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Found 16 results

  1. I used the search function and could not find any threads like this so if there is one already I'm sorry. Back on topic, exactly as the title of the thread says. What is your hair and eye colour? I have blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. I feel like I should be a surfer. XD Now it's your turn. What is your hair and eye colour?
  2. It's her left eye and I just noticed it a few minutes ago. I thought it was a piece of hair or something, but it was actually her eye. I just got her for Christmas today and I have 7 other plushies by funrise and Lyra is the first one to mess up on me. I don't know what I did or how I can prevent this from continuing, or if I should just get another plush instead. Is there any solutions to what I can do? The entire middle white part is gone and it's beginning to go into the blackoutline. I do sometimes cuddle my plushes, so should this be one that should be left on the shelf?
  3. Sometimes, even though the Mane 6 are fine being themselves, we would imagine them being different in some way or another. How would you change the appearance and behaviour of each member, if you can do so? Would you turn Pinkie into some Punkamena chick? Or Dash into the incarnate Rainbow Factory horror? Or Twilight into some insane, green-furred earth pony who is nothing but data and bytes?
  4. Introduction ...Eye Guy? Ay yi yi yi yi... The Episode Our episode begins in the Location-That-Must-Not-Be-Named, where Billy is helping a young genius named Willy at the science fair. Willy's invention is a virtual reality machine, which is actually very impressive for a kid his age, let alone the '90's. Rita, meanwhile, wants to capture Willy for his intellect (so Rita's acknowledging her stupidity? Surprising...), along with the other smart children of Earth. On Finster's recommendation, she creates Eye Guy and sends him down. Meanwhile, the antics of our favorite bullies Bulk and Skull inadvertently get Willy disqualified. Dejected, Willy heads off to the park, when he is captured by Eye Guy. Somehow transported to an alternate dimension, the Rangers desperately look for him, then go to Zordon, who informs them of the situation. They confront Eye Guy (without his main eye, mind you), along with Baboo. They blast him with the Power Blaster, but he reforms and curbstomps the Rangers. Zordon tells Billy that he can find the main eye in the forest. The other Rangers hold off Eye Guy in the meantime. Anyways, after the usual Megazord battle, Willy is freed (FREE WILLY 4 CONFIRMED) and ends up winning first prize in the science fair after an apology from the judge. My Opinion Aside from several unintentional double entendres and plot errors, I enjoy this episode for the same reasons as the previous one: it's an Americanized Zyuranger episode. Eye Guy is also very unique in terms of monsters: even after being blasted, he's able to reform his body, not unlike Majin Buu. Final Score 7.5/10
  5. I am making a psychedelic Eye of Ra, but after a certain point I have forgotten where I want to take the idea, and I can't think of a new direction. So I come to you my fellow creatives, help me brainstorm please?
  6. I decided to have a go at recreating the Rinnegan, from Naruto Shippuden. Not sure if it looks great, but here it is.
  7. There's already a bunch of tutorials about this on the internet, however I wanted to make a simple step-by-step tutorial where I show you one of the ways I use to create pony eyes in Inkscape. Note, this is a tutorial for anyone who have used inkscape before, I will not explain to you how to use the pen tool or how to change color of stuff and so on. Start off by creating a simple oval shape. Give it a slight rotation. Add two more circles for the iris and the pupil. Add two more circles for the highlights, one more round and one oval. Add two triangles which are placed similar to in the picture. Make sure they are exactly next to each other by zooming in far. Create a gradient for the iris. Put the triangles on the correct layer and change the color code of the top triangle to ffffff32 and the bottom one to ffffff98 (feel free to experiment with numbers around 32 and 98 to make it look good.) Not we're gonna make a clip. Make a duplicate of the eye white object (purpleblue one in the pic) by pressing Alt+D. Select the duplicate by pressing once on it and then select all other objects except the duplicate source. (This is why you select the duplicate first so you don't have to select the whole thing and accidentally select the original which is placed right under the duplicate.) Right click on the duplicate and pick "Set clip". Your eye will now look like below image. (NOTE that I have put the highlights on other spots plus changed the color of the eye-white to white. You can always make changes to free objects which aren't a clip source.) Put down a line and change its thickness, then make it follow the shape of the eye Select the line and press Ctrl+Alt+C. Now you can edit it. Go ahead and delete one of the end nodes on the bottom of the line and make sure the other node it placed right where the eye ends. Do the final simple steps and make adjustments to your eye. wooo! there you go (= Again, there's other ways to do this but this is probably one of the fastest which also looks quite good.
  8. I had this idea for a waterfall coming out of the iris, and it turned into this. And this time I finally remembered to record it. Resolution:1920x1080 Layers: 55 Time: 2hrs 16 Min Here's the link for a timelapse I put together for it:
  9. So on a whim I decided to draw an eye. I suck at facial proportions so I just left it at that. I like it, definitely better than I usually do so I am happy.
  10. Got bored. Drew eye. __________________________ So yeah, I got pretty bored and sketched an eye. I'm not happy of how the pupil turned out.. but, I can't be bothered fixing it. :S This took me 40 minutes (approx.).
  11. This would be my first try at drawing an eye. And my first try at actually trying to draw something a little more detailed then it usually would be for me
  12. I decided to draw a spitfire from tumblr yesterday, and to be honest i think this looks great! she has an awesome tumblr go check her out, and next pony to draw, the one the only. Pitchpatch
  13. Hello every one, so in this guide i will tell you: how to avoid forum drama how to fix the problem and how to state your opinion respectfully so first things first, how to avoid forum drama all together, well the biggest thing to do is not be a jerk, if your nice and respectful, you should have no problem. but say you do do all of this, and some one tries to start something with you. the first thing you should do is not pay any attention to them, if they cant express them selves in a respectful manor, then they are not worth your time, if they continue to bother you, use the forums nifty ignore tool so you'll never have to see them again, and if some how they still bother you, tell a mod or feld0, the mods around here are awesome people and some of the best mods I've ever seen! now in the unlikely event that you do see a mod acting like a jerk, tell fedl0, you can always trust on him to do the right thing. The important thing is is to keep a cool head and not let anything get to you, remember, this is the internet, don't take anything too seriously, especially jokes, remember on the internet, apathy is your friend!and by any chance you do get made, stand up from your computer and walk away, return when you have calmed down. another tip you can use is, if you see a topic or status update that you know will rustle your jimmies, walk away and don't even bother with it, don't even click on the thread! now lets say your part of a debate, or argument, and you want to state your opinion, be respectful of the other persons opinion, they are entitled to their opinion just as you are, and be polite, don't lower your self to petty insults, if you cant make a point with out being rude, then don't bother, just leave the argument, and keep in mind, in those kind of arguments, nobody wins, and if you find your self in a discussion, don't be afraid to admit defeat, don't lower your self to insulting the other person, its ok to lose an argument on the internet, no one will think less of you, however if the winner starts boasting and calling you out for admitting defeat, either ignore him or report him, well i hope this helps you have a better experience on the forums, and if you ever have any problem with forum drama, please contact me
  14. Hi there! This is just a super quick doodle. I know there are a lot of problems with it, and it's not very detailed, but again, doodle. Regardless, tell me what you think, and feel free to crit, I'd be interested in hearing.
  15. Can you see the Mare in the Moon? If you are a beginner, then here's a method on how to see it. Put your face close to the screen and focus your eyes as if you're staring at something in the distance, then move slowly backwards while maintaining that distant focus. If done correctly, the image should appear to meld together, and a 3D silhouette of Luna should form and appear to pop out of the screen. The more you practice and stare at it, the easier it is to see and the clearer it becomes.
  16. So an hour ago I thought, wouldn't it be cool if a pony in the show had heterochromia iridum? A condition where someone has two different eye colors. So I made such pony and named her Chromia