do with their magic what the earth ponies do. What happens to the earth ponies?! It is literal Social Darwinism! An entire sub-species could become obsolete!