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Found 35 results

  1. I blame @Kenny for this....he was wondering about right/left handed dominance, which got me thinking about other parts of us that have a dominance/preference... Although there are people who can be both ambidextrous in their hands and feet, no one can physically be dominant with both eyes. Why is that? Because each hemisphere of the brain controls half of the retina of each eye, even though both hemispheres control both eyes. There are similar statistics for right/left eye dominance as there are for handedness. However, being right handed does not necessarily mean you are right eyed dominant. I am right handed, but LEFT eye dominant. Believe it or not, this has created a lot of problems for me. I have to use a left handed bow, in order to aim properly with my eye, same goes for a gun. However, for instrument playing, writing, and all motions in which aiming and other fine ocular skills aren't needed, I do everything right handed. It was hard adjusting to left handed shooting, and even in some blacksmithing situations, I need to hammer left handed, which has taken a lot of practise and hard work to do right. If you do not know your eye dominance, here's a handy little test to help you figure it out:
  2. Just out of curiosity. I've got blue eyes, myself. And yes, it is possible to have red/violet eyes - they're a result of albinism. Amber eyes are rust colored or yellow, with no flecks of other colors.
  3. Well, everybody know that Derpy got her eyes from an animation mistake. But what if there never been any errors? Would you still like "Derpy"? What name do you think she would have? ~~~~~ For me, well, I guess I'd still like her for her color scheme, which is beautiful actually, and her cutie mark. She would probably be my favorite background pony along with Octavia. And for her name, probably Bubbles? Since she is based on Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls. Also, epic picture:
  4. Ok so I'm curious. Vinyl Scratch has been shown with two eye colors? In fan made pictures with red eyes, and super briefly in A Canterlot Wedding, and Equestria Girls with purplish rose eyes. Kind of like Rainbow Dash's. Which color do you guys think goes with her better? I personally think the red is a little too dark for her white coat and mane colors. I like the rose color best. What do you guys think?
  5. In context of Eye Vision, are you more far-sided or near-sided?
  6. What color are your eyes? Mine are a light green.
  7. Alright, so I was wondering how many of you guys out there wear contact lenses/glasses or both, and what's your prescription if you know it. I wear glasses and contacts, but I only wear glasses on lazy days around the house.(as my glasses prescription is outdated.) As of right now my contact prescription is -2.5 and -2.75, my left being worse than my right. I am actually due for an eye appointment, so my vision is not as clear as I would prefer.
  8. Alright, so I'm not the best at explaining things, so I'll use picturess to demonstrate my points. I thought of this on a bus yada yada yada. Right, I think you get what I mean, but in case you're dumb enough still not sure what I'm saying, I'll show some examples: (Pink is a shade of purple now. Deal with it.)Twilight Sparkle has purple eyes. What colour magic does she have? Pinkish purple! Rarity has blue eyes. Guess what? Blue magic. Now Sweetie Belle still can't cast magic, and although we saw some GREEN sparks shooting from her horn in One Bad Apple, let's pretend we didn't. What colour should her magic be? Now let us guess what Pumpkins' magical aura should be, shall we? (Note to self - Make sure you're fully awake when typing these things out to make better sense.)
  9. I was born with bright blue eyes, then they slowly changed to a bright, pale-ish green as I got to be around the age of 4 or 5, which is what I have now. But they can also look dark green, white-green and sometimes grayish green, it really all depends on the lighting.
  10. Find your eye color and see if it matches your personality! If You Have Blue Eyes: People with blue eyes last the longest in relationships. Your are kind, pretty or handsome, very good kissers and are really hot. They always fall in love with their closest friends and never understand why. Sometimes their closest friends are the people they don't talk to as much. They are very funny, outgoing and don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and love only that one girl/guy. You can be a straight up warrior when necessary. They like books and are very kind to others. They have many friends. Many people find you extremely attractive. There is probably someone out there that really likes you. You need to find that person and give them a chance. If You Have Dark Brown/Black eyes: You are secretive and like books. You have many friends and are kind to them. You sometimes have a strong temper and sometimes get on people's nerves. You do not like being embarrassed and get mad when you think people may do something to bother you. You do not take well to teasing. You do not talk much unless you are talking about something you love. You are good at defending your self. You like romance and mystery books. You only love one person at a time. You feel strongly about your beliefs and will defend them if someone says you are wrong. You can be bossy and prefer to be in charge. Your kind hearted but must take more time to walk in people's shoes. If you have hazel eyes: You are kind and helpful. You are silly and fun and have a bright personality. You find blue eyed people attractive. Once you have a crush it stays with you. You are shy around that special someone but very social with other people. You would like for that special someone to make the first move. You don't like going first. You don't like going last either. You like being in the middle. You are a fast runner and very likeable. You adore animals. You like the computer more than TV. You enjoy romance and comedy movies. Your a nice person and get along well with others. You need to try to do one thing a day that scares you so you can build more self-esteem. If you have green eyes: Your very out there and fun. You like trying new things. Your outgoing and smart. You like a challenge and like adventure. You like watching action movies but can still be romantic. You like animals but prefer humans. You get along with some people although you dislike a few people that do not share your likes or dislikes. You have many friends. Your smart but do not always know that you are. You are very challenging and hate losing. You have a lot to discover in yourself. If you have brownish eyes: Your kind, funny, intelligent and you have a warm heart. You like animals. You are caring and thoughtful. You have almost no temper and can keep others under control. You are not bossy but like to be in control. You are attractive to many people and are girlfriend/boyfriend material. You have a similar personality to the blue eyed people. Your the opposite of black eyed people. You like to get to the point. Contrary to this you are smart, stylish and are a very visual person. I have green eyes: 1. I am a very fun person, considering I love doing anything fun/active and I can get bored easily. Plus everyone seems to compliment me on how fun I am 2. I do love trying new things, whether it being a new type of food I never tasted before, a ride I never been on (I especially love roller coasters, or any other type of daring ride xD) or any type of new activity, I'm up for it. 3. Outgoing? Yep, I enjoy meeting new folks and making new friends, although when I was younger I was very shy. I'm guessing I just grew out of it lol. Smart? Yeah, I'm guessing. Everyone says I'm a very smart person, although I have my doubts sometimes xD. 4. Yep I love any new challenge or adventure, like I mentioned earlier I can get bored easily and I'm totally accepting of anything new. Bring it on! 5. Yeah, I love watching any movie or reading any book that has plenty of action/adventure, just happens to be my favorite. And yeah, I'll admit I can be romantic, it just kinda depends though. 6. Not too sure about this one, I love being around people and talking to people but I love animals, I wouldn't say I prefer humans over animals. I kinda prefer a mixture of both if that makes sense xD. 7. Yeah, I'm kinda guilty of disliking people who don't share my likes or dislikes, but I do try to get along with them, I really do. 8. This is very true, I do have many friends, (and counting xD) but that's good right? 9. And like I said earlier, yes, I am smart, as many people I know say I am, but I do sometimes have my doubts 10. Yeah I hate losing, really bad. And challenging? I am, hehe, a lot of people I know say I am xD. 11. I'm assuming I do have a lot to discover in myself xD
  11. (Don't take anything what i say is as FACT. This is merely something i did for fun and to also understand my own character better.) I am pretty sure, some of you have seen it a dozen times by now, being it through fanart or by writing how Mesme Rize is hypnotizing his friends and others, by using his seductive charms, thick coils and his colorful hypnotic eyes. And for whatever reason he does it (mostly for entertainment purposes) there is always one question in our mind, that keeps plaguing us. How does it work? It may surprise you to know that our lovable snekpone has an ability many could only dream of obtaining. He has what people refer to as the power of psychokinesis. In simple terms, Mesme Rize can manipulate things with his mind, but only on such a small scale. While he can't make objects levitate in the air, or be able to bend a spoon using his thoughts alone, he has managed to train this ability to produce the invisible waves of energy that can act on a victims mind. However, this is nothing close to the same kind of mind-control power a storybook psychic uses to manipulate people. His power, much to our surprise, is a very rudimentary power. In a hypnotic trance, a person's brainwave is at a lower frequency than someone that is awake. Mesme Rize can manipulate a victim's mind, using the invisible waves he can emit, so that their mind matches a similar frequency as that of someone in a hypnotic trance. How this is done is not completely certain, but there is another part to this power of his. These same waves also bombard the frontal lobe, the part of the brain that deals with emotions, long-term memories and motivational responses. The reason for attacking the frontal lobe will be explained later, but what this means is Mesme Rize cannot hypnotize someone from behind, and must hypnotize them from the front. You may be wondering how this ability of Mesme Rize is related with his eyes. It would be easy to say that the rings are purely an artistic feature, but then why couldn't Mesme hypnotize (for example) Dark Horse with his eyes closed, or if he was completely still, or possibly asleep? Much about Mesme Rizes eyes are unknown, but what is known is he requires the victim's attention when he tries to use his power. When he has a victim's full attention, they will normally lock their eyes with his eyes, and stay completely focused on Mesme Rize while he uses his psychokinetic powers to attack their mind. The reason for that is simple. he requires eye contact to distract them long enough for his powers to work properly. Without a distraction, his victims may be experiencing a number of emotions that interfere with the snekpones ability to attack their mind. With a distraction, it could allow an opening for him to manipulate their mind long enough for it to be difficult to break away. During the hypnosis, the victim also experiences many different emotions, that makes them fall more and more into a trance. All (or most of them) are: -loss of all inhibitions -forgetting of responsibilities, situations, consequences, other people, even yourself sometimes -loss of fear of any kind of danger -complete physical relaxation from body untensing its muscles and going limp -overwhelming feeling of lust and infatuation towards the "master" (deep feeling of complete love for them and trust) -almsot all thoughts going through your mind ending up in "mind blanks" and then no thoughts going through at all. in some cases just 100% mind blank all together like you're in a dreamless sleep -sense of suggestability from overwhelming trust It's safe to say though, that Mesmes Hypnosis technique is completly harmless, as victims don't have any memory loss once they are out of a trance, or have any sort of brain damage, even after multiple uses. Infact, most of them feel very good, considering their muscles and bones will get a few hours of break and total relaxation, even more then they would get through normal sleep. So don't be afraid, if you cross paths with Mesme next time. Being in his care for a few hours, might even be an enriching experience.
  12. When I meet a new special friend! When I get to the con, I hope to make this face a whole bunch of times!
  13. This is just me doodling to bring out my ultimate pony style. There will be many more of these before I reach pony supremeness.
  14. I bought one of the Funrise brand Rarity plush toys with shoestring hair a week ago and today the paint/vinyl had scraped off the eyes, leaving them blank white. I bought a Funrise Vinyl Scratch three years ago and still have it and so far none of the paint has scrapped off the glasses. Anyone else have any issues?
  15. In the Equestria Girls universe, every person appears to be too colourful, in that anyone can be born with something as unusual (in our world) as blue hair, pink eyes, and green skin. However, would there be any dominant hair/eye/skin colours, or behaviours, among people from this technicolour folk?
  16. About 44-45 min into the Friendship Games movie, Pinkie stands by a door as Raindbow Dash talks. In the most creepy fashion, her eyes slowly focus apart from each other. (Like crossing your eyes, but backwards.) Any thoughts about this? To me it seemed too much to be an animation error. But it seemed too random, even for a "Pinkie is so random" joke. I love the randomness of Pinkie, but I just thought this was odd, misplaced, and out of character. I just didn't get it. Any opinions about if this was intentional or an accident? And if intentional, did it seem "normal" or out-of-place to you? If you need help finding the scene:
  17. My character is gonna have storm cloud gray coat and pastel yellow mane, but I'm not sure what color to make the eyes and the shield on the cutie mark. Does anyone know what color would work with the color of the mane and coat.
  18. Only do this if you are familiar with the eyes of the Mane Six. Answer which pony you associate with each eye at first glance. Don't overthink it. The answers should be a Mane Six Pony. There are two correct answers, but you don't need to list both. Just the first one you think of. Reason I'm doing this: (If you want to know)
  19. So I have just seen the new banner and noticed how it has Vinyl Scratch with red eyes... how long has it been since this character's eye color was officially shown to be magenta? I mean yes, for quite some time and even now for some red was popular color among the fans but with A Canterlot Wedding, comics, and Equestria Girls we have all seen what the mare's actual eye color is... what's up with the red eyes?
  20. So on journey of learning on how to draw pony stuff im doing some pony parts as practice also testing some filter plugins i got recently so tell me what you think about "My Eyes"
  21. Humans express their emotions mostly through their face, arm or leg movements. When you think about it, ponies have quite a few ways of demonstrating their emotions through their bodies that we don't have. I've been thinking about this idea ever since I read a story on FIMFiction called 'Moodwings', which I thought was a fantastic and unique story, and I wanted to make a discussion topic, because I personally see lot's of potential. Disclaimer: I'm gonna lay it out there right now that there there's many, many, many examples in the show where these body languages aren't used when they could have been used, are used when they didn't need to be, etc. Being a TV show, there's inconsistencies everywhere, and I'm sure accurate portrayal of something subtle like pony body language is not what the animators are making their priority, 24/7. But even more than that, these explanations are not all there is to this concept, either. I don't pretend to be expert on this. Explaining things like body language is complex to begin with, and there are always exceptions and variables on the individual situation at hand, that result in all kinds of tell-tale body language signs being used or not being used. There's also plenty of examples where body language signs are used for no particularly known reason at all. So take this topic with a grain of salt, and picture it how it would implement in Equestria as a basic concept that tries to explain common emotions and their common body language signs, and nothing more. Thanks :3 BTW: Model is mostly Dashie, cause she's best pony, and cause she has wings, a main part of this explanation. Hogging it to Dash gives ya'll an opportunity to post examples of the other ponies in your own examples of emotion depiction, as well, if you want -- Ears: Unlike humans, whose' ears are next to pointless when it comes to body language seeing as how (most people) can't really move theirs a whole lot for it to make an actual noticeable difference, ponies' ears are very flexible, and we've seen them used numerous times as an indication for mood. Happy ponies, as well as generally content ponies have their ears in an upwards fashion. Sad, unhappy or angry ponies, even ponies in a generally negative mood will often have their ears flattened or pointed a bit downwards. Shock, surprise, nervousness and focus are often examples of when flattened and downwards ears are used, as well, it would seem. As if 'battening down' their ears is some sort of jolt reaction, anxious from nervousness, and also used when a pony is trying their best to concentrate on something difficult at hand, or, just in suspense of something intense or fun. Hooves: Although ponies often use their hooves to express emotion in the air or by placing them against their own bodies, much similar to us humans, they do have natural things they do that humans don't; after all, these are hooves, not hands. Along with ears, hooves are a basic body language all ponies have. Sometimes it's obvious what hooves are being used for, other times, not so much. Perhaps one of the most interesting yet common uses of a front hoof is when one front hoof is picked up over the other three. A pony can be demonstrating excitement, surprise, a friendly greeting, or sign of contentment when talking with friends. They could also be displaying a sense of defense or being taken aback. Some ponies will do it simply because they're confused or baffled. Wings: Pegasi possess wings, an entirely unique way to demonstrate emotion that Earth ponies and Unicorns do not have. For the most part, wings are put away for disuse next to a ponies' body, but they often flare up, even when a pegasus doesn't plan on flying any time soon. Pegasi's wings will fluff up to demonstrate shock, showing passive irritance or fluttering their wings open like how a peacock does it's tail feathers, to show off. Timid ponies may often droop their wings to show shyness or as a generally submissive behavior. They may even do it when they're disturbed, or feel extremely awkward. Other times, their wings may refuse to fluff out when desired, due to fear.
  22. Hey Guys. So here is a painting that I did recently. I do have more, but unfortunately they are in storage, so I'm going to have to take a rain check on those. Anyway enjoy.
  23. Because one eye looks up and the other goes down, it would probably be a "fish eye" view of some sort. I don't know, I thought this would be a good question to ask. What do you guys think?
  24. I have began to write a story it is a spin off of a famous fan fiction This is just a first draft and and the beginning of the story. I walked up to the fruit stand. I said " I would like to buy. Can you look at me when I talk to you. " the sales pony slowly looked up at me but stop before looking at me eye to eye. ". You don't need to be afraid I was not a member. " Sales pony said " what can I do for you sir. " I said " I would like to buy some fruit. ". I put down some bits on the table and pointed to some apples ,orange and strawberries. Sales pony said " thank you . " and took the bits. I knew it would be no point asking for my change and left the stand and went walking down the street. I went to the pen and paper shop and walked into the room and found it empty. I said " is there any pony in here. ". There was no answer. I. Asked again " you don't have to be afraid of me I was not a member of the cult. " there was still no answer I threw some bits on the table and grabbed what I needed and left and went home . My roommate was sitting at the table. I. Threw the. Supplies on the table and went to my room and was looking in the mirror. " Are you okay Cleo ?". I turned towards here. " Daisy I try to be friendly with every pony. But all they see are the colors of these " as I. Pointed at my eyes. ." these are my true colors. " Daisy said " I know that already you don't have to tell me. Thanks for the paper. " I said " you are welcome. " and walked into the kitchen and began to make a sandwich. When I heard the door open and hoof steps I decided to stay in the kitchen. If daisy needed me she would call me. I. Went back to making the sandwich when weisel came into the kitchen. Weisel said " Cleo we need to talk. " I said " Can it wait until after I finish my sandwich " Weisel said " okay but we are worried about you. ". I then finish making the sandwich and sat down at the table and began to eat I began to wonder what it was that was so important that they needed to talk to me about. I put the sandwich down and walked into the living room. " My two best friends since we were all in elementary school were talking. I said " hello you want to speak with me about something. " Weisel said " we don't you get her to remove the curse ?". I walked up to him and I said " these are my real eyes you know that. ". I looked at him and he was just smiling. Weisel said " of course I know that silly but what are you going to do now about it. ". I said " I don't know. " Weisel said " why don't you go and find her " I said " I thought about it but after the princesses return she disappeared and know one knows where she is. " Weisel said " what about going to ponyville. ". I looked at him with confusion. Daisy said " that is where her castle is. "